Eighteen Spankings
by Steve Folger

Thursday, November 12th.

Steven B. Hart Jr. walks out his class as it ends for the day and he heads out the doors of Angel Grove Community College. His friends TJ, Carlos, Andros, Zhane, Jessica, Ashley and Cassie await for him at the Surf Spot where they are suppose to meet with him. TJ, Carlos, Jessica, Ashley and Cassie had just gotten off from high school and they arrived at the Surf Spot where Zhane and Andros just left from the Megaship to meet them there.

ZHANE: Hey guys. Are you all ready to give this party for Steve?

CASSIE: Yeah. Did Adelle give you all the decorations so we can all put them up?

ANDROS: We have everything right here on the table.

TJ: Godd. We better hurry and get these decorations up in record time before Steve arrives.

ASHLEY: Oh wow! The caterer did a great job on the cake.

Adelle walks up to the teenagers who are about to put up the birthday decorations.

ADELLE: That is because I made it myself.

CASSIE: You sure did a great job Adelle. It looks delicious too.

CARLOS: And it's a big cake too. I hope we can eat it all. Steve loves chocolate cake anyway.

CASSIE: Come help me with the banner Jessica. We better get all these decorations up and we better hurry before Steve gets here.


Meanwhile at the Dark Fortress, Elgar watches from the viewing screen and sees Steve about to get into his car. He informs Astronema and Ecliptor that he has spotted him at the parking lot of his community college.

ELGAR: Hey Astronema, Ecliptor! I spotted the Brown Ranger at the community college parking lot.

ASTRONEMA: What? Let me see.

Astronema sees Steve on the screen where he is packing up his school stuff in the trunk of his car.

ASTRONEMA: The Brown Ranger alone? Ecliptor. Take an army of Quantrons and go get him.

ECLIPTOR: Yes my Princess.

ELGAR: Yeah cool! Old Stevie boy is gonna get it today. Heh heh!

Just as Steve gets all of his stuff into the trunk of his car and closes the trunk door, Ecliptor and an army of Quantrons appear right behind him and stand ready to attack him.

ECLIPTOR: Going somewhere, Brown Ranger?

STEVE: Ecliptor!

ECLIPTOR: Your days of being a Power Ranger are finished.

STEVE: I don't think so Ecliptor. Let's Rocket!

Steve pulls out his brown Digimorpher and enters the morphing code on it to morph. 3-3-5-ENTER. MEGA BROWN lights up in the top of his digimorpher and he is transformed to his Brown Power Ranger super hero self.

STEVE: You're the one who is going to be gone for good Ecliptor. You and those bucket head Quantrons.

The Quantrons gather around Steve and each one of them, one by one try to take him on.

STEVE: Man! I don't need this today. It's my birthday. I'm 18 today.

ECLIPTOR: Oh really! Then I'm about to give you eighteen whippings of my own. Quantrons, destroy him!

Steve legs sweeps the two incoming warriors and gives a roundhouse to the third in the face that runs up to him from behind its comrades. Another two Quantrons grab Steve by his arms and tries to bring him to his knees. Ecliptor walks up to him with his sword and is ready to strike him down with it.

ECLIPTOR: Say good night Ranger.

Right when he is about to be struck by Ecliptor's large sword, out from nowhere comes two other Power Rangers. Stetos, the Brown Alien Ranger from the planet Aquitar and Steve's duplicate, the Brown Robot Ranger. The Brown Robot Ranger wears Steve's former Turbo Ranger outfit that he had worn when he had the power of Turbo. Steve is shocked to see the two of them in action as they both double kick Ecliptor in his chest and sends him hurling right into his army of Quantrons.

STEVE: Stetos! Brown Robot Ranger! Man I thought I would never see you guys again.

STETOS: No problem Steve. We are here when you need us the most.

BROWN ROBOT RANGER: Where are the other Rangers? We need their assistance at once.

STEVE: Alpha, call the others. I need their help.

On the Astro Megaship, Alpha looks on the screen and sees Steve and the other Brown Rangers in trouble against the big army of Quantrons.

ALPHA: Oh aiyaiyaiyai! Steve needs some help. Rangers, come in!

At the Surf Spot, the other Rangers' communicator's warble and they have to answer the call. Adelle sees them leave and tells them where they are going.

