Brown Out
by : Steve Folger

Another struggling day for Steve as he fights a couple of Quantrons on the streets of Angel Grove. Unmorphed, he decides to fight the warriors even without having to morph into his superhero self. Pretending not to be a Power Ranger even when he is around citizens is an easy task, but it is harder for him to take on an army himself without even the thought to morph. Bulk and Skull witnesses the battle with the other citizens of Angel Grove as they watch Steve fight the metal henchman of Astronema's.

SKULL: Bulkie. Why is Steve fighting those things. What does he think he is? A Power Ranger?

BULK: Who knows? He could be.

They watch Steve take on the metal beast warriors with leg take downs and kicks to their chests sending them to the ground.

STEVE: Bulk!! Skull!! You guys better get out of here until the Rangers come. Get those other people out of here.

The eight superheroes arrive in time as they continue the fight for Steve. Steve looks shocked to see a Brown Ranger which is a hologram duplicate of himself so that no one can suspect him as a Power Ranger.

ANDROS: We'll take it from here now. You better run along.

STEVE: Right.

Steve runs off around the corner to morph into his superhero form. No one sees him and he opens his Astro Morpher. In the bushes next to him, Ecliptor swipes off his morpher from his wrist.


ECLIPTOR: So long Brown Ranger. Your morphing powers are history. For good.

Ecliptor takes his morpher and throws the ground and smashes it with his right foot.


Ecliptor disappears as Steve looks at his morpher that lays broken on the ground. As the Rangers fight the Quantrons, Zhane notices Steve laying on the ground.


ZHANE: Hey! What's wrong with Steve?

ANDROS: What! He didn't morph.

The Quantrons disappear and the Rangers run toward to Steve to see what is wrong with him.

JESSICA: Steve. What's wrong?

STEVE: Ecliptor destroyed my morpher. Look. Its all smashed into pieces.

TJ: Oh no! That means you can't morph any more.

ANDROS: Let's get back to the Megaship guys.

The Rangers and Steve head back to the megaship. Andros and Zhane look to make another morpher for Steve so he can morph again.

STEVE: Its useless guys. There's no use for me anymore. The Brown Ranger is history.

CARLOS: What are you saying Steve? You just can't give up like that.

TJ: But Steve. You've been a Power Ranger on Earth for the longest time.

CASSIE: Yeah Steve. Remember that no one else can hold any Brown Ranger power but you.

STEVE: I know. But I still feel like it is over.

ASHLEY: Maybe you can just stay a little longer. There's probably another chance for you.

JESSICA: Just remember Steve. We are still your friends. No matter what.

STEVE: I know. Thanks guys. But Jessica, do you think you can pilot Mega Ultra alone?

JESSICA: I can. But I don't want to see you go so sudden.

STEVE: Look. I still can wear my communicator. Just give a me call if something comes up. I've gotta get to class at the community college.

CARLOS: See you later.

While he heads down to Earth to go to college, Andros and Zhane walks to the bridge to tell the others that Steve can still get his power back. They succeeded in designing a new Astro Morpher that is very similar looking to Zhane's but it is brown in color.

ANDROS: Where's Steve at?

TJ: He had to run. He's got a class at the community college.

ZHANE: We've got some good news for him.

At the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor informs Astronema that Steve has head back to Earth.

ECLIPTOR: Astronema. The Brown Ranger is back on Earth.

ASTRONEMA: Get me Heptagonus. I want the Brown Ranger gone for good.

The seven star headed beast enters the room where he is greeted by Astronema.

HEPTAGONUS: Yes my evil queen?

ASTRONEMA: I have a mission for you. How would you like to destroy the Brown Ranger?

HEPTAGONUS: Oh goodie goodie!

At Angel Grove Community College, Steve finishes his class for the day and runs into his cousin Brian on his way out of school.

STEVE: Hey Brian. What's up cousin?

BRIAN: Hey Steve. I thought you might be here.

STEVE: Its been awhile since I've seen you. How long has it been?

BRIAN: Its been a real long time.

STEVE: So what brings you here?

BRIAN: Just checking up on you. To see how you're doing.

Their short chat is disrupted by the appearance of Heptagonus and an army of Quantrons. They surround Steve and Brian.

BRIAN: Oh uh!

STEVE: Just what I needed.

BRIAN: Steve. Isn't it time for the Brown Ranger to show up?

STEVE: Uhh! I hate to tell you this. But my power is no more.

HEPTAGONUS: Ha ha! Too bad. The Brown Ranger can't morph anymore.

BRIAN: What does he mean you can't morph anymore?

STEVE: My morpher was destroyed earlier today. That's why.

On the Megaship, Deca informs the other Rangers there is a monster at Steve's college.

DECA: There is a monster and Quantrons at the community college.

They see Steve and Brian on the viewing screen of the bridge and see they are fighting Quantrons and a monster.

