Super Zeo Rangers
by : Steve Folger

At the Machine Empire's Sky Base, King Mondo is enraged as his eldest son Prince Gasket arrives there. He begs his father for his forgiveness and treachery to the House of Gadgetry.

GASKET: Forgive me father. Please. I have been a fool trying to take over. But is was the right thing to do when I heard that you were gone.

ARCHERINA: Yes please forgive us my dear father-in-law. Me and Gasket were just trying to help out.

MACHINA: They do seem sincere darling. Our eldest son is here to make amends.

SPROCKET: Hey big brother! Does that mean you won't try and tease me anymore?

GASKET: More than that little brother. I promise. I beg you also to forgive me.

SPROCKET: Well OK! I do forgive you, Gasket. What about you Pop? Don't you forgive him and Archerina?

GASKET: To think that I would've been disowned by own father and family. I beg you to forgive me father. Please!

MONDO: Well then. Yes. I do forgive you. But here this the both of you. If this ever happens again, I'll make sure that you and Archerina will be spare parts for an army of Cogs.

SPROCKET: I understand father. I promise. We will be invincible together as a family. The Power Rangers will never stop us.

Meanwhile at the Youth Center, the Rangers are enjoying smoothies at their table and reminiscing the memories of their friend Billy who just left to Aquitar to stay.

STEVE: Man, I'm gonna miss Billy really bad. I wish I had his brains so I can help Alpha out at the Power Chamber.

TANYA: Don't worry Steve. We can all help Alpha at the Power Chamber anytime.

KAT: Tanya's right. You shouldn't let it keep you down now that Billy is young again and is now with Cestria on Aquitar.

JASON: Hey I got an idea, Steve. Why don't you take a visit to Aquitar one day?

STEVE: Oh yeah! That's a sounds like a good idea. A trip to Aquitar. Thanks for the suggestion Jason.

JASON: No problem man.

The alarms on the seven Ranger's communicators all go off at the same time. BEEPBEEP BEEPPBEEP BEEPBEEP! They all head outside to receive the call.

TOMMY: This is Tommy. Go ahead Alpha.

ALPHA: Rangers! Zordon needs you at the Power Chamber at once. He has some very important news.

They all look for cover and teleport in their respected colors to the Power Chamber in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Gold and Brown.

ZORDON: Welcome Rangers! I have some very important news to tell you all.

ADAM: What is it Zordon?

ZORDON: Your Zeo Crystals are weakening. I will use the Super Zeo Gems to re-charge them. You will all have new Super Zeo powers temporarily.

KAT: Our Super Zeo Gems! I thought they were only used for ours zords.

ZORDON: Not just that Katherine. Your gems have an enhancement of powers for your crystals. But only a temporary usage of power until your Zeo Crystals are fully re-charged.

Alpha brings out the gems and crystals as the they hover above six of the Rangers and merge to become one.

ZORDON: Prepare to commission the power. You all have the power now as the Super Zeo Rangers.

The crystal and gems surge into Rangers and their costumes dramatically change. Just like Jason's chest armor and protective shielding, they each receive one in the color of silver. The white lining of their helmets also turn to silver.

TANYA: Oh wow! We all look like Jason except that the armor and the shielding is all silver.

ROCKY: This is cool!

ADAM: Awesome!

TOMMY: Hey guys! Check me out. I look more cool.

KAT: Oh my gosh!

STEVE & JASON: Oh man!

The others look in awe as they see their fearless leader in a different shielding then theirs. Tommy's shielding and armor is between the look of his old Green Ranger armor and the new armor and the white lining around his helmet is also turned to silver.

TOMMY: Really awesome.

The alarm sounds off in the Power Chamber as the Rangers look into the Viewing Screen. Prince Gasket and Archerina along with an army of Cogs are attacking innocent people at Angel Grove park.

STEVE: Oh no! I don't believe this.

TANYA: I thought we took care of Gasket and Archerina a while back ago.

JASON: Looks like we didn't finish the job.

TOMMY: We better get over there now guys.

ZORDON: Good luck Rangers. And may the power protect you.

TOMMY: Its Morphin Time!

KAT: Super Zeo Ranger I, Pink!

TANYA: Super Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!

ROCKY: Super Zeo Ranger III, Blue!

ADAM: Super Zeo Ranger IV, Green!

TOMMY: Super Zeo Ranger V, Red!

JASON: Gold Ranger Power!

STEVE: Super Zeo Ranger VII, Brown!

The seven Power Rangers teleport to the park as Archerina and Prince Gasket see them in their new armor power.

GASKET: What's this? Rangers with new looks.

TOMMY: We are the Super Zeo Rangers, Gasket! We're sending you two back to scrap heap once and for all!

ARCHERINA: We'll just see about that Ranger.

Archerina attacks Tommy from behind but gets a shock from his armor plating as she gets sent backward to ground. Gasket comes to her aid and helps her up.

GASKET: My love. Are you alright?

ARCHERINA: I'm fine dear. Just an overload of that bolt of shock.

Steve, Rocky and Adam fight off Cogs and destroys the Cogs with mighty blows of their new Super Zeo powers. Steve sends a kick to another Cog and cuts it in half with a powerful scissor kick.

