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Author’s Notes: This is my thirty-third story in the Power Rangers Beyond series. It comes after “Day of Armageddon: Part II.” I’d like to thank Shaun MacLeod for his ideas concerning this story. And now let the series finale continue!

Power Rangers Beyond
Day of Armageddon: Part III
by Marques Jeffries

A large glowing ball of light descended from space and landed in the middle of a vast Eltarian desert.

“Thank goodness for the Liberty Orb,” stated the White Ranger.

“You can say that again, but we’d better get moving if we’re going to find the entrance that leads to the center of Eltar,” the Phantom replied.


On KO-35, Andros and the other mentors had been captured by the Flamablizer and were now being loaded into a Brood shuttle, when Nala arrived in a shuttle of her own.

“Nala, what are you doing here?” asked the Flamablizer.

“Princess Zara sent me to get the one called Karone,” Nala replied.

“Karone? But why didn’t Zara contact me about this? I would have gladly sent her to Zara aboard one of the Velocifighters,” the monster questioned.

“Well those were Zara’s orders, so be a dear and go fetch the woman for me,” Nala stated politely.

“Come with me,” the monster grumbled. Nala followed the Flamablizer aboard the shuttle, where Karone and the former Astro Rangers were chained to a wall.

“What do you want?” asked Karone, as Nala cut her chains.

“Zara wants to see you,” Nala stated.

“No! Leave her alone!” yelled Zhane, as he twisted and turned, trying to free himself.

“Don’t take my sister!” yelled Andros.

“I’ll be okay,” Karone said reassuringly to her husband and her brother.

The former Astro Rangers watched in anguish, as Nala led Karone off of the shuttle.

“Looks like your little sister is going to finally pay for betraying Dark Spectre, so many years ago,” taunted the Flamablizer.

“If we ever get loose from these chains, your going to be sorry you ever heard the name Power Rangers,” vowed Ashley.

“Flamablizer! What’s happening there?” asked Princess Zara, as her image appeared on the shuttle’s viewing screen.

“The Kerovans have surrendered, and I’ve captured the former Astro Rangers,” the Flamablizer explained. “By the way, Nala just left with Karone.”

“She did what!?” Zara screamed.

“Nala arrived here and said you wanted her to bring Karone back to the flag ship.”

“I gave no such order! Send a squadron of Velocifighters to find Nala’s ship,” Zara commanded.

“Yes, my princess,” the fiery villain replied.


“Okay, Nala, I know Zara didn’t sent for me, so why did you come rescue me?” Karone asked, as Nala’s ship cruised through space.

“I need some information that only you can give me,” Nala replied, quietly.


“I know that you were Astronema the Princess of Evil and that you’re now Karone, sister of the former Red Astro Ranger. I suspect that the former Silver Ranger had something to do with your change of heart....,” Karone then interrupted.

“Its Nicholas, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I always thought that anyone who showed love and affection for another person was weak, and deserved to be conquered and destroyed.....until now. The Gold Ranger was so nice to me. I guess it was the little things he did that made me fall for him like him buying me an ice cream cone and expecting nothing in return, or the fact that he actually made me laugh. No one has ever made me laugh before,” Nala said with a smile.

“Sounds like you’ve got it bad,” Karone said. “Nala, I’m sure you realize now that what Princess Zara and Dark Spectre are doing is wrong. I mean, if something isn’t done soon millions of lives could be lost, including Nick. You can help the forces of good stop this from happening,” Karone pleaded. “You can tip the odds in the favor of the Power Rangers and the other heroes who are fighting to protect their worlds.”

“But it may be too late now. Several planets have already surrendered to the UAE,” Nala replied.

“Nala, love is the most powerful force in the universe. It turned a ruthless Princess of Evil into one of the most respected women in the galaxy. It was even strong enough to bring me back from the dead. Zordon’s love for everything that is good and pure in the universe is what caused him to sacrifice his own life, so that these values could live on,” the Kerovan woman explained.

“You’re right, Karone. I may not be able to change what I’ve done in the past, but I can change I’m doing now,” Nala said with determination.

“That’s the spirit, Nala,” Karone said cheerfully. Just then the two women noticed a squadron of Velocifighters approaching them.

