DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from Power Rangers in Space. Saban does. I only own the Brown Ranger, Steve and the Brown Ranger fanfictional stories. This is my alternate version of the Power Ranger in Space premiere episodes of From Out Of Nowhere Parts 1 & 2.

From The Earth to the Astro Megaship
by : Steve Folger

Last time on Power Rangers Turbo: The Power Chamber was destroyed by detonators planted by Elgar. Then the Rangers learn of Zordon's capture by Dark Specter from overhearing the Simmarian Messenger talking with Divatox to go to the Simmarian planet where all other forces of evil are. Divatox leaves for the planet as the Rangers are left powerless and must find a way to get to Eltar and save Zordon. Then the Rangers, TJ, Carlos, Steve, Cassie and Ashley are catapulted off into space along with Alpha-6 in a specially designed space shuttle as Justin is left on Earth to stay with his dad.

As the Red Astro Ranger spies on the evil conference at the Simmarian planet, the space shuttle containing the five powerless Power Rangers are on course to Eltar as they look out in space through the window of the shuttle.

CASSIE: Its so beautiful.


TJ walks up to Alpha and asks him:

TJ: So Alpha. How long til we get to Eltar?

Alpha tries to tell TJ the answer but his voice is jumbled and the others can't make out what he is saying. Cassie and Steve are still at the window of the shutte as they still look out into space.

CARLOS: What's up Alpha?

ASHLEY: You not feeling well?

ALPHA: Achoo!

TJ: You'd better check him out.

Carlos opens the back of Alpha and pulls out the speech circuit board and takes a look at it.

CARLOS: His speech circuit board is history.

TJ: Must of been damaged during the Power Chamber explosion.

The shuttle gets a tug from something out in space.


ASHLEY: What was that?

Steve and Cassie peer out through the window and they see a ship coming right at them.

STEVE: Woah! What is that?

CASSIE: Its gonna hit us.

TJ runs to a panel on the wall of the shuttle and presses a button and sends a transmission to whoever is on the ship.

TJ: This is a space shuttle. Veer away! You are on a collision course.

CASSIE: Wait wait! Its opening up.

The ship's front opens up and emits out a tractor onto the space shuttle.

CASSIE: Its pulling us in.


TJ: Looks like we're gonna find out.

STEVE: I have a bad feeling about this.

The tractor beams pulls it in and the shuttle docks with it and the front of the huge ship closes back up. They all go aboard the ship and walk through its large corridor. Cassie sees a sign on one of the walls with the name of the huge spacecraft.

CASSIE: Astro Megaship.

As they near at the end of the hallyway that leads to the engine room, Alpha gets nervous and scared and starts to shake.

ASHLEY: Shh! Stay here Alpha. Stay here.

They all walk into the engine room as Alpha waits for them.

TJ: Woah! You think this is the engine?

CARLOS: It looks like it might be the engine. But who knows?

TJ: I'm starting to wonder if there's anybody on this ship.

STEVE: Me too.

CASSIE: Yeah. Its really weird.

They all exit the engine room and back into the hallyway where Alpha is.

CASSIE: Come on Alpha. Let's keep searching.

TJ: Ashley. You, Steve and Carlos check in there. Me and Cassie will go this way.

Ashley, Carlos and Steve walk into a room where its the rec room for the ship. Steve and Carlos gaze at a star chart as Ashley looks at a microwave like machine nearby.

STEVE: Its looks like some kind of star chart.


ASHLEY: Synthetron. Hmm!

Ashley presses a few buttons on it and it opens up revealing a drink.

ASHLEY: Wow! Look. This machine. It makes any kind of food you want.

TJ, Cassie and Alpha walk into the rec room.

TJ: We can't find anyone.

Carlos sees a plate of food on a table in the room and picks it up and lays it back down.

CARLOS: Well someone was here recently. This food's still warm.

They all leave the room as the watchful eye of the ship's computer sees them. Cassies sees another room that catches her eye.

CASSIE: Whew! This is amazing.

They all walk onto the room that is the ship's bridge.

CARLOS: Looks like the ship's bridge.


STEVE: Wow is right. This is amazing.

CASSIE: So where is everyone?

TJ: I don't get it. Someone brought us here unpurpose.

ASHLEY: Yeah, but why? And who?

Alpha goes to a console and taps in a few buttons.

TJ: Careful Alpha. Do you now what you are doing?

He tries to explain to TJ in his jumbled speech.