ZHANE: Who's that with Steve?

CASSIE: It's his cousin Brian.

CARLOS: He used to be a Power Ranger too.

TJ: We better get down and help them.

JESSICA: Hey Andros! You got that new morpher for Steve right?

ANDROS: I got it right here. I hope it works.

CARLOS: Let's hope so.

ASHLEY: We better get going. They need our help.

They run to their jump tubes and jump in on their gliders down to Earth.

Steve and Brian still battle the Quantrons and Heptagonus as the Rangers appear just in time.

BRIAN: Yes. The Power Rangers are here. Wait a minute! There are seven Rangers now?

JESSICA: Make that eight Rangers. Steve take this new morpher.

Jessica tosses it to Steve and he jumps to mid-air and grabs it.

STEVE: Oh wow! This morpher looks like Zhane's. But its in brown color. Awesome!

ANDROS: Hurry Steve! You better morph.

Just as Steve tries to morph once again, Ecliptor appears before him and takes away his new morpher from him.

ECLIPTOR: A new power morpher. I don't think so Brown Ranger. I'll crush it like your other one.

STEVE: Give that back Ecliptor.

Brian seeing his cousin in trouble, jumps into the scene and knocks down Ecliptor with a kick to his head.

BRIAN: Heeeyah!!

Steve's morpher drops out of Ecliptor's hand and falls to the grass. Brian gets the brown morpher and swears at Ecliptor.

BRIAN: Nobody messes with any of my family, you freak monster from the movie Tron!

STEVE: Alright Brian. That was an awesome move you did.

BRIAN: Thanks. Does this belong to you?

Brian hands over the morpher back to the rightful hands of his cousin Steve. Steve opens up the digimorpher and commands on to morph.

STEVE: I hope this works. Let's Rocket!! *3-3-5-E* MEGA BROWN

TJ: Oh wow! Look at Steve.

CARLOS: That is so cool!


CASSIE: That is awesome.

JESSICA: Ultra awesome.

The appearance of his Brown Ranger uniform has dramatically changed. Looking to what Zhane's uniform looks like, but the white trimming is now black with brown lines going across on the top and the bottom. And the yellow area has changed to a black with a brown line trimming. The outline on his helmet is also in black with a brown line that trims from the inner side of his eye frame. His lightstar symbol, the compact disc, illuminates in the black sphere of his helmet.

STEVE: Oh cool! This is really awesome.

BRIAN: Steve. You look marvelous!

STEVE: Alright. You are about to be history Ecliptor.

ECLIPTOR: I don't think so. Next time we meet you won't be so lucky Brown Ranger.

Ecliptor retreats and disappears and heads back to the Dark Fortress.


ANDROS: Uh oh! They fired the Satellaser on Heptagonus. Let's do it guys. Ready Steve.

STEVE: Ready Andros.

BRIAN: Well. I guess is where I go.

STEVE: Hey wait Brian! You're gonna like this. Check this out.

STEVE/JESSICA: Mega V Ultra, online!

ZHANE: Mega Winger, online!

ANDROS: Astro-Delta Megazord and Mega Voyager, online!

STEVE: Mega Ultrazord! Transform!

All of the zords combine with Mega V Ultra to become Mega Ultrazod once again. Astro-Delta Megazord stands in the back while the Mega Voyagers and Mega Winger form up front.

BRIAN: Oh cool! That is awesome.

Brian stares at the awesome looking zord that hovers above the city and is about to fire on Heptagonus. The giant space hovercraft locks all of the zords artillery on the monster.

RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord! Lock on all weapons and fire!

Heptagonus is struck one by one by the fire power of the Ultrazord and falls to the ground and is destroyed.



BRIAN: Way cool. Nobody messes with you guys. That was awesome.

They disembark from their zord and run up to Brian to greet him once again.

STEVE: Power down!

They all power down and Steve introduces Andros and Zhane to Brian.

STEVE: Brian. I want you to meet Andros and Zhane. They are Power Rangers from another planet.

BRIAN: Wow! Nice to meet you Andros and Zhane.

Zhane and Andros shakes Brian's hand and greet each other.

ANDROS: Nice to meet you Brian.

ZHANE: Same here. Nice to meet you. So you are Steve's cousin right?

BRIAN: That's right. I also use to be a Ranger to. So who is this Purple Ranger?

JESSICA: That would be me. It's me Jessica.

BRIAN: I've seen you in school. Hi again Jessica.

ANDROS: How would you like to see our megaship?

BRIAN: That would be great. When can we go?

ZHANE: Right now if you want to.

BRIAN: Oh boy!

STEVE: Alpha. Nine to beam up to the megaship.

BRIAN: Just like old times again. Ain't it?

STEVE: It sure is.

Brian, Steve and the others are teleported to the Astro Megaship in nine beams of light to the Astro Megaship. Steve then gives him the tour of the megaship as they get there.

The End... for now