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In Harm’s Way
by Marques Jeffries

Ashley yawned and then sat up in bed. It had felt good to finally rest your head on a comfortable pillow, especially after the events of the past two days. She’d gone from living in Angel Grove, California to journeying through an interdimensional portal in search of three missing friends.

Cobrada and his Predatron Droids had proven to be formidable adversaries of the Power Rangers during their first confrontation, but Ashley was confident that she and her friends would overcome their enemies and rescue their friends.

She hopped out of bed, and sifted through her purse, which sat on a nearby table, for her mirror. After standing the mirror up, the Yellow Ranger began to comb through her hair, because even a Power Ranger had to look their best. As she changed into her yellow and gray uniform, Ashley could hear the voices of Andros, Brandon, and Billy on the other side of her door.

Curious to find out what the topic of their discussion was, she quickly finished fixing her appearance and then headed out into the main room, where she found her three friends sitting at a table eating some cereal.

“Good morning, everyone,” she greeted, as she took a seat beside Andros.

“How did you rest?” Andros asked.

“Like a baby,” Ashley replied. “And you?”

“I was just telling Billy and Brandon that I had a little trouble getting to sleep. I mean, this place might look like our world, but its different. We don’t even have any money,” Andros replied.

“You worry too much, Andros. Everything will be fine,” Zhane stated, as he stepped out of his quarters.

“I wish I could be as optimistic as you, Zhane, but we have to face the facts. We may be here longer than we planned. The money we brought will us is worthless here. We’re going to have to find.....,” Andros stated.

“I know what you’re going to say, man, and I agree whole heartedly.....We’ll just have to find a job,” Zhane replied.

“We need to find a way to fit in with this society, and finding jobs would be a good start,” Billy suggested.

“I can make pizzas,” Zhane said jokingly.

“Before you guys start roaming the city, looking for jobs, you’re going to need ID Cards,” Brandon advised. “Everyone on this planet has one. No one can buy or sell anything without one, and anyone without one is considered an outcast.”

“Where can we get one?” Billy asked.

“Fortunately, we can us my computer to generate one for you each of you. All I need is a photo of each of you,” replied the young boy.

“That’s no problem. I’ve got a few pocket sized pictures of us in my purse,” Ashley said, getting up from the table. “I’ll be right back.” With that she dashed to her sleeping quarters, and returned moments later carrying a few photos in her hand. “Will these be okay to use?”

Brandon examined the six photos and then nodded in approval.

“Oh, here’s one of me,” Billy stated, after producing a photo from his wallet.

“What’s going on?” Karone asked, sleepily as she emerged from her room, dressed in a pink tanktop and a pair of black sweat pants.

“Brandon was just about to make us some ID Cards,” Andros answered. “We’re going to need them in order to buy and sell things here.”

“Good, because, I was thinking about checking out the malls on this planet....Brandon, there are malls here, aren’t there?” Karone questioned.

“Sure,” the boy replied.

“What a relief. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to do when we’re not searching for the Millennia crew,” the Kerovan girl replied. “Ashley, would you like to come with me?”

“Do the Ninja Turtles love pizza?” Ashley replied.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Brandon walked over to his printer, and removed the paper tray. He then replaced it with a tray containing a sheet of white, plastic-like paper. He opened a nearby cabinet and pulled out a CD and then inserted it into the disk drive. “The Predatrons generate and distribute ID Cards at local stations, called Processing Hubs, in each town. When a child turns four, they get their first ID Card. The card must then renewed every five years, until the person dies.”

“So how did you get your hands on that disk with the ID Card template?” Billy asked, as everyone noticed the diagram of an ID Card on the computer screen.

“I came across this disk when I came first moved in here. I was looking for food, but I found this CD along with a few more that might help us down the road,” explained Brandon. “We’ll start with you Andros.” with that Brandon placed the photo of Andros into a scanner, punched in a few button combinations, and then the image appeared on the screen in the appropriate photo area of the template. “How I need your name, age, and birthdate. We can come up with some fake information for the address and access code fields.”

“My name is Andros. Kerovans don’t have last names, and I’m 20 in Earth years,” the Ranger leader replied.

“So you’re from KO-35, huh?” Brandon asked, raising in eyebrow.

“Yep, and so are Karone and Zhane.”

“Well that’s good to know, because the access code for every Kerovan in this dimension begins with the letters “krv”,” Brandon explained, as he began to type in information. By this time, Adam and T.J. had entered the room, so Zhane was filling them in on what was going on.