TJ: Whatever you say. I guess.

The main viewing screens comes on and a planet can be seen.

CARLOS: Incredible!

TJ: Alpha. What planet is that? Maybe we can figure out where we are.

Back in space, the Red Ranger flies off on his red Galaxy Glider and his trip back to the Astro Megaship is interrupted by two imcoming Velocifighters. He deflects both of the fighters' blasts with his Spiral Sabre and its blasted out of his hands. He gets out his Astro Blaster and splits it into duo mode and fires at the incoming fighters. They both blow up and he gets his Spiral Sabre that hovers in space and heads back to his ship.

Alpha gets a signal and tries to say something as the Red Ranger appears as the Mega Lift door opens.

TJ: Hi! This isn't what it must look like to you. We didn't come here by choice. Sorry if we startled you. Is this your ship?

As Steve, Carlos and Cassie come around the corner in the hallway, they see someone in a Red Power Ranger outfit and sees him runs off.

CASSIE: Hey wait!

The Red Ranger taps in a button and the door closes behind him. TJ exits the bridge and runs after him as the doors slides shut behind him as Ashley takes another door that leads the way out.

ASHLEY: TJ! This way.

Steve sees the Red Ranger climb down to the next deck of the ship.

STEVE: He's gone down to the next level of the ship.

They all climb down to the next level of the ship that leads to another deck.

CASSIE: We have to find him.

Alpha climbs down to the lower deck and as the teens get to the corner of the corridor, the Red Ranger comes around and attacks them. TJ and Carlos try to avoid his roundhouse kicks. Cassie tries to grab him from behind.

TJ: Hey wait! We don't want to fight you.


CASSIE: Hold it!

Alpha comes from behind and intervenes the attack. A blast from outer space hits the ship and knocks them down to their feet. They all get back up from the fall from the blast on the ship. The Red Ranger goes back to the Mega Lift and the doors closes between him and the intruders.


CASSIE: Was that. I mean that was a.

CARLOS: Red Ranger?

ASHLEY: It looked like him. But why would he attack us?

TJ: This must be his ship. He thought we were enermies. Somebody must be after him.

STEVE: I wonder who.

As he runs back to the bridge, the Red Ranger finds out that its Astronema who is firing at his ship.

RED RANGER: Astronema!

As the Elite Craft gets closer to the ship, the space queen commands on her troops to fire again at the Astro Megaship.

ASTRONEMA: Fire again!

The Red Ranger is at the rear control panel of the bridge and tells to D.E.C.A. to fire the ship's thrusters.

RED RANGER: Deca. All power to the Astro Thrusters.

DECA: The engines are disabled.

RED RANGER: On screen. Oh no!

The Red Ranger sees the engine room on the screen and sees that a cable had come unplugged from the top of the engine.

The others still in the hallyway go to the end and sees something is happening in the engine room.

CASSIE: The engine room.

TJ: Let's check it out.

Back in space where Astronema is, she tells her Quantron troopers to hold the Elite Craft's fire.

ASTORNEMA: Hold your fire! That was too easy.

Back on the Astro Megaship, TJ and the others get the barely closed door opened and sees that a cable had come unplugged from the top of the engine.

TJ: Up there. Its that cable. It came unplugged. Come on!

The Astro Megaship is descending toward to a planet as Deca informs the Red Ranger.

DECA: Two hundred meters and falling.

They all climb up to the top deck of the engine room and make a human chain link so TJ can plug it back in. He successfully gets it and plugs it back in the socket of the engine.

CARLOS: Alpha. Try the engines now.

Alpha tries the engine as he presses a button that brings the thrusters back online. TJ gives him a thumbs up.

Back at the bridge, Deca tells him that the thrusters are back and working.

DECA: Astro Thrusters back online.


He looks at the viewing screen and he sees that the intruders have plugged the cable back into the engine and sees TJ being pulled back up.

RED RANGER: They were telling me the truth after all. Astro Thrusters! Full power! Now!

The thrusters fire up but the planet's gravitational pull is bringing the ship down to its surface.

RED RANGER: The gravitational pull is too strong.

The Astro Megahip crash lands on the planet as the Red Ranger is tossed from where he is standing and is thrown over the control panel and hits the floor. He gets back up and see the planet's surface.

RED RANGERS: Man! That was close. I better find the intruders.

He runs to the engine room to find the five intruders there after they have fixed the engine.

RED RANGER: Who are you?

TJ: We're the Power Rangers.

