A Flash Of The Past
by Steve Folger

*Furio was destroyed in a fight with Leo. The Magna Defender has arrived on Terra Venture. And a new villian has joined forces with Scorpius. His name is Treacheron.*

As the Magna Defender searches out for the Lights of Orion, Leo comes up to him from behind and tells him that they must join forces in order to find the lights.

MAGNA DEFENDER: Red Ranger. I knew that you would be here and try to stop me.

LEO: You have to come to your senses.

MAGNA DEFENDER: You cannot understand about why I have vengeance on Scorpius. It is for what he did to my son Zika.

LEO: I do understand. The seven of us can use your help to protect Terra Venture.

MAGNA DEFENDER: Your colony has no importance to me. What is important is to get the Lights of Orion and destroy Scorpius. Just leave me alone.

The Magna Defender disappears into the bushes as Leo demorphs and heads back to his friends.

Back in his quarters as Kai, Damon and Steve wait for him, Steve sees the picture of Leo and his brother Mike who was lost to the team on Maya's home planet. Leo walks in as Steve puts down the picture.

LEO: Hey guys.

KAI: There you are. Where've you been?

LEO: Talking with the Magna Defender.

STEVE: What he have to say?

LEO: Just that he doesn't want to help us and said to keep out of his way.

DAMON: With that attitude of he won't be able to find the Lights of Orion.

KAI: Tell me about it. He's looking for them for the wrong purpose.

LEO: Right.

STEVE: What's wrong Leo?

LEO: Its just that I miss my brother so much. I was thinking that Magna Defender could have been him but I was wrong.

STEVE: I miss my brother too. And my mom. I lost them both in an auto accident when I was 9 years old. Scott was my twin brother.

LEO: I'm sorry to hear that.

In the Scorpius Stinger, Treacheron introduces a new monster to Scorpius. Flashback, a mirror like monster that can search for the Lights of Orion and can also has the ability to send horrible flashbacks to anyone from their past.

SCORPIUS: Good work Treacheron. This monster looks the most impressive to look for the Lights of Orion.

TREACHERON: Thank you Scorpius. Flashback can search for the Lights of Orion. Those Rangers won't stand a chance if they get in his way.

SCORPIUS: Yes. Go Flashback. Treacheron, go with him and take StingWingers with you.

TREACHERON: As you command.

Treacheron, Flashback and StingWingers head down to Terra Venture as Alpha informs the Rangers that there is trouble in the city.

ALPHA: Rangers come quick. Treacheron and a monster are attacking.

LEO: We're on our way.

Leo, Kai, Steve and Damon run out of their room as they see Jessica, Kendrix and Maya run out of their room and they head down to the city and morph into the seven Galaxy Rangers. Treacheron sees the seven Rangers come into view and tells the StingWingers to attack.

TREACHERON: Ah Rangers! StingWingers, attack!

As the Rangers battle the StingWingers, Magna Defender walks out from behind and watches the battle as he is seen by Treacheron and Flashback.

TREACHERON: Magna Defender! You won't get in my way and ruin my plans. Flashback, get him.

MAGNA DEFENDER: Another one of your silly monsters Treacheron? This one is easily going to be defeated.

TREACHERON: That's what you think.

FLASHBACK: How about a flash to the past, Magna Defender?

Flashback emits out a wave onto Magna Defender and he falls to the ground where he sees a flash of his past when his son Zika was destroyed by Scorpius.


TREACHERON: Good work Flashback. Now the Rangers.

As Leo is fighting one StingWinger, Flashback comes up behind him and emits out a wave on him. Leo remembers on Miranoi when Mike fell to his doom.

LEO: No! Mike!

MAYA: What's going on?

KENDRIX: I don't know.

Kendrix and Maya finish taking down StingWingers and help up Leo.

MAYA: I'm gonna smash that thing.

FLASHBACK: Do that and you'll get seven years bad luck, Yellow Ranger.

Flashback sends out another wave and hits Maya where she remembers when her home planet was turned to stone.

MAYA: Miranoi! No!

Kendrix runs up to her.

KENDRIX: Maya. Are you okay?