Once Brandon had finished entering in Andros’ information, he moved on to the others, and then the Billy and the Rangers watched as the printer spit out seven ID Cards.

“So these cards are the real mcoy, right?” inquired Ashley.

“Yep, The Predatrons will never know that you guys aren’t from this dimension,” the boy answered.

“Then let’s go try these things out, Karone,” Ashley said, cheerfully.

“All the two of you have to do is show the Cards to the cashier in the store, and you’ll be able to buy stuff, but don’t get anything over ninety cestos,” the boy stated. Noticing the blank expressions on the two girls’ faces, Brandon came to the conclusion that the better explanation was in order. “Cestos are the currency here on Alter-Earth. The ID Cards will allow you to purchase anything less than ninety cestos. If you want to buy something that is ninety cestos or above, you’ll need that amount in cestos. You can’t use your ID Cards for the first eighty-nine cestos and then use the coins to make up the difference. If its ninety cestos or above you can’t use your ID Card.”

“That’s a strange law,” Ashley commented.

“I know, but that’s how the merchants on this planet get rich. I don’t know much about women’s stores, but most of the girls I know shop in a store called The Kitten’s Corner.”

“Thanks for the info, Brandon,” Karone stated.

After Ashley changed into some regular clothes, Brandon gave to two girls directions on how to get to the mall, and off they went.

* * *
After arriving at the Angel Grove Mall, the two girls found the Kitten’s Corner and began their favorite pastime....shopping.

“Whadaya think, Ash?” Karone questioned, as she came out of a dressing room, dressed in a red summer dress. “Is it me?”

“Definitely,” Ashley replied.

Just then the girls spotted two Predatrons entering the store. The two mechanical brutes strutted up to the cashier’s counter and began to interrogate the lady.

“We’ve come to collect taxes, so hand over the money,” one of the robots commanded.

“But I’ve already paid my taxes for this month,” the cashier pleaded.

“You can’t con the general. He checked your overall income against the amount you gave us, and discovered that you tried to short change him. Either hand over the rest of the required cestos, or prepare to die,” the machines scolded.

“Karone, lets go,” Ashley whispered. The two girls ducked into the dressing room, and after checking to make sure that no one else was around they punched 5-4-1 into their morphers. Energy surged through their bodies transforming Karone and Ashley into the Pink and Yellow Rangers.

“Please, don’t kill me! I have two kids at home to support!” the lady continued to plead.

“You should have thought about that before you tried to cheat Gen. Cobrada,” With that the machines raised their guns and prepared to fire.

The woman’s only instinct was to duck down behind the counter, but as she did so she heard the sound of blaster fire raining on her persecutors.

“Cobrada should have at least included some manners in your programming,” commented the Yellow Ranger, as she and her pink cladded teammate stood with their Tri-Blasters raised.

The two robots were about to return fire, before being struck by gunfire from outside the store.

Seconds later, several Predatrons began to attack a Revolutionary, on the outside of the store.

“You go help the Revolutionary, I can handle things in here,” Karone stated.

With that the Pink Ranger rushed towards the two Predatrons, taking them both down with a double Power Punch.

Meanwhile, Ashley was currently tossing Predatrons aside in attempt to help the Revolutionary.

“Yellow Ranger, behind you!” the rebel warned. Ashley spun around just in time to deliver a kick to one of the robot’s faces. The Revolutionary then flipped over the heads of a few Predatrons, and upon landing a few feet away from them, she began to fire laser blasts in their direction.

Karone was currently dominating the two injured robots inside of the Kitten’s Corner.

“Nova Staff!” the former Princess of Evil shouted, summoning a long, golden staff. As the two machines rushed towards the Kerovan, the Pink Ranger swung her Power Weapon forward, striking both Predatrons, and causing them to shatter into scraps of metal.

The cashiers crawled out from behind the counter, with an expression of confusion on her face.

“I’m sorry about the damage to your store,” Karone said, earnestly.

“The store can be cleaned up, but my children would have been devastated if something had happened to me. Thank you for saving me,” the lady said, gratefully.

“It was my pleasure,” the Pink Ranger replied. “Are you going to be okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine,” the cashier replied. With that, the Pink Ranger turned to see a crowd of people beginning to surround her.

“Who are you? Where did you come from?” were some of the questions they crowd asked. Karone would have liked to answer their questions, but right now, she had to go find Ashley. With several people now trying to touch her, the Pink Ranger teleported away in a stream of pink light.