ADELLE: Where do you think you all are going? We're not finished yet with the decorations.

ASHLEY: Uh! Me, Cassie and Jessica will stay and finish up. You guys better go ahead.

Bulk and Skull just walk in and see the party decorations that are going up for Steve's birthday party as Andros, Zhane, TJ and Carlos go outside to answer the call.

SKULL: Look Bulk. A birthday party.

BULK: I love parties. Whose birthday is it?

JESSICA: Its Steve's birthday.

ASHLEY: Could you two help us with the birthday banner?

SKULL: Why of course. We love parties.

Andros and the others walk outside to answer Alpha's call.

CARLOS: What's up Alpha?

ALPHA: Steve is in trouble. Ecliptor and Quantrons are attacking him and two other Brown Rangers.

ZHANE: What? Two other Brown Rangers?

CARLOS: One is from the planet Aquitar and the other is a robot Ranger.

TJ: Then we better get over there and help them out. We are on our way now Alpha.

ANDROS: Let's Rocket! *3-3-5-Enter*

Andros, Zhane, TJ and Carlos morph and spring into action to help Steve and the other Brown Power Rangers.

STEVE: Come on guys. Where are you when I need you?

Steve's question is answered as he sees the red, silver, blue and black Power Rangers arrive in time to help Steve and the other Brown Rangers fight the massive army of Quantrons and Ecliptor.

TJ: Whoa! Eighteen Quantrons. Now what are we gonna do?

CARLOS: It looks the odds are in their favor. But we can still take them on.

STEVE: Hey, where the girls at?

ANDROS: They're a little busy right now.

STETOS: We better get a plan together and stop these rusted tin cans and Ecliptor.

BROWN ROBOT RANGER: You're right Stetos. Let's do it!

ECLIPTOR: When I'm done with you Robot Ranger, the only thing that will be left of you will be spare parts.

BROWN ROBOT RANGER: Then bring it on Ecliptor.

The Brown Robot Ranger flips over Ecliptor as he does a flip kick behind him in his back and Stetos finishes the attack with a scissor kick in Ecliptor's chest.

Back at the Surf Spot, Jessica, Ashley and Cassie are finished putting up the decorations for Steve's party.

CASSIE: That's it. We're done.

JESSICA: We sure did a good job.

ASHLEY: We better go and get Steve.

CASSIE: Yeah that's right. The guys went off to go get him. I wonder why they haven't got back yet?

ASHLEY: We better go and see what's taking them so long.

JESSICA: Hey Adelle! We're done here. We gonna go and find Steve and the others.

ADELLE: I thought TJ and the others went off to go get him. You girls better get back in time. Because Steve's cousin Kimberly and everyone else will be here in less then 15 minutes.

The girls go outside to call on the others on the communicator. Jessica calls on her communicator and calls on the them.

JESSICA: Guys come in. Where are you?

Back at the parking lot of the community college, TJ responds back on his communicator.

TJ: Girls hurry. We need you all here.

CARLOS: Make it quick, because we're in Quantron city here.

ASHLEY: We're on our way. Let's Rocket! *3-3-5-ENTER*

The girls morph into the Pink, Purple and Yellow Power Rangers and arrive just in time to join in the fight with the Quantrons and Ecliptor.

CASSIE: Guys we're here!

STETOS: Good to see the others have made it. Now the odds just went up a little bit for us.

STEVE: Oh man! I'm getting too old for this.

CARLOS: Steve, behind you!

Ecliptor tries to strike Steve with his sword and but misses as Steve rolls out of his way. Steve then gets back to this feet and lands a powerful elbow punch into Ecliptor's stomach and kicks him down to the ground.

STEVE: Your finished Ecliptor.

ECLIPTOR: I don't think so Ranger. Chocodille, attack!

A crocodille like monster appears out of nowhere and gets ready to attack the Rangers.

CHOCODILLE: So you want to play Rangers, huh? Then let's play.

Chocodille runs into Stetos' and Brown Robot Ranger's way and knocks them down on their backs.

TJ and Carlos see the incoming monster toward them and bring out their weapons to fight it off.

TJ: Let's get this guy.


They strike the weapons on Chocodille and nothing happens to him as Chocodille picks them both up by their necks and throws them to the ground.

