Rangers On The Court
by : Steve Folger

At the gym at Angel Grove High, Steve is practicing with his teammates for their final basketball game against Stone Canyon. And while Rita and Zedd are watching him from above at their castle, Rita gets an idea for Finster to make a monster. "Zeddie, I have a good idea that can stop those Rangers once and for all. Finster! Get in here quick", she shouts out the top of her lungs. "Yes my highness", Finster answers. "Finster. I want you to make a monster that can go up against the Rangers", she tells him. "What kinda monster you have in mind, sis?", Rito asks his sister. "Silence you stinking skeleton!", she yells at her brother. "I have a good one my Queen. The Slam Dunk monster is what I will make for you", Finster tells her of his plan of a new monster. "Yes. I will send down the monster with Tengus as soon you are done with him. . The Rangers will get a real beating today. Ha ha ha haaaa!", Zedd says as he laughs.

Meanwhile at the gym, Steve's communicator goes off as he is sitting on the bench as the practice finishes. "Gotta go coach. See ya later at the game tonight guys", he says. As he heads to the locker room and puts his stuff away, he answers the call. "This is Steve. Go ahead Alpha", he says. "Steve. The others need you at the park. They're taking on Tengus and a monster Zedd and Rita sent down.", Alpha informs him. "OK. I'm there Alpha", he tells him. Just as he closes his locker, he teleports in a flash of brown to the park.

As he teleports to the park, he witnesses his friends fighting Tengu Warriors. "Hey guys! I'm here!", he shouts to them. "Steve, you made it", his cousin Kimberly says as she sees him running to her side. "Ninja Ranger power!", Steve commands as he turns into his brown ninja costume. "Want to play a game of five on five Rangers?", Slam Dunk asks. "Or maybe we can play a game of h-o-r-s-e", he says as he shoots exploding basketballs at the Rangers. Adam and Billy are knocked down to the ground by the basketballs and they are both gone. Steve and Kim avoids an incoming balls as they are fighting a Tengu. As it just passes them, the basketball hits Tommy and he disappears. Two other Tengus comes from behind Aisha grabs and picks her up. Rocky goes to the Tengus and sweep kicks them and Aisha gets back to her feet. The red and yellow ninja Rangers grab the purple birds and pulls back their arms and kicks them in the backs sending them flying forward. Slam Dunk shoots balls at them and Rocky and Aisha disappear. Billy and Adam are taken down by the Tengus and Slam Dunk shoots basketballs at them and they are gone too. "You're next Brown Ranger", he says as he shoots a basketball at him but Kimberly gets in his way and she is wisked away to the other Rangers who are in a small basketball court. "Ha ha ha! Six Ranger's fouled out of the game. Your next brownie", Slam Dunk says to him as he is about to shoot a basketball at Steve. "Oh man! Better get to the Command Center", he says as he teleports away as the basketball misses him.

"Wooooooah!", Kimberly cries as she descends into the basketball court that is inside the Slam Dunk monster. "Kimberly! Are you okay?', Aisha asks her. "Yeah. I'm fine", she tells her friend. "Where's Steve at? Is he still out there?", Rocky asks. "Let's just hope he's ok guys. He could be at the Command Center now", Tommy informs them. "I don't think we reach him on our comminucators. Its too long of a distance. Where ever we are we can't even inform Zordon and Alpha either", Billy tells his friends. "Guys! I think we have a problem of our own. Look!", Adam tells them as they see Tengus with Rito and Goldar on the court with them.

At the Command Center, Steve tells Zordon what happened to the others. "Zordon. That monster did someting with the others. Where do you think they are?", Steve informs his mentor. "Don't worry Steve. I'll have Alpha scan for their whereabouts", Zordon tells him. "Right away Zordon", Alpha says. As he flips some switches and presses buttons, the Viewing Globe turns on showing the Rangers in a baskertball court about to engage in another fight with Tengus . "A basketball court! But which court are they at?", he asks. "Not just any basketball court Steve. This court is inside the Slam Dunk monster", Zordon informs him. "We got to get them out of there somehow", Steve says. "Oh aiyiyi. I can't teleport them out of there", Alpha cries. "I'll reconfigure your Owl Ninjazord and Brown Shogunzord so they can become the Brown Owl Shogunzord. You must be careful engaging with the Slam Dunk monster. You can cause harm the the other Rangers", Zordon tells him. " I will Zordon. But it looks like I'll need some help along the way. Nin...", Steve says incompletely as Ninjor shows up right next to him. "Did someone ask for my assistance?", Ninjor asks. "Ninjor! Your here! It looks like just you and me now to rescue the others. Ready?", he tells him. "As ready as I ever be. Let's do it!", the blue Ninja being tells him. "Its Morphin' Time! Brown Ranger Power!", Steve commands as morphs into the Brown Power Ranger.

As Rita and Zedd witnesses Steve and Ninjor's arrival at the park, they make the monster grow. "Make our monster grow!", they both command as they put thier staffs together and the lightning from it turns Slam Dunk into a giant.

