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Talk Show Rangers
by Marques Jeffries

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Ricki Lake Show," the hostess said. "Today we have a real treat for everyone, because my guests are those galactic heroes, the Power Rangers!"

Instantly, the audience, full of people of all ages, began to cheer.

"Let's give a warm welcome to T.J., Cassie, Carlos, Zhane, Karone, Ashley, and their leader Andros!" exclaimed Ricki Lake. The Rangers were wearing their Ranger outfits, with the exception of their helmets.

"Welcome to the show, Rangers," Ricki said warmly.

"Thanks, Ricki. We've been fans of your show for a long time," stated T.J.

"Yeah, we watch it every chance we get," said Ashley.

"Wow! I guess you might said that my show is out of this world then," joked Ricki. The Rangers and the audience began to laugh at Lake's pun.

"Well, let me get the story straight all you grew up in Angel Grove, Ca., right?" inquired Lake.

"Actually, Zhane and I grew up on a planet called KO-35," stated Andros.

"I grew up on a planet called Canos," stated Karone, as she began to look down.

'That's right, Karone, you were kidnapped as a child, and raised by Ecliptor, right?" asked Ricki.

"That is true. I was raised by Ecliptor, who was always there for me, but when I reached my early teens, Dark Spectre began to teach me the ways of being evil," said Karone.

"And that's how you became Astronema?" inquired Ricki.

"Yes," replied Karone, sadly. "I'm not proud of the things I did as Astronema. I know I hurt a lot of people, but like I told the Rangers once before, I hope that in time everyone will find it in their hearts to forgive me."

"I love my sister," said Andros, as he handed Karone as handkerchief. "Darkonda and Dark Spectre robbed us of a lot of time, so we're trying to make up for that lost time,"

The crowd began to applaud Andros' statement.

"Well said, Andros," said Ricki. "You all seem to be one big happy family,"

"It wasn't always like this between us," said Ashley.

"Oh really," said Ricki.

"Ashley's right. When I first met T.J., Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos, I was very hesitant about teaming up with them, after all, they were Planetary Rangers. I figured what did they know about space?" said Andros.

"Okay explain this to me. What is the difference between a Planetary and Space Ranger?" asked Ricki.

"Its really quite simple," said Zhane. "Planetary Rangers protect a certain planet, for example, the Rangers before of protected Earth, and the Alien Rangers protect the planet, Aquitar."

"Space Rangers, on the other hand, are not confined to one planet." stated Andros.

"Okay when we return, the Rangers will answer a few questions from the audience." stated Ricki.


"Okay we're back, and today we're talking with the Power Rangers," said Ricki. "Now we're going to take some question from the audience."

"I'd like to ask Cassie what her favorite song is?" asked young boy, wearing an Austin 3:16 outfit.

"Let's see, my favorite song, right now is "Hero" by Mariah Carey," replied Cassie.

"This question is for Zhane. Now that all of the evil villains are gone, how are you passing the time?" asked a young blonde girl.

"Well once we returned from helping our people get settled on KO-35, Andros, Karone, and I took a special test that allowed us to enroll at Angel Grove University," replied Zhane.

"My question is for Karone. Did you ever wonder about your family during the time you spend being evil?" asked an old man.

"Many times," said Karone, with a smile. "Though Dark Spectre had told me that the Rangers killed my family, I always had this feeling that my brother was alive and trying to find me."

"Ashley, I read somewhere that you were an aspiring fashion designer. When can we expect any of your work to hit the stores?" asked a sophisticated businesswoman.

"I'm currently majoring in fashion at AGU, but I've been contacted by a few fashion houses." replied Ashley.

"That reminds me, I was wondering, now that you guys are big heroes, and everyone knows you're the Power Rangers, is it hard to get any peace and quiet?" Ricki asked.

"That's a good question. We were very concerned about that when we returned," stated Carlos. "We didn't want any special treatment. We just wanted to be treated like normal young adults, but everyone has handled it really well."

"Our parents were very proud of what we had done," stated T.J.

"Okay when we come back, we'll find out who the toughest monster the Rangers ever faced was," stated Ricki.


"Okay, we're back," said Ricki. "Now the big question is, Rangers, who was the toughest monster that you've ever faced?"

The Rangers huddled for a few seconds, and chatted, and then Carlos said, "I not sure about the monsters that the earlier Rangers faced, but our toughest opponent would have to have be the Goldengorgoyle."

"He was one of Divatox's monsters, and he was the worst," stated Ashley. "He destroyed both the Rescue and Turbo Megazords,"

"My goodness!" said Ricki, with a shocked expression on her face. "How did you guys defeat him without your Megazords?"