“Hang on, I’m going to try to out run them!” exclaimed Nala.

“Don’t bother. Look.” Karone noticed both the Astro Megaship and Fortress of Power approaching.

The two Ranger ships begin to fire at the Velocifighters, making quick work of the UAE ships. The shuttle then flew aboard the Fortress of Power, and Karone and Nala headed up to the bridge.

“Ecliptor, its okay....she’s on our side,” Karone calmly assured, as Ecliptor put his sword down.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay,” the warrior said, as he hugged his adopted daughter.

“Where are you coming from?” Karone asked.

“I went to the Vika Galaxy to help the Jensians, but after they surrendered I managed to escape and came in search of you,” explained Ecliptor.

“What’s going on over there?” asked an image of Billy that now appeared on the viewing screen.

“Billy, Andros and the others have been captured by the Flamablizer. He’s going to take them back to Earth at some point,” explained the Kerovan woman.

“We detected the Phantom Ranger’s ship over Eltar, but then it vanished. Alpha 6 seems to think that the Phantom may have been trying to find the heart of the Morphing Grid. We were thinking about splitting into two groups, with one group heading back to Earth to check on the Rangers and the other group heading to Eltar,” Billy replied.

“The bulk of Dark Spectre’s forces are on Earth. You guys go help the Rangers, and the three of us will go to Eltar,” Karone explained.

“Okay, and let the Power protect you. Billy out.”

“Set a course for Eltar, now,” Ecliptor said, as he entered the coordinates.


“I’ll bet the whole world would like to meet the two men who made all of this possible,” boasted the Grand Monarch of Evil, as he stood on the podium. “Allow me to introduce Mason Hodges and Derek Powers.”

“Traitors! Liars! You scumbags! You two are going to pay for this!” were just some of the things screamed at the two men, as they walked onto the stage.

“Everyone, please calm down,’ Hodges said coolly. “It wasn’t that we didn’t love out planet, its just that Dark Spectre made us a very lucrative business offer, and Ray-Tech and Wayne-Powers have always been on the winning team.”

“Mr. Powers, did Bruce Wayne know anything about this?!” yelled a reporter.

“No, the old fool didn’t know a thing, and even if he had there wouldn’t have been anything he could have done to stop it,” Powers bragged.

“I would have tried though,” Bruce grumbled, as he watched on television. “I hope Terry is okay?”

Just then, a group of Quantrons brought Batman, the Beetleborgs, the Dynamite Kid, and a few Senturions onto the stage, in chains.

“Look at your heroes, bound and broken. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Dark Spectre taunted.

“We have got to get free,” the Pink Ranger whispered.

“In about ten seconds we’ll have our chance,” the Blue Ranger replied.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie inquired.

“You’ll see,” Joseph said. Seconds later, a anti-virus was sent from the Power Lair’s computer. The program arrived at the Galactic Network’s Main Server, and then sent itself to each Defense System throughout the universe.

At a Military Outpost in Angel Grove, Commander Patton and his men realized what had happened and immediately went to work contacting the rest of Earth’s military forces.

“Now those alien’s are going to get it,” Patton vowed, as he leaped into the cockpit of his fighter jet.


The Liberty Orb acted as a guiding force, and lead the Phantom and White Ranger to the entrance of cave that lead underground.

“This must to the place,” Shaun commented. The two Rangers entered the cave, unaware that the Shadow Ranger was hot on their trail.

As the two Rangers descended deeper into the cave the temperature began to increase.

“It can’t be much further,” Tim said.

Finally the they reached a swinging bridge, and below it a bubbling lake of fire and brimstone.

“White Ranger!” yelled the voice of the Shadow Ranger, before laser blasts sped past the Rangers’ heads.

“Simon, I knew you’d show up!” Tim said, as he and the Phantom turned around to face their foe.

“Tell me what is so important that the two of you would venture here to this frightening place?” the evil Ranger asked.

“You go find the Morphing Grid, I’ll take care of the Shadow Ranger,” Tim said.

“Are you sure?” Shaun asked.

“Yeah, now get going,’ Tim stated. So the Phantom Ranger made his way across the bridge, while the White Ranger prepared for the showdown with his nemesis.