CHOCODILLE: Hah hah! You Rangers are finished. I'll eat of you all up like jelly beans.

Andros and Zhane come their friends to see if they are allright.

ZHANE: You guys okay?

TJ: Yeah I think so.

CARLOS: Man, that monster is really tough.

ANDROS: Then let's bring out the tougher weapons to turn this thing into luggage. We need Quadroblaster power!

ZHANE: Super Silverizer!

The Rangers aim the Quadroblaster at Chocodille and Zhane ends it with a strike of his weapon. Chocodille still doesn't fall as the grounds sparks in front of him as the explosion of sparks clear up.

CASSIE: Oh man! That didn't do a thing to that it.

AHSLEY: Now what do we do?

JESSICA: I don't know.

STEVE: Hey Stetos, Brown Robot Ranger. Let's give this monster what Brown Rangers are made of.

STETOS: Right.


STETOS: Aquitar Tsunami!

Stetos sends out a large wave of water at the Chocodille.

BROWN ROBOT RANGER: Turbo Cloud Shockers!

Brown Robot Ranger strikes Chocodille with his weapons as Steve puts his Solar Flares and his Astro Blaster together and gets ready to fire at him.

STEVE: Solar Flare Astro Blaster Rifle, fire!

Steve blasts him with powerful shots from his blaster rifle and it falls the grounds and explodes. Astronema will not have any tolerance as she shocking sees the three Brown Rangers together and orders to have the Satellazers fired on Chocodille and makes him grow.

ASTRONEMA: Three Brown Rangers! Fire the Satellazers!

Chocodille grows and roars down at the small Rangers as he finishes growing.

CHOCODILLE: Who'll stop me now?

STEVE: I am. I have a personal score with you for messing up my birthday. Mega V Ultra, transform!

The huge carrier zord arrives down to Earth and transforms to warrior mode as Steve jumps in the pilot seat. As he get enters it, the other Rangers demorph and head back to the Surf Spot as they watch Steve take on Chocodille.

ANDROS: It looks like Steve can take care of this. Let's get back to the Surf Spot.

STEVE: You're toast Chocodille.

CHOCODILLE: I'll trash that zord of yours.

STEVE: Give it your best shot.

But before Chocodille can do anything, Steve fires the zord's weaponry and blasts Chocodille and destroys him. The monster explodes as he hits the ground. Stetos and Brown Robot Ranger watch as Steve drops down from his zord and demorphs and runs up to other Brown Rangers and doesn't see his other Ranger friends.

STEVE: Hey Stetos! Brown Robot Ranger! Where did the others go?

STETOS: They told us they would meet you at the Surf Spot. Now I must get back to Aquitar where the other Aquitians await for my return. Until we meet again Steve.

BROWN ROBOT RANGER: And I too must return to Eltar. The other Robot Rangers will be there also waiting for the return of my presence. So long Steve. I shall see you again.

STEVE: See you again my friends. Take care.

Stetos forms in the brown Aquitian sphere and heads back to Aquitar as well as the Brown Robot Ranger teleports back to Eltar in a energy beam of brown light. Steve runs back to his car that is still parked in the parking lot of Angel Grove Community Center. Just remembering that he has to meet the guys at the Surf Spot, he gets into the driver seat of his two door brown coupe and gets out his key for the ignition and starts the car.

Back at the Surf Spot, the others hide into another room where all the party is being held. Steve then pulls up in the parking lot of the Surf Spot and walks in. He sees Adelle working at the bar where he walks up to talk to her.

STEVE: Hi Adelle! I was suppose to meet the guys here. Have you seen them?

ADELLE: No. They are suppose to be here in a few minutes from now. Jessica called here and said they would be here a little late.

STEVE: Okay thanks.

Steve sees his cousin Brian walk in the Surf Spot and Brian sees him at the bar sitting there.

BRIAN: Hey Steve! What's up?

STEVE: Hey cuz! How's it going?

BRIAN: Pretty good. How about a game of Mortal Kombat 4 in the arcade booth?

BRIAN: Sure. I love Mortal Kombat 4. Its one of my favorite video games of all time.

