A Darker Shade of Green
by: Steve Folger & Purple Ranger

As Adam Park walks out of the library and heads home, he thinks on his dream he just had the other night there when he was dreaming about Zedd and Rita telling him that the Machine Empire would take over the world. The Mechanizer in which he had Tommy destroy in his dream was obviously being built by the Machine Empire as they probed his dream by using a device to see into it. Meanwhile as the Machine Empire builds the Mechanizer, King Mondo swears at Klank about the obvious of the past monsters they have built. "This had better work this time Klank. The Mechanizer in the Green Ranger's dream better have destroy those Rangers once and for all", he shouts to his henchman. "Not just that my Majesty. The Mechanizer is being built so he can turn Adam into an evil Power Ranger and he will destroy those Rangers himself", Klank tells his master. "Where have I heard that before?", Prince Sprocket asks Klank's stupidity. "Patience my dear. This time the Rangers will be gone for good", Queen Machina tells her son. "It is ready my King. Behold, the Mechanizer", Klank introduces the monster to King Mondo as the drill on its face spins. "Go Mechanizer. Turn that Green Ranger Adam evil and destroy those power pests at once", Mondo commands his monster. "Your wish is my command my King", Mechanizer says to him.

As Adam walks through the park, Cogs and Mechanizer shows up and comes to attack Adam. "Huh!", Adam says in a gasp of shock as he sees the monster that was in his dream. "Its Morphing Time! Zeo Ranger 4, Green!", he commands as he morphs into the green Zeo Ranger. Adam was in a shock of his life as Mechanizer charges him and a Cog comes from behind and grabs him. Two more Cogs helps the other Cog and holds him down as Mechanizer comes toward him and is about to put Adam under a evil spell. As Mechanizer opens the tip of his drill it emits a dark green light and shines it onto Adam. Adam falls to the ground as the Cogs and Mechanizer disappears and heads back to the Machine Sky Base. He is demorphed back to his human form and gets up. His eyes are glowing with red and green and fades back to its original color. "Oh man! What just happened to me?", Adams says to himself. As he tries to find out what the Machine Empire did who him, he teleports to the Power Chamber.

At the Sky Base, Mechanizer informs to his master that he has successfully put the evil spell on Adam. "I have done it King Mondo. Adam is under my spell now", he says to King Mondo. "I see. Good job Mechanizer. Now I can send a message to him to do my bidding by using the probe", he says as he programs the probe to send a message to Adam to make him do his evil work.

At the Power Chamber, Billy and Alpha see Adam teleport into the Chamber. "Adam! What are you doing here? What's wrong?", Billy asks him. "I need you to run a bio-scan on me. I just had a fight with some Cogs and a monster Mondo just sent down. It did something to me", Adam tells him. As Adam heads on over to the bio-scan table, a message from Mondo is sent to him. The other five Zeo Rangers teleports into the Power Chamber to see Adam there with Billy and Alpha. Adam turns around to see his friends. His eyes glow back to green and red again as they have before. As Adam lays on the table, DESTROY THOSE POWER RANGERS, a message in his mind tells him. His friends comes up to him where he is laying at and he grabs Tommy by his shirt and kicks Rocky and Steve in their guts as they are standing at the end of the table. Kat and Tanya try to grab Adam by his arms but his strength is no match for the female rangers as he shrugs out of their hold. "Adam calm down", Tommy shouts to him. Billy tries to hold him back to the table but Adam kicks him in his side and he falls to the floor along side Steve and Rocky. "What is wrong with Adam? Has he gone insane?", Rocky asks. Tommy still grabbed by his shirt by Adam, gets off of his hold and tries to hold down Adam back onto the table, Mechanizer shows up in the Power Chamber and the alarms goes off in the Chamber. "Aiyiyi! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!", Alpha shouts as he is shocked to see the machine monster. Mechanizer picks up Steve and Rocky and tosses them into the console. Tommy comes up from behind him and kicks him in the back. Mechanizer's tip of his drill opens up and shines the green light onto the green power tube that is Adams. The tube becomes a darker green. Adam's eyes becomes a darker green without the red glare with the color. He gets off the table and attacks the girls. "Tanya look out!", Kat yells to her. Tanya runs out of Adam's way as she notices the green glow in his eyes as he runs right past her. Mechanizer grabs Adam and says to the Rangers, "Your friend Adam is coming with me, Rangers. The Machine Empire will win this battle. Ha ha ha ha!" Mechanizer and Adam both disappear in a flash as they are heading to the Machine Sky Base.