RED RANGERS: Power Rangers?

TJ: From the planet Earth.

DECA: Sensors indicate that Astronema's ship is landing.

STEVE: Who is Astronema?

TJ: Come on!

The Red Ranger and the team head back to the ship's bridge. Deca informs him that Astronema's forces are disembarking from the Elite Craft.

DECA: Astronema's forces are disembarking.

RED RANGERS: Quantrons!

ASHLEY: What's a Quantron?

The viewing screen comes on and they all see an army of Quantrons coming toward the ship.

TJ walks up behind the Red Ranger and speaks to him.

TJ: Believe me. We are Power Rangers. Well at least we we're the Power Rangers. Its a long story but right now we're on our way to Eltar to save Zordon.

RED RANGER: Deca. What's our status? Can we take off?

DECA: The Mega Accelerator is disabled. Launch is impossible. Mega Lasers are also down. Mega Decks 5 and 6 are on auxilliary power. The Quantrons are nearing attack position against the Megaship.

RED RANGER: Open the outer space hatch.

The door closes but TJ gets it back opened as him and the others join the Red Ranger.

TJ: We're coming with you.

The go down the Mega Lift and run outside the Astro Megaship and they get ready to fight the Quantrons.

RED RANGER: Let's get them!

They each take on a couple Quantrons as the Red Ranger kicks and punches and kicks off one Quantron. He sees Cassie and Carlos taking on another two Quantrons.

CASSIE: Carlos!


TJ and Steve help out Ashley and take down more Quantrons and help her back to her feet.

ASHLEY: Thanks.

As the Red Rangers sees them battle, he doesn't see a Quantron coming up from behind him as Ashley and Steve sees it right behind him. Ashley and Steve both yell out to him.

ASHLEY: Red Ranger!

STEVE: Behind you!


He avoids the Quantron's weapon from coming down and striking him as he grabs the warrior and kicks it and sends it into the remaining Quantron warriors. They all get together and get up the last fallen warrior and leave in a flash of lights.

TJ, Steve and Ashley run up to Carlos and Cassie to see if they are okay.

TJ: You guys okay?

CASSIE: Yeah I think so.

ASHLEY: Anything broken?

CARLOS: Nothing I know of.

STEVE: Those things were tough.

The Red Ranger comes up to the teens and powers down before them.

RED RANGER: Power down!

They all see him power down and see a boy about their age. Ashley comes up to him and takes a good look at him and gives him two pokes in his shoulder to see if he is human.

ASHLEY: You're human.

ANDROS: What you expect?

ASHLEY: I don't know. I mean. You're not from Earth are you?

ANDROS: Earth isn't the only place where humans live. I'm from a space colony. KO-35. Its in the Karova System.

TJ: So you're from outer space?

CARLOS: Ha ha! Incredible.

CASSIE: Well hey. I'm Cassie. Its really nice to meet you.

ASHLEY: And I am Ashley.

CARLOS: Carlos.

STEVE: I'm Steve.


TJ extends out his hand to shake with the Red Ranger's but he doesn't know of the greeting. He finally shakes TJ hands and tells him and the others his name.

ANDROS: TJ. I'm called Andros.

An incoming communication from the device on Andros' left wrist sounds off as the ship's computer tells him of the ship's condition.

DECA: Andros. I have completed the damage assessment.

ANDROS: All right. I'm on my way.

As the Red Ranger heads back to the ship, Cassie teases Ashley and pokes her like she did with Andros.

CASSIE: You're human.

ASHLEY: I didn't know. He could of been a giant lizard.

Later on and inside the ship, Carlos tries to repair Alpha's speech circuit board with help from Deca. Carlos hands Alpha back the tool and looks at the terminals inside of him.

DECA: Connect terminal B-34 to terminal M-78.

CARLOS: Easy for you to say. Do you know how many little terminals are in here?

DECA: 3, 4, 700, 903.

Alpha sneezes after Carlos hits a terminal and gets a shock.

ALPHA: Achoo!

DECA: Gazundite!

CARLOS: I'm sorry Alpha. Its pretty complex in here.

While outside, TJ, Steve, Cassie and Ashley are with Andros as he repairs a panel.

TJ: If the space shuttle can't make it to Eltar, we'll set a new course for the Simmarian planet.

ANDROS: They've all ready left the Simmarian planet.

TJ: How do you know?

ANDROS: I was just there.

STEVE: You were?

