Steve's & Jessica's Mega 'V' Ultra Adventure
by Steve Folger

On the Astro Megaship, Alpha calls up the Rangers to the bridge to tell them he has found another weapon on the moon of Jupiter. Zhane, Andros's friend who was just brought back into action just days ago after being released from his cryogenic tube, joins the others as they head for the bridge.

ANDROS: What's up Alpha?

ALPHA: I'm detecting another massive weapon on the Jupiter's moon where you all got the Mega Voyager. There is another zord there.

STEVE: Another one!? Could there be another Mega V on the moon?

ALPHA: I don't know. And we don't even have any other keycard for another zord.

ANDROS: Wait Alpha. I remember now. There were other keycards when we were there on the moon. This could be the big break for Steve and Jessica.

STEVE: Yeah. I got to share Mega V2 with Carlos and Jessica shares Mega V5 with Cassie. CARLOS: No problem man. No matter what zord you get, its always share and share alike.

JESSICA: But where are we going to find the other keycards? We don't even know where they are.

CASSIE: They have to be where we got the Mega Voyagers.

ANDROS: I saw that table when I saved Ashley from falling. Remember Ashley?

ASHLEY: Yeah I do. That table reminded me of the Turbo morpher table.

ZHANE: Turbo what?

CASSIE: It was our former powers on Earth before our present powers.


TJ: But right now we got to find these other new weapon before Astronema does.

ANDROS: Deca, set a course for Jupiter's moon.

ALPHA: Oh no! Astronema has already sent a monster down to Angel Grove. Now what do we do?

ZHANE: You guys go and save Angel Grove. I'll go with Steve and Jessica to Jupiter's moon.

ANDROS: Okay. Let's go guys!

Andros, TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie jump into their jump tubes and fly on their Galaxy Gliders to the Earth to fight the monster and Quantrons. Zhane, Steve and Jessica head to the Delta Megaship and they take off for Jupiter's moon.

* * * *

Meanwhile on Astronema's Dark Fortress, Ecliptor informs her of the other Rangers who have went back to the moon of Jupiter's to find another weapon.

ECLIPTOR: Astronema! The Silver, Brown and Purple Ranger have headed back to Jupiter's moon. They're looking for another weapon. Possibly another zord.

ASTRONEMA: Keep the other Rangers busy on Earth fighting the monster. Get my gear. We're going back to Jupiter's moon to stop them.

ELGAR: You got it boss. Cool! I get to be in charge.

Zhane, Steve and Jessica arrive on the moon's base where they should find the new weapon. They disembark from the Delta Megazord and find the inclosed area where the elevator takes them to where the new weapon should be. Just as they about to get to the elevator doors, Astronema and Ecliptor appear before them with Quantrons.

ZHANE: Ecliptor! Astronema!

ASTRONEMA: I want that weapon.

JESSICA: Your not getting our new weapon. Never.

ZHANE: You guys hold them off while I'll try to get the door open.

Zhane runs to the control panel and Ecliptor blocks his way. He kicks Ecliptor in his side and gets to the panel. Pressing the control panels buttons, the doors open wide open.

ZHANE: I got the doors open. Come on guys!

STEVE: I can't fight off these Quantrons. Help us out Zhane!

ZHANE: Super Silverizer!

Zhane calls on his Super Silverizer and cuts down the Quantrons that are fighting Steve and Jessica.

STEVE: We gotta hurry. The doors are starting to close.

ASTRONEMA: Stop them!

ECLIPTOR: Not so fast Silver Ranger. Your finished.

ZHANE: I don't think so Ecliptor.

Zhane knocks down Ecliptor again with his Super Silverizer and heads into the elevator. Steve runs in with him right behind.

ZHANE: Jessica, come on!

STEVE: Hurry! The doors are closing.

Astronema throws her battle boomerang at Jessica and it knocks her down as she runs toward the elevator doors. She gets back up and jumps through the closing doors of the elevator.

JESSICA: Whoa! That was close.

ASTRONEMA: You garbage cans! You let them escape!

Astronema swears at the Quantrons for letting then escape as the elevator heads down for the new weapon. The elevator doors opens up that leads to a catwalk where they should find the keycards.

ZHANE: The end of this hallway should lead us right to them. We better hurry.

* * * *

Back on Earth, the Rangers are fighting the monster and Quantrons. The green light from above that is the Satellasers from the Dark Fortress fires upon it and makes it grow to monstrous size.

ANDROS: Time to call on the Mega Voyager guys.

RANGERS: Mega Voyager, online!

The Mega V's form in space into the Mega Voyager and head to Earth where the Rangers occupy the pilot seats of their megazord.

ANDROS: Allright. Mega V3, missle mode!

The missle appears in hand of the megazord and is ready to fire at Andros's command.


The top of the missle fires at the monster and it jumps aside as the missle shoots right past him.

