Nine Lives
by : Steve Folger

Aboard the Astro Megaship, the Rangers are on course for the planet Barillia where they have found Darkonda's last whereabouts on his home planet. They have been in search of the Bounty Hunter bug creature ever since Steve's and Phantom Ranger's last meeting with him. Barillia is scene on the screen.

ANDROS: There it is guys. Barillia. Darkonda's home planet.

TJ: Let's just hope he is still there so we can track him down.

ZHANE: I'm heading down there now. Anyone want to join me?

STEVE: Yeah. Me, Jessica and Ashley will come with you.

CARLOS: Just be careful. He might have a trap set for you.

CASSIE: Please come back safely.

ASHLEY: We will. Don't worry Cassie.

As Zhane, Steve, Ashley and Jessica head down to the planet's surface to find Darkonda, Darkonda is in his private chamber talking to Dark Specter who is seen on his screen on the wall.

DARKONDA: It looks like there is a way to finally in destroying those Rangers.

DARK SPECTER: How do you plan to do that Darkonda?

DARKONDA: I have a simple request to ask of you so I can do it?

DARK SPECTER: Tell me and I will grant it.

DARKONDA: By resurrecting one of the Psycho Rangers. I need the most powerful Psycho that you created.

DARK SPECTER: Never Darkonda. The Psycho Rangers were draining me of my powers from the start. And now they are destroyed thanks to the Power Rangers. You must find another way to resurrect one of them.

DARKONDA: Very well then. But tell me. Which one of the Psychos was the most powerful?

DARK SPECTER: It was Psycho Brown. He was the most powerful. How do you propose to bring him back?

DARKONDA: I have a few incantations that should do the trick. One of them should work.

DARK SPECTER: You better not fail Darkonda. Or else it will cost you your last remaining life.

DARKONDA: I understand.

DARK SPECTER: Dark Specter out!

The screen on the wall disappears and Darkonda gets to work to bring back Psycho Brown. He looks through his book of incantations that should work in order to resurrect the most powerful Psycho Ranger of the seven Psychos. He finds the right book and picks the right incantation and he speaks it in his Barillian language.

DARKONDA: Powers of the dark, bring me the most powerful Psycho Ranger back from the beyond.

As he speaks those words, his cave is illuminated by flashes of light of the color brown and in the center of his room, his floor opens crack opens and a ghostly figure emerges and transforms into Psycho Brown. He sees Darkonda as he appears before him.

PSYCHO BROWN: Who are you? What am I doing here?

DARKONDA: I am Darkonda. Welcome to my home planet of Barillia.

PSYCHO BROWN: I have heard of you before. What do you want from me? Last thing I remembered I was destroyed by the Power Rangers.

DARKONDA: I brought you back from the beyond. And I hear you are the most powerful of the Psycho Rangers. Will you join me in alliance to destroy those Rangers once and for all?

PSYCHO BROWN: Sounds good. But where is Astronema?

DARKONDA: She does not need to know that you have returned. So, are we in alliance?

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes. The Rangers will finally go down and especially the Brown Ranger.

Psycho Brown and Darkonda laugh evilly as they plan for their battle with the Rangers.

Four Galaxy Gliders fly above the ground of Barillia as Zhane, Steve, Ashley and Jessica search for Darkonda's whereabouts.

STEVE: I got nothing on my scanner. Anyone else have something?

ASHLEY: I got nothing. How about you Jessica?

JESSICA: Nothing on my scanner. This is a dead planet.

ZHANE: Hold on guys. I think I have found something. There's a cave up ahead.

STEVE: I see it too Zhane. Let's go.

Darkonda watches from the above in the trees and sees the four Power Rangers find his cave.

DARKONDA: Welcome to my humble abode, Rangers. You are about to get the shock of your lives. Ha ha ha ha!

As the team jump off of their gliders and run into the cave, Psycho Brown waits for an attack as he hides in a room as the Rangers enter the cave.

