Disclaimer: Everything Power Rangers related in this story is the property of Saban Entertainment. I’m just writing this series for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others.

Author’s Notes: This is my thirty-second story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “Day of Armageddon: Part I.” I’d like to thank Shaun MacLeod for his ideas concerning this story. And now let the series finale continue!

Power Rangers Beyond
Day of Armageddon: Part II
by Marques Jeffries

The Power Rangers materialized in the midst of the chaotic scene, and took their fighting stances.

“Is everybody ready?” the Red Ranger asked.

“Reedy!” replied the other Rangers, in unison.

“Then let’s get these creeps,” Chris stated.

The Rangers began to fend off Brood soldiers, as best they could.

“Everytime we beat one soldier, another one comes to take its place!” exclaimed Stephanie.

“We’ve got to get fighting!” Nick stated. “All of Angel Grove is depending on us.” The Gold Ranger summoned his Dragontamer and began to torch the advancing soldiers.

“Yo, Power dudes and dudettes! We’re going to mow you down!” yelled some Tenga Gang members, as they drove their motorcycles towards the Rangers.

“Everyone aim your Liberty Blasters for the tires,” ordered Chris. The Rangers began to fire laser blasts at the tires, causing the Tengas to fall off.

“Let’s get ‘em!” yelled one of the Tengas. The gang members rushed towards the Rangers, firing laser blasts of their own.

The Rangers stood their ground, and began to fight off the Tenga members.

The Blue Rangers flipped one of the Tengas into a trashcan. The Yellow and Pink Rangers work together to use tandem maneuvers on the maniacal thugs. The Gold Rangers punched and kicked at his attackers, while the Red and White Rangers used some aerial maneuvers as their form of attack.


Onboard the UAE flag ship, Princess Zara and Blane had been watching the whole battle.

“The Rangers still fight on,” Blane commented.

“Its only a matter of time before they run out of steam,” Zara assured. “Now give me a visual of Charterville, Ohio.”

Zara watched as an image of an army of Roach monsters attacking three warriors, dressed like beetles, appeared on the screen. “Those Beetleborgs will finally be squashed,” the Brood princess smiled. “Now I want to see what’s happening in New York City.”

“I thought we had put these guys out of business,” grumbled Donatello, as the five Ninja Turtles battled an army of Foot Soldiers.

“The Foot will make turtle soup out of those reptiles,” Zara stated. “Now I want find out how Barbaricle’s troops are faring on Endenoi,”

On Endenoi, The Masked Rider and his friends were doing their best to fend off an endless wave of Brood soldiers and Quantrons.

“I guess the Power isn’t protecting all those goodie-goodies today, is it? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” Zara taunted.


On KO-35, the scene wasn’t that different. The Kerovans were severely being thrashed in the air and on the ground.

“Man do I wish I could morph,” groaned T.J., after being knocked down by a Quantron.

“Alpha, we need help! Bring down the Astro Megaship,” Andros spoke into a walky-talky.

The Megaship swooped down from the sky and began to blast Velocifighters.

“Andros, you and your friends must flee from here. KO-35 is lost now,” pleaded a female warrior.

“No, I won’t abandon my people!” Andros replied. “We’ll stay and help all of you get fighting.”

“Hey, Andros, use the Battlizer!” Zhane yelled.

“Red Battlized Ranger!” Andros shouted, as he pressed button “3”. Energy surged through the man’s body, transforming him into a suped up Red Astro Ranger.

“Go get ‘em, big brother,” encouraged Karone.

Andros took to the air, and began to fire missiles at the Velocifighters.

“Yeah! That’s showing them, Andros!” cheered Cassie and T.J.


“McGinnis, where are you? That virus has totally screwed up the Batcomputer’s tracking system. We’re lucky that the two-way communications system still works,” stated Bruce.

“I’m at the Plaza and.........Oh no!” exclaimed Batman, as the Golem came marching into the area.

“Terry! What’s happening?!” Bruce yelled.

“Its the Golem and Shriek,” Terry replied. “I’m going to try using the Neuro Scrambler to shut down the Golem.”

“I’ll have my revenge on you, Batman!” yelled Willie Watts.

“Patience, my young friend. Let me take a shot at the Dark Knight, first,” stated Shriek.

