Zeo Ranger 8 - Introducing The Purple Ranger
by : Steve Folger and Purple Ranger

The Power Rangers celebrate as they return to the Power Chamber after taking down King Mondo with the Super Zeo Megazord, Zordon informs them of a incoming message he is receiving from Triforia. Trey, Lord of Triforia, is seen on the Viewing Screen.

ZORDON: We are receiving an urgent message from Triforia. Trey has some news.

TREY: Greetings Rangers. I have some urgent and important news for you.

JASON: What is it? Is it bad news, Trey?

TREY: No Jason. This is more of good news to you and the other six Rangers. I have found another Zeo Crystal and a Super Zeo Gem on Triforia. It is a octagonal shape crystal and a gem with the color of purple. I hope that you can find a person who can hold the power of Zeo Ranger 8, Purple.

ROCKY: A Purple Ranger?

TOMMY: We sure could use another Ranger.

TREY: I am sending down, Cestria, the Purple Alien Ranger of Aquitar with the gem and crystal. She'll be arriving there in a moment. Jason, to whom who receives the power, use your Golden Zeo Staff to bring forward the Purple Ranger's Super Zeozord as you did before. Good luck Rangers. And may the protect you. Trey signing off.

The Viewing Screen goes blank.

TOMMY: Hmmmmm. Any one of you guys have an idea who should be the Purple Ranger?

ADAM: I don't know anybody. Do you Cat or Tanya?

TANYA: No. I don't have an idea at all.

KAT: Neither do I.

JASON: I don't know anyone guys. How about you Rocky?

ROCKY: Nope. Not a clue.

STEVE: Wait! I have an idea who should be Purple Ranger.

TOMMY: It's not Kimberly is it? She's in Florida.

KAT: I don't think Steve is going to do that Tommy. Is it who I am thinking who it is Steve? Jessica?

STEVE: Your right Kat. You want to tag along with me and go get her?

BILLY: You better hurry guys. Cestria is going to be here soon with the crystal and gem.

KAT: Yeah. Let's hurry Steve and find her.

Kat and Steve head to the Youth Center to see if Jessica is there. She is sitting at the juice bar sipping on a grape smoothie as they walk into the center. Jessica and her family just moved to Angel Grove all the way from Philadelphia. She'll be starting her sophomore year at Angel Grove High this coming school year.

JESSICA: Hi Kat! Hi Steve!

KAT: Hi Jessica! How are you doing today?

STEVE: Hey Jessica. Me and Kat have a question for you?

JESSICA: What is it?

KAT: Well. We can't tell you here.

JESSICA: Huh! What's all the secrecy about?

As the three walk out to the park, Steve and Kat gives her the startling news.

JESSICA: WOW! You're one of the Power Rangers?

STEVE: Shh! Somebody might hear us.

KAT: We just got an additional power for another Ranger. How would you like to be a Ranger?

JESSICA: I don't know guys. Its a real nice gesture anyway. I don't even Karate or Kung Fu.

STEVE: You don't have to know that to be a Ranger, Jessica.

KAT: Yes, Steve is right. The Power inside you tells you what to do.

JESSICA: Hey wait a minute! Which Rangers are you anyway?

STEVE: I'm the Brown Ranger and Kat is the Pink Ranger. She is Zeo Ranger 1 and I am Zeo Ranger 7.

JESSICA: What will that make me when I get the power if I choose to accept it?

KAT: You'll be Zeo Ranger 8, the Purple Ranger.

JESSICA: Cool! Then I choose to be this Ranger since my favorite color is purple.

STEVE: Alright. Let's go then.

JESSICA: Where we going?

KAT: To our Power Chamber. Its our base of operations. Are you ready? We're going to teleport there now.

STEVE: The close is clear guys. We better get there now. Cestria is going to be there soon.

JESSICA: Wait a minute! Teleport? What's that do?

KAT: Touch this button here on my communicator. We'll be sent there in a flash.

As Jessica pushes the button on Kat's communicator, she and Kat are whisked in away in a flash of white and pink. Steve then follows and teleports to the Power Chamber.

