Old Friends
by: Steve Folger

A gray streak and a gold streak race along each other through the vastness of space as they reaches their destination. The Dark Fortress. The two colors form into Goldar and Rito Revolto as they aboard the fortress to meet with Astronema. Elgar comes from behind them and sees his old friend Rito.

ELGAR: Rito Revolto! What you doing here?

ECLIPTOR: You know this bone brain?

ELGAR: Know him! We're old friends. Heh heh!

RITO: Elgar! I thought you were with your aunt Divatox. What are you doing here, dude?

ELGAR: Not anymore. I work for Astronema now. She's the best boss ever.

RITO: Really! That's cool man!

GOLDAR: Greetings my old friend Ecliptor.

ECLIPTOR: Goldar! You are with this fool.

GOLDAR: Unfortunately yes. He is Rita's brother.

Astronema walks in the room as Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd are shown on her viewing screen.

ASTRONEMA: That's enough talk everyone. We are here for one purpose. And its to destroy the Power Rangers.

LORD ZEDD: Yes I agree. Goldar! Hand Astronema to her the demorpherizer. It will destroy the Rangers morphing powers for good.

RITA: You two better not fumble this one up or it'll cost you your heads.

RITO: Got ya sis.

Astronema studies the demorpherizer with awe as Goldar hands it over to her.

ASTRONEMA: Excellent. Nothing can stop us now.

LORD ZEDD: All you have to do is lure the Rangers into your trap and their powers will be gone for good.

ASTRONEMA: Nice suggestion Lord Zedd. Quantron!

A Quantron walks up to Astronema ready to carry out her orders.

ASTRONEMA: Take an army with you to distract the Rangers as Elgar and Rito plant the demorpherizer. Ecliptor and Goldar. Go with them to see they do the job exactly I have planned.

ECLIPTOR: It will be done my princess.

RITO: Ha ha! Those Rangers are gonna get it today. Kinda like the old days ain't it Elgar?

ELGAR: It sure does. It brings back alot of memories. Let's get going.

GOLDAR: Just great. Now we have to put up with those two lame brains.

ECLIPTOR: Let's go Goldar. Astronema wants us to carry out her orders.

The Quantrons are sent down first to the Earth as they attack the innocent citizens of Angel Grove. Alpha sees the army on the screen of the Astro Megaship. Deca informs Andros and Zhane in the work bay about the attack.

DECA: Quantrons are attacking on Earth.

ANDROS: Alpha. Call the others on Earth.

ALPHA: Only Steve and Jessica are available to help. The other Rangers are in school. They are about to leave for the day in about 10 minutes.

ZHANE: Where is Steve and Jessica?

ALPHA: They're at the movies. I'll contact them right away.

At Angel Grove Cineplex 10 where Steve and Jessica are about to see a movie, their communicators beep just before they can get to the ticket window.

JESSICA: Oh no! Not now.

STEVE: The movie has gonna have to wait. We can see it another time. Come on.

Steve and Jessica heads into her purple Chevy Cavalier 2 door and answers the call.

JESSICA: Come in Alpha.

ALPHA: Steve. Jessica. You better hurry and get to the high school and meet up with the others. Quantrons are attacking the city.

STEVE: Okay. We're on our way now.

Jessica and Steve drive off as they head for Angel Grove High. Just as they get there, the school bell rings and Carlos, TJ, Cassie and Ashley leaves and sees Steve and Jessica arrive as she parks her car in the parking lot.

TJ: Hey guys! What's up?

JESSICA: Quantrons are attacking the downtown area. We better hurry.

CARLOS: Let's go.


The teens all ready having morphed into their superhero alter egos, meet up with Andros and Zhane in the downtown area of Angel Grove. They all take on a Quantron warrior as they enter the scene.

ANDROS: Great timing guys.

ZHANE: Yeah. We can use all the help we can get.

In another section of Angel Grove where the battle can be seen, Ecliptor, Goldar, Elgar and Rito show up and watches the battle as they are about to set the demorpherizer in place.

ECLIPTOR: All right you two lame brains. Lay the demorpherizer in the right spot and set it off to destroy the Rangers.

GOLDAR: Yeah! And be quick about it.

As they about to set the charge on the demorpherizer, Jessica catches her eye on them as they lay it on the ground.

JESSICA: Hey! Who are those two guys with Ecliptor and Elgar?

STEVE: Huh! I don't believe it. Its Goldar and Rito.

ZHANE: What the heck are they doing?

STEVE: I'll stop these two guys myself.

Steve jumps into action as he runs into place to stop to what ever they are doing.

STEVE: Stop what you are doing Rito and Elgar.

GOLDAR: Well well well. What do we have here? It looks like the same old Brown Ranger I use to know.

STEVE: Whatever you all are doing I'm gonna stop you guys.

RITO: Hey! Is it the same old Steve meister we know and love? Ha ha!

ELGAR: Yeah. I know him too. Your gonna be the first one to lose your powers for good Ranger. Ciao baby!

RITO: You took the words out of my mouth Elgar. Let's fry this brown brat.

