Power Of The Lights Of Orion
by Steve Folger

---In between episodes Shark Attack and Redemption Day---

On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena ready the next monster to destroy the Rangers. Shrapnor walks up to Scorpius and his daughter and kneels to them both.

Shrapnor: Scorpius. I am at your service. What is that you request my king?

Scorpius: Destroy the Rangers and the Magna Defender. They are in my way of conquering the universe. Can you do that for me?

Shrapnor: Yes, I can do that. Those Rangers won't know what hit them when I destroy them with my shrapnel shredders.

Scorpius: Now go to Terra Venture and find the Rangers and destroy them.

Shrapnor disappears in a flash as Trakeena tells her father that Shrapnor looks the most competent and able monster to destroy the Rangers.

Trakeena: It finally looks like you have a capable monster to finally get rid of those Rangers father.

Scorpius: Yes my lovely daughter. I might even make him a general once he does destroys the Rangers and the Magna Defender. Including Terra Venture. The universe will bow down on its knees to me.

It's a beautiful day on Terra Venture. Sharpener arrives at the plaza unannounced and starts tearing up the city with blasts from his shrapnel shredder gun. Alpha warns the Rangers from the Astro Megaship. Leo and Kai are playing a game of checkers as Steve and Damon are working on the computer. Maya, Kendrix and Jessica are together in their room.

Leo: I got you now Kai.

Leo moves his checker onto the next space.

Kai: I don't think so.

Kai takes his kinged checker and runs it over Leo's remaining checkers to win the game.

Leo: Oh man! You won again.

Kai: You can't beat the master.

Damon and Steve laugh at them as Alpha contacts them. Steve answers the call.

Steve: What's up Alpha?

Alpha: A monster is attacking the plaza. You must hurry.

Leo: We're on our way. Girls, meet us at the plaza. There's trouble.

Kendrix: We're there.

The seven Rangers arrive to see Shrapnor shooting at the buildings with blasts from his shrapnel shredder. The monster sees the Rangers go into their attack formation with their Quasar Sabers.

Leo: Get lost whoever you are.

Kai: You don't belong here.

Shrapnor: Well it looks like I finally got your attention Rangers. I'll destroy all seven of you.

Kendrix: We don't think so. You're outnumbered. And you can't win.

Shrapnor: Wanna bet? Stingwingers!

Stingwingers appear out of thin air in a flash and fight the Rangers. But the Rangers easily fight them off and call on the Lights of Orion to destroy Shrapnor.

Leo: Allright. That got those bug brains. Now let's end this.

Rangers: Lights of Orion activate!

The armor from the Lights of Orion shine on the Rangers' uniforms and upgrades their sabers. As they get ready to go into power up mode, the Magna Defender shows up to see them about to finish off Shrapnor.

Magna Defender: I just wish I still had the Lights of Orion.

Rangers: Power up mode!

The Rangers turn into the large ball of energy. Shrapnor gets ready to fire at the Rangers.

Shrapnor: I'll give you my own power up mode. Take this.

He shoots his shrapnel shredders at the Rangers in succession as they are deflected backwards and the Lights of Orion have been separated from them.

Maya: What happened?

Leo: I don't know. The Lights of Orion separated from us.

Kai: Look guys.

They all stare at the Lights of Orion as it floats in mid-air. The monster mocks them.

Shrapnor: You Rangers are pathetic. The Lights of Orion are worthless to you now.

Leo: We can still take you on without them.

Magna Defender sees the Lights and jumps into action to get the Lights of Orion back.

Magna Defender: Now's my chance to get the Lights of Orion back and destroy Scorpius.

He jumps into the seen and the Rangers sees him running for the Lights. The monster stares at the mysterious black warrior as he hears him call for the Lights. The Rangers sees him about to get the power.

Kendrix: Its Magna Defender. What's he doing here?

Magna Defender: Lights of Orion come to me.

Steve: He's trying to get the Lights of Orion.

The round light of energy shines down on Magna Defender and it absorbs into him and he is powered up. The bullhorns on his helmet are more curved out and in gold color. His shoulders and his waist obtain the armor and also in gold. His left arm is powered up with a claw like the Rangers had before and his Magna Saber is also transformed more powerful then ever.

Magna Defender: Finally the Lights of Orion are mine.

Leo: Oh no! The Magna Defender has the Lights of Orion.

