The Eye of the Owl
by Steve Folger

Young Steve Hart arrives in the cold of Norway's mountains. "Guess this is Norway. Never would have guessed this is where Harts are from", he says to himself after he plunges to the snowy Alps of the mountain range of Norway. As he searches for a way to keep warm on the mountain, he finds a cabin up a hill. He knocks on the door to see if anyone is home. "Hello!", he says as knocks on the door. The door opens revealing a young boy his age who welcomes him inside. "Hello! You must be cold out there. We have real short summers here. Come inside quick", the young boy tells him. "Its summer here? It's freezing out there", Steve tells him. He runs to the fireplace the boy has built. He gives Steve a blanket so he can wrap himself with. "Would you like some hot cocoa?", he asks Steve. "Yes please. I am so cold", he tells him as he cuddles up closer to the fire. "Why were you out there without a parka?", he asks him. "I just dropped in. I'm in search of a crystal that is around these parts of the mountain", Steve tells. "My name is Bartholomew. What is yours?", the boy asks him. "Mine is Steven", he says to Bartholomew.

Back at the Command Center in the present time, Billy and Cestro are working on a device than can re-hydrate the Aquitians when they need it. Instead of going to the closet water fall or the pool at Angel Grove Park, they can re- hydrate at the Command Center by using the device Cestro and Billy created. "Looks like we are done. Ready to use it everyone?", Billy asks the Alien Rangers. "How about me Billy. I'll give it a try", Stetos, the Brown Aquitian Ranger tells him. "Keep your fingers crossed", Billy tells him. The mechanism lights up and shoots an impulse beam as Stetos. "Yes! I am fully re-hydrated. Thank you Billy", Stetos says to him.

"There has been an eerie brown glow that has been showing every night out in the forest part of the mountain. No one has dared to go there to see what it is", Bartholomew tells Steve of the story. "Hmmm! A brown glow. That has to be where the crystal has to be. I must find it. Can you take me there?", Steve asks Bartholomew. "I can take you to the entrance to the forest. But it is very dangerous at night time. So be careful my friend", he tells Steve. As Steve and Bartholomew head to the entrance of the forest, the sun starts to go down. "The sun is going down Steven. You must hurry before it gets dark", Bartholomew tells him. "I know. I guess this is it. Thank you for your help my friend. Wish me luck", Steve tells him as he enters the forest. Bartholomew heads back to the cabin as he watches Steve head in the woods.

"So what plan you have to take down those fishy Alien Rangers, sis?", Rito asks his older sister. "Hush Rito! I can't think when your babbling all the time", She tells her brother. "How about if I make a suggestion my queen?", Finster adds. "Unless you make it a good one", Zedds tells him. "I can make a new monster of your choice so it can steal the re-hydrator that power brainiac Billy has created for the Aquitians", Finster tells them. "Yes. A monster that can steal the re-hydrator and defeat those Alien Rangers for good and send them back to Aquitar", Zedd snarls. "Hey! I know! Make a monster that is similar looking to that Brown Ranger's ninjazord. The Owl", Rita tells Finster. "Very well my queen. I'm on my way to make the monster now", Finster says as he heads to his laboratory to make the monster. "While Finster is making the monster, I'll send down Tengas to the Earth to fight those Aquitians", Zedd tells his wife. "Goldar! Rito! Go with them", Zedd tells his two henchmen.

"I just hope Steve and Aisha make it back soon with their Zeo sub-crystals. We got to get the Earth back to normal in the correct present time", young Tommy says as he watches the other Alien Rangers re-hydrate from the new device Billy and Cestro made. "They'll be back before we know it Tommy. Don't worry man", Billy tells his young friend. Tommy, Kat, Adam and Rocky have already returned with their sub-crystals. Just the hopes of Aisha and Steve returning with their Zeo crystals. The alarm sounds off in the Command Center and the Viewing Globe shows Tengas in the park along with Rito and Goldar. "You must stop them at once Aquitians", Zordon tells the Alien Rangers. "Its Morphin Time!", Delphine commands. "Aquitar Ranger Power!", the six Aquitians command as they morph.

"Rita! Zedd! I have done it. I have created Give-A-Hoot", Finster tells them as he shows the monster to Zedd and Rita. "Go Give-A-Hoot! Steal that re-hydrator and destroy the Alien Rangers", Zedd informs the monster. "By your command my King", the monster tells him as he heads off for Earth.