The sequence counts down on the demorpherizer as it gets ready to destroy Steve's and the other Rangers morphing powers. Rito and Elgar stands back as they watch the device emits out a sonic wave. Steve jumps out of the way of the wave and it hits Zhane and Carlos and it changes the color of their costumes. Carlos's once black Ranger costume is turned to green and Zhane's silver costume is turned to gray.

CARLOS: What the! Hey! I'm a Green Ranger. Again.

ZHANE: Oh man! What just happened? My costume just turned gray.

ECLIPTOR: What! You morons didn't set the device according to plan. It only changed the Rangers colors. You fouled it up you dolts.

GOLDAR: Rito you dunderhead! It didn't destroy the Silver and Black Ranger.

RITO: It wasn't my fault. I did what you said.

Ashley and Jessica jump into the scene and shoots down Rito and Elgar with their weapons.

JESSICA: Cosmic Charges!!

ASHLEY: Star Slinger!!

ELGAR: Ooo oow! Yipes!

RITO: Ow! Cracked my poor little cranium.

STEVE: We're gonna more than that to you bone brain. I'm gonna destroy that thing what ever it is that changed Zhane's and Carlos's colors.

Steve's aims his Astro Blaster at the demorpherizer and gives it a blast. The blast didn't make a mark on it at all and it shoots out another wave at Steve and it misses him again and getting Jessica and Ashley and changing their costume colors from yellow to orange and purple to peach.

ASHLEY: Oh my gosh! I'm an Orange Ranger.

JESSICA: Eew look at me. What kind of color is this?

ELGAR: Just peachy! The Purple and Yellow Ranger's colors have changed too.

RITO: Now its your turn Brown Power punk.

TJ and Andros gives Cassie a boost up for her to attack Rito and Elgar with her Satellite Stunner and she is caught by the sonic wave too and her color is changed from pink to magenta.

CASSIE: Oh no! ? Now my color has changed to magenta.

GOLDAR: I don't believe this. The demorpherizer is only changing the Ranger's colors. It won't destroy at the Rangers at all. What do you we do now?

ECLIPTOR: Let's get back to the Dark Fortress. You two better have finish what you started and destroy the Rangers. If you both fail, don't even bother returning.

RITO: Don't worry. I've destroyed the Brown Ranger's Thunderzord once before.

ELGAR: You have? Cool!

Ecliptor and Goldar disappear in a flash and return back to the Dark Fortress.

ANDROS: Now its you two guys who are going to get it. Spiral Sabre!

TJ: Astro Axe!

STEVE: Guys watch out!

Too late. As TJ and Andros were about to attack Elgar and Rito, their colors were also inverted from red to white and blue to gold.

TJ: Oh man! Now our colors changed to.

ANDROS: Hey! I'm all white now.

TJ: And I'm gold.

ZHANE: We got to try something guys. Steve's the only one whose color that wasn't changed from that device.

CARLOS: You're right. Steve, your the only one left who can take them on.

STEVE: Right. Hey Rito! I've gotta bone to pick with you. And Elgar, your going down with him.

ELGAR: Are you sure you want to take us on? This little thingamajig will change your color too Ranger.

RITO: Yeah. And we'll destroy you too after it has changed your color.

STEVE: I'll just see about that. Solar Flare Astro Blaster Rifle!!

Steve combines his Astro Blaster with his Solar Flare to make a rifle like blaster that will destroy the demorpherizer.

STEVE: Fire!

He shoots at the device with a more successful impact from the blast of his rifle and it sparks the ground until it explodes into pieces. The colors of the other Rangers' costumes have changed back to normal.

TJ: All right! Steve did it. I'm blue again.

ZHANE: Our colors are back to normal.

CARLOS: Back in black.

Steve aims his weapon at Rito and Elgar and gives them a lecture they'll never forget.

STEVE: Say your prayers you two.

ELGAR: You may have a much bigger problem than that Ranger. Look behind you.

STEVE: I'm not falling for that old trick Elgar.

RITO: Hey Elgar! Is it me or does the Brown Ranger stink?

ELGAR: Huh! I don't smell a thing.

What Rito smells is the remains of the demorpherizer's blown pieces and it is consumed by the Satellasers and makes it into a giant demorphing beast. Steve doesn't notice it until Cassie and Jessica tells him to look out behind him.

CASSIE: Steve watch out!

JESSICA: Behind you.

STEVE: Uh oh! Well. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Let's do it guys.


ELGAR: Try and stop it now if you can Rangers. We're outta here.

RITO: Yeah! And good riddens.

As Rito and Elgar both disappear in a flash and return to the Dark Fortress, the Rangers call on their zords to get ready to fight the Demorpherizer monster.

DEMORPHERIZER: Ha ha ha! Who's gonna stop me now?

STEVE: We will Demorpherizer.

TJ: Mega Voyager power now!

ANDROS: Astro Delta Megazord!

ZHANE: Mega Winger!

STEVE/JESSICA: Mega V Ultra now!

RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord transform!