* * *
The female Revolutionary and Yellow Ranger were now outside of the mall. Apparently, more Predatrons had been sent in to capture them. A swarm of the mechanical foot soldiers were now running towards the two girls.

“Well, Yellow Ranger, looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us,” the Revolutionary stated, as the two girls took their fighting stances.

“I think we’d better make a run for it,” Ashley replied, just before turning to flee from the robotic villains.

With the female Revolutionary by her side, the Yellow Ranger ran down the street, trying not to use her accelerated speed, for fear of leaving her friend behind.

“Let’s duck into that alley,” suggested the Revolutionary.

*Karone, where are you when I need you.* Ashley thought as they ran.

In the skies above several Predatron jets were firing down on the two fleeing females.

“Gen. Cobrada, we currently in hot pursuit of a Revolutionary and the Yellow Power Ranger,” Hogley exclaimed, as an image of the reptilian general was displayed on the viewing screen of his jet.

“Don’t let them get away, or I’ll make bacon out of you,” Cobrada threatened.

* * *
In the Rangers’ sewer headquarters, the Ranger males were watching as Brandon broke into Cobrada’s computer system, and created fake information about them.

“That should cover our tracks just in case an employer decides to do a background check on us,” T.J. stated.

“What’s wrong, Andros?” Zhane asked, noticing the worried expression on his best friend’s face.

“Karone and Ashley should’ve checked in by now. I hope they didn’t run into trouble,” the Red Ranger replied. As if on cue, his communi-morpher began to flash. “This is Andros.”

“Andros, there are Predatrons all over the place up here. I think their looking for Ashley and a female Revolutionary we ran into at the mall. I’m hiding behind some dumpsters in the mall’s parking lot, but I’m afraid the Droids will find me soon,” explained the voice of Karone.

“Hang on, Karone, help is on the way,” her brother assured. “Guys, let’s go.”

Together, Andros, T.J., Adam, and Zhane punched in their morphing combination and shouted “Turn on the Power!”

“We’ll get the Z-Wingers from the ship and then go help the girls,” stated Andros, just before the four Rangers teleported away.

* * *
“Are they still coming?” the female Revolutionary whispered as she and Ashley hid within a large cabinet that sat in the alley.

“I don’t hear in anything out there. Let me take a look,” Cautiously the Ranger cracked the door open, just wide enough for her to peek out. “Okay the coast is clear,” she whispered.

The two girls exited the cabinet, and then Ashley punched the numbers 1-1-1 into her communi-morpher, causing her to become invisible.

“Where’d you go?” the Revolutionary whispered.

“I’m still here,” Ashley replied. “I activated my suits Stealth Mode.” Moments later, Ashley heard the sound of Predatron Droids coming around the corner, and motioned for her companion hop back into the cabinet.

“They’d got to be around here somewhere,” one of the machines commented, as they entered the alley.

Before the Droids knew what hit they were attacked by an invisible foe. First, one Predatron was sent flying through the air, and then crashed into the wall. Yet another Predatrons burst into flames after being struck in the chest by an invisible Dagger.

“Show yourself!” the remaining machines demanded.

“Boo!” the Yellow Ranger shouted, becoming visible again. “You guys, picked the wrong person to mess with. Yellow Comet Mode on!” Ashley’s body was then transformed from flesh to fire, and the Yellow Ranger launched herself towards the mechanical villains like a ball of fire. Every machine in her path burst into flames.

The Ranger then returned to her normal form. “You can come out now,” she said, as the other girl stepped out of the cabinet.

“I was peeking out while you fought with those rustbuckets. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” the girl exclaimed.

“The Power Rangers have had some cool powers in the past, but that Comet Mode has left me completely speechless,” Ashley replied.

“Well I’ve got to get back to headquarters, but I hope we’ll meet again, Yellow Ranger,” the girl stated, extending her hand in friendship.

“I’m sure we will,” Ashley smiled under her helmet, and shook the girl’s hand.

The Yellow Ranger watched as her new friend, dashed out of the alley and turned the corner. *I hope she makes it to her destination safely. I should got her name.* With that the Ranger dissolved into a beam of yellow light and flew away.

* * *
Somewhere in the farthest regions of space, Darkonda and Master Vile continued their journey aboard the Dark Fortress.

“Vile, you’d better have a good explanation for why we’re out here in the middle of nowhere. We’ve been traveling for hours, and I haven’t a planet in I don’t know when,” Darkonda grumbled.