ASHLEY: This looks like where he must've been all along.

STEVE: Hey guys! Come here and check this out.

ZHANE: What did you find?

Steve picks up which he finds on the table which is Darkonda's life chart scroll. Eight of his lives scratched out and one left. The others come to Steve's side as they see Darkonda's life chart scroll.

JESSICA: Its some kind of life chart.

ASHLEY: It looks like he has nine lives after all. He has lives like a cat.

ZHANE: And one left.

STEVE: We just need to find Darkonda and destroy him again.

ZHANE: We better get back to the ship and bring this with us.

As the Rangers are about to leave Darkonda's cave, he appears before them at the entrance of his cave as they try to leave. Psycho Brown comes out from the other room from behind and they are shocked to see them both.

DARKONDA: Stop right where you are. You're not going anywhere.

PSYCHO BROWN: That's right. Your days as Power Rangers are over.

STEVE: Oh man! I don't believe my eyes. This can't be. Psycho Brown back from the dead?

PSYCHO BROWN: That's right. Did you miss me Brown Ranger?

DARKONDA: Ha ha ha ha! Welcome to your doom.

ZHANE: Girls run! Go!

STEVE: Jessica! Ashley! Get out of here quick.

Ashley and Jessica try to run out of the cave. But before they try to escape, Darkonda blocks their way out at the entrance. Ashley grabs his life chart and the both of them bum rush Darkonda and he falls to the ground.

DARKONDA: Give me that back.

Ashley and Jessica run to their Galaxy Gliders and head back up the Astro Megaship.

DARKONDA: Well. It looks like we'll have to deal with these two Rangers. Psycho Brown. Lock them up.

PSYCHO BROWN: Yes Darkonda.

DARKONDA: They may have managed to take my life chart. But I'll have to strike a deal with the other Rangers so I can get it back.

Back on the Astro Megaship, Andros, TJ, Carlos and Cassie wait for the others return but do not know that Zhane and Steve have been captured by Darkonda and Psycho Brown. TJ impatiently paces around the bridge waiting for their return.

TJ: Man! Where can they be? They've been gone for a long time.

CARLOS: Chill TJ! They would've called by now if they got into trouble.

ANDROS: Yeah! Don't worry. They'll be okay.

Ashley and Jessica just arrive back to the ship and they run up to the bridge where the others are. Carlos gets a look from them meaning that something went wrong.

JESSICA: Guys. You're not going to believe what happened?

CARLOS: What happened?

ASHLEY: Darkonda did set a trap for us. But Jessica and I managed to escape.

TJ: But what happened to Zhane and Steve?

JESSICA: Darkonda got them. Your not going to believe who showed up to assist him?


JESSICA: Psycho Brown.

CASSIE: What! But how he can be with Darkonda? He was destroyed with the other Psycho Rangers.

ANDROS: How could of this happened?

JESSICA: I don't know. Maybe somehow Darkonda found a way to bring him back.

ASHLEY: But we managed to take this from Darkonda's cave when we escaped.

TJ: What is it?

Andros looks stunned when Ashley unrolls Darkonda's life chart and is also showed to the others. The eight lives scratched out and one remaining life left.

CARLOS: Oh man! I don't believe this.

TJ: So Darkonda does have nine lives.

ANDROS: And one life left.

D.E.C.A. gets an incoming message from the planet below.

D.E.C.A.: I'm getting a message from Darkonda on the planet below.

Darkonda is shown on the screen and enraged as he wants his life chart back from the Rangers. Zhane and Steve are seen in the background and they are tied up next to each other.

DARKONDA: Rangers. You have something that belongs to me. And I want it back.

CARLOS: But tell us first what you did with Steve and Zhane.

ANDROS: Wait Carlos. I think he wants to make a deal.

DARKONDA: Very good Red Ranger. If you want to see your friends again, we can make a simple deal. I have your two unmorphed Ranger friends behind me and Psycho Brown as their guard.