The zords are called up and gets ready to merge with Mega V Ultra to form the Mega Ultrazord. Mega V Ultra stands up in warrior mode as the Mega V's and Mega Winger go into their respective inside compartments. The Astro Delta Megazord stands up behind to form the shoulders for the carrier zord.

DEMORPHERIZER: Impressive! But I'll demorph that zord of yours into a parking garage.

JESSICA: We don't think so. This zord belongs to us.

ANDROS: Let's give him all the fire power we've got guys.

RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord! Fire!

The primary weapon on the chest of the zord and the zords inside it fire upon Demorpherizer only sending him down to the ground.

DEMORPHERIZER: Arrrgh! Ouch! You'll pay for that Rangers.

ZHANE: Oh man! It didn't even phase him.

CARLOS: Now what do we do?

JESSICA: Steve. We better put the zord into carrier mode. That ought to get rid of him.

ANDROS: Good call Jessica. Ready Steve?

STEVE: Ready Andros. Lets' do it!

ZHANE: Here we go again.

RANGERS: Mega Ultrazord! Carrier Mode!

Mega V Ultra folds into hover carrier mode with Astro Delta Megazord in the back and the Mega Vs and Mega Winger way up front. The Mega Ultrazord fires again at Demorpherizer and this times sends him to his destruction as he is bombarded one by one by the all of the zords' fire powers.


Astronema, Ecliptor and Goldar looks on as the Rangers win another battle. Frustrated, she doesn't see Rito and Elgar appear in the Dark Fortress and they try not to be seen by her, Ecliptor and Goldar as they try to sneek past the Quantron guard behind them. The guard catches them and pushes them to the front to where Astronema gives them an evil look.

ASTRONEMA: You pea brains! Don't ever do that again. You can't even do a simple thing right.

ELGAR: It wasn't our fault. We were just doing what Ecliptor and Goldar told us to do.

RITO: Yeah. All we were doing was taking their orders.

ASTRONEMA: Enough! Ecliptor. Take them to play with Scrudly.

ELGAR: Oh no! Not Scrudly again. He doesn't like me.

RITO: What's Scrudly, Elgar? A dog?

ELGAR: Not really. Its Astronema's pet.

ECLIPTOR: I'm gonna give Scrudly a bone to chew on all right. And I mean you Rito Revolto.

RITO: Uh oh!

As Ecliptor and Goldar grabs them and throws them both into Scrudly's pen, they watch through the window as they see Rito and Elgar ready to play with Astronema's pet.

RITO: Here Scrudly! Here boy!

ELGAR: Don't do that. He'll chase you around the pen if you call him.

Elgar gets a bone like remain in the pen and gets ready to throw it for Scrudly to fetch. Scrudly comes around from the corner and roars and barks at them as it sees Rito and Elgar in its pen. As it nears them both, Rito and Elgar take off and is chased by Scrudly. Rito throws the bone but Scrudly pays no attention to it as he keeps chasing the bumbling duo around it's pen in circles. Goldar and Ecliptor both laugh as they watch them being chased.

ECLIPTOR: A ha ha ha ha ha ha! Those two deserve it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

GOLDAR: Yes I agree with you. Rito is Scrudly's new bone to chew on. Ha ha ha ha!

Back at the Astro Megaship where the Rangers return from their victorious win over the Demorpherizer monster, Steve and Jessica ask the others if they want to come along to the movies. It was the movie they were going to see before the battle with the Quantrons.

JESSICA: You guys want to go with us to the movies?

STEVE: What do you say?

TJ: Well me, Carlos, Cassie can't make it. We gotta study for the finals. Ashley all ready studied.

CASSIE: Why don't you both ask Andros and Ashley to go with you on a double date to the movies?

JESSICA: That's a good idea. See you guys later.


TJ: Have a good time.

Steve and Jessica head to the rec room where they see Andros and Ashley.

STEVE: Hey! You guys want to come along with us to the movies?

JESSICA: Yeah. Let's make it an official double date.

ASHLEY: Sounds good to me. Me and Andros were talking about on what to do tonight ourselves.

STEVE: Then let's go. The movie is going to start in thirty minutes.

As the four teenagers reach Angel Grove Cineplex 10 and they get to the ticket booth, Steve sees a poster to a movie on the wall that he's been waiting to see for a long time.

STEVE: Oh wow, look! Star Wars #1: The Phantom Menace. I cannot wait to see that. I know that's going to be good.

ASHLEY: Then we'll definitely be here when that's out.

JESSICA: Oh yeah. I can't miss that movie.

ANDROS: Hmm! The movie is out in 7 months. I guess we have to wait that long to see it.

Steve walks up the window and asks the teller inside the number of tickets for the movie they are going to see.

STEVE: Four for The Waterboy, please.

TELLER: That's $18.00.

Steve pays for the tickets with his and the others combined money and gives them to Jessica, Ashley and Andros.

STEVE: Here you go guys. Let's go.

The four teenagers walk to the concession stand and get popcorn and sodas and then they go inside the theatre and wait for the movie to start.

The End