"Well we figured out that Goldengorgoyle had one weak spot on his chest, so our friend Alpha built a special detonator for us to use on the monster," said Cassie.

"Since I was the leader of the team, at that time, I placed my life on the line, and rode my car friend Lightning Cruiser towards the weak spot, and managed to destroy him," stated T.J.

"Wow!" said Ricki. "So I guess you guys would say that Divatox was your toughest main enemy also?"

"Actually, I think all six of us would agree that Astronema was the toughest," stated Ashley, as she glanced over at Karone. Karone just smiled, and began to play with her fingers. "She really pushed us to the limit with her monsters."

"I'm sure you guys are referred to the Pyscho Rangers," stated Ricki. 'I'm sure everyone remembers all of the news stories on how the Pyscho Rangers menaced Angel Grove, several weeks ago."

"Those Pyschos were really tough," said Andros. 'It seemed like nothing we did could stop them."

"In the end, though, their obsession with destroying us proved to be their undoing," stated Zhane.

"Really, how so?" inquired the hostess.

"Well you see as Power Rangers, we know that we have to always work together as a team or else be defeated," stated Cassie, as she looked over at Ashley.

"Well, the Pyschos were pure evil, and were so obssessed with draining the energy of the Ranger that corresponded to their color that they began to argue amongst each other, and rather than work together, they attacked us separately."

"Karone, what kind of power source did you use for them?" asked a kid.

"Well you see when Darkonda reprogrammed my mind, I as Karone was not in control, so I'm really not sure, though I have a feeling that Astronema somehow harnessed Dark Spectre's powers," replied Karone.

"Okay after this next break, we'll find out what the Rangers' hopes and dreams are now that the bad guys are goie," said Ricki.


"Welcome back to the Ricki Lake Show, folks. Today we're honored to have the Power Rangers, as guests," said Ricki, cheerfully.

"We know that Ashley wants to be a fashion designer, but what do the rest of you want to become?"

"I want to be a singer," said Cassie.

"Wow!" exclaimed the audience.

"Yes, I once I won a contest to sing with Celine Dion," said Cassie proudly. "She said I had potential, and encouraged me to follow my dreams."

"I'm currently training for the 2000 Olympic Games," said Carlos. "I'd like to represent the U.S. in soccer."

"AGU was kind enough to give me a baseball scholarship," said T.J. "I'd like to play Major League ball, someday."

"Really! What team?" inquired Ricki.

"I've always liked the Atlanta Braves," said T.J.

"Yeah!" screamed few guys from the audience, who were wearing Atlanta Braves clothing.

"I'd like to be a model," said Karone. "Back when I first came to this planet as Astronema, I immediately took an interest in the work of Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, and Naomi Campbell.

"I think she looks like model material. What do you guys think?" said Ricki.

"Yeah! Karone, you rule! You go girl!" very various responses from the males in the audience.

"Sounds like you've got quite a fan club, Karone," said Ricki.

"Thanks, guys," replied Karone, being to blush.

"Well I'm her number one fan," proclaimed Zhane, as he put his arm around Karone's shoulders. Karone just blushed again.

"What about you, Zhane?" inquired Ricki.

"Let's see, I think I'd like to try my hand at acting. I mean what do Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson have that I don't have?" said Zhane.

"I could definitely picture you in a martial arts movie with Van Damm or Jackie Chan?" stated Ricki. "What do you girls think?"

"Yeah! Zhane's a stud! Let's see some muscles!" were various responses from the female audience members.

"I love Earth," smirked Zhane.

"How about you, Andros. What do you want to do?" asked Ricki.

"In the short time I've been on Earth, I've seen the horrible affect that drug abuse has on society. I'd like to tour this great country and tell kids to say no to drugs," stated Andros. "Zordon's energy wiped out all of the super villains' evil, but it is up to mankind to take responsibility for ridding the world of other evils such as drug abuse and alcoholism."

The other Rangers, Ricki, and the entire audience began to applaud Andros' comments.

"Well said, Andros," stated Ricki.

"We'll get some closing comments from the Rangers, after this break," said Ricki.


"Okay now let's get one last comment from the Rangers,' said Ricki.

The Rangers whispered to each other for a few seconds, and then Andros said, "True power does come from Digitizers, or morphers, and zords, but it comes from the heart."

"There is no power without wisdom," added T.J.

"Now those are words to live by. Thank you, Rangers, for coming and we wish all of you the best in life," said Ricki, with a smile. "All of the kids in the audience will receive autographed Power Rangers t-shirts!"

All of kids begin to cheer at that statement.

"Til next time folks, this is Ricki Lake saying Let the power protect you,"