ZHANE: Don't do it guys! It could be a trap.

PSYCHO BROWN: Silence Silver Ranger!

DARKONDA: So, do we have a deal?

ANDROS: Of course.

DARKONDA: Very well then. Come alone Red Ranger and bring me back my life chart so we can make the exchange.

The screen goes blank and Andros gets ready to head down to the planets surface.

ASHLEY: Be careful Andros. We don't want anything to happen to Steve and Zhane.

ANDROS: I will. I better go now.

He grabs the life chart scroll and runs into the rec room where he jumps into his jump tube.

Back on the planet's surface in Darkonda's cave, Steve and Zhane see their digimorphers laying on the table before them. Psycho Brown walks up to them where he goes to finish the brain drain with Steve.

PSYCHO BROWN: Finally I get to finish what I have started with you Brown Ranger. And that is to finish the brain drain.

Psycho Brown grabs Steve and lays his right hand on his head where he tends to finish his brain drain. Steve tries not to cry in pain as he is still sitting on the ground and tied up. Zhane watches in frustration as watches his friend being drained. Darkonda watches from behind as he witnesses Psycho Brown complete the draining process. He then walks outside to wait for Andros and get back his life chart.

PSYCHO BROWN: Ha ha ha ha! Now I know as much as you do Brown Ranger. I have finally succeeded. At last you are mine. Now its time to finish off you and the Silver Ranger.

He brings out his Psycho weapon, the Psycho Star Flare. As he is gets into his striking form and and is about to strike down Steve and Zhane, Andros teleports right behind him and shoots a laser blast from his Astro Blaster.

ANDROS: Stop right there, Psycho Brown.

PSYCHO BROWN: Ahhh! Darkonda. The Red Ranger is here.

Darkonda hears Psycho Brown from the inside and runs back into his cave to see the Red Ranger with his life scroll.

DARKONDA: Red Ranger. This is not they way it was suppose to go down. Give me my life chart now.

ANDROS: You are the one who is going down Darkonda. You and Psycho Brown.

DARKONDA: Give me my chart or I'll have Psycho Brown destroy the Silver and the Brown Ranger.

Andros throws the scroll at Darkonda and leg sweeps Psycho Brown as he tries to attack him from behind.

Zhanes gets his wrists loose from the ropes and unties Steve. He tries to get his and Steve's morphers that lie on the table but Psycho Brown gets back up and grabs him just in time and pins Steve down to the floor with his powerful leg. Andros and Darkonda fight it outside as Zhane concentrates to levitate the two Digimorphers from the table. Psycho Brown pushes Zhane to the other side of the room as the two Digimorphers drop into Steve's lap. He gets out of Psycho Brown's leg pin and stands up and tosses Zhane's Digimorpher to him.

STEVE: Zhane catch.

ZHANE: Its over for you Psycho Brown.

Zhane grabs his morpher from midair and Steve runs to his side and they both morph.

STEVE/ZHANE: Let's Rocket!

They enter the morphing codes on their Digimorphers.



PSYCHO BROWN: So that's how you want to play it. Psycho Star Flare!

The star just misses Zhane and Steve as Psycho Brown throws it at them. It sparks the wall behind them and they both take on Psycho Brown.

STEVE: Solar Flare!

PSYCHO BROWN: Your little weapon won't harm me Brown Ranger. I am invincible!

The ends of Steve's Solar Flare ignite and he strikes Psycho Brown in the face and the chest. He falls to the ground.

STEVE: You were saying?

ZHANE: We're the ones who are invincible Psycho Brown. Not you and not Darkonda.

The battle continues outside with Andros and Darkonda.

ANDROS: Alright Darkonda. Its time to destroy your last life.

DARKONDA: Give it a rest Red Ranger. You'll never win.

ANDROS: Say what you want . You may have gotten back your life chart, but it you won't need it any longer after I'm done with you.

Zhane and Steve run outside to join with Andros and help him fight Darkonda.

ZHANE: Andros. Need some help?

