Ultimate Nightmare
by Steve Folger

On the Dark Fortress, Astronema holds out the seven data cards that each hold inside a Psycho Ranger. After Ecliptor succeeded in destroying the Rangers' Delta Megazord and damaging the Mega Voyager, Astronema talks to him in bringing back the Psycho Rangers and have them re-programmed with a new mission to destroy the Power Rangers.

ASTRONEMA: I can bring back the Psychos and have them re-programmed to destroy the Rangers once and for all.

ECLIPTOR: What do you have in mind my Princess?

ASTRONEMA: Take the data cards and have them re-configured into the Psychos again. Its time.

ECLIPTOR: As you command Astronema.

Ecliptor slips in the seven Data Cards in a console where the Psycho Rangers should re-appear right in front of Astronema's presence. Ecliptor finishes putting in the seven cards and finds out that only one of the seven Data Cards is still in working condition. The other six cards were damaged in the destruction of Secret City.

ECLIPTOR: Astronema. Only one Data Card is still in working condition. The other six Data Cards have been damaged from the blast when Secret City was destroyed.

ASTRONEMA: No. This can't be. I need all seven Psycho Rangers. Which Psycho Ranger is it?

ECLIPTOR: Psycho Brown.

ASTRONEMA: Good. Then bring him back. Then I'll have to use him to destroy the Rangers.

ECLIPTOR: I can re-calibrate from the damaged Psycho Rangers' Data Cards and into Psycho Brown's.

ASTRONEMA: Good work Ecliptor. Do it now. Bring back Psycho Brown.

Ecliptor pushes up the handle on the console and in the middle of room Psycho Brown is shot out from the Data Laser that is hanging from the ceiling.

PSYCHO BROWN: What happened to me?

ASTRONEMA: Psycho Brown. Welcome back.

PSYCHO BROWN: Astronema! What happened to the other Psychos?

ASTRONEMA: They are history. You are the only one left who can dispose of the Rangers. I managed to give you the remaining Psycho Rangers' powers.

PSYCHO BROWN: How's this? The other Psychos are within me?

ASTRONEMA: Yes. The remaining six Psychos Data Cards were damaged and I gave you their powers. Go and destroy those Rangers now.

PSYCHO BROWN: I understand Astronema. I have a plan to wipe them out for good. By going into their dreams.

ASTRONEMA: Do not fail me Psycho Brown. I want the Rangers destroyed.

PSYCHO BROWN: By your command Astronema. I'll destroy them all by myself.

On the Astro Megaship as Steve sleeps on his bunk bed, his dreaming starts as he hears sings a familiar jump rope from a movie. Silvy is seen riding a tricycle and sings the tune.

1, 2, Psycho's coming for you...

3,4, Better watch your zord...

5,6, Call Alpha-6...

7,8, They can't wait...

A shadow figure emerges from the end of where Steve finds himself in a enclosed room and he can hear the familiar voice that is Silvy's.

STEVE: Silvy! Is that you?

No response as Steve turns around and sees the shadow get closer to him and it forms right before him into Psycho Brown. He completes the tune as he reappears.

PSYCHO BROWN: 9, 10, I'm back again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!

STEVE: No. It can't be. I destroyed you. You're a Data Card.

PSYCHO BROWN: Did you think that I was gone for good? You and the other Rangers will pay dearly. Its time to re-introduce to you some old friends of mine.

Psycho Brown goes into a stance and sticks out his arms where the other remaining Psycho Rangers return in flashes of their colors and give Steve the shock of his life. They all laugh evilly as they approach him.

STEVE: No this cannot be happening.

PSYCHO RED: Yes it is happening Ranger. And you are about to be gone for good. And its time to get out of your dream and into your zord. Ha ha ha ha!

The seven Psycho Rangers gather up on Steve in a circle and as they are about to grab him, Steve wakes up in a sweat as he shouts out...


Alpha scurries into Steve's room and sees what's wrong.

ALPHA-6: Aiyi! Steve what's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?

STEVE: Oh man! Alpha it wasn't just a bad dream. It was an ultimate nightmare.

Zhane comes running in and sees Alpha and Steve aside each other talking.

ZHANE: Are you okay Steve? I heard you scream out no.

STEVE: I'm okay now Zhane. It was just a real bad dream I had.

ZHANE: About what?

STEVE: The Psycho Rangers were coming back.

ZHANE: That's impossible. They're gone for good. There's no chance they will ever come back again.

STEVE: I just hope your right Zhane.

ALPHA-6: Will you be okay now?

STEVE: I will be now Alpha. I'm going to try to get back to sleep.