Cestria arrives in the Power Chamber in her purple Alien Ranger uniform.

BILLY: Cestria, is that you?

CESTRIA: Yes William. It is I. Power down! I now have the power as an Aquitian Ranger.

Cestria powers down to her Alien Ranger form. Kat and Steve arrives there with Jessica and she is shocked to see the non-human Power Ranger there with the other five Zeo Rangers.

KAT: Don't be alarmed Jessica. She is Cestria. Another Ranger from another planet.

JESSICA: I'm sorry. I don't get used to much surprises.

STEVE: Jessica, these are our friends we want you to meet. This is Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Tommy and Jason. Over there by the console is Billy. And up there you see is our mentor, Zordon.

BILLY: Hi Jessica. This is our friend and trusty companion Alpha-5.

ALPHA-5: Hello Jessica.

JESSICA: Nice to meet you all.

ZORDON: Welcome to the Power Chamber, Jessica. Are you ready to be granted the power of the Purple Ranger?

JESSICA: Ready and willing, Zordon.

ZORDON: Then prepare to commission the power. Cestria has the Zeo Crystal and Super Zeo Gem before you.

Cestria opens the box that behold the crystal and gem that lay inside. As the Zeo Crystal floats out of the and over her head, Zordon announces her new power to her.

ZORDON: Jessica Marie Collins. You are the eighth and final Ranger of the Zeo team. You are Zeo Ranger 8, Purple.

The light from the Zeo Crystal shines over Jessica's faces and morphs her into the brand new Purple Zeo Ranger.

ZORDON: Jason. Use your Golden Zeo Staff to charge the Super Zeo Gem to bring forward her Super Zeozord.

The Golden Zeo Staff shows up in Jason's hand in a flash of gold. He lowers it over the gem and it shines in a bright light of purple as it heads out of the box and it heads outside to form Jessica's Super Zeozord. The Rangers head out there to see her zord.

ROCKY: Way cool! Check out her zord.

BILLY: Yes it is. Most impressive.

The eight Rangers stare up to see the new Super Zeozord that can form the upper half of the legs of the Super Zeo Megazord.

JESSICA: Now that is way cool zord I have.

STEVE: It sure is Jessica.

JESSICA: When do I get to test drive it?

TOMMY: Whenever you want to Jessica. But you'll have to use it when we are in battle with a monster too.

At the Machine Empire's Sky Base, Louie Kaboom tells Queen Machina and her son his plan to destroy the Rangers.

LOUIE KABOOM: You see my Queen Machina. I can take on those Rangers myself. I have a new monster to destroy them.

MACHINA: Oh really! What makes you think you can destroy those Rangers?

SPROCKET: Yes. You're not my father you big rocket head. You can't defeat them. They destroyed my father and now we have to put him back together again. *cries*

LOUIE KABOOM: Are you doubting my monster can't defeat them? I'll show you who can do the job right.

Klank shows up and tells Louie Kaboom his new monster is ready and waiting after it has been built.

KLANK: Mr. Kaboom. Your new monster is ready and waiting. The Octobot is under your command.

LOUIE KABOOM: Oh yes! My monster is ready. Send him down to the Earth and I'll have it destroy those Rangers.

SPROCKET: Oh please! An Octobot? How so last season.

MACHINA: Don't worry my dear. Have patience.

SPROCKET: I just wish dad was here. How much longer will it take to re-build him?

KLANK: All in good time my Highness. Your father is being re-built right now as we speak.

LOUIE KABOOM: Klank! Send my new monster down to Angel Grove now. I'm heading down there now to see it in battle with those Rangers. Let's Rocket!

Louie Kaboom forms his rocket self and flies towards the Earth to see his new monster to battle the Rangers.

As the Rangers are in the Power Chamber, the alarm goes off and Louie Kaboom and its monster are seen on the Viewing Screen.

ZORDON: Rangers! Louie Kaboom has returned along with a new monster he has created. You must stop them at once.

KAT: It looks like you'll finally get to use your zord for the first time, Jessica.

JESSICA: Yes. I am ready to use it.