The Dark Knight pulled out a remote control-like device, and punched in a few numbers. “I’ve got to find the right frequency,” he thought of himself.

Finally, Terry aimed the control at the Golem and a blue beam of light fired at the giant robot, causing it to stop in its tracks.

“What’s going on!?” Why did we stop moving!?” Willie whined.

“Looks like its time for our rematch, huh, Batman,” hissed Shriek.

“Looks that way,’ replied Batman.

The Dark Knight and Shriek traded punches and kicks until Terry knocked Shriek through a window.

Batman was just about to go after Shriek when he spotted Inke heading towards Police Headquarters.

“Bruce, I’m in pursuit of Inke,” Terry stated.

“Be careful, and remember you have to solidify her in order to defeat her,” Bruce warned.

“I remember all too well. Terry out.”


As Barbara Gordon spoke to her officers in the Briefing Room, Inke arrived and began to attack the officers.

“Leave them alone,” stated the Dark Knight, before aiming a free ray guy at the villain, and firing.

Inke dodged the blasts and then kicked the gun out of Terry’s hand. She then slammed Batman against a wall and began to punch him in the stomach. Using his feet, Terry pushed the villain away and then hurled a few Batarangs her way.

“Your gadgets won’t stop me,” hissed Inke, as the flying object flew through her.

“Your vanity will be your undoing. Those Batarangs had been dipped into a special chemical that mixes with ink and makes it as solid as a rock.”

Sure enough Ink felt herself becoming heavy, and then she dropped to the ground like a ton of bricks. “Ahhhh! I can’t move!”

“We’ll take it from here,” Commissioner Gordon stated, before instructed four officers to seize Inke.

Batman then flew out of an open window, looking for more villains.

“Hey, boss,” a thug said into a walky-talky. “Batman just took out Inke and the Golem.”

“Get his attention, and then lead him here. I’ll take it from there,’ replied the voice of Blight.

“Yo, Bats!” the thug yelled.

“McGinnis, who was that?” asked Bruce.

“Its one of Blight’s stooges. I’m going after him.”


On the rocky planet Televega, stood the towering fortress known as The Vault. It was here at the universe’s most dangerous criminals were sentenced for their crimes.

Inside a group of Senturions patrolled the ceil blocks, making sure that the prisoners behaved themselves.

“Well, Blitzkoff, it looks like your pals are at it again,” sated one of the Senturions, as they in front of the Brood general’s ceil.

Blitzkoff merely nodded sadly.

“Don’t even let the thought of the Brood breaking you out of here cross your mind. No one has ever escaped from the Vault.”

“Until now!” The other Senturion blasted his partner, and then removed his helmet, revealing himself to be a Brood member with a patch over his right eye.

“Gen. Mortis!” Blitzkoff exclaimed. “I knew Princess Zara wouldn’t abandon me.”

“Stand back,” the general ordered. He pulled out a sabre and sliced the bars open. “We must flee before more guards arrive.” As escape alarms blared, Mortis then handed Blitzkoff a blaster and the two headed for the exit.

Several Senturion guards tried to stop the two villains but Blitzkoff proved to be too powerful, and the villains managed to exit the fortress and teleport up to a Brood shuttle.

“Next stop Jensi,” stated Gen. Mortis.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Cameo and Corsiette’s faces when I lead an attack on their world.”


Batman’s pursuit of the thug lead him to gym.

Batman entered the dark gym and began to look for the thug.

“Hey, Batman!” yelled the voice of Blight.

Terry immediately recognized the voice, and began to duck and dodge Blight’s energy balls.

“I thought bats liked to haunt in the dark!” taunted Blight.

“You’ve got to get out of there,” advised Bruce.

As Batman tried to fly away, he was struck by the freeze ray.

“Chill out, Bats,” sneered the thug, who was now totting a freeze gun.

“Ice one hero,” stated Blight, as he looked at Batman, who was trapped within a block of ice. “I’d destroy him now, but we’ll see what Dark Spectre wants to do to him.”


On Jensi, Cameo and Corsiette had established a communications channel with the Phantom Ranger.

“Cameo, you’ve got to ready the Jensian Taskforce, because Blitzkoff just escaped from the Vault, and he’s leading a portion of the UAE forces there,” Shaun explained.

