Turbo Switcheroo
by : Steve Folger

As Justin and Steve arrive in the Power Chamber, Alpha tells them about a strange phenomena that is happening in the center of Angel Grove.

JUSTIN: Hey Alpha! What's going on?

ALPHA-6: Justin! Steve! Can you two check out something? There is something strange happening in the center of Angel Grove.

STEVE: Another one of Divatox's detonators?

ALPHA-6: Unfortunately its not a detonator of Divatox's. Its some sort of phenomenal presence there. I can't seem to find out what it is. You and Justin better morph and go to see what it is.

DIMITRIA: Be careful Rangers. It is unknown to what it really can be.

STEVE: We will Dimitria.

JUSTIN: Shift into Turbo!

STEVE: Cloud Duster Turbo Power!

JUSTIN: Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!

As Justin and Steve teleport to the center of their hometown of Angel Grove, they arrive in a forest area where a mysterious orb ball is seen in the nearby distance.

JUSTIN: Hey look! Steve over there!

STEVE: I don't believe it. It can't be!

JUSTIN: You know what it is?

STEVE: It looks like the Orb of Doom. But it should've been destroyed.

JUSTIN: The Orb of Doom?! What is it?

STEVE: Before we had our Turbo powers, we used the Zeo Crystals to revert the Earth back to the present time and it was the only way to get rid of the orb. Before you became a Ranger, me, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya got turned into children by the orb. We then used the Zeo Crystals for our powers after the Earth was restored.

JUSTIN: But what's it still doing here if it hasn't been destroyed?

STEVE: Good question. But the real question is, how do we get rid of it again?

As Justin and Steve figure a way to get rid of the orb, Divatox looks into her periscope and sees them both in the forest area of Angel Grove.

DIVATOX: Well. What do we have here? Hmmm! What is this crystal ball I see with them?

PORTP: That is the Orb of Doom my queen. It was used once before to turn to Rangers into children.

ELGAR: It turned them into kids, huh?! Cool!

DIVATOX: I got an idea. We can use it again and turn those Turbo brats into children again.

PORTO: I'm afraid that can't be done again Divatox. The former powers of the Rangers disabled the orb and the Earth was restored back to the present time.

DIVATOX: Then find a way to enable it again. Once the Orb of Doom is in my possession, those Rangers will be kiddies once again.

While back in Angel Grove, Steve and Justin bring out their turbo weapons to destroy the Orb of Doom.

JUSTIN: I know Steve. We can use our weapons to destroy it.

STEVE: Good idea Justin. Turbo Cloud Shockers!

JUSTIN: Turbo Hand Blasters!

As Steve and Justin fire at the orb, it consumes their fire power and zaps them with a powerful jolt of electricity and demorphs them.

STEVE: Aaaah!

JUSTIN: Oooof!

STEVE: Oh man! What just happened to us?

JUSTIN: The orb unmorphed us.

STEVE: We better get back to the Power Chamber.

As Steve is about to hit the teleportation button on his communicator, he realizes he is not wearing his. Not the brown ranger communicator, instead he is wearing the blue.

STEVE: Huh! What the!?

JUSTIN: What's wrong?

STEVE: That blast from the orb. It switched our communicators.

JUSTIN: Your right. I'm wearing yours too.

As Steve and Justin try to take off the communicators from their wrists, they both get a shock from it.

JUSTIN: Ouch! Why did it just shock me?

STEVE: Me too. I won't let me take it off either.

JUSTIN: It looks like we have to go like this then.

STEVE: We better get to the Power Chamber quick.

Steve hits the blue communicator's teleportation button and both Steve and Justin are whisked away back to the Power Chamber in blue and brown energy of light.

ALPHA-6: Steve! Justin! Are you two okay?

STEVE: Not so good Alpha. Dimitria, me and Justin found the Orb of Doom in the center of Angel Grove. I think it just switched our powers.

ALPHA-6: I'll run a bio scan on the both of you to see if your powers have been switched.

DIMITRIA: It looks like the Orb of Doom has a residual effect of the Earth's time restoration. It has reappeared once again since the last time you and other Rangers used the Zeo Crystals to bring the Earth back to the present time.

STEVE: Hey! I got an idea. Why can't we use the Zeo Crystals again to get rid of the orb again?

JUSTIN: Are you sure that can help us Steve?

STEVE: We can give it a try.

JUSTIN: Oh man! What a way for this happen just as the other Rangers are out of town.

STEVE: I know. It does seem the obvious since they are out of town and on Aquitar visiting Billy and the Aquitians. What if Divatox is up to her old tricks again? What if she sends down a another monster? The two of us can't pilot the Turbo Megazord without the others.

ALPHA-6: Then I'll contact the Blue Senturion if anything out of the ordinary happens.

STEVE: Thanks Alpha. He has always helped us out.

ALPHA-6: Bio scan is complete. Both of your powers have been switched. It looks like you can use the Zeo Crystal to restore your powers.

JUSTIN: Where are they kept Alpha?

DIMITRIA: It seems that the crystals are kept in the archive section of the Power Chamber. Alpha-6 can find them in time and restore your Turbo powers back to normal.

