Two vs. Two
by : Steve Folger

PSYCHO PURPLE: We must fight those Rangers at once and destroy them for good.

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes I know. Because we are next in line to destroy our counterparts. The Brown and Purple Power Ranger.

Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple walk up to meet with Astronema at the bridge of the Dark Fortress. After the Pink and Blue Psycho Rangers were destroyed the day before, Astronema puts them next up in line to fight the Brown and Purple Power Ranger.

ASTRONEMA: You two know what to do. Destroy the Purple and Brown Power Ranger.

PSYCHO PURPLE: As you wish Astronema.

The remaining Psycho Rangers, red, yellow and black stay behind on the Dark Fortress as they talk of their comrade Psychos ready to battle the Brown and Purple Power Ranger.

PSYCHO RED: They better not fail us just like Psycho Pink and Psycho Blue did. They were both destroyed by the Power Rangers.

PSYCHO BLACK: They better not. Astronema will destroy them and us if they don't.

PSYCHO YELLOW: Psycho Purple and Psycho Brown better be victorious.

ASTRONEMA: Yes they will be victorious. And if they don't, I'll destroy them and you three in the process.

On the Astro Megaship, Deca informs the team of eight teenagers that the Brown and Purple Psycho Ranger are attacking in Angel Grove.

DECA: The Brown and Purple Psycho Ranger are attacking in Angel Grove.

ANDROS: We better get down there quick.

ZHANE: Right.

The eight superheroes jump into their jump tubes and fly down on their Galaxy Gliders down to Angel Grove where the Brown and Psycho Rangers are attacking innocent people. Steve knocks down Psycho Brown with his Galaxy Glider as he arrives in time to save a citizen from the hands of Psycho Brown.

PSYCHO BROWN: You again. Its time to give you and the other Rangers an over due tail whipping.

STEVE: You and what army? I don't see any Quantrons with you.

PSYCHO PURPLE: Me and Psycho Brown will destroy you Rangers for destroying our comrades. We don't need any Quantrons to destroy you all.

STEVE: Go ahead. Make our day Psycho Brown.

JESSICA: You feeling lucky Psycho Purple?

PSYCHO PURPLE: Lucky enough to take you on myself. I'll show you my real true form. Ha ha ha ha!

Psycho Purple goes in a frenzy and transforms into her monstrous self. A squid monster. Its tentacles gather around the other six Rangers as Steve is about to take on Psycho Brown.

STEVE: You two are about to be history for good.

PSYCHO BROWN: I don't think so. I'm still more powerful then you.

STEVE: Then give me your best shot.

ANDROS: Steve wait! Help us!

STEVE: Huh! What in the world! The Purple Psycho has the others.

Psycho Brown grabs Steve as he helplessly watches his friends being tangled up by Psycho Purple's tentacles. Psycho Brown then stumps on Steve's back as he is pinned to the ground by Psycho Brown. Steve spins around and grabs Psycho Brown's legs that was pinning him to the ground and kicks him forward sending him into Psycho Purple.

PSYCHO PURPLE: Hey what's the big idea?

PSYCHO BROWN: Its not my fault. That Brown Power Ranger threw me into you.

JESSICA: We're gonna do more then throw you two around. Cosmic charges!

The laser blasts from Jessica's Cosmic charges shoots out at Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple. Still holding the other Rangers in her tentacles, Psycho Purple throws a tentacle at Jessica and grabs her.

PSYCHO PURPLE: I got a crush on you Purple Ranger. And your friends too.

JESSICA: Uhhh! Steve help!

TJ: Steve! Look out behind you!

TJ, still in the clutches of Psycho Purple, yells out to Steve and Steve avoids from being struck by Psycho Brown's weapon. He spins around in time to avoid him and throws his weapon the Solar Flare at Psycho Brown to shatter his lens.

PSYCHO RANGER: Ha! You missed me Power Ranger.

STEVE: Hey Psycho Brown! You forget one important thing. What goes around comes around.

Just like a boomerang, the Solar Flare comes back and strikes Psycho Brown right in his lens and it shatters to pieces.

PSYCHO BROWN: Awww! Ouch! Beware of my sting Brown Ranger!

In an explosion, the Psycho Brown Ranger turns into his true form and turns into a scorpion monstrous beast.

STEVE: Uh oh! Better watch out for his tail or I'll get stung.

PSYCHO RANGER: You dirty rotten fool! I'll make you pay for that. Astronema! Make us grow!

Astronema does so by ordering the Satellasers fire on Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple and they both become enormous size. The other Rangers are let go from Psycho Purple's tentacles just before they are turned to giants.

CARLOS: That did the trick. We better call on the zords quick.

ANDROS: Right. We need the Mega Voyager now!

ZHANE: Mega Winger!