Shrapnor: Unlucky for you Magna Defender, I'm gonna have to destroy you.

Magna Defender: No. Unlucky for you. Power up mode!

Magna Defender charges at Shrapnor and goes into power up mode and destroys the monster. But monster grows large as he shouts down out at Magna Defender.

Shrapnor: You think you can destroy me? Now I'm living large.

Magna Defender: I don't think. I know. Torozord, charge!

He commands Torozord and his zord transforms him into the giant red version of himself. Torozord opens up for him to merge with his own zord to become Defender Torozord.

Shrapnor: So that's the way you want to play it, huh?

Magna Defender: Defender Torozord, charge up mode!

The Lights of Orion shines around the Defender Torozord with armor around its front and its bullhorns are turned into gold. His Defender Saber is also powered up from the Lights of Orion. Magna Defender uses his lightning spin to destroy Shrapnor.

Magna Defender: Lightning spin!

The Rangers watches on as they see the Defender Torozord destroy the monster.

Leo: What are we gonna do now? Magna Defender has the Lights of Orion.

Steve: There has to be a way. But how?

As the Rangers run off, Magna Defender heads for the Scorpion Stinger to destroy Scorpius.

Magna Defender: Now's my chance to destroy Scorpius.

Meanwhile on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius sees that the Magna Defender has obtained the Lights of Orion and will use them to destroy him.

Scorpius: I don't believe it. Somehow Magna Defender has gotten the Lights of Orion and will use it to destroy me. Trakeena put the Scorpion Stinger on high security alert with the Stingwingers. We can't let Magna Defender come aboard here.

Trakeena: Right father.

As she leaves to put the Stingwingers in order, the seven Rangers are in the guys' living quarters and talks about finding a way to get the Lights of Orion back from Magna Defender. Maya starts the conversation.

Maya: We have to figure out something everyone. Once Magna Defender got the Lights, he's gonna use it to destroy Scorpius and anything else that gets in his way.

Leo: Wait a second. I got it. Once he gets chance to destroy Scorpius, maybe and just maybe he'll give it back to us. He's not really the chosen one to obtain the lights. We were the chosen ones.

Damon: Yeah. That's gotta be it. If we can talk with him and convince him to join us now.

Kai: I kinda don't think he be that co-operative to give us back the Lights of Orion. He's on a mission to destroy Scorpius for revenge.

Kendrix: For the destruction of his son.

Jessica: Steve, you're silent all of a sudden. What do you think?

Steve: I don't think he'll get the chance to use to the lights. His anger is strong and uncontrollable. The Lights of Orion didn't just choose him by accident. Once he tries to use the power, it won't let him use it at all.

Leo: Sounds convincing to me. Maybe the Lights of Orion will separate from him once his anger is great.

Back on the Scorpion Stinger, Magna Defender arrives before an incoming army of Stingwingers runs toward him. He calls on the Lights of Orion and is powered up.

Magna Defender: Lights of Orion activate!

As the large army nears him, he slashes his upgraded Magna Sword at the Stingwingers and they all fall aside to ground as Magna Defender fights his way through to find Scorpius.

Magna Defender: Now to get my revenge and destroy Scorpius.

More Stingwingers appear from the left that comes from the Scorpius's throne room where he is. Magna Defender charges through again and attacks the other Stingwingers. His aggression comes from his anger. His pain 3,000 years ago when his son was destroyed by Scorpius. All of that is about to change. For that the Magna Defender must have his redemption. He enters the throne room. Trakeena sees him coming around the corner. She warns her father of his presence.

Trakeena: Daddy. He's here. We must go.

Scorpius: No my daughter. It is both mine and Magna Defender's destiny to fight this alone. Do not worry. Go.

Trakeena leaves the room as Magna Defender comes up to him and holds his sword in hand ready to strike Scorpius.

Scorpius: So Magna Defender. I see you've finally got the Lights of Orion. Too bad it won't be enough to stop me from conquering the universe.

Magna Defender: That is where you are wrong. Prepare to be destroyed. This is for my son Zika. Lights of Orion power up mode!

As he raises his sword and gets ready to strike Scarps, a pain halts him in his chest again. The pain is so intense that he grabs his chest and falls to the ground. The spirit of the brother of the Red Ranger is what is causing it. The Lights of Orion power down from Magna Defender as he hears the spirit of Mike inside of him.

Mike: You cannot do this. Only the forces of good can only use the Lights of Orion.