“We’ll do our best,” Cameo replied. “Are the Power Rangers okay?”

“Earth is being attacked as we speak. The Rangers and several other heroes are doing all they can to help defend the planet, but things are looking grim right now. The UAE used a virus to attack Earth, KO-35, and Triforia’s Defense Systems,” Shaun replied.

“Dark Spectre won’t be satisfied until he’s either conquered the universe or destroyed it,” Cameo stated.

“Well I’m on Triforia now, but I fear that King Trey may be near to surrendering to the UAE,” The Phantom added.


As the Rangers continued to fight off the Tengas and Brood members, two new monsters arrived.

“Hey, Rangers, are ya ready to get crazy with Nightbreed!” screeched a flying bat monster.

“You’re going down, Nightbreed!” yelled the White Ranger, before hurling his Liberty Sword at the flying beast.

“Ouch!” groaned Nightbreed, as he fell to the street below. Tim rushed over and kicked the monster in the face.

“Hey leave my partner alone, White Ranger!” yelled a Cougar monster. The monster then fired spiraling beams of green energy at Tim. “Just call me Catblaze!”

“Flying Lionizer Slash!” yelled the Red Ranger, as he flew through the air, and then smacked Catblaze in the chest, with his Power Weapon.

“Now I’m mad!” growled Catblaze.

“Fire the Satellasers!” ordered Zara, from the flag ship.

The beams of lights surged Catblaze and Nightbreed to mammoth size.

“We need Liberty Megazord Power Now!” yelled the six Rangers.

The Liberty Megazord descended from space, and the Rangers entered the cockpit.

“Okay let’s do it!” exclaimed the Red Ranger.

“Mega Missiles Fire!” yelled the Rangers. Just then the Shadowbringer arrived and fired a red beam at the Liberty Megazord.

“What’s happening!?” yelled Michelle, as Megazord began to swing its arms wildly.

“We’ve lost control of the Megazord!” exclaimed Joseph. “It acting like its got a mind of its own!”

“We’ve got to get out of here!” yelled Nick.

“No, there has to be a way to settle the Megazord down,” Chris replied.

“Chris, I think it has been infected with the ARMAGEDDON virus,” Joseph explained.

“Let’s go,” yelled Tim.

The Rangers leaped out of the cockpit and fell to the ground. The Megazord then began to fire laser blasts down at the six teens.

“We’ve got to retreat!” exclaimed Nick.

“Let’s get back to the Power Lair,” ordered Chris.

“Look! The Power Rangers are running away! We’re doomed without the Rangers!” cried several Angel Grove citizens, as they watched the six beams of light fly away.


In the Power Lair, the Rangers had demorphed and were now watching a television coverage of the destruction of downtown Angel Grove,

“Things have now gone from bad to worse. The Liberty Megazord has now joined the forces of evil and is assisting the two monsters in destroying everything in sight. We can only assume that the Power Rangers have abandoned us,” stated a reporter.

“I hope my parents are okay,” Stephanie said, as she began to cry.

Tim walked under to his girlfriend and placed a comforting arm around her shoulder. “C’mon, Steph, you’ve got to be strong. We’re not beaten yet.”

“But, Tim, how can we possibly fight those monsters without a Megazord?” Stephanie asked.

“We’ll think of something......Right, Chris?” Tim said addressing the Ranger leader, who was standing off in the corner by himself. “Right, Chris?”

Chris snapped out his trance long enough to glumly reply, “Yeah.” Chris had heard Andros, T.J., and Tommy speak many times about how they had managed to lead their Ranger teams to victory, even in the darkest of situations. Now with the Megazord under the control of evil, the people of Angel Grove believing that the Rangers had abandoned them, and the absence of the mentors, things certainly couldn’t get any worse.

Just then the coverage of the invasion switched to another section of Angel Grove.....Chris and Nick’s neighborhood. Chris watched as two Quantrons shoved his mother to the ground.

“Mom!” yelled Chris. “Let’s Rocket!”

The next thing the Quantrons knew they were sent crashing to the ground, after being blasted by all six Rangers.

“Wow! The Power Rangers!” exclaimed Anita Medlin.

“Are you okay, Miss Medlin?” asked the Red Ranger, disguising his voice.

“Yes, but how did you know my name?”