MONSTER: Ha ha! You missed me Rangers. Nah nah nah na nah! I have a surprise for you all of you.

It splits into two more monsters. Its twin brothers run at the Mega Voyager full speed trying to knock it down.

TJ: Oh man! Now what do we do.

ANDROS: Delta Megazord, online!

Back on the moon, Zhane, Steve and Jessica are running to the very end of the hallway to reach the new zord, ther hear Delta Megazord leave the docking bay of the moon and heads off for Earth.

JESSICA: The guys must've called on the Delta Megazord.

STEVE: We better hurry and get the keycards.

ZHANE: Look guys. Over here. I found something.

STEVE: That looks like the Turbo morpher table. But where are the keycards?

JESSICA: They got to be here somehwhere. But where do we look?

STEVE: Jessica. Watch your step!

Jessica nearly falls off the catwalk and hangs on to the railing.

JESSICA: Guys, help!

Steve and Zhane both reach over and bring Jessica back up the catwalk.

JESSICA: That was close. Thanks.

ZHANE : Hey look guys! Up there.

Steve, Jessica and Zhane look up to see two poles aligned next to each other. The moonbase's computer commands on the new zord.

COMPUTER: Mega V Ultra, online!

Lights show up underneath them revealing the Mega V Ultra. A giant space hovercraft that can hold all of the megazords.

STEVE: Oh wow! Mega cool!

JESSICA: Mega ultra cool!

ZHANE: Oh wow! That thing is incredible.

STEVE: Let's head down these poles and and see if the keycards are inside.


STEVE: You coming Zhane?

ZHANE: Right behind you.

The three of them both slide down the poles and into the seats of the cockpit of the Mega V Ultra. Zhane sits right behind them where are other six seats in the back. Slots in the side of the pilot seats open up and out comes the keycards.

JESSICA: The keycards. They were in here all along.

STEVE: Insert keycards.

Steve and Jessica insert their keycards into the console of their new zord.

STEVE/JESSICA: Mega V Ultra, station!

The doors open at the end of the tunnel and the giant space hovercraft is rocketed off into space and flies to the Earth to meet with the other Rangers.

As the battle still goes on with the triplet monsters and the megazords, Andros calls on the Astro Megaship to form the Astro-Delta Megazord.

ANDROS: Astro-Delta Megazord, combine now!

It combines and Andros pilots the zord by using his using battlizer.

ANDROS: Flying power punch!

The second monster of the three blocks the two flying fists and sends it hurling back to the Astro-Delta Megazord.

CARLOS: Oh no! This can't be happening again.

TJ: These guys are too strong.

ASHLEY: Where is Steve and Jessica? They should've found their zord by now. Zhane's still with them too.

CASSIE: They have to found it.

TJ: Look guys! What's that coming up ahead?

The space hovercraft zord jets past the zords and knocks down the three monsters.

ANDROS: Oh wow! Look at that thing.

TJ: Its amazing.

CARLOS: Incredible!

ASHLEY: Steve and Jessica to the rescue.

CASSIE: What is that thing?

STEVE: Hey guys. I like you all to meet the Mega V Ultra. Let's give these creeps an ultra lesson.

JESSICA: We can all form the Mega Ultrazord. Let's them bring all together.

ZHANE: Let's do it guys.

ANDROS: Initiate Mega Ultrazord transformation.

The Mega V Ultra hovers above the ground as the Delta Megazord stands in the back as Astro Megazord sits in a compartment way up front of the mighty zord in megaship mode. The Mega Voyager seperate into the 5 Mega V's and each of them are behind the Astro Megaship. The assembly of all the zords looks a little like Pyramidas in carrier mode. The other Rangers occupy the empty seats next to Zhane in the cockpit.

RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord! Lock on all weapons and fire!

All of the zords on Mega V Ultra fire at the three look alike monsters with all of their artillery power. Looking like a 4th of July display from the fire power, the monsters are destroyed as they hit the ground.

MONSTERS: Whoa! This is bogus man!


The eight Rangers stand up in the cockpit of Mega V Ultra and rejoice as they have destroyed the three monsters. Giving each others pats on the soulders and slapping high fives.

ZHANE: Yeah! We did it.

ANDROS: This new zord is awesome.

STEVE: Great job guys. Next stop is to save Zordon.

TJ: This new zord should do the job to destroy any monster that stands in our way.

CARLOS: You said it TJ. Mega V Ultra is ultra cool.

As the Rangers still rejoice in the cockpit of Steve's and Jessica's new zord, Dark Specter's face forms in the sky and he tells them that he is close to draining Zordon's powers.

DARK SPECTER: You Rangers will never win. Zordon's powers are mine for the taking. It is almost so close for completion of draining of his powers. You all will fail. Ha ha ha ha ha!

ANDROS: We'll just see about that Dark Specter. We will win. And we will get Zordon back. Do you hear us, Dark Specter? This war isn't over yet!

The End