“I have a keen sense for detecting large sources of evil and, Darkonda, I sense that we are nearing something more evil than anything we’ve encountered before.

“Well we’d better find it s---,” Darkonda began, before a blinking red light on the ship’s tracking computer screen attracted his attention. ‘Hey, Vile, you might be on to something. The sensors have detected a large energy source 78 miles from our present location.”

“Of course I’m on to something. I’ve found more evil relics than you could ever count, in fact I would have been next time line to succeed Dark Spectre as Grand Monarch of Evil if that little brat Astronema hadn’t stolen my spot. Now set the ship to maximum speed and get us to that energy source,” the old wizard grumbled. The Dark Fortress increased in speed, leaving a red vapor trail behind it.

Darkonda and Master Vile were now venturing into a part of the universe where not even Lord Shroud and his forces dared tread, The Balrenic Zone.

* * *
Hogley had now landed his jet, and he and about twenty Droids were currently in hot pursuit of the female Revolutionary as she ran through a forest, on the outskirts of Angel Grove.

*I have to get back to headquarters, but I can’t risk leading Hogley to our base.* the girl thought as she ran.

Fortunately, the Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver Rangers had spotted the girl and her pursuers, while soaring through the sky on the Z-Wingers.

“Looks like she could use some help,” Zhane stated.

“Billy, have you heard from Ashley?” Andros spoke into his communi-morpher.

“She returned about three minutes ago, and I sent her to join you guys,” replied the voice of Billy.

“Well let’s get down there,” Andros stated.

“Right!” the others replied, as the five heroes released the belts that held the in the Z-Wingers.

“Banzai!” Zhane yelled, humorously.

“Power Rangers,” Hogley grunted, as the multi-colored heroes landed in the midst of his troops.

‘That’s right, pig man,” T.J. began. “We don’t like unfair fights, so we came to even up the odds a little bit.”

“My name is Hogley, not pig man,” the monster waived his fists angrily in the air. “Predatrons, destroy them!”

“You get to safety!” the Green Ranger yelled the Revolutionary. “We’ll hold them off.”

The girl took one last glance at the Rangers before running off.

The Silver Ranger summoned his Silverizer and immediately went to work slicing any Predatron that came near him to shreds.

“Power Blade!” Adam called, summoning his katana blade weapon. “Okay, time to slice and dice some bullies.” He then leaped into the air and delivered a flying blade attack to two of the mechanical soldiers.

Karone and T.J. held off a held soldiers, while the Red Ranger prepared to square off with Hogley.

“I’m going to make you regret that you and your friends regret coming through that portal.” Hogley drew a gleaming spear, and began to swing it savagely at the Red Ranger.

Andros avoided a few attacks before being knocked to the ground by his enemy.

“Time to die, Red Ranger.” Hogley’s eyes beamed with pure hate as he stood over the fallen Ranger. Things weren’t looking good for Andros, as the hog raised his spear in the air, ready to deliver the fatal blow.

Without warning, Hogley was tackled to the ground by a Revolutionary. The brave young rebel began to deliver a series of punches to Hogley’s head, until the monster regained his senses and shoved the smaller warrior off of him.

“You’ve made a big mistake, rebel. Now you’re going to suffer the same fate as the Rangers,” the monster snarled. However, this distraction had given the Red Ranger enough time to get his feet, and he was currently rushing towards the Hogley with his Spiral Sabre extended. Before Hogley knew what hit him, he was sent soaring through the air, and then crashed into a tree.

By this time, the Yellow Ranger had arrived and the other Rangers had finished off the last of the Predatron Droids. Hogley shook off his grogginess and then slowly rose to his feet.

“Hold it right there, Hogley,” the male Revolutionary stated, as he held a blaster on the villain. “I could kill you right now.” The villain trembled at that remark. “But then I’d be no better than you and your superiors. Go tell Cobrada that the Revolutionaries have only begun to fight. Tell him that his hold over Alter-Earth is slipping, and that if I get the opportunity....I’m going to make a pair of snake-skinned boots out of him. Now get out of here!” Hogley’s first instinct was to lash out at the outspoken Revolutionary leader, but as he glanced over the masked rebel’s shoulder, he saw that all six Power Rangers stood with their Tri-Blasters aimed. The monster then chose to flee and live to fight another day.

The masked Revolutionary and the six Rangers watched as Hogley disappeared threw the trees.

