Torch Passed Back
by : Steve Folger

The new Brown Turbo Ranger, Brian Hart, Steve's cousin and brother to former pink Power Ranger, Kimberly is in bed dreaming about his cousin Steve passing over his Turbo powers over to him.

STEVE: You'll be the new Brown Ranger, Brian. Cloud Duster will serve you well as your Turbo zord.

The dream echoes from his dream and into his waken state of mind as he arises from bed.

Just only a few days he had the new powers of the Brown Ranger and he is excited all so much. Just can't wait to morph again as the Brown Ranger. After taking on a couple monsters so far, he is glad to fill the shoes of his once before Power Ranger cousin's. And also to find out that his older sister was once a Ranger too.

As the day progresses, he joins with his friends TJ, Justin, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie at the Power Chamber. TJ who took over the leader position for Tommy, welcomes him.

TJ: Hey Brian! What's up man?

BRIAN: Everything's cool Teej. Man! I can't still I'm a Power Ranger.

JUSTIN: You'll get used to it once the excitement sets in.

CARLOS: Just keep an open mind hombre'. It's cool!

BRIAN: Its just that I've been getting these dreams since the whole thing happened to us.

ASHLEY: Dreaming about what?

BRIAN: Since Steve passed over the power to me. I've been getting these weird and crazy dreams.

CASSIE: Are you feeling okay, Brian?

BRIAN: Yeah. Physically I feel fine. I think its just the excitement that's giving me these dreams. I guess I'll just have to get used to it just like Justin said.

JUSTIN: You will in time man.

At Angel Grove University, Steve is about to enroll at the school for this Fall and take a course. He got a scholarship for the basketball team too. Just thinking about being a power forward for the team will be a good thing for AGU.

STUDENT: Hey I know who you! You're Steve Hart. All-Star and power forward for Angel Grove High. Man I got your clippings from the sports papers

STEVE: Thanks. What's your name?

STUDENT: Josh. Josh Nordquist.

STEVE: Nice to meet you Josh. What are you taking here?

JOSH: Drama.

STEVE: Me too! That means you and me will have the same classes.

As Steve and Josh are becoming instant friends at Angel Grove University, a periscope plops out the fountain watching the former Brown Ranger. Elgar stares through his Aunt's periscope watching him.

DIVATOX: Elgar! I told you not to use my periscope. Get off now.

ELGAR: But Auntie D. That former Power Ranger is.... *mouth covered by Divatox*

DIVATOX: Shut your hole Elgar! Let me see what's going on!

As she looks through her periscope, she Steve sits on the pedestal of the fountain without even noticing the periscope peeking out of the water.

DIVATOX: Well well well! It looks like that former Brown Ranger is up to something. Going to college is he? I got something for him to remember me by. Porto! Call down Pencilator here. I got a plan for that former Ranger.


Pencilator, a large pencil like monster, is at the university with a few Piranhatrons. His mission, to stop Steve from attending Angel Grove University.

Without being seen, Pencilator heads into the large school and heads into the records room where he is to alter Steve's application for the university. The record and application that is in the file is changed from the 1600 point SAT score to a 350 score which will not let Steve into the university.

PENCILATOR: Now that was an easy job. Its over for that former Ranger for good. *disappears in a flash*

As Steve still walks around the campus, he sees the students and people being attacked by the Piranhatrons.

STEVE: Piranhatrons?! *he mumbles to himself*

As the Pirahnatrons chases after Josh on the school grounds, the Power Rangers arrive in time and saves him from the fishy creatures.

JOSH: Wow! The Power Rangers!

Steve runs to Josh's side as he sees the Rangers head after the Pirahnatrons.

STEVE: You alright Josh?

JOSH: Yeah. I'm fine. Did you just see the Rangers?

STEVE: Yeah I saw them. Let's get of here!

As Steve and Josh run off, the accidentally bump into Pencilator who shows up in front of them.

JOSH: Aaah! A pencil monster.

PENCILATOR: I got you, you pencil neck.

Pencilator grabs Josh by the waist and kicks Steve in the stomach as he disappears with Josh in hand.

PENCILATOR: So long sucker! You've just been erased!


The Rangers run up to Steve.

BRIAN: STEVE! What just happened?

STEVE: That pencil creep just took my friend Josh. You got to get him back guys.

TJ: We will Steve. We'll get him back.