ALPHA-6: Okay. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

ZHANE: Very encouraging words Alpha. Let's get back to the bridge. Andros needs our help.

Zhane and Alpha leave Steve and lets him get back to sleep. He lays back on his bunk and tries not to think about the nightmare he just had as he tries to go back to sleep.

After Psycho Brown successfully brought back the other Psychos from Steve's dreams, they return to the Dark Fortress where Astronema waits. They appear before her and she is in a state of excitement as they return.

ASTRONEMA: Excellent job Psycho Brown. You successfully brought back the other Psycho Rangers.

PSYCHO BROWN: Thank you Astronema.

ASTRONEMA: Now is the time to strike back against the Rangers. Go the moon of Jupiter's and destroy the Mega Voyager and Mega Ultra. They were damaged from Ecliptor's last battle with the Rangers.

PSYCHO RED: As you wish Astronema. We will not fail this time.

The seven Psycho Rangers leave the Dark Fortress and head to Jupiter's moon where the Mega Voyager and Mega Ultra are.

Back at the Astro Megaship, its morning and the Rangers are having their breakfast. Zhane talks to Steve about his dream he had last night.

ZHANE: So are you recovering from that nightmare you had?

STEVE: Yeah I'm fine now.

JESSICA: What nightmare did you have Steve?

STEVE: Psycho Brown came back and brought the other Psychos back too. Man it felt really real.

CARLOS: Don't worry Steve. The Psycho Rangers are gone for good. Remember?

TJ: They're never coming back. We all pushed all seven of them into the Data Laser and their Data Cards now.

STEVE: Yeah. But I hope that the cards were destroyed when Secret City was destroyed.

ASHLEY: They had to been destroyed.

CASSIE: There was no chance that no one could of gotten those cards. Not even Zhane could get to them.

ANDROS: Don't worry Steve. Like TJ said, they'll never return again. They are history.

On the bridge, Alpha gets a signal on the moon of Jupiter's where the damaged zords are.

ALPHA-6: Oh aiyiyi! Rangers come up to the bridge quick. Someone is on Jupiter's moon.

DECA: Scanners indicates one of Astronema's monsters on Jupiter's moon.

The eight teenagers run up to the bridge to see the problem.

ZHANE: Oh man! I sure hope its not Ecliptor there again. And in that color red too.

ANDROS: We better get there quick and fast. Deca set a course there maximum hyper rush velocity.

DECA: Course locked on.

The Astro Megaship goes into hyper rush and flies off to Jupiter's moon to stop the menace that is about to destroy the zords.

STEVE: I'll head down there to see what's up guys.

JESSICA: Let me come with you.

STEVE: Okay.

ANDROS: You two better be careful. Contact us if you need our help.

JESSICA: We will. Let's go.

Jessica and Steve teleport down to the surface and run into the console room where they see a monster that is so hideous looking.

STEVE: Stop right where you are monster. You're not getting to the zords.

JESSICA: And we are the ones to stop you.

BRUTICUS: Oh yeah! Where are your other Ranger friends? You can't stop me, Bruticus.

JESSICA: We'll just see about that. Cosmic Charges!

Jessica takes her weapon and fires it at Bruticus but it does not phase him at all.

BRUTICUS: Ha ha! Your little sparklers won't hurt me at all.

JESSICA: I hate to say it Steve. But he's right. That didn't even put a dent on him.

STEVE: Let's just see if I can take him on. Okay Bruticus, your number is up.

BRUTICUS: I don't think so Brown Ranger.

Bruticus emits out a capture beam that envelopes Steve as he tries to jump kick him.

STEVE: Woah!

JESSICA: Let him go.

Jessica shoots the monster with her Astro Blaster but Bruticus won't let go of Steve. He turns around and emits out another capture beam onto Jessica and she joins Steve as his prisoners.

From the entrance of the console room walks in Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple.

PSYCHO BROWN: Good work Bruticus. You managed to capture the Brown and Purple Ranger.

PSYCHO PURPLE: You two just walked into our trap. Now you cannot stop us from destroying the Mega Voyager and Mega Ultra.

JESSICA: I don't believe my eyes. Its Psycho Purple and Psycho Brown.

STEVE: No this can't be for real.

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes it is real Ranger. Say good night.

A streak of laser bolts are shot into the backs of Psycho Brown and Purple that were shot by Zhane. He runs into the room and strikes the monster down with his Super Silverizer.

ZHANE: Allright monster. I'm going to cut you down to size.

Zhanes strikes Bruticus in his chest which destroys the capture beam that hold both Steve and Jessica and they are set free.

STEVE: Thanks Zhane.