“We make it our business to know the people that we protect,” stated the White Ranger. The Rangers then teleported away.


On Triforia, King Trey had surrendered to Crimsa’s forces, but Crimsa was now demanding that the Phantom Ranger be brought to her.

“I keep telling you that he left the planet shortly before I agreed to surrender,” pleaded Trey, as two wolves brought him to Crimsa.

“Take the king to the dungeon. Dark Spectre will deal with him when he gets here,” commanded Crimsa.

Unknown to Crimsa, the Phantom Ranger was on her ship, copying the program code of the virus.

“Now that we have the code used to write that virus, we can create an anti-virus to undo the damage ARMAGEDDON has caused,” the Phantom stated, before pulling a disk out of the control slot. The Phantom then deleted the ARMAGEDDON program code from the computer’s hard drive. “That should keep them from adding any more modifications to the virus.”

“Phantom Ranger!” growled Fang, who had entered the room behind the Phantom.

“So you didn’t get enough on Prica, huh?” asked Shaun. the two warriors then began to battle. They traded blows for several minutes before the Phantom fatally wounded Fang with a flying Power punch that sent Fang crashing into a group of canisters that contained fuel.

“Time for me to go,” Shaun commented, before teleporting over to the Phantom Cruiser, and flying away. He looked back to see the RED BLOSSOM ship explode.

“Hang on, Rangers. I’m coming,” stated Shaun.


The Rangers were now back in the Power Lair, and were now talking to Commander Patton on the viewing screen.

“Power Rangers, I hope the six of you have come up with a plan on how we can beat these invaders, because I just spoke with the President, and he says that all of the world leaders are willing to surrender,” Patton explained.

“Commander, I hate to say this, but surrendering may be Earth’s best course of action,” the Red Ranger stated.

“No, don’t say that!” replied the Pink Ranger.

“We’ll think of someway to defeat the UAE, but we can’t endanger the lives of everyone on Earth,” stated the Red Ranger, before the Phantom Ranger materialized.

“Rangers, I’ve got something that just might be able to help us.” The Phantom handed the disk to the Blue Ranger. “This disk contains the program code for the ARMAGEDDON virus.”

“Thanks, man, now we can use the information from this disk to make an anti-virus,” stated the White Ranger.

“That’s good news, Rangers. Do you still want me to tell the President to prepare for Earth’s surrender?” Patton inquired.

“Yes. We have to make Dark Spectre and his forces believe that Earth is theirs for the taking, and then when they least expect it......we’ll turn the tables on them,” Chris replied.

The communications channel was closed, and then the seven Rangers demorphed.

“Guys I’m telling things are really crazy in space,” Shaun said. “RED BLOSSOM has conquered Triforia, Blitzkoff is leading an attack on Jensi, and the Kerovans are on the verge on surrendering to the Flamablizer’s forces.”

“Andros and the other mentors are there,” Michelle stated. “Do you know if they’re okay or not?”

“I have no idea, but we’ve got to keep believing that all of our friends are alive,” Shaun said.

“Joseph, can you create an anti-virus to get the Defense Systems back online?” Chris asked.

Joseph brought the program code up on the computer screen, and after looking at it for a few minutes, he replied, “Give me three hours, and I have that ARMAGEDDON virus begging for mercy.”

“Okay, so now all we have to do is figure out how to turn the odds in our favor,” Stephanie grumbled.

At the moment, the Rangers noticed that their Liberty Orbs were glowing they raised them in the air a holographic image of Lyberius appeared in the room.

“Hi, Lyberius,” said Michelle.

“Hello, Power Rangers. I have appeared to you because once again the evil are on the verge of conquering the universe,” Lyberius stated.

“Yes, we know,” Chris stated. “I’ve been fighting as valiantly as we can, but our best just does seem to be good enough.”

“There may be one last hope of saving the universe, but it is very risky,” Lyberius said.

“Tell us, we’re willing to try anything in order to save the universe,” Tim said.

“The essence of the Morphing Grid possesses the power necessary to defeat the UAE, but to reach the heart of the Morphing Grid, someone will have to journey to the center of Eltar and do battle with the creature that has guarded the Grid for centuries.”

“I’ll go,” Tim said.

“No way, man,” Chris objected. “I’m the leader of the team, so I’ll put my life on the line.”