“You ruined my life, White Ranger! You destroyed my face, and everytime I try to do the bidding of Mason Hodges.....you always seem to get in my way! Why are you so determined to annoy me!?” snarled the Shadow Ranger.

“I ruined your life?! You made me! I was just a normal kid before you killed my parents!” Tim yelled.

“Killed your parents?” asked the villain, in pure shock. “You mean......?”

The White Ranger removed his helmet revealing his true identity to the villain.

“You're Matthew and Gloria’s kid,” snarled the Shadow Ranger. “I knew we should have killed you when we had the chance, but no matter. I will correct that mistake now.” The Shadow Ranger drew his Shadow Blade. “One of us will not be returning to Earth.”

“Fine, let this be our final battle,” Tim said. Derek Simon removed his helmet, and then the two warriors began to clash swords. At first, Tim had the advantage as he used his speed and agility to dodge Simon’s attacks, but once the battle shifted onto the swinging bridge, things took a turn for the worse.

Derek Simon began to focus his attacks on Tim’s legs, trying to cause the teenager to lose his balance and fall to his doom, but Tim refused to give in to Simon’s attacks.

Finally, Simon got in a mighty kick to Tim’s stomach that left the White Ranger hanging on to the side of the bridge as it began to swing fiercely.

“Fall! Fall! Fall! You little brat!” snarled Simon, as he stomped on Tim fingers. Tears streaked down Tim’s cheeks as he thought about the predicament that he now found himself in. He had spent so many sleepless nights thinking about how he’d avenge his parents’ deaths once he finally had Simon where he wanted him, but now it was Simon who had the upperhand and Tim at this instance began to doubt his ability to get out of this mess, and then like a flash of light it hit him.......Tim began to think about all of the challenges that the Rangers had faced. The battle with Howlin on Isra, The showdown with the Psycho Rangers, and most recently the battle with Pyro. These challenges seemed impossible to overcome at first, but working together the Rangers had been able to win, why because the light will always erase the dark, love will always melt away hate, and most importantly Good will always triumph over Evil.

As the Shadow Ranger lowered his foot down to once again stomp Tim’s fingers, the White Ranger reached up and grabbed the villain’s foot causing him to loose his balance and end up hanging off of the side of the bridge also.

“Simon, listen to me.....We have to work together if we’re both going to get out of this alive,” Tim said, wearily.

“Me work with you? Never!” Simon hauled back his foot and kicked at Tim, but Tim blocked the kick by raising his knees. As Simon prepared to try it again Tim gave him a mighty kick to the stomach.

“Ahhhhhh!” screamed Simon, as he fell to his doom, in the lake of fire and brimstone.

Tim miraculously had just enough energy to pull himself up onto the bridge. He lay there, hoping that Shaun would soon return.


The Phantom Ranger had now encountered the guardian of the Morphing Grid, which just so happened to be a giant bull.

As soon as he spotted the Ranger, the bull charged at him, horns extended.

“I don’t want to hurt you, big fella. I just want to get to the Morphing Grid,” said Shaun.

The bull stopped in his tracks and looked at the Phantom Ranger for a moment, and then began to speak, “I sense that your heart is pure, and that your intentions are noble, but without a Liberty Orb you cannot unlock the Powers of the Morphing Grid.”

“I.....I....I have a Liberty Orb,” Tim said as he slowly walked up.

“Very well then you may release the Power,” the bull answered.

Tim and Shaun gazed at the Morphing Grid, which was a spiraling pool of light, that constantly changed colors. As Tim neared the pool the light began to turn completely white.

“Okay here goes,” Tim said, as he raised his Liberty Orb in the air. “I call upon the Power of the Morphing Grid to help those who carry on Zordon’s legacy of Peace, Kindness, Friendship, but most of all love.”

The whole place began to rumble and shake, and then the light erupted from the pool and headed towards the surface.

“Your job is done here, Rangers. Return to your world and aid your friends in the final battle with Dark Spectre’s forces,” the bull stated.

“Let’s go!” Shaun stated.


When the two Rangers reached the surface of Eltar, they were pleasantly surprised to see Karone, Ecliptor, and Nala waiting for them.

“Are you guys okay?” Karone asked.

“Look! Its heading into space!” exclaimed Ecliptor.