ZHANE: No problem. I wonder how Psycho Brown and Psycho Purple came back.

JESSICA: I don't know. But let's get out of here quick.

PSYCHO PURPLE: Not so fast Ranger. You're not going anywhere.

Psycho Purple knocks down Jessica and throws her into Steve and Zhane and sending them to the ground. The other five Psycho Rangers, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink show up in the room in a flash of light.

ZHANE: Oh no! The other Psycho Rangers are here.

STEVE: Guys we need you quick.

JESSICA: Hurry. The Psycho Rangers have returned.

On the Astro Megaship, the other Rangers hear the message that was sent from Steve.

ANDROS: We're on our way guys.

ASHLEY: Oh my gosh! The Psychos are back again!

CARLOS: Oh man! It looks like Steve's dream came true after all.

CASSIE: I wonder how they came back. This is a real nightmare.

TJ: Let's go guys.

Andros, TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie jump into their jump tubes and rocket down to the surface of the moon to help Zhane, Steve and Jessica. As they reach the control, Bruticus bombards the team with a blast of his fire power.

BRUTICUS: Ha ha! You Rangers won't be able to get to the Psycho Rangers. They're busy trying to destroy your friends.

ANDROS: Oh yeah! We'll just see about that.

TJ: Let's take this guy down for good.

RANGERS: We need Quadro Blaster power!

ANDROS: Spiral Sabre!

CARLOS: Quadro Blaster!

BRUTICUS: Hey! Don't you think that's just a little unfair?


Bruticus tries to run but the blast from the Quadro Blaster and the Spiral Sabre sends him hurling outside onto the moons surface.

ANDROS: Allright! That got him. Now to find the Psycho Rangers.

BRUTICUS: You got a bigger problem than that Ranger. You still have to tangle with me.

Bruticus grows to mega size and the Rangers command on the Astro Megazord.

RANGERS: We need Astro Megazord power now!

As the team calls on the Astro Megazord, Steve, Jessica and Zhane are still in the hanger bay battling the Psycho Rangers.

STEVE: You're never coming back anymore after we finish you all off for good.

PSYCHO BROWN: What makes you think you can destroy us again? You'll never succeed.

ZHANE: Steve. Jessica. Try to get them outside so we get them all together.

STEVE: Right Zhane. Come and get us you sickos.

PSYCHO RED: Where do they think they are going? We're not done with them yet.

The seven Psychos together shoot out lighting at the retreating teenagers but just miss them from the behind.

PSYCHO RED: After them. Don't let them escape.

As the battle continues outside with the Astro Megaship and Bruticus, the Rangers see Jessica, Steve and Zhane run out into the opening and they see them in battle with Bruticus.

TJ: Hey guys! Glad to see your okay.

CASSIE: Where the Psycho Rangers?

JESSICA: We're trying to get them out here so we can finish them all off for good.

STEVE: Here they come. We better call on our zord Jessica.


STEVE/JESSICA: Mega V Ultra warrior mode, transform!

ZHANE: It looks like you guys can use a hand. Mega Voyager, transform!

Mega V Ultra and Mega Voyager both transform to warrior mode and help out in the battle fighting Bruticus.

The Psycho Rangers run outside of the control room to see the three megazords in battle with the monster and decide to join in the fun.

PSYCHO RED: It looks like Bruticus can use our help. He's outnumbered 3 to 1.

PSYCHO BLUE: Then let's make the odds in our favor increase tenfold.

PSYCHO BROWN: Psycho Yellow. You know what to do.

PSYCHO YELLOW: You don't have to tell me twice.

Without being unseen, Psycho Yellow goes into the Mega V Ultra where she can initiate the self-destruction of the zord.

JESSICA: Oh no! Steve I can't move my controls. Something is wrong.

STEVE: Mine too. I don't know what it is the problem.

COMPUTER: Countdown to self-destruction.

STEVE: What! We didn't initiate self-destruction.

Psycho Yellow's voice can be heard on the intercom in the cockpit.

PSYCHO YELLOW: I initiated the self-destruction countdown. Your precious zord is about to be history. You cannot even override the system and stop it. So long suckers! Ha ha ha ha haaa!

JESSICA: Oh no! We gotta get out of here quick.

ANDROS: Hurry guys! Get into the Astro Megazord with us before it self-destructs.

COMPUTER: 5....4....3....2....1

Just in time as Steve and Jessica escape to the Astro Megazord, the Mega V Ultra collapses to the ground and sparks up until it explodes into pieces.


CARLOS: Oh no! We just lost our carrier zord.

JESSICA: That was a close call.

