Purple Hazed
by : Steve Folger


The planet Eltar. Home world of the Power Rangers' source of power and home to their mentor Zordon. Alpha-5, who also is on the Eltarian world with Zordon, pickups a fleet of ships heading to the planet. Dark Specter, the Monarch of all that is evil, leads the invasion on Eltar.

ALPHA-5: Oh aiyaiyaiyai! Zordon, we're being invaded by Dark Specter's forces.

ZORDON: Yes I know Alpha. Contact the Rangers on Earth so I can inform them of the situation. They must get my message.

As Alpha sends the message to the Rangers on Earth, an army of Quantrons invades the city on Eltar. Dark Specter, who is somewhat alike just like Maligore, arrives.

DARK SPECTER: Quantrons, open the outer doors to Zordon's palace.

The army of Quantrons bust down the doors to Zordon's palace. Dark Specter enters and takes control of the palace.

ZORDON: Dark Specter! You won't get away with this.

DARK SPECTER: Yes I will old man. I will steal your powers by draining them from you. Not even your precious Power Rangers on Earth can help you now. Quantrons, take him away!

The Quantrons gather up and pickup Zordon in his plasma tube.

ZORDON: Alpha, evacuate at once. Go to Edenoi to escape.

Alpha runs into a room where Quantrons try to stop him. But as they try to get him, Alpha is already gone in a flash headed to his home planet of Edenoi.

In the background of the room, Dark Specter enters and sees the frozen purple figure in a cryogenics tube.

DARK SPECTER: What is this? A Purple Ranger? She will make a perfect warrior for me to stop those Rangers from stopping my plans for the domination of the universe. Quantrons, take her along too. Ha ha ha ha!

* * *


Aboard the Astro Megaship, the six Lightstar Rangers enjoy a workout in the simudeck as they fight against Craterites.

ANDROS: Check this out!

Andros does a flip in the air and lands behind a Craterite and brings up his Spiral Sabre to fight it.

STEVE: Nice move, Andros. Check out this out guys.

Steve does a combo of punches and kicks on the Craterite and pulls out his Solar Flare to finish it off.

CARLOS: Awesome move Steve.

TJ: That was cool.

ANDROS: End simulation!

The simudeck vanishes and the Rangers power down.

STEVE: Power down!

DECA: Andros. I am receiving an incoming transmission from the planet Aquitar.

The Rangers run to the bridge of the Megaship and receive the message.

STEVE: Aquitar?!

ASHLEY: You know someone from there?

STEVE: The Alien Rangers and my friend Billy who use to be a Power Ranger.

Delphine, the white Alien Ranger and leader of the Aquitians, appears on the viewing screen.

DELPHINE: Greetings Rangers! I am Delphine. Leader of the Alien Rangers.

STEVE: Delphine! Its me, Steve. What's the message?

DELPHINE: Steven. It is still good to see you are still a Power Ranger. Alpha-5 has an urgent message for you and the others.

TJ: What is it?

CARLOS: Is it about Zordon?

ALPHA-5: Zordon and Jessica.

Alpha comes up behind Delphine and tells Steve and the others about the situation.

CASSIE: Who is Jessica? A former Ranger too?

STEVE: Yes she was. But for a short time she was.

ALPHA-5: Steve. You and the others must save Zordon and Jessica.

STEVE: We know of Zordon's capture, but what of Jessica?

ALPHA-5: When Dark Specter invaded Eltar, I tried to escape to my home planet Edenoi but my trip was short and I had to come here to Aquitar to escape. It looks like that Dark Specter has also taken Jessica.

Billy comes to Alpha-5's side and tells him the rest.

BILLY: Steve. You and the others must come here to Aquitar. Do you think you can?

Steve looks at the others and they all nod yes to him.

STEVE: Then we'll be there. Steve out!

ANDROS: Set a course for Aquitar. Hyper rush 9.

TJ: Hyper rush 9.

The Astro Megaship goes into warp drive and takes off .

Meanwhile on the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor tells Astronema that the Rangers are heading for Aquitar.

ECLIPTOR: My queen. It looks like the Rangers are heading for that water planet Aquitar.

ASTRONEMA: Then stop them. It time to use the new reinforcement. Take the Zeo Purple Ranger with you. They won't hurt one of their own.

ECLIPTOR: Yes Astronema.

