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The Scrolls of Bangoli
by Marques Jeffries

Gen. Cobrada, Hogley, and a few Predatron Droids stood in front of a viewing screen, as an image of Darkonda and Master Vile appeared on the screen.

“We heard that the two of you have busy during our absence,” Darkonda greeted.

“Yes, Darkonda we’ve been very busy,” Cobrada replied sarcastically. “We to team up with those wretched Power Rangers and use your Dark Fortress to destroy a group of spirit from another dimension.”

“Well we’re glad you’re okay, oh mighty general,” Master Vile said soothingly.

“Oh I’ll bet you are,” Hogley pointed an accusing finger at the screen. “And just where have to two of you been?”

“Well if you really must know, we’ve been doing something constructive.....Unlike you, Piggy,” Darkonda taunted.

“Gen. Cobrada, we’ve discovered the location of the ancient Scrolls of Bangoli, on a desert planet,” Master Vile informed. “We’re on our way there right now.”

“Excellent! I’ll send Hogley and a squadron of Predatrons to join you in your quest,” the general informed.

“Very well. We’re sending you the coordinates of the planet now,” Darkonda with an evil sneer. Moments later, Cobrada’s printer spit out a sheet with the information.

“We’ll anxiously await your arrival,” Master Vile stated, before the viewing went to black.

“I’ll leave at once,” Hogley mumbled.

* * *
Adam Parks sat in his quarters, thumbing through an old photo album that highlighted his previous stint as a Power Ranger. The Asian man let out a chuckle as he looked at a picture This photo was from the Rangers’ Ninjetti era, and displayed all six Rangers, Alpha 5, Ninjor, and even Zordon. Adam remembered that Prince Dex of Endenoi had taken the picture. This photo had been taken just hours after the Masked Rider and Power Rangers had teamed up to foil a joint effort by Count Dregen and Lord Zedd’s forces to enclave all of California. Adam remembered that it had taken Tommy and Kimberly quite a bit of time to convince Ninjor that the flash from the camera would not hurt him. *Hang in there, you guys, we’ll rescue you very soon.* He thought to himself as he continued to look at the picture.

Adam dropped the book, in shock, as a gust of wind ran through the room, and then to his amazement a transparent image of Dulcea, Master Warrior of Phaedos, appeared just a few feet away from him.

“Hello, Adam, its good to see you again,” the woman greeted in her Austrialian accent.

“Dulcea, how did you get here?” he asked.

“I wish we could be speaking to each other under better conditions, however, unless you and the other Rangers act quickly one of this dimension’s most powerful weapons could fall into evil hands.”

“Tell me what needs to be done.”

“Even though, I cannot physically leave Phaedos. My spirit is in touch with the happenings in countless dimensions. I sensed a disturbance in this one, and knew that only the Power Rangers could set things right. As we speak the villains known as Darkonda and Master Vile are embarking on a search for the Scrolls of Bangoli. These scrolls contain information that could very lead to not only the destruction of this universe, but every other one in existence.”

Adam pondered the woman’s words for a moment. *Why was it that these mentors always had a habit of over-dramatizing very situation.* Nevertheless,, he knew that action needed in order to ensure that Dulcea’s warning didn’t come to pass.

“Where are Darkonda and Master Vile heading?” Adam asked.

“To a planet called Rizi. Go quickly my friend and may the Power protect you and the others.” Dulcea’s image then vanished as quickly as it had arrived. Adam rose from his chair and exited the room.

* * *
The Rangers’ ship was now blasting through space, with Billy and Ashley at the controls. Brandon had even managed to talk the Rangers into letting him come along on this quest.

“So, Brandon, what’s the story behind these scrolls?” inquired Zhane.

“Well my mother once told me that many centuries ago, a wise sage named Bangoli existed, who served as a protector over most of this universe. Along with his six companions the Beasts of Virtue, they traveled throughout this dimension doing battle with sorcerers, sorceresses, and all other beings of darkness. He was a hero, much like you guys, however Bangoli met his match when Lord Shroud arrived on the scene. According to legends, Bangoli and Shroud did battle on an unknown planet, over the fate of this universe,” Brandon began.