“We’ve got to get back to Earth,” Tim said.


The beam of light’s first stop was on KO-35. It entered the Brood shuttle and destroyed the former Astro Rangers’ chain and then placed Digimorphers on their wrists.

“Could it be?” Carlos said, in amazement.

“There’s only one way to find out,” replied Andros. “Let’s Rocket!”

Outside the Flamablizer was bullying a few captured prisoners, but he laughter turned to a look of shock as the Astro Rangers materialized in front of him.

“Okay, Flamablizer, we’re going to extinguish you once and for all!” yelled the Red Astro Ranger.

“Let’s do it!” yelled the other Rangers.

They summoned their Astro Weapons and began to fight off the Brood soldiers and Quantrons. Once the people of KO-35 realized that the Astro Rangers had returned, they joined the Rangers in battle.

“Our Defense Systems are operational again!” exclaimed one of the Kerovan soldiers.

“Alright, Power Rangers, now you’ve mad me angry!” screamed the Flamablizer, as he began to grow.

“We need Astro Megazord Power Now!” yelled the Astro Rangers.

The Astro Megaship departed from Earth and headed for KO-35, along the way it transformed into the Megazord and then landed on a street.

The Astro Rangers took their positions in the cockpit, except for Zhane who was now piloting the Mega Winger.

“We need the Astro Sabre!” yelled Andros.

As the Flamablizer tried to fend off the Mega Winger, he was struck by the Astro Sabre, causing him to burst into flames.

“You’re need elsewhere, Rangers,” stated a soldier. “Now that the Flamablizer is gone, we can handle the Brood warriors and Quantrons.”

“Good luck, Rangers and let the Power protect you!”: yelled a crowd of Kerovans.

“Thanks!” yelled Cassie, as the Astro Megazord headed into space.


“Gold Ranger Power!” yelled Trey. Golden light swirled around the Triforian, transforming him into the Gold Zeo Ranger.

“This is impossible!” groaned Crimsa.

“Anything is possible when you’re fighting on the side of good!” Trey retorted. The Gold Ranger then lead an army of Senturions and Triforians into battle with the RED BLOSSOM wolves.

Now that Triforia’s Defense System was working again the Triforians used hand held remote controls to bring flying triple-launching cannons down from space.

RED BLOSSOM fought as best they could, but the combined forces of Triforians and Senturions were able to easily overpower the villains.

“Hooray! Victory is ours!” cheered the Triforians, after seeing Trey apprehend Crimsa.

The same scenario was holding true on Endenoi. With a little help from the Israns, Masked Rider and his people had managed to turn things in their favor.

On Terra Venture, the Galaxy Megazord and Torozord had just finished off Scorpius and the Space Buccaneer’s fleet.


“Andros, I’ve got Trey on the screen,” Cassie informed, as the Megazord rocketed through space.

“What’s up, old friend?” Andros asked.

“We’ve beaten RED BLOSSOM, and now we’re getting reports from all over the universe. That white beam has enabled all of our friends to turn the tables on the UAE,” stated Trey.

“Let’s hope this continues,” Andros stated. “We’re on our way to Jensi. I just hope we make it there, before Blitzkoff’s forces harm our friends.”


On Jensi, Blitzkoff had decided that he and Cameo would determine the fate of Jensi by having a duel to the death.

“You were never Brood material, now I’ll humiliate and then kill you in front of your pretty little wife,” taunted Blitzkoff as he swung his sword at Cameo.

“For all of the pain that you’ve caused throughout the universe....I WILL defeat you,” Cameo vowed.

The two warriors battled in the courtyard of the castle, until Blitzkoff knocked Cameo onto the guillotine.

“Cameo! Get up!” screamed Corsiette.

“So long, traitor,” hissed Blitzkoff. With no time to lose, Cameo slipped from under the guillotine, and slashed Blitzkoff’s shoulder with his shoulder causing the villain to fall forward onto the device.

“Oh no!” screamed Blitzkoff, as the guillotine came down.

“I think I should be going,” whispered Gen. Mortis.

“I think not,” Corsiette stated, before taking off her shoe, and hurling it at the general. The shoe struck the villain in the back of the head, knocking him cold.