ASHLEY: Well Zordon. Did you see him?

ANDROS: Dark Specter has Zordon and he's draining all his powers.

TJ: But if Zordon's loses all his powers.

CASSIE: We're all history.

ANDROS: Zordon is strong. Its gonna take some time before Dark Specter can take all the power. Which gives me sometime.

CASSIE: You? We're all in this together.

STEVE: Yeah. We're the only ones left here.

As Andros and the others walk back in the Astro Megaship, TJ says to Andros that they have the same goal.

TJ: But we all have the same goal. To protect Zordon.

ANDROS: You're planetary Rangers from Earth. What do you know about space?

TJ: Nothing I guess.

ANDROS: Exactly.

Andros climbs up the engines ladder to the ascending deck.

ANDROS: Deca. Let's test the engines.

DECA: I'm beginning engine test sequence now.

The engine comes on as TJ and the others go over to see Carlos on how he is coming with Alpha reparing his speech board.

TJ: Carlos. Any luck?

CARLOS: I can't fix his speech boards. We'll have to wait until we get back to Earth.

Andros climbs down from the upper deck and takes a look at Alpha.

ANDROS: Let me see.

He brings over Alpha to other side of the engine and starts to repair him.

ASHLEY: Well listen. If Dark Specter has Zordon, where do we go next?

Andros brings out a tool to repair Alph'a speech board as he asks him a question. Alpha answers his question with different sounding voices until his voice is more verbally clear.

ALPHA: My mission is to protect the Power Rangers and their quest to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal. One team. Known as the Power Rangers. *his voice clears* Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai! I can speak again! This is fantastic. I'd thought I'd never be understood again. Yippie!

ANDROS: I don't have the computer chip for his old voice.

ALPHA: Oh that's all right Andros. I'm quite happy with this one. Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai-yai!

CARLOS: Yeah. Thanks man.

Andros heads out the door and goes to the bridge as Cassie asks him.

CASSIE: Andros. Where you going now?

ANDROS: I'm gonna check up on your space shuttle. Make sure it can make it back to Earth.

STEVE: Okay. Thanks again man.

As he gets to the bridge, he is under a console where he is repairing it and tells Deca to program the shuttle to Earth.

ANDROS: Program the space shuttle to Earth.

DECA: Programming now.

Ashley walks to the bridge where she sees him still working on the bottom of the console.

ANDROS: The shuttle is ready to go. Its programmed to take you home.

ASHLEY: Well how about you? Do you ever go home?

ANDROS: To KO-35? No.


He finishes fixing the console as Ashley extends out her hand to help him get up. He gets up on his own.

ASHLEY: You don't like accepting do you?

TJ, Steve, Carlos and Cassie walk onto the bridge and Andros says to them.

ANDROS: You have supplies and fuel. Enough to get you back.

TJ: Thanks.


TJ: And good luck. *shakes Andros's hand*

STEVE: You take care of yourself Andros.

They all head to the Mega Lift as Andros tells Deca to take them down to the space hatch.

ANDROS: Deca. Take them to the space hatch.

DECA: Mega Lift's destination, space hatch.

The five of them depart from the Astro Megaship and they watch it take off into space and they head for the space shuttle.

TJ: We have to get back to protect the Earth. Let's get going.

Alpha is seen nowhere as Ashley notices that Alpha is not with them.

ASHLEY: You guys. Where's Alpha?

CASSIE: I thought he was with us.

STEVE: Is he still on the Astro Megaship?

CARLOS: I is isn't.

TJ: Okay spread out. Let's find him before he gets too far.

They all yell out for Alpha's name but he is nowhere to be found.


ASHLEY: ALPHA! Where are you? Nothing. Its like he just disappeared.

The five of them get back together as seven Quantrons appears right before them and in attack position with their weapons in hand.

CASSIE: Quantrons!

The Quantrons charge them and the fight begins. As the Astro Megaship is flying off into space, Andros doesn't know that the Rangers are battling with the Quantrons again back on the planet and that Alpha is still aboard the ship.

ANDROS: Okay Deca. Let's get going. Mega Accelerator to Hyper Rush 3.

DECA: Hyper Rush 3 initiating now.

Alpha comes up to Andros' side and Andros is shocked to see him still on the ship.

ANDROS: Alpha. What are you doing here?

ALPHA: Listen to me Andros. You're making a big mistake. Oh can't you see that the six of you have the same mission. You're suppose to be a team.

DECA: I believe that Alpha has a valid point.