ANDROS: I can use all the help I can get.

DARKONDA: How about if I even up the odds a little?

Darkonda grabs a hive and opens it and a Barillian bug comes out. The bug grows to thier size and runs toward them.

STEVE: Uh oh! Not this thing again.

DARKONDA: I have other matters to attend to. Attack them!

Darkonda orders the bug to attack the Red, Silver and Brown Ranger and he runs back into his cave where he sees Psycho Brown tied up.

DARKONDA: What happened to you?

PSYCHO BROWN: What does it look like to you? The Rangers overwhelmed me.

DARKONDA: You call yourself the most powerful Psycho Ranger of all? You're pathetic.

Darkonda unties Psycho Brown and orders him to destroy the Power Rangers outside who are fighting the Barillian bug.

DARKONDA: Now go out there and destroy those Rangers.

PSYCHO BROWN: You don't order me around anymore Darkonda. I'll destroy you myself.

DARKONDA: You sure you want to tangle with me?

With all of his strength, Psycho Brown picks up Darkonda and tosses him out the entrance of his cave. Enraged, Darkonda sees one of his mines that is set for a trap and tries to lure Psycho Brown into it.

DARKONDA: Come on out if you want to destroy me, fool. Come and get me if you can.

Psycho Brown runs out of the cave and sees the battle between the Rangers and the Barillian bug.

PSYCHO BROWN: I'll deal with the Rangers later. After I have destroyed Darkonda.

Steve sees Psycho Brown run after Darkonda into the forest. Not knowing what is going on with the two villians.

STEVE: Huh! Why's Psycho Brown after Darkonda for?

The Barillian bug grabs both Zhane and Andros and Steve pulverizes the bug with his Solar Flare. The monster falls to the ground and Zhane and Andros are released from its grab.

STEVE: Get off of them you bug brain. You guys okay?

ANDROS: Yeah I'm fine. How about you Zhane?

ZHANE: I'm okay.

The monster growls enraged as it grows to mega size.

ZHANE: Andros. Steve. You both get back to the Astro Megaship. I'll take care of this big bug creep myself.

ANDROS: Right Zhane.

STEVE: But what about Darkonda and Psycho Brown?

ANDROS: Never mind them Steve. They are taking matters now in their own hands. Let's go.

STEVE: Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!

Steve and Andros fly back up to the Astro Megaship on their Galaxy Gliders as Zhane calls out on Mega Winger.

ZHANE: Mega Winger, transform!

Mega Winger transforms into warrior mode and Zhane is in the cockpit.

ZHANE: Its time to finish this bug brain off. Winger Blaster!

The Mega Winger brings out the Winger Blaster and shoots at the giant Barillian Bug. It explodes into fire and debris and Zhane's zord stands triumphant.

ZHANE: That got him. Now to get back to the ship.

As Zhane flies back to the Astro Megaship, Psycho Brown still pursues Darkonda on the planet. He appears to seem lost in the large forest as he searches for him.

PSYCHO BROWN: Where are you Darkonda? Come out and show yourself.

Out in the distance just east of him, he can see Darkonda standing there. Darkonda yells out to him.

DARKONDA: Hey! I'm over here. Come and get me. Ha ha ha ha!

He runs at Darkonda not knowing he had set a trap for him. He steps into his laser trap and is engulfed by the lasers and it blasts him.

PSYCHO BROWN : Huh! Nooooooooooo!


DARKONDA: What a stupid Psycho Ranger. He didn't even know what hit him. Now to get back to my private chamber.

On Astronema's Dark Fortress, she talks with Dark Specter about his master plan to conquer the universe.

DARK SPECTER: The time has come to complete my master plan Astronema. Summon all of my evil forces. They must unite to finally take over the universe.

ASTRONEMA: Let the battle begin!

Astronema launches her attack all through the universe by calling up the Machine Empire, Divatox, and Rita and Zedd. The Countdown to Destruction has begun.

The End