As Brian and Steve walk into the arcade booth of the Surf Spot, Steve is about to take out two quarters from his pocket and doesn't see the people coming from the other room and walk into the room at the end where the party is being held. Just as everyone gets into room, Brian's sister and Steve's other cousin, Kimberly walks right behind Steve and lightly taps him on his right shoulder. He turns around to see his cousin Kimberly he hasn't seen in a real long time.

STEVE: Kimberly! Oh my goodness! I missed you so much. What are you doing here?

He hugs her and Kimberly gives her cousin a kiss on his cheek.

KIMBERLY: I missed you too. Brian's been telling me what's been going on. Isn't your dad and Kelly going to be at home tonight?

STEVE: Yeah. I'm suppose to meet them tonight for my birthday.

KIMBERLY: Your birthday! I forgot. I got a surprise for you.

STEVE: A surprise! I can't wait to see it.

KIMBERLY: Come on. Close you eyes.

Kimberly and Steve walk into the other room with Brian where they drag him into to be surprised by the many faces of his friends and family. Brian and Kimberly each open a double door for Steve where he is surprised.

BRIAN: You can open your eyes now Steve.


As he opens eyes, he sees his dad and sister Kelly both come up to him and gives him a hug as he enters the room.

STEVE: Dad. Kelly. I love you both.

KELLY: I Love you too my brother.

STEVE'S DAD: I love you too my son.

Steve sees two of his oldest buddies and former Power Rangers walk up to him to greet him. Tommy and Jason.

STEVE: Tommy! Jason! My old buddies!

JASON: Hey Steve! Happy birthday man!

TOMMY: Happy birthday Steve!

STEVE: Man! I've missed you guys.

TOMMY: Yeah we missed you too man.

Tommy and Jason gives Steve a pat on his shoulders as he sees his present Power Ranger team, Andros, Zhane, TJ, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley and Jessica standing next to each other where they are ready to give him a birthday welcome. Bulk and Skull are standing at the end of the table where a big chocolate cake lays.


STEVE: Thank you guys.

TJ: Hey Tommy! Nice to see you again. It's been along time since we've seen you.

TOMMY: Hi TJ! Guys! I like you all to meet Jason. A good friend of mine, Steve and Kimberly's.

CARLOS: Hi Jason. I'm Carlos. This is Ashley, Cassie and Jessica.

JASON: Nice to meet you lovely ladies.

JESSICA: Wow! Steve's friend Jason is good looking.

Jason is flattered from Jessica's comment about him.

ANDROS: I'm Andros and this is Zhane.

TOMMY: Andros. Zhane. Nice to meet you two.

JASON: Are you guys also Power Rangers? *he whispers to them*

ANDROS: Yeah. But we are Power Rangers from the planet KO-35. I'm the Red Ranger and Zhane is the Silver Ranger. *He whispers back to Jason*

STEVE: And always, I'm still brown. *Steve whispers to his friends*

Bulk and Skull see Steve walk up to end of the table where he sees his giant birthday cake that was made for him.

STEVE: Wow! This is a humongous cake. Whoever made the cake did a real good job.

BULK: Why thank you Steve!

STEVE: You two made this cake? I don't believe you guys. I think that Adelle made the cake.

SKULL: Hey! How'd you know?

STEVE: Just think about it. I bet you guys just helped decorating the place while Adelle made the cake. Am I right?

ADELLE: That's right. Happy Birthday Steve! Okay everyone, its time to sing Steve his birthday song.

Kimberly and Brian comes up to Steve's side and they start the song.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Steve, Happy Birthday to you.

STEVE: Thank you everyone. This is this best day of my life. With family and friends here, I couldn't be more happier right now.

BULK: Happy Birthday Steve! Put it there pal.

SKULL: Yeah. Happy Birthday Steve.

STEVE: Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it.

Steve shakes both Bulk's and Skull's hands as he thanks the both of them.

ADELLE: Its time to cut the cake. Then Steve can open his birthday presents after.

Adelle brings out her knife and starts cutting slices for everyone to eat. Steve gets the first slice and everyone else follows in line. Bulk and Skull watch and indulge the cake being sliced and handed over to everyone else and are last to get their slice of cake. Steve and everyone else finishes off eating their slices of cake and then he starts his unwrapping of his birthday presents.

The End... for now