"Why in the blazes of the galaxy did you bring him here?", King Mondo swears out loud to his machine monster. "I do believe I have the answer for you my Highness. The Mechanizer's evil powers over Adam were about to fade away from Adam", Klank explains Mechanizer's incompetence to his King. "Then I strongly suggest that you put him under a stronger dose of evil. Do it. Do it now", Mondo commands to Mechanizer. The tip of his drill opens up again and emits the dark green light over Adam. The aura of the light hits the probe that is behind Adam and gets destroyed in a blast of sparks. "No! Blast it! I can't believe this!", Mondo swears. "What's wrong dad? Can't the probe be fixed anyway?", his son Sprocket asks him. "I'm afraid not my son. Mechanizer. You fool! You destroyed the probe", he snarls at Mechanizer. "I'm sorry my master. Shall I fix it?", he insists to his King. "No need. Just take that Zeo Ranger and head back to Earth and destroy those Rangers at once. Or else", Mondo tells him. "Or else what?", the Mechanizer yells back at his master. "How dare you talk back to me! Or you will be spare parts for a pinball machine! Go now you dolt!", Mondo commands Mechanizer as he and Adam heads back to Earth.

At the Power Chamber, Billy scans Adam's Zeo tube of its dark green color. "Doesn't look good guys. That thing the Machine Empire sent down put a evil spell on Adam", he tells the five other Rangers. "Just great. Now what do we do?", Rocky asks as he grabs his arms that's in pain after him and Steve were thrown onto the console by Mechanizer. "Zordon! Anyway we can get Adam back to normal?", Tommy asks his mentor. "In order to get Adam back to normal, you must destroy the tip end of the monster's drill", he informs the leader of the Rangers. "Yes. Zordon's right guys. I modified the Zeo Blaster so it can do the job for you", Billy tells the team as the alarms goes off again in the Power Chamber. They see Adam along with Mechanizer at the park as he is already morphed into his Zeo Ranger dark green uniform on the Viewing Screen. "Take caution Rangers. The Mechanizer's beam of evil can also turn you into evil except for Steve", Zordon tells them. "Except for me! Why Zordon?", Steve asks him. "The color and power of brown cannot be turned to evil. But it can also repel evil influences", Zordon says to the Brown Zeo Ranger. "Then you should the Zeo Blaster Steve", Billy tells him. "Okay. I will", Steve says to Billy. "Its Morphin' Time!", Tommy commands as him and other Rangers morph into their superhero alter egos.

KAT: Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!

TANYA: Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!

ROCKY: Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!

TOMMY: Zeo Ranger 5, Red!

STEVE: Zeo Ranger 7, Brown!

The five Zeo Rangers teleport to the park where they take on the Cogs and Mechanizer. Klank and Orbus are witnessing the battle as they should always make the monster grow just in case. "Steve, use the Zeo Blaster quick while me and others take on the Cogs", Tommy tells him. Just before he can call on the Zeo Blaster, Adams engages Steve by kicking him to the ground. "Adam stop! This ain't you man", he tells his friend. "Forget it Brown Ranger. You and the other Rangers are about to history", the evil Green Zeo Ranger tells Steve. Adam wrestles him to the ground as Steve thinks of how to repel the evil from Adam. "Adam stop! Your choking me", he tells him as tries to get out of Adam's choke hold as he being held to the ground. His Zeo buckle on his belt charges up and his visor on his helmet are also charges up a brown glow and emits the aura onto Adam. The brown aura that is on Adam changes the color of the dark green of his uniform back to the normal green. "What am I doing? Steve!", Adam says to himself as he realizes what he is doing to his friend. "Adam. You're back!", Steve says to him. He lets go of him and gives him a hand so he can get off the ground. "Adam. Are you OK?", he asks Adam as he stands back up. "I'm fine. I think. What happened to me? The last thing I remember I was at the Chamber", he tells Steve. "Just glad to see your back Adam. Now its time to give that monster I real kick in the head", Tommy says to him as he and others run up to his and Steve's side after they fought the Cogs. Mechanizer comes up from behind the Cogs and emits the green beam of evil onto Steve. "Huh! Your precious light of evil cannot work on me Mechanizer", Steve snarls at the monster. "Zeo Blaster!", Steve commands as the blaster appears in his arms. He fires the blaster right into the light of evil and destroys the tip of his drill. "OW! My drill! My poor little drill", he shouts in pain as the nose cone of his drill is melted. "It looks like size doesn't matter Mechanizer. Your finished", Adam yells down at the monster who is grabbing its drill in vain as it lays on the ground. "But size does matter Green Ranger. Around and around and a way we go", Klank says as he tosses Orbus onto Mechanizer to make him grow. "Time to grow Mechanizer", Orbus says to him as he put his tube into Mechanizer to make him grow. The Rangers watches as Mechanizer grows to monstrous proportions. "We need Zeozord Power now!", they command. Zeozord 1 and 2 form the legs, Zeozord 3 and 4 form the upper and lower torso, Steve's Zeozord 7, the scorpion forms the arms and Zeozord 5 forms the head and back.