BILLY: Here is your Zeonizer, Jessica. It'll morph you into Zeo Ranger 8.

JESSICA: Thank you Billy. How come you don't have a Zeo power?

BILLY: Its a long story, Jessica. You and the others better go now and save Angel Grove.

CESTRIA: I must head back to Aquitar now Rangers. Good luck and may the power protect you.

Cestria stands back and teleports back to Aquitar in a purple flash of light and energy. Jessica commands and her and the others morph.

JESSICA: Its Morphing Time!

KAT: Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!

TANYA: Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!

ROCKY: Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!

ADAM: Zeo Ranger 4, Green!

TOMMY: Zeo Ranger 5, Red!

JASON: Gold Ranger Power!

STEVE: Zeo Ranger 7, Brown!

JESSICA: Zeo Ranger 8, Purple!

The eight Zeo Rangers teleport to Angel Grove to find the monster and Louie Kaboom there. The Octobot's purple arms flail in the air as he attacks the Rangers. Cog shows up and helps the monster fight the Rangers.


Jessica kicks a Cog and sends it the ground. Steve and Kat come up to her side and helps her with another Cog.

KAT: Let's triple team.

STEVE: Good idea Kat. Ready Jessica?

JESSICA: Looks like a piece of cake. I'm ready.

Zeo Rangers 1, 7 and 8 form a pyramid shape. Jessica jumps off top and kicks a Cog and sends it back into the other remaining Cogs. Octobot comes from behind grabs Steve and Kat with its arms.

JESSICA: Hey! Off my friends you freak!

Jessica pulls out her Zeo weapon and cuts off its two arms and Kat and Steve are released from its grip.

Octobot: Ouch! You'll pay for that you purple power puke.

Klank and Orbus comes to Octobot's aid and makes him.

LOUIE KABOOM: Do it Klank! Make my monster grow!

KLANK: Around, around, and a way we go!

Klank throws Orbus onto Octobot and he inserts his cable arm into the monster's slot to make him grow.

The eight Rangers see the giant Octobot monster and call on their zords.

POWER RANGERS: We need Super Zeozord now!

STEVE: Brown Super Battlezord!

Jessica teleports to the pilot seat of her purple Super Zeozord and is in awe of the display of the inside of her zord.

JESSICA: Wow! Nice stereo!

STEVE: My cousin Kimberly use to say that all the time when she was a Ranger.

JESSICA: Woah! Your cousin use to be a Power Ranger?

TOMMY: She sure was, Jessica. She use to be a Pink Ranger.

ADAM: Let's form the Megazord guys. Kaboom has gotten bigger too along with that octopus freak.

The six Super Zeozords line up and combine the Super Zeo Megazord. Super Zeozord 1 becomes the feet, Super Zeozord 3 becomes the shin of the zord, and Jessica's Super Zeozord forms the top portion of the leg of the megazord. Rocky's Super Zeozord is the bottom half of the torso as Tommy's Super Zeozord is the upper torso. And Tanya's Super Zeozord forms the head and arms.

TOMMY: Time to link up Steve!

STEVE: Right! Let's do it! SuperZeoMegaBattlezord!

The Brown Super Battlezord connects to the back of the Super Zeo Megazord. Its arms connects on top of its shoulders and its head covers over the Super Zeo Megazord's head.

HEY: How come Jason ain't in here with us?

TOMMY: His zord is Pyramidas. It's still on Aquitar in the Nesbian Sea. It forms the Zeo Ultrazord with any combination of our Zeozords our the Super Zeozords.

JESSICA: I hope it gets here soon. Octobot is on his attack.

ROCKY: Watch out! Its arms are on every part of the Megazord.

The force grip of Octobot's arms hold onto every zord of the megazord. Louie Kaboon charges from behind and strikes the megazord. He strips off the Brown Super Battlezord from the Super Zeo Megazord as Octobot rips off all of the six zords. They all collapse to the ground.

STEVE: Oh man! I don't believe this. We've been disconnected!

LOUIE KABOOM: That's right you brown M & M Ranger! *as he knocks down the Brown Super Battlezord*

Octobot gets a hold on Jessica's zord and starts to crush it with its mighty arm.