STEVE & JESSICA: Mega V Ultra online!

The Astro-Delta Megazord, the Mega V's and Mega Winger form on the Mega V Ultra to form Mega Ultrazord.

POWER RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord! Lock on all weapons and fire!

All of the zords fire upon the giant monstrous Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple monster but nothing happens to them from all of the fire power they fired at them.

ANDROS: Oh no! It didn't do any damage to them.

ZHANE: What are we gonna do now?

TJ: I don't believe this. Not even Mega Ultrazord can destroy them.

STEVE: Don't worry guys. You gonna love this. Me and Jessica have another configuration for Mega V Ultra. Transform to warrior mode!

The Mega V Ultrazord goes into a standing position while the Mega Voyagers and Mega Winger go into a hidden compartment that is in the back of the Ultrazord. The Astro-Delta Megazord sits on top of the Mega V Ultra's shoulders where the cannons fire out at. A hatch opens up where a head for the zord comes out of. The two arms form out to the side where they ready to fire at the monsters.

TJ: Oh wow! This is amazing.

CARLOS: Ultra cool!

CASSIE: No Carlos. Mega Ultra cool!

ASHLEY: How did guys know you can do this?

JESSICA: Just now. We found another transformation switch that can go into Warrior Mode.

ANDROS: We better get back to work and fire on the Psychos again.

ZHANE: Right. Let's do it!

POWER RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord Warrior Mode! Fire!!

PSYCHO RANGERS: You can't destroy us! We're more powerful then you.

JESSICA: Oh yeah! We'll toast your calimari butt and scorpion tail.

The primary weapon on the front, the six zords from inside and the arms fire out at the two Psycho Ranger monsters. The fire power overwhelms the monsters and the Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple both drop to the ground and explode.



ANDROS: We did it. Yeah!

JESSICA: Alright! We finally got rid of those two.

STEVE: Yes. Four down and three Psycho Rangers to go.

ZHANE: And we'll be ready and waiting to get rid of them.

The eight Power Rangers rejoice in the cockpit seats of the Mega Ultrazord as Astronema watches up in the Dark Fortress as she just saw the Brown and Purple Psycho Ranger just destroyed.

ASTRONEMA: I don't believe this. The Brown and Purple Psycho Ranger are both destroyed. That makes four Psychos gone. Ecliptor! Get me the other Psychos.

ECLIPTOR: Yes my princess.

The remaining three Psycho Rangers are brought up to Astronema where she is about to tell them it is time for their demise. She points her staff at the Red Psycho Ranger.

ASTRONEMA: Prepare for your demise. Any last words before I destroy you three.

PSYCHO RED: It is obvious that Psycho Brown and Purple were both destroyed. But we beg of you. We do have a plan not only just to destroy the Rangers.

ASTRONEMA: What? Tell me of your plan then and I'll spare your lives if you do.

PSYCHO BLACK: We can capture the Rangers' zords to make them helpless against us.

PSYCHO YELLOW: I can make that happen with my Psycho Vortex by pulling down their zords into it.

ASTRONEMA: Fine then. Capture their zords and destroy the Rangers.

Astronema leaves and heads for her quarters where she is not to be disturbed. While back on the Astro Megaship, the Rangers enjoy a well deserved meal after their victorious battle with the Brown and Purple Psycho Ranger.

JESSICA: Man! I tell you Psycho Purple was sure hard to fight.

STEVE: Tell me about it. Taking on Psycho Brown was like taking on a professional wrestler. My back sores after that fight with him.

CARLOS: You feeling okay now man.

STEVE: Yeah. I'll be fine.

ANDROS: Just like TJ said before, the other three Psychos Rangers will be the toughest to fight next.

ASHLEY: I know. I gotta face Psycho Yellow again.

CASSIE: This is a real experience for all of us. We better get rid of the rest of them and quick.

TJ: Let's just be on alert from now on. Who knows what their next plan could be?

ANDROS: And we'll be ready for them. No matter what.

Zhane who sits at one end of the dinner table next to Carlos and Steve asks Steve a question.

ZHANE: So Steve. You've been a Power Ranger longest then any of us and longer then me and Andros. What's it been like for you all these years?

STEVE: Well I'll tell you what Zhane. Its been real hectic. I've been through alot as a Power Ranger for a real long time. Being a Ranger has its advantages and its days. But it also gives you the best of friends like you guys. All of you are my best friends.

Zhane gives Steve a firm pat on his shoulder and Zhane and the other Rangers are deeply touched by Steve's words of being their best friend.

ZHANE: Thanks Steve. You are a true friend.

STEVE: You and Andros have been best friends for a real long time. You and everyone else here will be my friends forever.

Jessica who sits next to side gives him a hug and the others share his warmth and compassion as their true friend.

The End... for now