The six Rangers enters the cockpit of the formed Zeo Megazord and Adam commands on his Battle Helmet for the megazord. "Zeo 4 Battle Helmet! Can I butt in Mechanizer?", Adam says as his Battle Helmet rams Mechanizer with a powerful blow. Mechanizer falls to the ground from the impact. "Zeo 5 Battle Helmet!", Tommy commands as the Warrior Helmet reforms with the Megazord. "Zeo Megazord Sabre!", the Rangers command as the megazord's main weapon shows up in it's hand. Mechanizer grabs the zord's right arm and stops the strike of the sabre. "Time for some heavy artillery. Red Battlezord now!", Tommy commands on his Battlezord. The cannon in the mountain range shoots the Red Battlezord and Tommy enters the pilot seat of his zord. "Let's link up guys! ZeoMegaBattlezord!", he commands. Both zords back up into each other and the Red Battlezord's arms folds backwards onto the Zeo Megazord's shoulders. The back of the Battlezord's head forms with the Zeo Megazord and becomes ZeoMegaBattlezord. The power of the cannons on its shoulders pummels Mechanizer with all of its fire power. Mechanizer stumbles onto the ground again and blows up into metal pieces in the explosion of the fire.

"This is all our fault Klank. You incompetent fool", King Mondo shouts to Klank as he rams his staff onto the balcony. "I am truly sorry my King", Klank says to his master. "Well. Sorry is not enough you buffoon", Mondo shouts out him again as he grabs Klank by his throat. "I ought to turn you and Orbus into that pinball machine now that Mechanizer has been destroyed", he keeps going on with his two henchman. "Oh boy oh boy! A pinball machine! Can I have one dad?", Prince Sprocket asks his father. "Whatever makes you happy my son. Me and your mother will get you one", the King tells to his young son as they stare at Klank and Orbus. "Uh oh!", Orbus says to Klank as he hears of becoming the pinball for the machine. "Uh oh is right, Orbus", he tells the little robot as they both shake in terror.

Back at the Power Chamber, Billy scans Adam while he is laying on the table. "Looks like your clean of that evil beam of light Adam", Billy tells him after he done with the scanning. "Man! That was intense! I'm sorry Steve. Guys", he tells his friends what he did to them when he was under the evil power. "Its not your fault Adam. You were used against your own will", Steve tells him as Adam gets up from the table. The color of his power tube has returned to its normal color of green. "That was weird anyway. I saw that monster in my dream the other night when I was asleep at the library. All of you guys were there too. Tommy was Tomacula and Rocky was a werewolf", he tells his friends of his dream he had. "Huh! Tomacula?", Tommy says comfoundedly. "Oh! I mean you were like Dracula but your name was Tomacula", Adam tells him. "What were me and the rest like?", Tanya asks. "Uhhhh...you were the Bride of Hackensack Tanya. Billy and Alpha were like two mad doctors who made you. Kat was a witch. Steve was a ......", he couldn't tell Steve. "What Adam?", Steve asks him. "A creature from the lake", he tells him. "Even Rita and Zedd were in my dream too", he adds on. "Well Adam it was just a dream man", Rocky tells him. "Yeah. But we'll never know how Mondo got to create that monster that was there in my dream too", he finishes the story. "I shouldn't have watched that movie the other night. I dozed off", he tells them. "You mean the Bride of Hackensack?", Kat asks him. He nods to her yes. "Oh man! That is on again this week isn't it guys?", Tommy asks them. "I had enough of monster movies just like I said two days ago", Adam tells to his friends. "We know man. We know", Tommy tells him.

The End... for now