by : Steve Folger

At the Power Chamber, Billy and Alpha wait for the Rangers to come into the chamber so they can give them the news about new zords they will build for them. The seven colors illuminate the background as the seven teenagers enter right in front of their colored tubes except for Jason who does not have one. He teleports next to Steve right by his brown tube.

BILLY: Guys you made it.

TOMMY: What's up Billy? What's so important?

BILLY: Well I got some bad news and some good news.

ADAM: So what's the bad news?

BILLY: Well I was hoping to give you the good news first.

ROCKY: That's I would rather hear first.

JASON: What is it, Billy?

BILLY: The good news that me and Alpha are going to make new kind of zord for all of you. Except that Tommy and Steve all ready have one of their own. The Battlezords.


KAT: So what's the bad news?

STEVE: Come on Billy! Tell us.

BILLY: Both megazords are in a weakened condition since your last fight with Mondo's last monster. I was doing a diagnostic check on the both of them when I came across a virus that somehow infected them.

STEVE: Oh man! A virus in both megazords.

TOMMY: How long is this going to take Billy?

BILLY: I don't know. It'll take some time to destroy the virus in both megazords.

JASON: What about these new zords you spoke of?

BILLY: The rest of you will get a Battlezord of your own. Including Jason. All of them will look similar to Tommy's and Steve's Battlezords except for the color and the heads on them.

KAT: That's amazing. We each get our own Battlezord.

ROCKY: I know mine has to be cool looking when I finally get it.

TANYA: I bet it is Rocky.

ZORDON: Rangers listen. Mondo has sent down Cogs to Angel Grove with another monster. You better hurry.

The Rangers watch on the screen as the Cogs and the monster are about to attack Angel Grove.

BILLY: You guys better get going. I'll inform you when the Battlezords are ready.

TOMMY: Right Billy. Its Morphing Time!

KAT: Zeo Ranger I - Pink!

TANYA: Zeo Ranger II - Yellow!

ROCKY: Zeo Ranger III - Blue!

ADAM: Zeo Ranger IV - Green!

TOMMY: Zeo Ranger V- Red!

JASON: Gold Ranger Power!

STEVE: Zeo Ranger VII - Brown!


MONDO: At least I have done it. That virus has made the Rangers' megazords inoperable and useless to them. They don't stand a chance against the Cogs and Cog Clogger.

SPROCKET: Way to go dad!

MONDO: Why thank you my young prodigy. You one day will be king yourself in the future.

MACHINA: Our prince is growing up dear. He will make a great king someday. Don't you agree Klank?

KLANK: Yes he will my highness. And I will serve him as well.

SPROCKET: Pop look! The Rangers are fighting Cog Clogger and the Cogs.

MONDO: Yes I see. Go Cogs! Go Cog Clogger! Destroy those Rangers once and for all.


ADAM: These Cogs are everywhere.

ROCKY: Woah! What kind of a monster is that?

COG CLOGGER: I am Cog Clogger. And I'm gonna stomp all over you Rangers.

TOMMY: Your clogging days are over.

COG CLOGGER: Wanna bet! Try on this for size Rangers!

Cog Clogger shoots out clogger shoes at the Rangers and the shoes are on their feet on their boots.

ADAM: Oh man. I can't move.

ROCKY: Neither can I.

COG CLOGGER: You'll dance to your doom Rangers. You'll clog your way to your destruction. Ha ha ha ha!

TOMMY: I hate to say it, but he's right. We can't get out of these things.

The Rangers start clogging in different directions as Cog Clogger watch them dance to their doom.

STEVE: If I ever get out of these things, I'll moon walk all over you monster.

COG CLOGGER: Oh really! Let's tango Ranger.


ALPHA-5: Oh no! Billy, the Rangers are in trouble. We got to get them out of those shoes.

ZORDON: Alpha's right. Billy! Find a weak spot on the shoes and inform the Rangers how to get them off.

BILLY: Right Zordon.

Billy scans one of the clogger shoes that is on Tanya and finds the pinpoint where and how they get them off.

BILLY: I got it. The only way to get them off is to shoot at the heels of the shoes. Guys! Come in!


TOMMY: I hear you Billy.

BILLY: Use your Zeo Blasters to shoot at the heels of the shoes.

ADAM: Gotcha Billy.

Each of the Rangers grab their Zeo Blasters out of their blasters and Jason gets his Gold Ranger Staff and they all shoot at the heels of the clogger shoes.

KAT: It worked. They're off.

TANYA: Whew! I thought I'd never get out of those things.

COG CLOGGER: Hey! They got out of my clogger shoes. Cogs! Attack them!

ROCKY: We should teach this monster some manners.

KAT: Right with you Rocky.

The Cogs come running in at the Rangers, but Jason shoots at the army with his Gold Ranger Staff.

JASON: Its time for a Gold Rush!

Golden balls of energy shoot out at the attacking army and they fall to the ground. Tommy comes to his side.

TOMMY: Nice job Jason.

JASON: Thanks.

Billy contacts Tommy on his communicator and tells him that the Battlezords are ready to go to action.

BILLY: Tommy come in! The Battlezords are ready to go. You all can call on them now.

TOMMY: Gotcha Billy. Did you hear guys?