STEVE: Brian! Are you okay?

BRIAN: I don't know. I'm a little light-headed.

Brian falls to the ground and passes out. Carlos and Cassie holds him up as they are about to head back to the Power Chamber.

TJ: You better come along with to us the Power Chamber, Steve.

STEVE: Yes I think I should. Brian is like a little brother to me and I don't want anything wrong to happen to him.

Steve holds onto his cousin's arm and teleports to the Power Chamber with the Rangers.

DIMITRIA: Welcome back Steve. Its nice to see you again.

STEVE: I wouldn't been a better time Dimitria. Something is wrong with Brian.

ALPHA-6: Quick! Lay him on the examination table.

TJ and Carlos helps Brian to examination table and he lies on the table still unconscious.

STEVE: Is there anything you can do Alpha?

ALPHA-6: I sure can try Steve. Your cousin will be up in no time.

Brian wakes up and sees himself lying on the table as Steve and the others look down at him.

STEVE: Brian! How you feeling cuz?

BRIAN: Like I had a dizzy spell. I feel so weak.

CASSIE: What do think is wrong Dimitria?

DIMITRIA: It is certain that Brian's biological makeup can't hold the Brown Ranger powers any longer. Steven, do you think that you can re-take the powers?

STEVE: I don't know Dimitria. I thought my days were over as the Brown Ranger.

CARLOS: You don't have to answer yet man. We'll take of Brian for you.

STEVE: Oh man! I got to get back to the university. They are expecting me in a few minutes.

ALPHA: Then I'll teleport you back to Angel Grove U. without being seen. Good luck!

STEVE: Just hurry guys! Divatox still has Josh.

TJ: We'll find him Steve.

JUSTIN: Don't worry Steve.


STEVE: Thanks guys.

Steve is sent back to the school just in time for his appointment there.

As Steve waits patiently to meet with the Dean, he is then brought into his office.

DEAN HASKELL: Well Mr. Hart. How do you plan to enter this school without a passing SAT score of 700 or higher?

STEVE: What?! What are you talking about? I passed with a perfect score of 1600. I also have a scholarship too.

DEAN HASKELL: What scholarship?

STEVE: The scholarship that I was suppose to have so I play for the basketball team.

DEAN HASKELL: I'm sorry Mr. Hart. A 350 score won't let you walk these halls of Angel Grove University. And it won't let you play for the basketball team either.

STEVE: How could of this happened? I passed the SAT with a 1600 perfect score. Where is my scholarship?

DEAN HASKELL: Here is your file. I'm very sorry.

STEVE: This is impossible. How could've this happened? This has got to be a typo or something. And my scholarship is not here. This is a nightmare.

DEAN HASKELL: No Mr. Hart. This is reality.

As Steve observes his file, he sees the 350 score with his name on it. And no sight of his scholarship either.

STEVE: This has got to be a mistake. The files must've been mixed up somehow.

DEAN HASKELL: Not possible. Your name is on that file with that SAT score. I am terribly sorry.

As Steve leaves the office, he stares down at the hallway of the campus he would've been walking through. Only to find out he won't be. He heads outside and sits on the stairway. His mind wonders what had happened. Unknown to him that Pencilator changed the score of his SAT and erased his scholarship too. He then gets up and leaves the school ground.

At the Power Chamber, Alpha tells the Rangers that Brian's time is up as the Brown Ranger. He has to pass the powers back to his cousin Steve.

ALPHA-6: It looks like Brian's biological makeup cannot hold the Brown Turbo powers.

TJ: Why can't he Alpha?

DIMITRIA: It seems that Steve's biology can only hold the power of any given Brown Ranger power. No one else can hold the power but only Steve himself. Not even Brian.

TJ: Well one of us better find Steve and tell him.

CARLOS: Me and Justin will go. I think he might be at the Youth Center after that appointment he had at the university.

Justin and Carlos teleport to the Youth Center and do find Steve there drinking a chocolate smoothie Lt. Stone whipped up for him. Steve sits at a table looking gloom.

JUSTIN: Hey Steve. We thought we'd find you here.

CARLOS: What's wrong man?

STEVE: My SAT scores. It somehow went to a 350. I knew I passed that test. I passed it with a perfect 1600 score.

JUSTIN: Then I guess you don't want any more bad news.

STEVE: Uh! Brian?!