At the Command Center, Give-A-Hoot appears in a flash and shocks Billy and Alpha. "Aiyaiyai! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!", Alpha squeals as he sees the owl monster in the Command Center. "Guys! Look out!", Billy shouts to his young Ranger friends as the monster tries to attack the young team. "Out of my way you little powerless brats! Give me that device!", Give-A-Hoot says as Billy tries to get him off the re-hydrater. "Hoo hoo. I don't give a hoot about you. Rita and Zedd wants the re-hydrator", the owl monster says as he lashes out at Billy but misses. The young Rangers and Alpha gets out of its way as Give-A-Hoot takes the device and disappears. "Oh man! I don't believe that thing got in here", young Adam says. "And he has the re-hydrator", young Rocky adds. "Why does Rita and Zedd want with it anyway?", Katherine asks. "Its simple Kat. To keep the Alien Rangers from re-hydrating", Tommy tells her.

Back in the forest in Norway, it has gotten darker and Steve seems lost. He puts on the hood of his parka over his head to cover his head from the cold. The brown glow in the woods envelopes the woods. Steve heads toward where the strange brown glow is coming from. A watchful eye of an owl watches Steve as he heads to the tree where the brown light is coming from. Steve then sees the owl that is perched on the branch of the tree where also lies the brown light that is glowing bright. That's where the Zeo Crystal has to be. In the owl's nest. He then climbs up the tree which is 9 feet off the ground where the crystal is. Woops! He nearly slips as he approaches the third tree branch. Taking a deep breath, Steve climbs to the final branch where the owl is with the Zeo Crystal. HOO HOO! The owl hoots as Steve comes toward it as he looks in its nest to see where the brown crystal is. "Don't worry little owl. I didn't come up here to hurt you", he tells the owl as he reaches for the crystal. As he grabs the crystal, he falls off the tree branch and heads straight down. But before he gets to the ground, he is consumed be the crystals brown light of energy and is whisked back to the Command Center in the present time. Just as Bartholomew heads out of his cabin and heads back to town, he witnesses the brown glow in the forest mysteriously disappear in the night.

The Command Center is illuminated in flashes of brown as young Steve re-appears with his Zeo sub-crystal in hand. "Steve, you made it back", Tommy tells him. "Yep. I'm back. Here you go Billy", he tells the older Ranger as he hands him the Zeo Crystal. "Where's the Alien Rangers?", Steve asks. "There in battle with Tengas. Alpha, Zedd and Rita just sent down a monster. Inform them at once so they can use the Shogunzords to defeat it", Zordon tells Alpha. "Right away Zordon", Alpha says.

"A message from Zordon, Aquitians. We must call on the Shogunzords at once. There is a monster that has been sent down", Delphine tells her team. The six Alien Rangers band up and call on the zords. "Powers of water! Powers of light! Powers unite! We need Shogunzord power now!"

Delphine: White Shogunzord!

Corcus: Black Shogunzord!

Stetos: Brown Shogunzord!

Cestro: Blue Shogunzord!

Tideus: Yellow Shogzunzord!

Aurico: Red Shogunzord!

"Hoo hoo! You'll never get the re-hydrator back", the giant Give-A-Hoot swears at the Alien Rangers as the Shogun Megazord is formed to fight him. As the Shogun Megazord gets a hold of the monster, Stetos heads to the eye of the monster and goes inside to get the re-hydrator back where it is stored at. "Yes! The re-hydrator is here. Its still in tip top shape. Better teleport it back to the Command Center", Stetos says to himself as the re-hydrator is sent to the Command Center. "How did you know where the re-hydrator was, Stetos?", Aurico asks him as Stetos rejoins his friends. "A gut feeling", Stetos tells him. "We must finish off this feathered freak", Corcus tells the Rangers. The Shogun Megazord punches Give-A-Hoot to the ground and brings out the Shogun Sword. As Give-A-Hoot gets back up, the megazord's sword is turned to flames and strikes Give-A-Hoot. He falls back to the ground and blows up in a ball of fire. The Alien Rangers return to the Command Center in their Aquitian forms.

"Congratulation on a job well done, Rangers", Zordon says to the Alien Rangers. "Hey Stetos! How did you really know that the re-hydrator was inside the monster?", Billy asks the Blue Aquitian as he checks on the device. "Just like I told Aurico. A gut feeling I had", he tells Billy. "All we need now is Aisha and her sub-crystal to restore the Earth back to normal", Billy tells to this young friends.

At Zedd and Rita's palace on the moon, Zedd snarls in a fury as he realizes that Steve has returned with his Zeo sub-crystal. "I don't believe this! The Rangers have five out of the six sub-crystals now. Young Steve has just returned with his Zeo Crystal. The Rangers only need one more crystal to restore the Earth back to normal", he shouts. "Don't fret, Zeddie. Once the Rangers get the final sub-crystal, we will steal it and use it for our own", Rita tells her husband. "I'll send Rito and Goldar to the Command Center and they will plant an implosion device to destroy it after they steal the Zeo Crystal", she continues. "Nice plan, Rita. I just hope for your sake it had better work", Zedd tells to this wife. "It will Zeddie. It will. Ha ha ha ha!", she laughs as she lays on her husbands lap as he sits on his Throne.

The End... for now