STEVE: Woah! Talk about cutting it out.

Tanya and Kat bring out their Super Zeo Blasters and fire away at the rampaging Cogs that are charging them. Tommy and Jason take on Gasket and Archerina together.

TOMMY: You're finally going down this time Gasket.

JASON: Yeah! And this time we're finally gonna do the job right.

ALPHA: Tommy come in! *on his communicator*

TOMMY: What is it Alpha?

ALPHA: You and the other Rangers have Super Zeo Staffs now. You better use them quickly.

TOMMY: Gotcha Alpha! Hey guys! Did you just hear the news?

ADAM: Sure did. Super Zeo Staff! Now!

The Super Zeo Staff appears in Adam's hand. It resembles much like Jason's Golden Power Staff except the shape of the end is Adam's shape. The four sided shape is silver and the staff is green. The others brings out their staffs too and they also represent their colors and shapes.

TANYA: Oh cool! This is awesome.

KAT: Now we can really finish off the Cogs for good.

The Ranger girls twirl their Super Zeo Staffs and the staffs emits out sparks of flashes at the remaining Cogs in the colors of pink and yellow.

STEVE: Hey girls! Check this out! Its time for a Brown Blast!

Steve's Super Zeo staff shoots out brown flashes from the staff at one other Cog. The Cog explodes and falls to the ground.

JASON: Hey that's my line Steve! Its time for a Gold Rush!

GASKET: I don't think so Gold Ranger.

The beam of light from Jason's staff misses Gasket and Archerina and hits the last Cog.

TOMMY: Hey guys I got an idea to get rid of those two. Let's put all of our staffs together and send a bolt of energy at them to finish them off.

ROCKY: Good idea Tommy. Ready guys?

GASKET: What do they think they are doing?

ARCHERINA: I don't know. But I don't like the looks of this dear.

TOMMY: You two are about to be made into toasters. Let's do it guys!

The Rangers raise their Super Zeo Staffs and Jason brings his up in the air as the seven powerful staffs meet and touch together. An aura charges around the middle of the group and sends a large ray of light at Gasket and Archerina.


GASKET: Oh uh is right my darling. Orbus! Make us grow before its too late!

ORBUS: Yes my Prince.

Orbus shoots out the growing wave at Prince Gasket and Archerina as the Rangers powerful beam from their staffs just misses them both as they grow to monstrous proportions.

GASKET: Ha ha ha ha! Let's make this the final battle Super Zeo Rangers. To the finish!

POWER RANGERS: We need Zeo Ultrazord power! Now!

The Rangers call on their zords as Pyramidas forms into Carrier Mode first. The Zeo Mega Battlezord and Steve's Brown Super Battlezord form the back next and the Super Zeo Zords form the front.

GASKET: Ha! I'll turn that Zeo Ultrazord into a garage playset and give it to Sprocket.

POWER RANGERS: Zeo Ultrazord! Fire!

An array of lazers and rays of the zords light up the sky like its the Fourth of July as they pummel Gasket and Archerina with all of their artillery power.

GASKET: Oh no! I'm weakening!

ARCHERINA: Me too! Gasket my love! Aaaaaaah!

The two enormous robots both collapse to the ground and blow up into a bunch of metals pieces. The Rangers have finally done it. They have finally defeated Prince Gasket and Archerina for good. They all celebrate in the cockpit of Pyramidas.

JASON: Yeah we finally did it! Wooo hooo!

TOMMY: All right! Good job guys!

KAT: I can't believe that we finally got rid of both Gasket and Archerina.

STEVE: Well believe it Kat. Believe it!

The Rangers head back to the Power Chamber as they celebrate some more. Zordon congratulates his Rangers of Earth for a good job.

ZORDON: Congratulations on a job well done Rangers. I have excellent news. Your Zeo Crystals are now fully re- charged from the Super Zeo Gems.

TOMMY: That's great news Zordon.

ADAM: Well. At least the Super Zeo Powers did us some good.

ROCKY: That power was awesome while it lasted.

STEVE: Yeah. Now we are back to our original Zeo Ranger selves.

JASON: So when you are going to Aquitar Steve?

STEVE: I don't think so now would be good time right now because Mondo and the Machine Empire are still a threat to us all. And Earth.

KAT: Good thinking Steve.

TANYA: Yeah. You should send a transmission there so they can prepare for your arrival.

STEVE: I will. Its just a matter of time when I can go there.

Back the Machine Sky Base.

MONDO: Well then. Now that Gasket and Archerina are gone for good, I can now send their left over parts to the molten lava pit where they will be destroyed for good.

MACHINA: Now dear. It wasn't necessary to do that our eldest son.

MONDO: Oh it was necessary. I played them into their little game and got them for their betrayal to the House of Gadgetry by having our enemy the Power Rangers destroy them. It had to be done. They paid for it dearly.

SPROCKET: Well what are you going to do now dad now that Gasket and Archerina are gone?

MONDO: Be patient my son. Our reckoning will come soon enough. This will be long remembered. It is the end of Gasket and Archerina, and soon the end of those putrid Power Rangers. Ha ha ha ha!

The End... for now