ALPHA-6: I'll go now and go get them.

As Alpha is about to head to the archives, the alarm goes off in the Power Chamber. The Orb of Doom is seen on the Viewing Screen and it appears to spark and spark pushing the time of the Earth forward.

STEVE: What's happening?

ALPHA-6: Oh no! That Orb of Doom is changing the Earth again. It's moving us ahead in time.

JUSTIN: Hurry Alpha! Get the Zeo Crystals quick!

ALPHA: I'll just teleport them quickly to here from the archives.

As Alpha presses a few buttons on the control panel, the Zeo Crystal arrives and is hovering in the mid-air in front of Justin and Steve.

JUSTIN: Wow! Cool!

STEVE: Enough of the gazing in delight, Justin. We better get going and take the crystals with us.

DIMITRIA: Be careful Rangers. The orb of doom can also change the both of you into older versions of yourselves.

JUSTIN: Oh man! We don't want that to happen now do we?

Steve takes the Zeo Crystal from mid-air and both him and Justin are teleported back to the Orb of Doom.

Just as they arrive, the winds are blowing harder and harder as they try to get to the orb.

STEVE: It looks like we got in the middle of a sand storm or something. These winds are really blowing hard.

JUSTIN: Hey! The orb! Its gone!

STEVE: What?! Look over there Justin. Its rolling away from us. We better run after it.

The orb is blown off its course from the strong gusts of wind and Steve and Justin are running after it.

Justin stops the orb in time before it reaches a cliff. Steve then puts the six Zeo Crystals on the sides of the orb causing it to send the Earth back to normal. The winds has died down and Steve's and Justin powers have also been restored.

STEVE: Hey look. I got my communicator back.

JUSTIN: Mine too. Our powers are back to normal. *slaps Steve a high five*

As the dead and weakeded orb lies on the ground, it shatters and the shard remnants of it disappears. The Earth is saved once again by the Zeo Crystals. Justin and Steve gather up each three of the six crystals and head back to the Power Chamber.

While at Divatox's subcraft, she just witnessed through her telescope that the orb has been destroyed.

DIVATOX: I don't believe this. The orb is history. And I didn't even get to use it to destroy those Rangers.

ELGAR: Hey Auntie D! That monster you want is here.

DIVATOX: Oh goodie! What monster is it?

PORTO: I present to you, Bomber Blue!

DIVATOX: Go and destroy those two Turbo twits. There friends are out of town and there is nothing they can do about it.

BOMBER BLUE: You wish is at my command.

The monster disappears in a flash.

But just as Steve and Justin come back to the Power Chamber, Dimitria tells them of the monster Divatox has just sent down to Angel Grove.

DIMITRIA: It looks like that Divatox has sent down a monster to downtown Angel Grove. Alpha, call on the Blue Senturion at once.

STEVE: It looks like that Divatox has made it big already. He'll have to use Robo Racer to destroy that big goon.

The door opens in the Power Chamber revealing the Blue Senturion.

BLUE SENTURION: What is it my friends?

JUSTIN: Blue Senturion, we need your help. Divatox has just sent down a monster. Its about to trash Angel Grove.

BLUE SENTURION: I'll take care of the job. That monster is finished. Robo Racer, now! *blows whistle*

As the Blue Senturion enters the seat of his zord, Robo Racer goes into battle mode to confront the monster, Bomber Blue.

BLUE SENTURION: Robo Racer, battle mode!

BOMBER BLUE: I'll squish that blue zord of yours into nothingness.

BLUE SENTURION: Oh yeah! I'll just see about that! Arrest mode!

The large handcuff shoots out Robo Racer's arm and holds the monster.

BLUE SENTURION: Robo Racer, synergizer blaster!

Blue Senturion calls on his blaster of his zord and shoots at Bomber Blue. Bomber Blue falls to the ground and explodes.

BLUE SENTURION: Once again, good has triumped over evil. Chalk up another win for the Blue Senturion.

The Blue Senturion heads back to the Power Chamber and is congratulated by Justin and Steve.

JUSTIN: Alright! Good job Blue Senturion.

STEVE: You are definately a member of our team.

BLUE SENTURION: Thank you Justin and Steve. Alway a pleasure to help out my friends.

JUSTIN: The other Rangers should be getting back soon.

BLUE SENTURION: Where were they?

STEVE: The planet Aquitar.

JUSTIN: Hey look, a message from them on the Viewing Screen.

TOMMY: Hey you two! We're are about to head home now. We're on our way.

STEVE: Okay Tommy. We'll see you guys in a few.

TANYA: You guys staying out of trouble?

JUSTIN: Yeah. We're doing ok Tanya.

ADAM: Billy is here and he wants to say something.

BILLY: Hey Steve! Nice to meet you Justin!

STEVE: Hey Billy! Miss you man.

BILLY: Miss you too Steve. Its good to see you again old buddy.

JUSTIN: Cool! Its nice to meet another former Ranger. So far I met Jason and Kimberly. Nice to meet you Billy.

STEVE: See you guys when you get back.

Steve and Justin wave at their friends on the Viewing Screen.

The End