“And apparently Bangoli lost,” T.J. assumed.

“Yes, Lord Shroud’s black magic proved to be too much for Bangoli, and the hero was slain.....however according to legends, prior to going into battle, Bangoli placed a sleeping spell on the Beasts of Virtue and hid them in an undisclosed location, so that Shroud could not find them and turn them to the ways of evil. Bangoli also wrote up series of notes, revealing the secret location of the Beasts of Virtue in addition to a prophecy concerning the eventual defeat of Shroud. The item in the scrolls that probably has spawned the forces of evil biggest interest is something concerning the Day of Oblivion.”

“There’s that name again,” Karone said, as she began to tremble.

“Don’t worry, Karone, if these Scrolls of Bangoli do exist we’ll find them long before Master Vile and Darkonda,” Andros assured. “Billy, get us up to hyperrush velocity.” The ship increased in speed, leaving a trail of light behind it.

Not far away, Hogley and his Predatrons were nearing Rizi, however they had picked up the Rangers’ ship on their radar.

“I really must find out how those Rangers always know what we’re up to,” Hogley said. “Predatrons, destroy the Rangers ship!”

“Oh great, here come the Droids,” Ashley said.

“Well this time we’re ready for them,” Billy said. “Brandon and I added some new features to the ship that you guys have got to check out. Ashley, press that orange, triangular button.”

As the Droids advanced towards the Rangers’ ship, a set a silver blasters peeked out from below the ship. White laser blasts then began to blow up the Droid fighters.

“Okay now let’s see how they like the Power Boom,” Billy then pulled back a lever on the control console, and then the nose of the ship lit up with golden energy. Seconds later, golden energy surge through space and destroyed the remaining fighter jets.

“Whoooohhhoooo! That was awesome!” Zhane exclaimed.

“Well we’d better get ready to fire another one, because here comes the Dark Fortress,” Andros warned.

“Let’s just see how well your fancy lasers stand up against the firepower of the Dark Fortress, Rangers,” Hogley snarled, as he send a few laser blasts at the Rangers.

“Quick! bring up the shields!” T.J. ordered, but it was too late. The ship was rocked by the blast and began to do a downward spiral towards the surface of Rizi.

“Everybody, brace yourselves!” Billy said.

The former Morphin Ranger did his best to bring up the nose of the ship, and for the most part he succeed at this. The ship slammed onto the sandy surface of Rizi and then skidded a few feet further before being brought to a stop.

One by one, Billy, Brandon, and the six Rangers climbed out and looked at their new surroundings.

“Is everyone okay?” Andros asked.

“Yeah, but we’d better not stay in this spot too long, because whoever is piloting the Dark Fortress is likely to try to finish the job,” Karone advised.

“Which the direction should we go in?” Ashley asked. “I mean, it appears that this planet is just one giant desert.”

Andros pulled out his scanner and began to aim it in various directions, trying to get some sort of energy reading. ‘According to the scanner, there are two large energy sources, one east and the other north of here ”

“I think we could cover more ground if we split up,” T.J. stated.

“Brandon and I will stay here and try to repair the ship,” Billy said.

“Okay, Ashley, Adam, and I will head east to check out the first energy source, while the rest of you can check out the one to the north,” the Red Ranger stated. The Rangers agreed on this idea and then set off in different directions.

* * *
“What are you doing?” Darkonda asked, as he and Master Vile stepped onto the bridge of the Dark Fortress.

“I blew the Power Rangers’ ship out of the sky and now I’m scanning the planet’s surface for any trace of them,” Hogley replied.

‘Don’t worry they’re down there somewhere, and probably heading straight for the location of the scrolls,” Darkonda grumbled.

“Then maybe we should just sit here and let the Rangers find the scrolls for us,” the hog monster suggested.

“Are you as dumb as you look!” Darkonda yelled. “If the Rangers get the scrolls we’ll never be able to get them.”