STEVE: No. Our zord destroyed. You Psychos are going to pay for this. Especially you Psycho Brown.

BRUTICUS: Psycho Rangers. Just don't stand there. Give me a hand.

PSYCHO BROWN: Bruticus is right. Time to even up the odds.

Psycho Brown brings out his arms and has the other six Psycho Rangers merge with him.

PSYCHO RED: Psycho Brown. What are you doing?

PSYCHO BROWN: We all belong together as one Psycho.

Psycho Brown grows to enormous size to join in the fight with Bruticus.

ZHANE: You get that prehistoric beast guys. I'll finish off Bruticus.

ANDROS: Right Zhane.

ZHANE: Winger Blaster, fire!

Mega Winger brings out the Winger Blaster and shoots at the running Bruticus and he is destroyed.

ZHANE: Wooo hooo! I got him. I finally got to finish off a monster.

ANDROS: Great job Zhane. Now how about helping us finish off this Psycho Brown Ranger monster?

ZHANE: Right with you Andros.

PSYCHO BROWN: My powers now have surpassed. You cannot destroy me. I am invincible!

TJ: Oh yeah. We'll just see about that.

CARLOS: And this time your finally going down for good.

ANDROS: Astro Megazord Sabre!

ZHANE: Winger Blaster, fire!

The two zords combine the firepower of the Astro Megazord Sabre and Winger Blaster on Psycho Brown and he falls to the moons surface where he is turned back into the seven Psycho Rangers.

PSYCHO BROWN: No! This can't be. My powers depleted.

PSYCHO RED: That's what you get when you try to deceive us. We can only destroy them as a team.

PSYCHO BROWN: Well then. I only tried to do it for the better.

ASHLEY: Oh no! It didn't destroy him. It only turned him back into the other Psycho Rangers.

CASSIE: No what can we do to destroy them?

ANDROS: Wait. I got the ultimate master plan guys.

CARLOS: What do you have in mind Andros?

ANDROS: By turning all eight of us into Battlized Rangers.

TJ: Can you do that Andros?

ANDROS: I sure can try. Ready everyone. Gather up in a circle and hold on tight.

ZHANE: I hope this is safe Andros?

Andros opens up his Battlizer and presses 3 and....

ANDROS: Battlized Power Rangers!

The eight superheroes are encased into armor suits with wings of their own.

TJ: Oh wow! This is amazing.

CARLOS: You said it TJ. This armor is way cool.

CASSIE: This is great.

ASHLEY: I'm ready to fly like an eagle.

ZHAnE: Me too. Let's finish off the Psychos off for good.

STEVE: Right with you.

JESSICA: Wait for me. Up, up and away.

The Rangers take off to the sky and fly in their Battlizer Armor as the Psychos see them fly down to the moon's surface to take them on.

PSYCHO RED: What's this. The Rangers can fly?

PSYCHO PINK: I knew they were a bunch of sissies.

CASSIE: Oh yeah! Take this.

Cassie swoops down and knocks down Psycho Pink to the ground. The eight teens land to the ground where they ready to fire their rockets to finish them off for good.

ANDROS: Allright guys. Its time to finish them off for good. Battlizer missles fire!

PSYCHO RED: Ha ha ha! Your weapons can't destroy us.

The eight Power Rangers go into a stance and fire out their Battlizer missles at the seven Psycho Rangers. And in a large explosion of fire, smoke and debris, the clearing lets up and the Psycho Rangers are no more standing there. They have finally been destroyed for good.

ANDROS: We did it. We finally got rid of those creeps for good.

TJ: The Psycho Rangers are toast.

CARLOS: Let's fly back to the Astro Megaship.

CASSIE: Let's go.

ASHLEY: Wait for me.

As the Rangers get ready to fly back to the Megaship, Steve looks down at the remains of the Psychos as he finally feels relieved that they are gone for good. And especially Psycho Brown.

JESSICA: You okay Steve?

STEVE: Yeah. Revenge is sweet. No more of the Psychos. Thats what they get for destroying Mega V Ultra. I'm just glad its finally over.

JESSICA: Me too. Let's head back to the ship.

As Steve and Jessica fly off into the vastness in space to return to the Megaship, Astronema watches from above where she has another plan in mind.

ASTRONEMA: The Psycho Rangers are finally history. We can beat the Rangers another way.

ECLIPTOR: What is your plan Astronema?

ASTRONEMA: Get me Tankenstein. We can beat the Rangers on the road.

ECLIPTOR: As you command my Princess.

The End... for now

**That is the end of my Power Rangers in Space fanfics. You'll just to wait for the next incarnation next year in 1999 to read my all new ones based from what the season will be called.**