JESSICA: Guys help! My zord is imploding!

STEVE: Jessica! Eject! Get out of there!

The sparks from her console light up the cockpit of her zord. The purple zord collapses to ground as Octobot's powerful grip still holds onto it. His other arm gives the head of her zord a strong whack as it rolls off of the body of the zord. The electrical wiring that is sticking out the neck is sparkling the ground.

KAT: Oh no! Jessica!

The other five Super Zeozords are still in operating condition as Kat gets out of her zord to see if Jessica is alright. But to her shock, in the pilot seat lays an unconscious Jessica.

KAT: Jessica no! Wake up! Alpha! Teleport Jessica to the Power Chamber quick! She's been injured badly.

Jessica is whisked away in a purple flash of light as she sent to the Power Chamber.

KAT: You'll pay dearly for this Kaboom! I swear to it!

Kat returns to her pink Super Zeozord and fires up her main weapon and shoots a large round ray of light at Louie Kaboom and knocks him down to the ground.

LOUIE KABOOM: Wooaaah! Ouch! I'm outta here!

Louie Kaboom launches off and retreats as he flies to the Machine Sky Base.

TOMMY: Get back here Kaboom! This fight ain't over yet!

STEVE: I'll take care of that purple octopus myself guys. Your zords are no match for it.

ROCKY: Go get him Steve!

The Brown Super Battlezord's arms extends out its cannons and blasts all of its weaponry at each of Octobot's eight arms. The eight arms lay in a smoke of fire and sparks. Steve's zord picks up Octobot's head and throws it to the ground and it smashes to pieces.

STEVE: Hasta la vista, octo wussy!

At the Power Chamber, the seven Rangers return there to see a still unconscious Jessica laying on the table. They all stand around the table staring down at her with a sad look.

ALPHA: Oh aiyiyi! It doesn't look good Rangers. She won't wake up at all.

BILLY: What can we do for her Zordon? Is she in a comatose state?

ZORDON: I'm afraid so Billy! There is only one way to heal her of her wounds and let her revive from her coma.

TOMMY: What's that Zordon?

ZORDON: I'll have to send Jessica to Eltar and put her in a cryogenic frozen chamber. It is the only way of helping her.

KAT: How come we can't do that here on Earth, Zordon?

BILLY: The doctors here on Earth don't have the technology guys. We'll just to have trust Zordon on this one.

STEVE: What am I going to tell her parents? They are going want to know what happened to her.

ADAM: Steve's right. We have to tell her parents the truth about her.

ZORDON: You must tell them soon Rangers. But not in human form. You can only tell them that when you are in Ranger uniform.

STEVE: Me and Kat will go and tell them Zordon.

KAT: Yes. But it is really hard for them to accept the truth about what really happened to her.

The table and Jessica are encased with a shield and a mist consumes the inside freezing Jessica. The top portion of the table breaks off and it hovers in mid-air. A replacement top for the table slides out of the wall and lays on the foundation for it. Cestria arrives again in the Power Chamber and grabs the end of the cryo-tube.

ZORDON: I am sending Cestria to Eltar to lock away Jessica for the time being. She'll go there on her way back to Aquitar.

BILLY: But how long will this take Zordon? Does it depend on how long she is in the coma?

ZORDON: I'm afraid so Billy. This is truely a sad day for all of us Rangers. Keep your heads up and pray for Jessica as she recovers on Eltar.

CESTRIA: So long Rangers of Earth.

The Rangers take one last look at their friend Jessica who is now frozen in the cryo-tube. Kat and Tanya share a tear as Cestria and the cryo-tube are engulfed in a haze of purple light and teleport off to Eltar. Steve comes up to Kat and Tanya and hugs the both of them as they pray for Jessica's recovery on Eltar. Jason, Tommy, Billy, Adam and Rocky come to their friends for a group hug.

The End

*I would like to thank Purple Ranger for her insight and help for helping me in doing this fanfic. We will see Jessica again in a future PRiS fanfic as a Purple Lightstar Ranger*