CARLOS: Yes. I'm afraid so man. He can't hold the power any more. You better come with us to the Power Chamber at once.

STEVE: Alright I'm with you.

As the three head out of the Youth Center, they look for the close is clear and teleport back to the Power Chamber.

TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Brian see the three teleport in.

BRIAN: Let's get his over with.

STEVE: Don't take it so hard my cousin.

BRIAN: It was a real good ride while it lasted. It was fun.

Steve is given back his Turbo key and morpher by Brian. The two embrace with a hug and give each other hand shakes.

STEVE: I'll miss you man.

BRIAN: I'll miss you too.

Alpha finally detects Josh where he is at. At the NASADA base outside of Angel Grove. An experimental space shuttle is about to be launched there.

ALPHA: Yo. I found your friend Steve. He is the NASADA military base.

CARLOS: What's he doing there?

ALPHA: That experimental space shuttle is about to take off. He is in the launching pad. He'll be toasted.

TJ: We better over there before it takes off. Shift Into Turbo!

Steve morphs again as the Brown Turbo Ranger again as well as the others do in there colors of red, blue, green, pink and yellow.

They arrive that military base and just as the countdown counts down, Steve finds Josh in time just before the experimental space shuttle goes off into the great wild blue beyond.

At the command center, the watchful eye of Josh's grandfather, General Nordquist watches the shuttle head off and sees the Power Rangers on the base.

The Rangers teleport in the command center and tells the general that they saved Josh from being toasted.

GENERAL NORDQUIST: Power Rangers! What are you doing here? I can't have you kids messing around with my inventory.

TJ: We just saved your grandson Josh. He got captured by a monster and almost got toasted by the shuttle's booster rockets.

Josh comes up from behind the Rangers and meets with his grandfather.

JOSH: Gramps!

GENERAL: Josh! Thank goodness your okay. Thank you Power Rangers!

CARLOS: Don't mention it!

GENERAL NORDQUIST: Anything you need Rangers, I'll be happy to help you out.

TJ: Thank you General.

As Divatox, sees that Josh has been rescued, she orders for the torpedoes to be fired so they can enlarge Pencilator.

DIVATOX: Drat! Drat! Double drat! Fire torpedoes!

RYGOG: Torpedoes away!

The two torpedoes race along each other and into Pencilator making to monstrous size.

Still at the Command Center of NASADA, Josh's sees that the monster that captured him has grown to huge size.

JOSH: Uh! Power Rangers! Look! Its that monster that captured me.

STEVE: We'll take care of that creep once and for all.

TJ: We need Turbo Megazord power now!

The Rangers run outside and into the cockpit of their Turbo Megazord to confront Pencilator.

PENCILATOR: I turn that megazord of yours into an eraser.

JUSTIN: Erase this! Megazord blaster, now!

The headlights of Justin's zord shoots out a beam at the large monster and sends him down to the ground.

TJ: Turbo Megazord sabre!

Pencilator gets back up in a rage of fury but is about to history just as the megazord goes into spinout mode.

TJ: Tubo Megazord, spinout!

The megazord spins in mighty twists and turns and strikes down Pencilator as it finishes him off. Pencilator goes down in a blaze of glory and explodes into itty bitty pieces.

Divatox snarls as she just saw the giant pencil monster get destroyed.

DIVATOX: No no no! Another bites the dust. Monsters! You can't live with then, you can't with live without them!

ELGAR: Cheer up Auntie D. You'll destroy those Rangers one day.

At the Power Chamber, the Rangers return to see that Brian is still there.

BRIAN: Good job guys!

TJ: Thanks Brian. You did well yourself too you know.

BRIAN: I sure did. I made Steve proud when I had his power for a short time.

STEVE: Your sure did. I still am proud of you man.

ASHLEY: We'll miss you being on the team.

CASSIE: But we will still see you at school.

Cassie and Ashley hug him.

BRIAN: Yeah. I'll still see you guys at high school. Except for Steve now that he is going to college.

STEVE: Uh Brian. There is something I have to tell about college. I didn't make it to go into college. I didn't make a high enough score to get in.

BRIAN: I thought you passed it with a perfect score of 1600.

STEVE: I thought so too. I still think its a mix up of the files. Even my scholarship is missing. I guess I can still go to Angel Grove Community College.

BRIAN: Well good luck in doing that Steve. Hope you get in there.

STEVE: Good luck to you too Brian.

The End