“Prince Cameo, I’ve got the Power Rangers on the monitor,” stated a servant. “They’re on their way here.”

“Tell them we’ve got everything under control now,” Cameo said with a smile.


Armed with some laser pistols, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy made their way onto the stage and used their blasters to free the Power Rangers.

“No! This can’t be happening!” exclaimed Zara.

Just then the white beam arrived and gave the former Rangers their Power Coins and Morphers, and a few other surprises.

“Hey how did we get here?” asked Zack Taylor, as he, Jason, Trini, Justin, and Adam materialized on the stage.

‘I’m getting out of here,” Zara said, before teleporting away.

“You guys stay here and help the people here. We’ll go stop Nightbreed and Catblaze,” Jason said to Chris and the current Rangers. The former Rangers then ran off of the stage, and disappeared down an alley.

Batman and Blight were now fighting, and Terry had found the perfect weapon to use against the psychotic villain, a new device called the Gager. This device was a small pistol, but the beams that were fired from it drained victims of their strength. Soon Blight was lying on the ground, completely out of breathe.

“Its back to Gotham for you,” Batman stated, as he stood victoriously over Blight.

As the Rangers fought the Brood soldiers and Quantrons, Chris’ communicator began to beep.

“What’s up?” the Ranger leader asked.

“We’ve got Dark Spectre’s flag ship in our sights and we’re moving in for a final showdown,” replied the voice of Tim.

“Be careful, guys. Zara headed back up there,” Chris warned.


Several streaks of light descended from the sky and landed on a Angel Grove skyscraper.

“Its Morphin Time!” shouted Jason.





“Sabertooth Tiger!”


“Shift Into Turbo!” shouted Adam and Justin, in unison.

The five original Rangers summoned the Megazord and took on Catblaze, while Tommy summoned the Dragonzord and faced off with Nightbreed.

With one swing of the Power Sword Catblaze burst into flames, and moments later a few Dragonzord missiles finished Nightbreed.


“Blane, we have to get out of here! Take us out of Earth’s orbit!” ordered Zara, as she stepped onto the bridge of the flag ship.

“Blane is a little tied up at the moment,” stated Karone, as the chair turned around.

‘How did you get aboard?” Zara said in shock.

“Face it, Zara, Dark Spectre’s plan is unraveling like a badly knitted sweater,” Karone, before leaping to her feet.

“I don’t need my Wrath Staff in order to beat you,” snarled Zara. “Astronema was my idol until I found that she had become a sniveling little do-gooder.”

“Stop your yapping, and let’s fight,” Karone said, before punching Zara in the mouth.

‘Arrrr! I’m bleeding! Forget this fighting fair stuff!” Zara picked up the Wrath Staff and aimed it at Karone.

“No!” yelled the Silver Ranger, as he grabbed Zara from behind, and held her arms firmly.

“Its over, Zara,” Karone said, taking the staff out of Zara’s hand.

“We’ve captured Zara.....and Blane,” Zhane spoke into his communicator.

“Any sign of Dark Spectre?” asked the voice of Andros.

“He’s......He’s.....He’s on Earth fighting Chris and the current Rangers,” Karone said, as she looked at the viewing screen.

“Karone, Zara, once the Brood soldiers and Quantrons are rounded up.......we can use this ship to shrink them down and transport them to the Vault,” Nala explained.


“I was so close to ruling the universe!” roared Dark Spectre. “I may not get to rule the universe, but at least I’ll get the chance to destroy the youngest group of Power Rangers.”

“We need Liberty Megazord Power Now!” yelled Chris, Stephanie, Nick, Michelle, and Joseph.

Once the mighty zord had arrived the Rangers leaped into the cockpit, and were soon joined by Tim.

“Okay, Dark Spectre, take your best shot!” yelled the Red Ranger.

Dark Spectre spit a few fireballs out of his mouth.

“Whoa! I think he’s really mad,” Nick said.

‘Listen, guys, we’re fighting the Grand Monarch of Evil. If we beat this guy, we win the war. Now are you guys with me?” Chris asked.

“Let’s kick his butt!” replied the other five Rangers.

“C’mon, Power Rangers, show me what you’ve got!” taunted Dark Spectre.