Ecliptor goes to a room where the evil former Ranger is and takes her with him to Aquitar. Still in the Zeo Ranger outfit in purple, Jessica Collins, is under a evil influence that was given to her by Dark Specter.

The Astro Megaship arrives at the water planet of Aquitar. Cassie sees the homeworld of the Alien Rangers on the screen.

CASSIE: So that is Aquitar. It's really beautiful.

ANDROS: Let's go!

The Rangers head for their jump tubes and are aboard on their Galaxy Gliders and fly down to where an Aquitian sub waits for them afloat in the Nesbian Sea.

STETOS: Welcome aboard Rangers. I am Stetos. The Brown Aquitian Ranger.

STEVE: Hey Stetos! Long time no see my friend.

STETOS: Are you ready?

ANDROS: Ready.

The sub goes under water and heads for the Alien Rangers' under water base of command.

CARLOS: Wow! This place is incredible.

TJ: It sure is.

Billy enters the room and welcomes Steve and the other Lightstar Rangers.

BILLY: Wow Steve! Check the digs on you and the others. Nice clothes. Introduce me to the others.

STEVE: This is Andros, the Red Ranger and leader. TJ is blue. Carlos the black Ranger. Cassie pink and Ashley yellow.

ANDROS: Hi Billy!

TJ: Nice to meet you.

CARLOS: Hi. *shakes Billy's hand*

CASSIE: Its an honor.

ASHLEY: Same here.

BILLY: Well welcome to Aquitar. The Aquitians are waiting to meet you all.

Billy takes the Rangers through the long hallway that leads them to the Alien Rangers' Command Center. The door opens at the end of the hallway and they enter the Command Center where they meet the Alien Rangers.

DELPHINE: Welcome to Aquitar, Rangers!

As Delphine greets the Rangers to Aquitar, Ecliptor, Jessica and an army of Quantrons arrive on the Astro Megaship. DECA sees the armada and sets the alarms off.

ALPHA-6: Deca! What is wrong?

DECA: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Ecliptor and an army of Quantrons are on megadeck 6.

Alpha contacts the Rangers on Aquitar of Ecliptor's invasion.


ANDROS: What is it Alpha?

ALPHA-6: Andros. You and the others must come back to the megaship at once. Ecliptor has invaded and is about to attack. He has Jessica with him.

STEVE: Jessica?!

ASHLEY: Now's our chance to save her.

ANDROS: We're on our way Alpha. Such a short trip here. Can you all assist us on the megaship?

DELPHINE: Of course. Its morphin time! We need Aquitar Ranger power!

ANDROS: Let's rocket! *3-3-5-ENTER*

BILLY: Good luck guys!

STEVE: Thanks Billy. Let's go!

The six Lightstar and seven Aquitians Rangers morph into their superhero forms and head to the Astro Megaship to fight Ecliptor and the Quantrons. As they get to megadeck 6, Steve does see Jessica still in her purple Zeo Ranger uniform.

ECLIPTOR: Rangers! Quantrons attack!

Jessica comes up behind Ashley and Cassie and fights them. Steve tries to intervene but she just pushes him out of the way as he tries to reason with her.

STEVE: Jessica! You got to break the evil within you.

JESSICA: Evil is as evil does!

Jessica strikes Steve in the gut and kicks him to the ground. Andros tries to hold her from attacking Ashley and Cassie but Jessica swiftly kicks him between his spandex pants.

ANDROS: Owwwwwww!

Andros falls to the ground and cringes in pain.

JESSICA: Oh and sweetie. Pink is out!

Jessica kicks Cassie in her gut and it sends her flying to the ground. Steve takes off his Ranger helmet and successfully takes off Jessica's Zeo helmet and tells her to remember him.

STEVE: Jessica. Look into my eyes. Its me. Steve. Remember?

Just as Steve tries to reason with Jessica again, he is grabbed from behind from Ecliptor and he is picked up by his throat.

STEVE: Oh great!

Just as it seems to be bad, the Phantom Ranger arrives in time to witness the Rangers in battle with Quantrons and Ecliptor. Lerigot, the wizard from Liaria, is also with the Phantom Ranger. Phantom knocks down Ecliptor and Steve is let go out of his grasp.

STEVE: Phantom! Lerigot! You both showed up in time. Thanks.

