Happy Easter, Rangers
by Steve Folger

On board Divatox's subcraft, Divatox asks Porto for a monster.

DIVATOX: Porto. I want you to call on a monster that can destroy those Rangers.

PORTO: I have a perfect solution my Queen. How about one for that holiday those humans celebrate? Easter.

ELGAR: Your kind of late for that Porto. That holiday was two months ago.

PORTO: It doesn't matter if its Easter or not Elgar. Hip-Hop is the perfect monster to get rid of those Rangers.

DIVATOX: Then send him down here now Porto.

A flash of light enters the subcraft and a brown bunny rabbit appears before them.

HIP-HIP: Someone call for my assistance.

DIVATOX: Yes. I did. I want you to put detonators in your eggs and spread them all around Angel Grove. Those Rangers won't be able to get them all in time.

ELGAR: Good plan Auntie D!

DIVATOX: Elgar! Rygog! Go with him and take some Piranhatrons. You can all plant the egg detonators. I want hundreds of them.

Elgar, Rygog and Hip-Hip take off as Divatox spreads the news to herself.

DIVATOX: Happy egg hunting Rangers!


At the Power Chamber, Alpha gets a numerous account of detonators that are spreading around Angel Grove.

ALPHA-6: Yo Dimitria! It looks like Divatox is at it again with detonators. They're spreading all around Angel Grove. There's another one. And another one.

DIMITRIA: Contact the Rangers at once Alpha. They must be told of the situation at hand.

As Alpha contacts the Rangers, Tommy and the others are sitting at a table at the Youth Center.


Tommy, Justin, Adam, Steve, Tanya and Kat head to the hallway to receive the call.

ADAM: Go ahead Alpha!

ALPHA-6: Rangers! Divatox is up to her tricks again with the detonators. She is planting them all around Angel Grove.

TOMMY: Okay Alpha. We'll teleport to the Power Chamber at once.

As Tommy finishes, the six Turbo Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber in their respected colors of red, blue, green, brown, yellow and pink.

JUSTIN: What's up Alpha?

ALPHA: Yo Rangers! You made it!

DIMITRIA: Divatox has sent down a monster and its planting egg detonators all around Angel Grove.

JUSTIN: How many of them Alpha?

ALPHA: I don't know. That jack rabbit is planting them by the hundreds.

STEVE: We better use the Turbo Navigators to find these egg detonators and stop this monster of Divatox's.

TOMMY: Good call Steve. Let's do it guys! SHIFT INTO TURBO!

KAT: Wind Chaser Turbo Power!

TANYA: Dune Star Turbo Power!

STEVE: Cloud Duster Turbo Power!

ADAM: Desert Thunder Turbo Power!

JUSTIN: Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!

TOMMY: Red Lightning Turbo Power!

The Rangers go to confront the monster and Piranhatrons.

ADAM: You're a little late for Easter, bunny.

TANYA: Yeah. Easter was two months ago.

HIP-HOP: Ha! It don't matter to me Rangers. You and the others will be jelly beans for Divatox.

JUSTIN: Oh yeah! We'll just see about that!

TOMMY: We're going to turn you into Hasenpfeffer, rabbit!

HIP-HOP: Oh yeah! Take this!

Hip-Hop shoots lightning out of his bunny ears at Tommy, Justin, Adam, Tanya and Kat and turns them into Easter eggs. Steve sees his friends and tells Alpha to teleport them back to the Power Chamber.

STEVE: Oh no! Alpha, the others have been turned to Easter eggs. Teleport them back to the Power Chamber. Hurry!

The multi-colored Power Ranger eggs are sent to the Power Chamber.

HIP-HOP: Your next Brown Ranger. Piranhatrons attack him!

Steve sends the Pirahnatrons to the ground with his leg sweeps and roundhouses. Elgar tries to strike him from behind but Steve evades his strike and kicks Elgar's card sword out his hand.

ELGAR: D'oh!

HIP-HOP: Out of my way you turnip head! I'll show you how to do it.

Hip-Hop shoots at Steve with his lightning but misses him and strikes a Pirhanhatron and turns it into an egg.

STEVE: Missed me.

Two Piranhatrons come from behind unseen to Steve and takes him down. Steve elbow punches out of their grip and kicks them in their stomachs. Hip-Hop shoots his lightning again at Steve.

STEVE: Yikes! Better teleport to the Power Chamber.

But as Steve teleports to away to the Power Chamber, the lightning from Hip-Hop hits the brown teleport beam of energy. After the clearing from the explosion, all is left is a chocolate clone of Steve.

ELGAR: Hey check it out! A chocolate Ranger.

RYGOG: Huh huh! Cool! The Brown Ranger sure is brown.

ELGAR: Yeah. And I sure do love chocolate. Goodbye Brown Turbo Ranger!

As Elgar tries to strike the chocolate statue of Steve, the chocolate clone is teleported by Alpha to the Power Chamber. Elgar just gets air as he strikes.

The clone arrives at the Power Chamber as Alpha finishes retoring the Rangers to their human forms.

KAT: Oh no! What happened to Steve?

TANYA: He's solid chocolate. Alpha! Can you restore him too?

ALPHA: I brought you back. I sure can try to bring back Steve to normal in no time.

TOMMY: Guys! We better head back and get those detonators quick.

JUSTIN: Tommy! I got a total number of the detonators Alpha found. 66 eggs.