MAYA: Aaah!

Damon, Kai, Jessica and Steve keep fighitng as Flashback and Treacheron take off looking for the Lights of Orion.

TREACHERON: StingWingers, break your attack.

DAMON: Hey! They are getting away.

KAI: Let them go. We gotta do something for Leo and Maya.

JESSICA: But what about the Magna Defender?

STEVE: I'll go check him out.

KENDRIX: Okay. We'll see you later.

RANGERS: Power down!

They all power down and they take Leo and Maya to the Astro Megaship while Steve runs off looking for the Magna Defender. He finds him as he sees him trying to walk off.

STEVE: Magna Defender?

MAGNA DEFENDER: Brown Ranger! What do you want?

STEVE: Are you all right?

MAGNA DEFENDER: I'll be okay. Just leave me alone.

As he tries to fight the visions in his head, Magna Defender becomes distorted and disoriented as the turns from himself into Leo's brother Mike and back.


Steve's sees the strange appearance and recognizes the Magna Defender is somehow Leo's brother Mike. He remembers the picture of the two brothers together. He runs to him and helps him up.

STEVE: Magna Defender. Are you Leo's brother?

MAGNA DEFENDER: Yes I am. But you must not tell the Red Ranger who I am. Promise to me you won't say a thing to him.

STEVE: Okay I promise. But I hope you tell him sometime soon.

MAGNA DEFENDER: Don't worry. I will tell him when the time is right. Yes! My mind is clear. The visions are gone.

Flashback comes back in a hurry and tries to attack Steve from behind.


Steve gets down and rolls out of the way as Magna Defender blasts Flashback with his blaster and he blows up. Steve sees the monster grow to size and Magna Defender calls on Torozord to fight the giant monster.

MAGNA DEFENDER: I'll do you a favor and destroy this monster myself. Torozord, charge! Defender Torozord, transform!

Torozord runs up as the black armored warrior transforms into his giant red self and merges with Torozord to become Defender Torozord.

Treacheron comes behind Steve after he watches Magna Defender about to face the giant Flashback.

TREACHERON: So Brown Ranger. Where are your friends now when you need them the most?

STEVE: I'll take on you myself Treacheron. Go Galactic!

Steve morphs back into the Brown Ranger and fights Treacheron as Magna Defender still fights Flashback.

TREACHERON: The Lights of Orion belong to Scorpius, Brown Ranger. You and the other Rangers or the Magna Defender won't ever get that power.

STEVE: It will never fall in your hands or Scorpius'. Not even that fathead Furio could get to find the lights.

TREACHERON: He was a simpleton.

Furio slashes at Steve but he blocks his attack with his Quasar Sabre. Defender Torozord finally finishes off Flashback with his Lightning Spin attack and its destroyed. Treacheron breaks off his attack as he witnesses the destruction of Flashback.


STEVE: Looks like you lost Treacheron. Your monster just bought it. Now get of town.

TREACHERON: We'll meet again Ranger. Next time you won't be as lucky.

STEVE: We'll see. Power down!

Treacheron disappears and Steve powers down and sees the Defender Torozord standing in triumph after it destroyed Flashback.

At the Astro Megaship, Leo and Maya are back to normal when Flashback was destroyed. Steve walks in as Kai asks him about Magna Defender.

KAI: So, how's the Magna Defender?

STEVE: He's okay. He destroyed Flashback with Torozord just now. How's Leo and Maya?

JESSICA: They are okay now. They're in the medic bay.

Alpha sees Steve walk in the medic bay to see Leo.

ALPHA: Hi Steve.

STEVE: Hey Alpha.

Leo gets up and sees Steve as Alpha leaves the room.

LEO: What's up?

STEVE: Just to see how you and Maya are doing.

Maya comes up to him to tell him she is fine.

MAYA: We're doing fine now. Those visions were very nightmarish. They are gone now.

STEVE: Magna Defender had them too. But he got over them and defeated the monster.

LEO: That's good. Those visions were driving me crazy. I still miss Mike.

STEVE: I know what you mean.

Steve turns away and remembers what Magna Defender told him not to tell Leo yet that he is Mike.