Virtual Rangers
by : Steve Folger

At Billy's house, Billy and Steve have finally finished putting up a virtual reality game simulator. "Alright. All we have to do is now is cross our fingers. Ready Steve?", Billy asks. Steve replies, "Ready! Let's do it" As Billy flips a switch, the two large spheres lights up in the far corner of his basement. "Yes! We did it!", Steve says as he slaps Billy's hand with a high five. "Now all we have to do is test it out for ourselves", Billy says.

As Billy and Steve are preparing to put on their cyber-suits, Lord Zedd and Rita are observing from the palace on the moon. "What are those power brats up to? It looks like those two power brainiacs have gotten together a virtual reality simulator", Lord Zedd snarls as Rita gets a better look through her telescope. "What in the galaxy are they doing?", Rita shouts. "It looks like the Brown and Blue Ranger have given me a good idea. Hmmmm. Let's see now. Goldar! Get your 24 karat self over here! I have a plan for Billy and Steve", Lord Zedd tells Goldar. "What is your plan my Lordness?", Goldar asks. "Go and take the Virtual Monster with you and steal the VR simulator while those two power punks are using it. They won't know what'll be happening. Ha ha ha haaaaa!"

As Goldar and the Virtual Monster arrive at Billy's home, Goldar sends the two rangers to his dark dimension while the both of them are in use of the simulator. They have no idea what just happened. "This is incredible Billy. Man! This is awesome!", Steve says as he sees the panoramics views in the virtual simulator. "Yes it is. This is better than morphing", Billy says back to his friend.

Meanwhile at the Youth Center, beep-beep beep-beep beep-beep, the communicator on Tommy's wrist goes off. Tommy and the other rangers head outside and answers the call. "This is Tommy. Go ahead Zordon", he replies. "Tommy. You and the others must come to the Command Center at once", Zordon informs him. The rangers teleport to the Command Center in a flash of their colors. As they arrive, "What is it Zordon?", Tommy aks. "Observe the Viewing Globe. Rita and Zedd have sent Goldar and a monster to downtown Angel Grove. You must stop them at once", He informs Tommy and the other Rangers. "Hey! Where is Steve and Billy at?", Rocky says as he notices of their absence. "Oh ai-yi-yi! Rangers, they have been captured and sent to Goldars's dark dimension. Look at the viewing globe", Alpha tells them. "What! How did that happen?", Adam asks as he sees his two Ranger companions in the virtual simulators at the dark dimension. "We got to do something guys. Billy and Steve are trapped in there", Kimberly says. "Wait a sec! What are those things they're in Zordon?", Aisha asks him. "They are in a virtual reality simulator. They are not aware of their whereabouts and their surroundings now that they are in the dark dimension", as replies to Aisha's question.

Back at the dark dimension, Steve and Billy do not realize that Goldar is in the dark dimension with them and Goldar goes in their virtual world as slips on a pair of virtual reality goggles designed by Finster. "Ha ha ha! Welcome to my world Rangers!", the golden monkey says to the two rangers as they are in shock to see Goldar in the virtual world with them. "What! How did Goldar get in here?", Billy says. "I don't know. But we got to get out of here", Steve tells Billy. "Too late Rangers! You cannot escape. You are about to be history. Forever!", Goldar says as he is about to attack the Blue and Brown Ranger. "Billy. Can we morph in here?", Steve asks him. "I don't know Steve. But its worth a try", he tells him. "Its Morphin Time!", Steve and Billy say together as they bring out their morphers.

"Zordon. I gotta get them out of there", Tommy tells him. The alarms goes off and the viewing globe changes to a different view of the Virtual Monster and Putty Patrollers are in Angel Grove Park. "You go ahead and get Steve and Billy out Tommy. We'll head to the park", Rocky tells him. "Its Morphin Time!", Rocky commands. "MASTODON!.... PTERODACTYL!.... SABRETOOH TIGER!....TYRANNOSAURUS!" As the Rangers head to the park to take on the Putties and the monster, Alpha sends Tommy to the dark dimension.

