The Brown Candle
by : Steve Folger

At the Youth Center, Tommy and Jason are sparring on the mat, Zack and Trini are dancing along showing their moves to the watchful eyes of young kids, Billy and Steve are playing a video game, and Kimberly balances herself on the balance beam. And a watchful eye is looking through the telescope observing the events going on at the Youth Center.

"Ha ha ha ha! Yes. Those Power pukes are gonna get it really bad today", Rita says as Goldar approaches her. "Rita, I have something here you should see", Goldar tells her. As Rita examines the candle in brown she says, "Ah yes, Goldar. The Brown Candle. You can use it to steal the Brown Ranger's powers." "And once the Brown Ranger's power is mine for the taking, I will become Brown Goldar. Ha ha ha haaa!", Goldar laughs. "Squatt! Baboo! Go with the Putties to the park and have them attack the Brown Ranger", Rita informs them.

Meanwhile as Steve leaves the Youth Center, he walks through the park and doesn't notice the upcoming armada of Putties that are about to attack. Baboo and Squatt watch as Steve approaches the trip wire they have laid across the walkway. As he falls to his knees the Putties gather around him from the behind and holds him down as Goldar appears. "Goldar! What do you want?", Steve asks him. As Steve pulls off a Putty he manages to call the others through his communicator, "Guys! I need you in the park now!"

"It's Morphin' Time! Stegosaurus!", Steve commands as he morphs into the Brown Ranger. The other rangers appear behind Steve and, "Mastodon...Pterodactyl...Triceratops...Sabretooth Tiger...Tyrannosaurus...Dragonzord!" Goldar brings out the Brown Candle and lights it with his sword. A stream of lightning shoots straights out of the candle at Steve as it is lit. Steve falls to the ground when he is hit by the lightning. He is unmorphed in a black and white color. "Oh no! What's happened to me?", Steve says. "We gotta get Steve back to the Command Center guys", Tommy tells them.

As the Rangers retreat to the Command Center, Goldar goes to his dark dimension he puts the Brown Candle on a table that where the Green Candle was once before. "Yes! The Brown Ranger's powers are mine now. As it melts away to the end, I will be Brown Goldar permanently and the Brown Ranger will be no more. Ha ha ha ha haaaa!"

At the Command Center, the others find a way on what happened to Steve. "Basically Steve still has his powers, but he cannot morph unless he has a new color for temporary usage", Billy tells the others. "You are correct Billy. Steve must choose a temporary color in order for himself to morph again. He must find and destroy the Brown Candle in order to be Brown again", Zordon tells him. "I got this device I created Zordon. It outta work for Steve. Its a color power changer. Ready Steve. You got a color of your choice?", Billy asks him. "Let's see now. Orange? Nah! Purple? No way. Wait I know. Burgundy. I'll take Burgundy. I'm ready now Billy. Let's do it", Steve tells him. He hands him his Power Coin and Billy puts in the changer. "OK. Burgundy it is", Billy says as he powers up the changer and a waves shoots outs to Steve and he is back in his colored state. Billy hands him his Power Coin after the transformation.

"OK. Try it and morph now Steve. It should work", Billy tells him. Steve nods at Billy and commands, "It's Morphin' Time! Stegosaurus!" Steve is amazed in his new color of his Ranger uniform. "Amazing!", Zack says. "Way cool!", Trini agrees with Zack. "Yeah. Steve is cool in burgundy", Jason says. "What do you think, Kim?", Steve asks his cousin as he removes his helmet. "You look wonderful, Steve", Kimberly tells him. "Yeah, Steve. You really do cool in that color. Really rad man", Tommy tells him.

Meanwhile at Goldar's dark dimension. "The Brown Candle is half way melted and when it is fully melted, the Brown Ranger's powers will mine forever. Ha ha ha haaaa!", Goldar says.

"So Zordon. How am I going to get the to the Brown Candle. Goldar has to have it in his dark dimension", Steve tells Zordon. "I am tracking the whereabouts of his dimension now. Don't worry Steve. I almost have the co-ordinates", Alpha tells him.

The alarms goes off in the Command Center and the Rangers look at the viewing globe. "Looks like another monster Rita sent down to keep us busy while Steve has to take on Goldar", Jason informs. "Let's do it! It's Morphin Time!", Jason commands. "Mastodon...Pterodactyl...Triceratops...Sabretooth Tiger...Tyrannosaurus...Dragonzord!" "I'll catch with you guys as soon I get to the candle", Steve tells the Rangers. "I've got the coordinates. Ready to be teleported Steve", Alpha tells him. "Good luck Steve. And may the power protect you!", Zordon tells Steve as he is whisked away to the dark dimension.

"Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in", Goldar says as Steve appears. "Give it up Goldar. You've done this to Tommy before. Now what makes you think you gonna do it to me?", Steve tells the golden brown monkey. Steve pulls out his sword and fights Goldar. "Never Burgundy Ranger! I will be Brown Goldar forever as soon the candle has melts away", Goldar growls at him. "That's what you think Brown Goldar. Its time to brown you out permanently", Steve yells at him as he legs sweeps Goldar and the golden brown monkey lands on his back. "The candle", Steve says. He crushes the candle with a mighty blow of his fist and the candle is mashed up and disappears into thin air. Steve is turned back into the Brown Ranger and Goldar is turned back into his golden self. "I did it. I'm back to my old brown self", he tells himself. "Nooooo!", Goldar screams as rushes towards Steve with his gold sword. Steve is wisked away as Goldar tries to strike him but all he gets is air. "Get back here Ranger! The fight is not over!", Goldar screams.

As Steve teleports back to the Command Center, "Congratulations on a job well done Steve. You are back as the Brown Ranger. The other Rangers need your help", Zordon informs him. "Back to action!", Steve commands. "Hey guys look who's back", Tommy says. "Steve you're back in brown", Kimberly tells her cousin. He tells her, "Glad to back in brown. I destroyed the Brown Candle. Now let's that this ugly beast."

At Rita's palace, she throws her staff down to Earth and commands, "Magic wand! Make my monster grow!"

"We Dinozord power now!", Jason commands. "I need Dragonzord!", Tommy commands as he plays his dragon dagger to bring Dragonzord out of the ocean. Dino Megazord is formed and Dragonzord comes along next to it. "We need Titanus to form Ultrazord!", Jason commands. Dragonzords separates and forms with Dino Megazord to become MegaDragonzord. Titanus arises and MegaDragonzord combines with it and becomes Ultrazord. "Ready guys", Jason tells them. All seven Rangers command, "Ultrazord! FIRE!" Ultrazord's array of weapons lights up the sky like fireworks as it destroys the monster. It goes down in a blaze of fire as it is destroyed by Ultrazord.

"Goldar! What happened? You were supposed to have eliminated the Brown Ranger", Rita tells as she hits him over his head with her staff. "I'm sorry my Queen. He destroyed the candle before it could finally melt away. It was this close", he tells her as makes the hand gesture of being close.

Later at the Youth Center, the Rangers are enjoying smoothies at a table. "Man! I did it guys. I got Goldar good and destroyed that Brown Candle. It was almost fully melted away when I got to it", Steve tells the others. "I'm just glad you don't have to go through that again just like I did when Goldar had the Green Candle", Tommy tells Steve. "Yes. You're right about that Tommy. I'm just glad that I am back again in brown. I don't know if I want to be in burgundy again", he tells Tommy. "Well! To Steve guys. Here is a toast to the one and only Brown Ranger", Kimberly says as she raises her smoothie up in the air . The others do the same and so does Steve as they all put their glasses together and all say, "Cheers!" to Steve.

The End