“So we meet again, Power Rangers,” the rebels addressed.

“Thanks for saving me,” Andros stated.

“I was simply returning the favor. Now follow me, there is something the six of you must see,” the rebel instructed.

The Rangers looked at each other and then followed their mysterious guide.

* * *
The Revolutionary, known as Dylan led the Rangers to a waterfall, and then through it. Surprisingly, none of them got wet when they passing through it.

“The waterfall is simply an illusion that gets outsider from discovering the entrance to our base,” Dylan explained. “By the way, my name is Dylan.” The group was now within a cavern that led downwards.

Finally, Dylan and the Rangers arrived in what appeared to be enlarged version of the Power Chamber.

“This is impossible,” Adam said in disbelief.

“Welcome to Revolutionary headquarters,” Dylan said.

Just then, a girl with shoulder length, reddish brown hair came running up to Dylan. She was dressed in the red and white Revolutionary uniform, but was carrying her mask in one hand, and a notepad in the other one.

“Kelly, have Farkus and Eugene returned from Outpost 9, yet?” Dylan asked.

“Yes, and they brought back some very disturbing news,” the girl replied.

The Rangers looked around as a crowd of wide-eyed teenagers were gathering around them.

“Um, hello,” the Yellow Ranger said, cheerfully.

“Power Rangers, we are the Revolutionaries, and we’re very honored to have you here,’ Dylan said.

“How exactly did you guys become Revolutionaries?” Adam asked.

“I’ve been using this place as a geteaway for several years. Whenever, I got stressed by school, or couldn’t seem to get along with my parents, I’d come here,” Dylan said. “Its not like I was a bad kid, I just did things that most teenagers do, but anyway, I met Kelly a little bit over a year ago and she changed my life forever,” Dylan said, placing his arm around his girlfriend.

“I was going through some major changes in my life when Dylan and I met. My mother had died a few weeks earlier, and I found myself trying to raise my younger brother,” Kelly began. Tears were now pouring from her eyes. “I....I.....felt angry at everyone. My mom for leaving me, my brother, because raising him was a full time job, and Lord Shroud for killing my father. It was my hatred for Shroud that initially spawned the Revolutionary idea.”

“Kelly and I realized that we had a mutual hatred for Shroud, and so we sought out other teenagers who felt the same way. With the help of Prof. Phenomenus, we constructed this headquarters and then we began to “stick our noses into Shroud’s business”,” Dylan stated. “Up until now we’ve scored minor victories over Cobrada. We’ve done things like steal vital information from Castle Cobrada and attack various military outposts, but now that the six of you are here, we hope that we can finally defeat Cobrada and then began to liberate the rest of the universe from Lord Shroud.”

“We’ll do all that we can to help defeat Shroud, but we’re here for another reason, also,” Andros stated. “Two ships from our dimension came here, ahead for. One of them was carrying three former Power Rangers, and the other one was carrying two of the most dangerous villains in the universe.”

“Its very important that we find out what became of both ships,” Karone added.

“Maybe we can help you with that one,” stated a familiar voice. Farkus Bulkmire stepped forward, with his long time friend Eugene Skullivich lagging behind him.

“Bulk?” T.J. asked.

“Skull?” Ashley added.

“Who?” Eugene inquired.

“The two of you exist in our dimension, also,” Zhane explained.

“Oh,” Eugene sighed.

“While we were sneaking around Outpost 9, we overheard a conversation between Cobrada and one of his henchmen,” Farkus began. “Apparently, Cricka’s soldiers captured a group of Earthlings and took them to planet Larva.”

“That’s the disturbing news that I mentioned earlier,” said Kelly.

“How do we get to Larva?” T.J. asked.

“You don’t,” snapped a wild looking young man, with long sandy blonde hair. “Dylan, you shouldn’t have brought them here. They could very well be Cobrada’s newest spies, besides, we don’t even know if they’re human or not.”

“They’re not spies. They saved Dylan’s life yesterday, and mine today. And it doesn’t matter if they’re humans or not. What is important is that they are on our side,” Kelly scorned.

“Well I still don’t trust them,” the young man grumbled, as he walked away.

“You’ll have to excuse Randy, he’s had a rough life,” Dylan apologized.

‘Its okay,” Andros answered.

“How soon can we leave for Larva?” Dylan asked.

“You mean, you guys are going to help us rescue our friends?” the Silver Ranger questioned.