ADAM: Sure did.

ROCKY: I can't wait to try it out.

COG CLOGGER: You Rangers will never get the chance to use them.


MONDO: Klank! Orbus! Do something. Make Cog Clogger grow now.

KLANK: As you wish my highness. Let's go Orbus.


KLANK: You Rangers are about to get a real big shoe. Go Orbus. Around, around, and a way we go!

ORBUS: Time to grow Cog Clogger.

COG CLOGGER: Thanks little buddy.

Orbus emits out his growing cord and inserts it into the monster to make him grow.

COG CLOGGER: You Rangers better step off or I'll step on you.

TOMMY: We need the Battlezords now!

KAT: Pink Battlezord!

TANYA: Yelow Battlezord!

ROCKY: Blue Battlezord!

ADAM: Green Battlezord!

TOMMY: Red Battlezord!

JASON: Gold Battlezord!

STEVE: Brown Super Battlezord!

The cannon comes out the side of the mountain and shoots out the seven Battlezords to the Power Rangers where they wait to enter the pilot seats.

ROCKY: Oh wow! They're cool looking.

ADAM: Awesome. Let's get inside of them now.

Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam and Jason head into the cockpits of their Battlezords with Tommy and Steve right behind them as they go inside their zords.

STEVE: So what you think guys? Pretty awesome isn't it?

KAT: This is so cool.

TANYA: I love it. Yellow Battlezord online!

ADAM: Your telling me Tanya. This is way cool.

ROCKY: I love this new zord. Blue Battlezord is awesome. How's yours Jason?

JASON: This is really amazing. I've never seen anything like it.

TOMMY: Let's get it together guys. I think we can form a Battle Megazord.

STEVE: Oh wow! We can form a megazord?

Billy comes over on the intercom in each of their cockpits.

BILLY: Guys! Look to your left on your consoles. There's a transformation switch that can transform the Battle Megazord.

TOMMY: Got it Billy. Let's do it guys!


MONDO: How's this? The Rangers have new Battlezords. Blast it!

Mondo rams his staff on to the balcony in disgust as he sees the seven Battlezords.

ORBUS: What do we do now with seven Battlezords?

MONDO: Destroy them. Destroy them all. Quick, before they form the megazord.


COG CLOGGER: I'll turn your new zords into scrap metal.

STEVE: Just try it you overgrown Cog. Ready on your command Tommy.

TOMMY: Battle Megazord now!

The seven Battlezords form each a component for the Battle Megazord. The Pink Battlezord forms the feet for the megazord just like the Pink Super Zeozord does for the Super Zeo Megazord. The Green and Yellow Battlezord are next forming the right and left legs. The Blue Battlezord forms the lower half of the torso and the Red Battlezord forms the upper half. The Brown Battlezord is the right arm and the Gold Battlezord forms the left arm to complete the transformation. A new head forms for the megazord where the Rangers sit in the cockpit of the newly created megazord. Billy and Alpha look in awe on the Viewing Screen as they see the Battle Megazord.

ALPHA-5: Aiyiyi! The Battlezord really looks amazing Billy. We did a real good job. Heh heh!

BILLY: We sure did Alpha. *slaps Alpha a high five*


POWER RANGERS: Battle Megazord!!

ADAM: This is cool. Really awesome.

ROCKY: More cool looking then the inside of my Battlezord.

TOMMY: Okay guys. Let's finish this creep off for good.

POWER RANGERS: Battle Megazord sabres!

The two sabres show in the hands of the megazord and it throws the two sabres and they spark Cog Clogger's metal chest as they stick to him.

JASON: Let's use Warrior Wheel to bowl him over Tommy.

TOMMY: Right Jason.

POWER RANGERS: Engage Warrior Wheel!

The Battlezord picks up the Warrior Wheel and bowls it toward Cog Clogger to finish him off.

COG CLOGGER: Nooooo! Arrrghhh!


Cog Clogger is gone as he blown to bits in the large explosion of fire and debris. The Rangers have won another victroy against the Machine Empire.

STEVE: Yes we did it.

ROCKY: That's what I call a 7-10 split.

TOMMY: Great job guys. Let's head back to the Power Chamber.


BILLY: Nice job guys. What do you think of the Battle Megazord?

ROCKY: It is really cool Billy. You and Alpha did a great job creating my Battlezord and the others too.

BILLY: Thanks Rocky.

ZORDON: Congratulations on a job well done Rangers. Excellent work. Another victory in your hands.

TOMMY: No problem Zordon. Thanks.

ADAM: So Billy. How is the Zeo Megazord and the Super Battlezord coming?

BILLY: They're doing fine. Just a couple more modifications and they'll be back on thier feet in no time for the next battle with one of Mondo's monsters.

JASON: We're gonna need them when we are up against another monster.

TOMMY: We'll be ready for them.


MONDO: This is all your fault Klank. The Rangers' new Battlezord blew Cog Clogger away.

KLANK: It was unexpected your Majesty. I had no idea that they were getting new zords.

ORBUS: Oh well. Back to the old drawing board again, right dad?

MONDO: Don't worry my son. Our reckoning with the Rangers is far from over. We will one day rid of them for good.

The End