“But, Chris, that why you shouldn’t go. As leader of the team, your place is here with the other Rangers. You’ve got to figure out a way for the team to get the Liberty Megazord back,” Tim explained.

“I’m coming too,” Stephanie stated.

“No, Steph, I won’t place your life in danger like that,” Tim said.

‘But I...,” Stephanie began, before being interrupted by Shaun.

“I’ll go with him. Two Rangers would stand a better chance of finding the Morphing Grid than one.”

Tim walked over and gave Stephanie a kiss, “I love you, Stephanie.”

“I love you, too,” Stephanie said, trying to hold back the tears.

“Let’s go, Tim. Time is of the essence,” Shaun said, before he and Tim teleported away.


Onboard the flag ship, Dark Spectre had arrived and was now speaking with Zara.

“Triforia, Jensi, and Aquitar have all surrendered,” the evil monarch roared.

“And KO-35?” Zara asked.

“The Kerovans are stubborn, but not even the former Rangers can save them now,” Dark Spectre stated.

“Dark Spectre, I picked up the Phantom Ranger’s ship on our radar. It appears to be heading to Eltar,” Blane stated.

“Contact the Shadow Ranger,” ordered Dark Spectre.

Seconds later, an image of the evil Ranger appeared on the screen.

“Shadow Ranger, follow the Phantom Ranger to Eltar, and find out what he’s up to,” the monarch commanded.

“As you wish, Dark Spectre. Shadow Ranger out,” replied the evil Ranger.

“Now I will go down to Earth and give the humans my demands,’ stated Dark Spectre.

As Dark Spectre and Zara rambled on about their plans, Nala was making some plans of her own. For some odd reason she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the Gold Ranger. No one had ever been nice to her before, and she had to find out why she was experiencing these feelings. She departed from the flag ship in a shuttle. Her intentions were to find Karone, in hopes that the former Princess of Evil would be able to help her understand these new feelings she was having.


The President Winton had called a press conference to announce Earth’s surrender with the whole planet watching, but Dark Spectre and Zara materialized and took the mic.

“People of Earth, you have made the right decision,” Dark Spectre began. “We beaten your Ninja Turtles! We beaten your Beetleborgs! We’ve beaten your Batman! But best of all.....we’ve beaten the Power Rangers! Speaking of the Power Rangers, I know they’re watching this from wherever they’re hiding at. Power Rangers, I want all six of you to teleport here...right now, so that you may bow before me. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,!”

The Monarch of Evil and Brood Princess looked at each other for a few seconds and then Zara took the mic and said “Power Rangers, if you don’t teleport here right now we’ll be forced to kill everyone here.......starting with the President! You have five seconds! Five! Four! Three! Two! ”

“Wait!” yelled the Red Ranger, as he and the Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Gold Rangers arrived on their Liberty Gliders.

The Rangers hopped off of their Gliders, and stood before their enemies.

“Guards! Take them!” ordered Zara. A group of Quantrons materialized behind the Rangers, and placed chains on the heroes.

“You haven’t won yet, Dark Spectre,” grumbled the Red Ranger.

“The five of you were Earth’s last hope, and if you think I’ve forgotten about the Phantom and White Rangers, think again. I’ve sent the Shadow Ranger to finish them off. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Dark Spectre laughed.


“There it is.....Eltar,” stated the Phantom Ranger, as the Phantom Cruiser neared the giant, blue planet.

“I hope we can find the Morphing Grid and do what we have to do, because I’m worried about my friends,” Tim stated.

The ship was then rocket by laser blasts.

“We’re being attacked!” exclaimed the Phantom Ranger.

“Oh no! Its the Shadowbringer!” Tim yelled, as he looked out of a window.

“So long, Rangers,” hissed the Shadow Ranger, as he fired a warhead at the Phantom Cruiser.

“Here’s a missile!” yelled Tim.

“Hang on......I’m going to try to shake it,” Shaun said, as he continued to navigate the ship.

As the Phantom Cruiser maneuvered through space, it became apparent that the warhead was a heat-seeker.

The Shadow Ranger watched with glee as the warhead collided with the Phantom Cruiser, turning it into a giant ball of fire. “Mission accomplished. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” the evil Ranger laughed, with glee.

To Be Continued