“Sure any friends of the Power Rangers are friends of ours, besides, I’m in the mood to do some bug stomping,” Dylan replied.

“Sorry, man, but that bug stomping will have to wait for now,” Eugene explained. “The Liberator was damaged during our last voyage to KO-20. Cole and the professor are doing their best to get it up and running as fast as possible, but it probably won’t be ready to fly until three days from now.”

“We’ve got a ship is ready, all we need to know is how to get to Larva,” suggested the Blue Ranger.

“Let’s go,” Dylan stated.

“I’m coming too,” added Kelly.

“No way its too dangerous,” Dylan warned.

“Dylan, we promised each other that we’d never be apart,” Kelly said softly.

Dylan thought about this for a moment, coming to the realization that his girlfriend wasn’t going to take no for an answer he replied, “Okay you can come.”

“I’m coming with you guys,” Randy came running up carrying a large rifle. “I can’t let you and Kelly have all of the fun, plus I wanna keep a close eye on these Power Rangers.”

Andros frowned under his helmet, as Randy’s last remark. That guy certainly wasn’t very trusting, but Andros figured Randy had his reasons for feeling like this, so as long as Randy didn’t make trouble for the Rangers, he and the others were cool with the hothead coming along.

“Farkus, I’m leaving you in charge until we get back,” Dylan instructed.

“I won’t let you down, man,” the fat rebel replied.

The crowd of Revolutionaries watches as their three teammates and the Power Rangers made their way back up through the cavern.

* * *
“Okay, here we go,” Andros stated, as he and T.J. sat at the ship’s main controls.

“Zhane, Kelly’s story sounded similar to Brandon’s. Do you think she’s Brandon’s sister?” Karone whispered.

“That could be a possibility, but we’ll have to sort that out later, right now, its time to find our friends,” Zhane stated.

*These Rangers had better not be leading us into a trap or they’ll be sorry.* Randy thought to himself, as he looked out of a window.

The ship flew out of the raveen, and ascended upwards, until it was soaring through space.

“Hang on, Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason, help is on the way,” Adam said, quietly.

* * *
The Dark Fortress was drawing ever closer to a gray and black planet.

“The evil we are looking for is on that planet,” Master Vile stated.

“Then let’s take a closer look around,” Darkonda replied. The ship headed downward towards the planet, and then something strange began to happen. A cloud of red smoke rose from the ground, and prevented the Dark Fortress’s sensors from working properly. This made it impossible for Darkonda to see where the ship was going.

“Darkonda, I don’t like this,” Vile said, nervously. “Take us back into space.”

“I can’t.....Something........Something has taken control of the ship’s navigational systems!” the other villain exclaimed, frantically pressing buttons. AS the smoke began to clear up, the two villains realized that they were being pulled towards an ominous temple which could be seen in the distance.

Mysterious the Dark Fortress landed a few feet from the temple’s entrance.

“Let’s go see who brought us here,” Darkonda stated.

The two villains noted the temple’s frightening structure. It was made completely of black stone, and a horrifying statue of a winged bull was mounted on top of the building.

“Let’s see if anyone is home,” Vile whispered.

The inside of the building was even more ominous. There were several torches mounted on the walls, which served as the only source of light.

“I can fell another presence here. It wants us to come closer,” Vile stated.

“That looks like a clearing up ahead. Let’s see if there are any riches to plunder from here.”

The two villains entered a large room, with a pit in it. The ground began to shake and then fire and brimstone erupted from out of the pit. As if that wasn’t frightening enough, a bone chilling laugh began.

“Stop playing games, and show yourself!” demanded Darkonda, drawing his Extenda Sword.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Put your sword away, Darkonda. I am not your enemy,” boomed a deep voice from within the pit.

“Who or what are you?” Master Vile asked nervously.

“Ha, ha, ha! I am the answer to all of your problems, Master Vile,” the voice replied. “If you and Darkonda do everything that I tell you to do you will not only gain riches beyond belief, but you will also get the opportunity to take your revenge against the Power Rangers. Yes, six of them are here, and they are looking for the two of you, in addition to their former teammates. Accept me as your new mater, and vengeance will be yours. Defy me, and you will suffer the same fate that everyone else in this pitiful dimension.” The two former UAE members looked on as a massive creature with the head of a bull and the body of a very muscular man, emerged from the pit. The creature’s skin was gray, except for his head which was black with sinister red eyes. “Bow to Oblivion and live, defy me and you will surely perish. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”