ANDROS: Quiet! Look. I work alone. I don't need them.

ALPHA: If you're gonna rescue Zordon, you'll need all the help that you can get. Think about it.

Alpha walks off as Andros remembers what the Earth Rangers were telling him before he had left.

*TJ: Believe me. We are Power Rangers. Cassie: We're all in this together. Ashley: Here.*

He gets a change of mind and tells Deca to turn the ship around and head back to the planet where he had left them.

ANDROS: Deca. Turn the Astro Megaship around.

DECA: Reversing ship's course to last destination.

Alpha gives out a happy gesture to hear that Andros is going back.


Back on the barren wasteland planet where the powerless Rangers are fighting the Quantrons, they are grabbed by them as Astronema appears in a flash.

ASTRONEMA: So. This is what Power Rangers look like after they lose their powers. Umm! A sorry sight.

TJ: Who are you?

ASTRONEMA: You don't know me? I'm Astronema. Your worst nightmare. Tell me. Where did the Red Ranger go? *she asks to Cassie*

CASSIE: I'd never tell you. *she shouts at her*

ASTRONEMA: Well in that case. I have no use for you. Not at all.

She walks to the head Quantron and tells it to finish them off .

ASTRONEMA: Destroy them.

She turns around and says to them as she leaves in a flash of purple light.

ASTRONEMA: Time to go.

As a cloud above them opens up, a beam is about to be shot down at them as the Astro Megaship races in time and they all get out the Quantrons' grab and run off as the beam comes down. A big explosion is right behind them as they run and see the Astro Megaship land. Andros departs from the ship with Astro Morphers in hand for the team.

ASHLEY: Its Andros.

ASHLEY: Put these on.gives each one of them an Astro Morpher and they strap them to their left wrists. They see the Quantrons get up and Andros commands on to morph.

ANDROS: All right. Let's Rocket!

They open up their morphers and enter the morphing code on them and they transform into the six Lightstar Rangers.


Andros morphs into the Red Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Spiral Sabre AT: 300 DF: 350 SP:400

TJ morphs into the Blue Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Astro Axe AT: 280 DF: 300 SP: 350

Steve morphs into the Brown Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Solar Flares AT: 300 DF: 350 SP: 400

Carlos morphs into the Black Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Lunar Lance AT: 400 DF: 350 SP: 350

Cassie morphs into the Pink Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Sattelite Stunner AT: 300 DF: 350 SP: 400

Ashley morphs into the Yellow Lightstar Ranger. Weapon: Star Slinger AT: 280 DF: 300 SP: 350



TJ: Cool blue and the Power Rangers are back.

STEVE: All right! Back in brown are we're back in business.


TJ: Blue!

ASHLEY: Yellow!


CARLOS: Black!

STEVE: Brown!

RANGERS: Let's do it!

ANDROS: Spiral Sabre, now!

Andros pulls out Spiral Sabre and fights a Quantron.

CARLOS: I gotta try that. Lunar Lance!

Carlos comes in next and brings out his Lunar Lance and knocks down two Quantrons.

STEVE: My turn. Solar Flares!

Steve sees his weapon in the visor of his helmet and brings out his Solar Flares. He flips backward onto a rock and then jumps toward the two Quantrons and his weapon sparks against the Quantrons' chests and they fall to the ground.

Cassie and Ashley call out their weapons too and shoot them at the army.

ASHLEY: Star Slinger!

CASSIE: Sattelite Stunner! Woah! These are awesome.


TJ chops at the Quantrons with his Astro Axe and is in awe of his new weapon.

TJ: Oh wow! This Astro Axe is amazing.

Cassie and Ashley keep fighting the Quantrons and they see the army retreat and disappear in a flash as they win the fight.

CASSIE: You okay?


Carlos comes to Andros' side and helps him up.

CARLOS: Hey Andros? You all right?

ANDROS: Yeah. Thanks to all of you. This isn't over. I know Astronema and she won't give up that easily.

TJ: Oh man!

CASSIE: Its looks like your right. Look!

STEVE: What is that thing?

ANDROS: A Velocifighter. Run guys!

A Velocifighter comes down from the heavens and fires at the Rangers and they run off to get clear and run behind a large rock.

ANDROS: That was too close. Come on. Let's get back to the Megaship.

They all run back into the Astro Megaship and head to the bridge where they remove their helmets. Alpha has just finished linking the decoder box to the Astro Megaship and the space shuttle.