"Its time to call a time-out on this basketball beast", Ninjor says as he grows to the size of the monster. "Brown Shogunzord now!", Steve commands. As he jumps in the cockpit of his zord he calls on the Owl Ninjazord. "Owl Ninjazord now! Form Brown Owl Shogunzord!", he says. The Owl shows up and its wings sits up top of the Brown Shogunzord's shoulders and the head of it combines over the Shogzunzord's head. "Alright! Now this is awesome. better find a place on Slam Dunk where I can free the other Rangers", Steve says. The readouts in his zord tells him that there is a door on the right side of the score board that is on Slam Dunk. "Eye lazers fire!", he commands. The eyes of the owl glows and fires a streak of lighting at the score board and it cracks the door open.

Meanwhile inside, the Rangers see their escape route as the door bursts open. "Guys look! There's our way out!", Aisha tells them. "Yes! I knew that Steve would find a way to get us out of here. Let's go guys!", Tommy tells the other Rangers. As they each go out the the door one by one, Goldar tells the Tengus to get them before they can escape. "Get them you bird brains! They're escaping!", the golden monkey shouts at them. "Later dudes!", Rocky says as he is the last to go and the doors slams shut onto the Tengu Warrior's beak and falls to the court floor. "Oh no! Let's get out of here", Goldar tells Rito as they teleport out of the monster's court along with the Tengus.

As the Rangers reach the ground safely, they pull of their ninja uniforms and are back in their own clothes. "Woah! Check out it guys!", Adam tells them as they look up and see Steve's newest zord. "Woah is right! That's incredible!", Kimberly says as she sees her cousin's zord. "Time to finish off this creep! You better morph guys. We're gonna need the NinjaMegazord", Steve insists to his friends. "Its Morphin' Time!", Tommy commands.







The zords show up and they form. The Crane becomes the head. The Ape and Wolf form the right and left arm. The Bear forms the upper torso and the Owl forms the lower torso. And the frog forms the legs. The NinjaMegazord jumps to the skys to merge with the Falconzord and the NinjaMegaFalconzord is formed. Titanus show up from below and the NinjaMegaFalconzord combine with it to become NinjaUltrazord. "No way! I'm calling for an offensive foul!", Slam Dunks shouts as the zord fires all of the weaponry at him. "Waaaaaaah!", he cries as he is bombarded and falls to the ground and explodes.

"Blast it! Curses! Why do I put with these monsters anyway? None of them can destroy those Rangers!", Zedd shouts in misery as sits on his chair after witnessing Slam Dunk's destruction. "Don't fret, Zeddie. We will one day finally rid of those power pukes and world be ours for the taking", Rita says to her husband. "Oh yeah! Not even that bumbling brother-in-law of mine Rito and that golden baboon Goldar can't even help. They are worthless!", he shouts as he points out to his two main henchmen. "I'm sorry master but we tried", Goldar tells his boss. "Yeah. Its not my fault. I just smell bad", Rito says along. "Oh shut up, Rito. Nobody wants to hear your excuses. You've already been stinking up the castle since you been here. Take a bath man", Goldar tells the skeleton. "Silence you morons! Zeddie has a headache", Rita shouts at them. "Don't worry Zeddie. We will one day rid of the Rangers", she tells him as she carresses her husbands chromed face and head. "Oh yes. That one day I cannot wait for", he tells her as he sits on his chair mopping.

Meanwhile at the important basketball game, just a minute to go, Stone Canyon is leading Angel Grove by four points. The Coach gives the team a good pep talk and shows them the play that they should do. "Ok. Let's do it. What are we?", the team captian Steve Hart Jr. asks his teammates. "TIGERS!", they all shout as they run to court. The crowd goes wild in the stands and cheer for their beloved Angel Grove High Tigers to win the game. "Oh man! This is turning out to be a real great game. Steve already has 22 points", Tommy says to Billy, Rocky and Adam. "Sure is. The team has a real good chance to get the state tournament if they win tonight", Billy tells them. "Well they got to. I hope", Rocky says. "Yeah. Steve and the team are having a good game. They will win. Don't worry Rocky", Adam tells him. Kimberly and Aisha are with the cheerleaders shouting GO TIGERS and cheering and dancing along just as the game goes back into play. Steve passes the ball to number 9, Nick Collins and he makes an easily lay up and makes the Tigers two points closer to tying the game. Now the defense is at its peak when Stone Canyon gets the ball back. The ball is passed and passed and it is 10 seconds to the counting. Nick steals the ball and passes it to Steve and he shoots the ball at the 3-point line to win the game just as the buzzer sounds. "YES! TIGERS WIN! TIGERS WIN! 66 to 63 is the final score", the announcer shouts in glory. All of the fans in the stands go crazy as their team wins the game. "The MVp of the game...Steve Hart!", the announcer says. The adoring fans run and congratulate Steve. Kimberly and Aisha gives him a hug and the guys come to him and gives him high fives.

The End... for now