The Rangers fired the Mega Missiles, but Dark Spectre simply opened his mouth and ate the weapons.

“Now he’s got a strong stomach,” commented Michelle.

“Let’s try the Mega Chakram,” suggested Stephanie.

‘No, I’ve got a better idea,” Tim said. “We’ll use the Liberty Orbs.”

“Its worth a try,” Chris said.

“Liberty Orbs Power Up!” yelled the Rangers.

As Dark Spectre grabbed the Liberty Megazord and shook it, angrily, a bolt of golden energy burst out of the chest of the Megazord, and swirled around Dark Spectre.

“What’s happening?” groaned the evil Monarch.

“Now let’s hit him with the Mega Chakram,” stated Tim.

Dark Spectre was so confused by the swirling energy that he didn’t see the flying disc coming. On impact the Grand Monarch of Evil met his end and burst into flames.

“We did it! We did it! We beat Dark Spectre!” cheered the Rangers, as they high-fived and hugged in the Megazord’s cockpit.

In then Tim spotted Mason Hodges running towards his limo.

“Going somewhere, Hodges?” the White Ranger stated, as he appeared in front of the sinister businessman.

“Listen, White Ranger, I’m a very wealthy man. You let me leave here, and I’ll.....,” Before Hodges could say another word Tim grabbed him by the collar.

“Don’t think that Derek Simon is going to save you, because he’s not. Finally, you’re going to prison,” Tim said, as he began to cry under his helmet.

“We’ll take it from here, White Ranger,” said Jamison, as he and two other INTERPOL agents walked up. “Mason Hodges, you’re under arrest.”


In a graveyard, Tim and Stephanie stood at the Bennetts’’ graves.

“Dad, Mom, today the men who killed you were finally brought to justice,” Tim said, tearfully. “Now the two of you can finally rest in peace.”

As Tim said these words, he could here the voices of his parents saying. “We’re proud of you, Tim. Be happy.”

“C’mon, Tim, the others are waiting for us in the Power Lair,” Stephanie whispered.


“Wow! what a battle,” stated Joseph, before slumping down into a chair.

“But we proved that no matter how much the forces of evil stack the deck, good will always win in the end,” Chris stated.

“We could definitely use a long vacation,” added Nick.

‘Let’s hope that none of those villains escape from the Vault,” warned Jason.

“That won’t be happening,” Billy said, as he got up from his seat, in front of the computer screen. “I just spoke with one of the Senturions and he says that Princess Zara and her Brood soldiers were safely transported to a special dimensional prison for villains.”

“I’m glad I decided to break away from the Brood,” Nala said with a smile.

“Me too,” Nick replied, before kissing Nala on the cheek.

“Well.......no more bad guys then?” asked Michelle.

“I guess not,” stated Tim.

“Then I guess we’ll be hanging up our Liberty Blasters for good,” Stephanie said.

Just then the mentors and Rangers noticed President Winton on the television screen, giving a speech.

“Today, we as humans stand victorious. We were nearly destroyed, because of our unwillingness to look at the negatives as well as the positives of having a Galactic Network. In future, the Allied Planets will act more responsibly as we try to spread peace and safeguard the universe from evil. We owe a very special thank you to heroes such as Batman, the Ninja Turtles, the Dynamite Kid, and especially the Power Rangers. These heroes never gave up, even when it seemed that Earth was beaten. May peace, love, and friendship forever live on throughout the universe. Thank you.” and the press conference ended.

“So where do we go from here? Like Michelle and Joseph said, with no more bad guys there is no need for the Power Rangers,” Chris asked.

“There will always be a need for the Power Rangers. Good cannot exist without evil,” Andros explained. “The universe will enjoy peace, but if the forces of evil should rear their ugly heads again....The Power Rangers will return to champion that which is good.”

The Power Rangers, past and present all put their hands together in a circle and yelled “Power Rangers!”


Final Author’s Notes: Well that’s it. Power Rangers Beyond has now come to an end. I’d like to thank Shaun MacLeod, Vinny, and Kari Jones for their ideas and compliments. I also owe a special thank you to my two cousins, the REAL Chris and Nick Medlin, for talking me into doing this series. It was really writing and I hope that everyone who read these stories enjoyed them.