ALPHA: I think I've finally gotten this.

Andros tells Deca to get the Astro Megaship up and ready and the ships takes off into space.

ANDROS: Deca. Let's get out of here.

DECA: Ignition. Lift off.

Andros gets control of the pilot sticks as the others watch from behind.

ANDROS: Deca. Scan the area for Astronema.

DECA: The long range scanners are down. Scanning short range now. Unknown spacecraft approaching from Quadrant 415.

ANDROS: Main viewing screen. Shields up!

DECA: Elite Craft firing.

ANDROS: Everybody hold on.

They all get a hold on something as the Elite Craft fires upon the Astro Megaship. Alpha falls to the floor with the decoder box still in his hands. Deca charges up the Mega Lasers and waits for Andros' command to fire.

DECA: Mega Lasers locked on.


The Mega Lasers fire at the Elite Craft with a blast of four laser blasts. Alpha gets back up to check if the box is okay.

ALPHA: I hope the box is all right. Yes! Its okay.

DECA: The shields won't hold much longer.

Alpha gets excited as he tells the Rangers he has the boxed linked up to the ship to form the Astro Megazord.

ALPHA: Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai! I have amazing news. I think I've finally broken the code.

TJ, Steve and Cassie come up to him to see what he is taling about.

TJ: What code!

STEVE: Yeah. What's it do?

ALPHA: For the Astro Megazord.

CASSIE: Alpha. What's going on?

ALPHA: This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the Megaship creating the Astro Megazord. Its all part of Zordon's master plan.

The six Rangers run into the space shuttle and get ready to form the Astro Megazord.

ANDROS: Here it goes. Let's blast off. Begin un-docking procedure. Disengage and fire thrusters now.

The space shuttle disengages from the ship and the thrusters come online and it flies into space.

ANDROS: All right. Let's bring it around and lock them together.

As the space shuttle transforms into the head for the megazord, the Megaship hyper-extends out and forms the body for the megazord.

ANDROS: Begin docking. Astro Megazord, online!

The shuttle completes its head transformation and links up with the megazord and forms the Astro Megazord. The Elite Craft keeps firing its lasers at the zord after it has completed the transformation.

ANDROS: It worked.

CASSIE: This is so cool.

Astronema watches from the Dark Fortress as she sees the Astro Megazord. She commands on the Elite Craft to destroy it.

ASTRONEMA: That was impressive. DESTROY THEM!

Andros commands on the sabre and it appears in the zord's right hand.

ANDROS: Astro Megazord sabre! Energize thrusters! Let's do it guys.

The thrusters fire from the back of the zord and it flies at the Elite Craft and it strikes it with the sabre and the craft blows up in a super nova explosion.

ANDROS: Direct hit!

They all stand up in the cockpit and shout out in gleam.


After destroying the craft, the megazord reforms back into Megaship mode and Andros gives the others a tour of the ship. They all now wear Megaship flight suits just like Andros wears and in they are in their own colors that represent the symbols on their flight suits.

ANDROS: The vital systems are controlled by Deca. She's the eyes and ears all over the ship.

DECA: I speak over 3,000 languages.

ANDROS: Fine Deca.

DECA: Navigate all known galaxies.

ANDROS: Okay Deca.

DECA: And I'm certified in medical, psychological and . . . . .

Andros turns her voice off by pressing the two buttons 579 and VL.

ANDROS: This button turns off her voice.

TJ: So. Where do we start to look for Zordon?

ANDROS: We start by fixing the Megaship. She's not ready for a long distance voyage. But I don't have the equipment that we need here.

CASSIE: Well we can go to Earth. They help us out at NASADA.

ANDROS: Good. We'll need help.

Andros goes to the rear console of the ship and turns Deca's voice back on.

ANDROS: Deca. Set a course for. . . .Earth.

ALPHA: Allow me to help you Deca. I can set that course.

DECA: Thank you Alpha. But setting the course is very complex and I'm much more suitable. . . .

Alpha turns off her voice by pressing 579 and VL and then he sets the course for home.

ALPHA: I have set the course for home.

ASHLEY: All right!

CASSIE: Oh, I can't wait.

STEVE: Me too.

At the Dark Fortress, Astronema sees that the Power Rangers are heading for Earth.

ASTORNEMA: So. They're heading to Earth. Follow them!

QUANTRON: Yes ma'am.

ASTRONEMA: We'll destroy the whole planet if we have to. Hah hah!

The End