Magna Defender: No!

Scorpius: Huh! What's this?

Scorpius watches in confusion as he sees Magna Defender laying on the ground in pain as hears him talking to himself but then hears the voice of the Red Ranger's brother inside of him. He gets his chance of attacking the Magna Defender while he is on the ground.

Scorpius: What's the matter Magna Defender? Don't have the heart to destroy me?

Magna Defender: No!

Scorpius gives a powerful whack of his tentacle on the black armored warrior as he tries to get back to his knees so he can strike him. Magna Defender falls again and the Lights of Orion separate from him. Scorpius looks on as he sees the Lights of Orion leaves Magna Defender's body and tries to grab the lights with another one of his tentacles. But the ball of energy slips past his tentacle and flies off into space looking for the pre-chosen Power Rangers of Terra Venture. He laughs and looks at the now helpless Magna Defender.

Scorpius: You're pathetic and weak. Not even the Lights of Orion can serve you anymore. Not even I use them. Say goodbye for good Magna Defender.

Scorpius whacks him again with his with tentacle that sends him flying into his army of Stingwingers who comes charging into their master's throne room.

Scorpius: Stingwingers! Destroy him.

Magna Defender: I.... I must retreat.

Magna Defender gets back up and gets out of the way of the approaching army and runs up to Scorpius before he retreats.

Magna Defender: This is not over Scorpius. We will meet again.

The figure vanishes and leaves the Scorpion Stinger as Trakeena returns to join her father after his default victory over Magna Defender.

Scorpius: And that when the day comes, I will be waiting.

Meanwhile back on Terra Venture, the Lights of Orion heads for the forest dome as the Rangers are in the guys' living quarters. Alpha contacts them about the Lights of Orion have returned and heading for the forest dome. Leo answers the call.

Leo: What's up Alpha?

Alpha: Rangers come quickly. The Lights of Orion have returned and is in the forest dome. You must hurry.

Leo: We're on our way.

The seven of them head for the forest dome already morphed into the Power Rangers. The Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Pink, Yellow and Purple Rangers stand to each other side to side as they all look up in the sky to see the Lights of Orion return to them and powering them up again with the armor once again. The armor re-appears in a shine of gold on the Rangers' uniforms. The wrist and leg golden bands, the belt buckle, the wrist mounted claw and power up gem on their left, and their updated Quasar Sabers all return to the possession of the Rangers. As they are done with the transformation, another monster sent down from Scorpius appears before them. Magna Defender watches again as the newest monster, Peacockachu , a bird like monster, comes to attack the Rangers.

Peacockachu: Here I am and gonna destroy all seven of you Rangers.

Leo: I don't think so. Ready guys?

Rangers: Ready.

But the monster is no match for the seven Rangers as they go into power up mode and transform into the large energy ball from the Lights of Orion.

Rangers: Power up mode!

The large ball of energy goes through Peacockachu and he is destroyed in a ball of fire. But the feathered bird grows to huge size and pecks down at the Rangers with his huge beak.

Peacockachu: You'll pay for doing that. I'll eat you all up like bird seed.

Leo: Galactabeasts, arise!

The seven Galactabeasts arise and morph into the seven Galactazords and form into the Galaxy Megazord. The Lion Galactazord becomes the torso, Wildcat and Wolf Galactazord become the arms, Gorilla Galactazord forms the legs, Armadillo Galactazord splits in two and becomes the feet while the Raven Galactazord forms the crest for the torso. Leo commands on the Lights of Orion to charge up the armor around the megazord and then Steve commands on the saber to destroy Peacockachu.

Leo: Galaxy Megazord, charge up mode!

Steve: Galaxy Megazord saber, full power!

With a slash of the saber, Peacockachu falls and is destroyed in a ball of fire. Magna Defender watches from below as the Rangers destroy another one of Scorpius's monsters.

Magna Defender: Only the Rangers are the real chosen ones for the Lights of Orion. Not me. I have failed again to have my revenge.

The Charged Galaxy Megazord stand in triumphant as the Magna Defender disappears behind the trees as he must find another way to destroy Scorpius.


As the Scorpion Stinger heads out into space, a faulty gas leak comes out of the Stinger and it is goes off course. It heads for Terra Venture's mountain dome where Maya and Leo are in there driving a Terra Venture car and sees the Scorpion Stinger headed right for them.