ADAM: Oh man that's alot of them. We better hurry quick before innocent people get hurt.

TOMMY: Alpha. When you are done restoring Steve, send him back to action quick.

ALPHA: Okie dokie Tommy.

TOMMY: Back to action!

As the Rangers reach Angel Grove park, each of their Turbo Navigators track the eggs in six different sections with eleven egg detonators.

ADAM: Oh man! It looks like each section has eleven eggs.

TANYA: Yeah. It looks like we all have to take a section and get them quick.

TOMMY: I just hope Alpha restores Steve back to normal so he can get some detonators before they blow.

JUSTIN: It looks like its in the center of Angel Grove. He can get them when he arrives.

As Steve's chocolate self lies on the examination table, Alpha sprays him with the restorer and he is turned back to normal

ALPHA: Yo Steve! You okay Brown?

STEVE: Yeah Alpha. Thanks.

DIMITRIA: Your better rejoin with the Rangers and get the deotonators quick Steve.

STEVE: Right Dimitria! Back to action!

As Steve heads back to meet his friends, his navigator shows the center part of Angel Grove where the other egg detonators are located.

KAT: Steve! Your back!

STEVE: Yeah! I better get those eggs before they go. My navigator shows them in the center of Angel Grove.

TOMMY: You go ahead Steve. Me and others will go the other locations and get them.

JUSTIN: Me and Adam got the west. There are to piles of eggs there.

TANYA: I got the east.

KAT: I have north.

TOMMY: And I got the south.

As the Rangers seperate and look for the eggs, the chimps, Bulk and Skull, are at Angel Grove where a pile of eggs are. They pick up one of the eggs and run off.

STEVE: Alright! I found them guys. Turbo Cloud Shockers!

Steve calls on his Turbo weapon and destroys the eggs just in time. His Turbo Navigator shows that he only got ten instead eleven. The two chimps he sees are running away with the other egg detonator in hand.

STEVE: Guys! I got a problem! The chimps got the remaining egg! I better go get them.

JUSTIN: Hurry Steve! *communicator*

Steve chases the chimps to the Youth Center. The people and Lt. Stone are in shock to see the Brown Turbo Ranger there.

LT. STONE: Brown Ranger! What are you doing here?

STEVE: Your chimps have a detonator in a shape of an egg. You better evacuate the place quick.

The two chimps walk into the juice bar area. Bulk has the egg and Lt. Stone sees him with the egg and ducks down behind the bar.

LT. STONE: Look out!

STEVE: Give me that!

Steve grabs the egg from the chimp with amazing speed and runs outside and throws the egg into the air as it blows. BOOM! The explosion shakes the Youth Center and Lt. Stone gets back up from behind the bar with the chimps.

LT. STONE: Why are two doing this to me?

Steve runs back into the Youth Center to see if Lt. Stone and the chimps are okay.

STEVE: Hey! Are you all okay?

LT. STONE: Everything fine here Brown Ranger. Thanks.

STEVE: That was a close call. I better get back to the other Rangers.

The two chimps and Lt. Stone wave bye to the Brown Ranger as he teleports out of the Youth Center.

Steve then rejoins with the others at Angel Grove park.

TOMMY: Steve you made it! Good job!

STEVE: You and the guys get the other eggs?

ADAM: Yeah. And just in time too.

JUSTIN: It looks like we had to break some eggs to make an omelette. Ha ha!

TANYA: Very funny Justin.

KAT: Guys look its Hip-Hop!

The bunny re-appears and and chews out at the Rangers for his destroying his eggs.

HIP-HOP: You Rangers are going to pay for that for destroying my eggs!

Two torpedoes head from the sky and explode around Hip-Hop and makes him grow to giant size.

TOMMY: Turbo Megazord Power now!

The Turbo zords shows up and form the Turbo Megazord. Desert Thunder and Dune Star form the legs while Mountain Blaster and Red Lighting form the lower and upper torso and the head. Cloud Duster forms the right arm and Wind Chaser forms the left arm to complete the transformation.

HIP-HOP: Ha! I'll turn your megazord into an Easter basket.

STEVE: Silly rabbit! This zord belongs to us. Turbo Megazord sabre!

TOMMY: Turbo Megazord, spinout!

Hip-Hip is struck by the spinning megazord's sabre and is destroyed. As the Rangers defeat the giant bunny, Divatox is really upset after witnessing another loss of a monster to the Rangers.

DIVATOX: I don't believe this. None of these monsters can defeat those Rangers. I don't wanna see another Easter egg as long as I live.

PORTO: Well. That bunny's tail is sure cooked.

DIVATOX: Enough Porto. What's for lunch?

ELGAR: Here you go Auntie D. Omelette souflet.

DIVATOX: Give me that!

Divatox grabs the pan of eggs and throws into Elgar's face and the eggs cover Elgar's eyes.

ELGAR: Wha! What I do?

Elgar seemingly confused doesn't get why his aunt threw the pan of eggs in his face.

Meanwhile at the Power Chamber, the Rangers return and tell's Dimitria that they got all the detonators.

DIMITRIA: Well done Rangers!

TOMMY: Thanks Dimitria. We got all those detonators that rabbit planted.

ADAM: Looks like that is Divatox's calling card with these detonators.

TANYA: Yes. It just the matter of time when she does it again.

JUSTIN: And we'll be ready for her.

The Rangers put their hands together and jump for joy in the air.

The End