"Oh no! We can't morph! What do we do now?", Steve says. "I don't know. But we got to do something quick", Billy tells him. As Tommy arrives in the dark dimension, he sneeks up behind Goldar and sends the golden goon to the floor with a kick in his back and takes off the goggles off of him. Goldar disappears in a flash of fury and Tommy puts on the goggles. "Hey! What happened to Goldar? He disappeared", Billy tells Steve. "What! Hey look its Tommy!", Steve shouts out. "You guys okay?", Tommy asks them. "We're okay now. Thanks man!", Billy tells him. As Billy and Steve's simulation ends, they take off the goggles and they are in a shock of where they are. "Huh! The dark dimension? Goldar must've taken us here after we went into the virtual world", Steve says in shock. "We better go now guys", Tommy tells them.

Tommy, Steve and Billy teleport to the Command Center along with the simulators. "Welcome back Steve and Billy", Zordon tells. "Thanks Zordon. Glad to be back", Billy tells him. The two simulators mysteriously disappears from the Command Center. "Hey! The simulators. There gone", Tommy says. "Goldar has sent them back to his dark dimension", Zordon tells them. "We got to get them back Zordon", Billy tells him. Goldar appears on the viewing globe in his dimension, "Your too late Ranger. The simulators are mine forever. Ha ha ha haaaa!"

At Rita's and Zedd's palace, they send Finster to Goldar's dimension to turn the simulators into monsters. "Hurry Finster! Times a wastin'. Send the simulator monsters down to Earth. They will assist the Virtual Monster", Lord Zedd commands Finster. "Yes my King!", Finster says on his way to the dark dimension.

The alarms goes off again at the Command Center. "What is it now Zordon", Tommy tells him. "Rita and Zedd have turned the two simulators into monsters and have sent them down to Angel Grove to join with the Virtual Monster. You must join the others at once", he tells Zordon. Tommy nods to Zordon and says, "Its Morphin Time!" "TIGERZORD....STEGOSAURUS....TRICERATOPS!"

Steve, Tommy and Billy join with the others at the park. "Hey guys! We're back!", Billy tells his friends. "Billy! Steve! You guys okay?", Adam asks them. "Better then ever Adam", Steve tells him.

At the palace on the moon, Zedd shoots lighting out at the Earth with his staff and makes the three monsters grow. "Grow my monsters! Grow!", he commands.


The Thunder Megazord forms and the Tigerzord goes into Warrior Mode. As the two simulator monsters shoot at the Thunderzord Megazord, Rocky commands on the Thunder Sabre. SWAAAAASH! The first monster is consumed by fire and smoke by the slash of the sword. "Now. Its my turn", Tommy says as he fires up the Tigerzord's weapon. The second monster is destroyed by the Tigerzord's bolt of lighting. BAMMMMM! The Virtual Monster summons up the remnants of the two destroyed monsters and merges with them. "Oh man! Now what? That monster gotten much bigger", Adam says. "We need Tor for ThunderUltrazord power!", Rocky commands. Tor appears and the zords merge with the carrier zord and shoots an all out array of weapon on the giant monster. "Let's mow this creep down!", Rocky says. Tor keeps firing away at the monster and blasts it into a ball of fire. KABOOOOOM! It is gone in a fiery blaze of fire. The fire, smoke and debris clear up revealing nothing left of the monster. "We did it! Well done guys!", Tommy tells them.

Back at the Command Center, "Congratulations Rangers! You have done well defeating the Virtual Monsters", Zordon tells the seven young Rangers. "Thanks Zordon", Tommy tells him. "What's wrong Billy?", Steve asks Billy as he notices his friends in a sad mood. " I wish we didn't have to destroy the simulators. That was our best work we did together", he says to Steve. "Don't worry Billy. You and Steve will get it together again", Rocky tells him. "Yeah. I guess we can", Billy says to his friends.

"You inconsiderate golden baboon! You had them in when you had the chance. But you obviously failed before when you tried to obtain the Brown Ranger's powers through the use of the Brown Candle", Lord Zedd shouts out at Goldar. "Yes. I know. I am sorry my Master", Goldar tells him. "I should rip off your golden wings Goldar!", Rita shouts at him. "I'm sorry my Queen!", he tells Rita. "Oh yeah! Well sorry ain't good enough", she says to him as she hits him on the head with her staff. Zedd says to Rita, "Stop bickering! Just one day I will finally rid the world of those Rangers and the world will be mine for the taking." "What did you say?", Rita tells Zedd. "I mean the world will be ours!", Zedd re-phrases. Zedd and Rita laugh in ecstasy as they plan one day to rid the Rangers once and for all.

The End