PHANTOM RANGER: No problem. Are you okay?

STEVE: I'm okay now thanks to you. Do your thing Lerigot!


As Jessica seems looked confused from the battle, Lerigot's magic key lights up and turns Jessica from the dark evil side and back to her good self again.

JESSICA: *gasp* What's going on? Steve!

STEVE: Jessica! Are you okay?

JESSICA: Yeah. I guess so.

PHANTOM RANGER: Here. You both fogot something.

Phantom hands over Jessica's and Steve's helmet and return back to action to the battle with the Quantrons and Ecliptor.

JESSICA: Back to action!

ECLIPTOR: Quantrons, retreat!

Ecliptor, after seeing that Jessica had returned to the good side, him and the Quantrons retreat back to Astronema's Dark Fortress.

JESSICA: I am sorry if I done anything wrong.

ASHLEY: Its okay. It wasn't your fault.

CASSIE: Yeah. Astronema's evil dark powers can be extremely powerful.

ANDROS: I'm still kinda in a limb. But I'll be okay Jessica.

JESSICA: I'm sorry for kicking you there. My bad.

CARLOS: I guess Andros doesn't know that human male tradition.

TJ: Are you sure you'll be okay Andros!

ANDROS: I'll be fine. *grins*

DELPHINE: Rangers! We must return to Aquitar. We must go back and rehydrate.

ANDROS: Thanks for helping out Delphine.

AURICO: It was nice to meet you Lightstar Rangers.

CESTRO: In time, we will meet again.

CESTRIA: And we also help in your quest in finding Zordon.

TIDEUS: And we shall succeed in finding him.

CORCUS: Until we meet again Rangers.

ANDROS: Until we meet again Rangers of Aquitar.

STEVE: So long Stetos. Cestria, tell Billy I'll see him again. OK?

CESTRIA: Yes I will Steve.

The Aquitains form into their teleportal colored spheres and head back down to Aquitar.

CASSIE: So! Where do we go from here now! Find Zordon?

ANDROS: Yes. And a I got something for you too.

Andros goes into the locker room and they all follow him to where he has a Purple Astro Morpher for Jessica.

ANDROS: Here you go. It was an Astro Morpher for a former Purple Ranger. Now you can become the Purple Lightstar Ranger from now on.

JESSICA: But what about the Zeo uniform I am still wearing?

PHANTOM RANGER: Oh yeah! I forgot!

Phantom Ranger pulls out his power ruby and heals Jessica's wounds she had a log time ago. The ruby glows around Jessica and the Zeo uniform disappears and she is demorphed to her human self.

PHANTOM RANGER: How's that? How do feel now?

JESSICA: Much better. Thanks.

PHANTOM RANGER: Your welcome. Now try and morph.

JESSICA: So what do I do?

STEVE: Say, Let's Rocket and enter 3-3-5 on your morpher.

JESSICA: Okay. Here it goes. Let's Rocket! *3-3-5-ENTER*

Jessica successfully morphs into the Purple Lightstar Ranger and is awed of the new purple uniform she is wearing. The five bars across her chest are also in the color purple just like the uniform.

JESSICA: Oh cool! This is really awesome!

CASSIE: Welcome to the team Jessica.

ASHLEY: It looks you make out a great team member.

JESSICA: Thanks again you all. Especilly to you Lerigot for turning me back.

LERIGOT: Your welcome.

PHANTOM RANGER: Its time for me to go Rangers. I'll take Lerigot back to Liaria on my way back. And good luck in finding Zordon. Until we meet again my friends.

CASSIE: Bye Phantom.

PHANTOM RANGER: Don't worry Cassie! I'll be okay. We will see each other again.

Phantom and Lerigot are teleported to the Phantom's spaceship and they depart for Liaria. The Rangers watch them take off by looking through the viewing screen.

ANDROS: Power down! Let's go home guys.

Andros and the others power down and head back home to Earth.

JESSICA: I'm going home.

STEVE: What are going to tell your parents once you get back?

JESSICA: I don't know. I'll know when I get there. Oh and I missed you so much Steve. I can't believe I'm back.

STEVE: I missed you too Jessica. Let's go.

The six seats for the bridge turn to seven and the seven Lighstar Rangers sit in them as they head back to the Docking bay that also hold the Delta Megaship in tow.

The End... for now