Hogley whipped out his sword, ready to make Darkonda pay for his insult. “No one insults me and lives to do it again.” Hogley leaped at the devious scientist, ready to expire another one of Darkonda’s lives. Darkonda was ready, however, and draw his Extenda-Sword. The two monsters clashed swords for several minutes with neither one gaining an advantage. Finally, Darkonda went into his bag of tricks and hurled a fistful of powder into the porker’s eyes.

“Master Vile, tonight we’ll dine on sausage and bacon. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” the villain cackled before delivering a powerful blow to Hogley’s chest. The blow was so powerful that it knocked the hog monster across the room and through a wall!

“Darkonda, stop it. We’re going to need his help if we’re going to carry out, the master’s plan,” Vile warned, but it fell on deaf ears. Darkonda rushed through the hole that Hogley’s body had made.

“Hogley! Hogley! Hogley, show yourself, you coward!” There was no response and no sign of the pig, so Darkonda returned to the bridge.

“Oh you’ve done it this, time, Darkonda. He’d probably on his way back on Alter-Earth to tell Cobrada of our treachery,” the elderly monster admonished.

“What treachery?! He knows nothing of our true motives for finding the scrolls,” Darkonda retorted.

“But he does suspect something, and that makes Hogley as big a threat to us as the Power Rangers.”

“All the more reason for us to find him and finish him off,” Darkonda walked over to the control console of ship. “I wounded him badly. He’s probably on the surface below. I say we dispatch the Quantrons and let them finish him off. Besides, this will give us an opportunity to test the new enhancements we made to them.”

“Very well, Darkonda. Send the Quantrons after Hogley,” Vile grumbled. Darkonda punched a combination into the computer and then the sound of metallic feet marching could be heard. The door to the bridge then opened and in walked a group of new and improved Quantrons. These robotic henchmen had the basic appearance of their predecessors, with the exception that these guys were encased in a shiny black armor with a silver spike on either shoulder. They were also brandishing switchblade like weapons in their hands.

“Go down to the surface and hunt down Hogley. Do whatever you have to do to kill him, but bring whatever is left of him back to me.....and by the way, if you should happen to run into the Power Rangers.......destroy them,” Darkonda hissed. After receiving their orders the Quantrons teleported away in a beam of black and silver light.

* * *
“How much further, Andros?” inquired Ashley. The three Rangers had been traveling for about an hour now, and the intense heat was beginning to get to them. Adam had now pulled out a towel and wiped his forehead.

“We should come across whatever is giving these readings within the next twenty minutes.” the Red Ranger replied. Ashley just sighed in response. She made a mental note, that once all of this was over, she’d make Andros and Adam buy the rest of the team some ice cream, for bringing them out into the scorning sun to find some scrolls that could very well not exist.

“Wait. Do guys hear something,” Adam whispered. The three Rangers stopped in their tracks and listened. At first there was silence then they heard a hissing sound.

“Good grief that sounds just like a Snake!” No sooner had Ashley echoed that last word, then a giant king cobra emerged from beneath the sand and began to head straight for them.

“C’mon, you two, we’ve got to find some higher ground,” Andros advised. The three Rangers ran as fast as their legs could carry them, but the cobra was in hot pursuit.

“There’s a rock formation!” Ashley pointed out as the three Rangers made a dash for safety. Ashley leaped first, and landed safely atop the formation, followed by Adam. Andros however lost his footing on the jump and tumbled to the ground. The Red Ranger turned to face the cobra, who was now towering over him.

“Turn on the Power!” Ashley and Adam shouted, in unison as they morphed into their Ranger suits.

The two Power Ranger leaped down from their perch and began to blast the reptile with their Tri-Blasters. This act forced the snake to dive under the sand. Andros took advantage this chance and morphed also.

The cobra erupted from under where the three Rangers were standing, sending all three them flying in opposite directions. The snake then turned his attention on the Yellow Ranger, who lay only a few feet away from him.

“Hang on, Ashley! I’m coming1” Andros sprang to his feet and raced across the sand towards the snake. As the snake prepare to strike out at a very frightened Ashley, a sharp pain ran through his body after being struck by the Spiral Sabre.

“Why don’t you try me on for size, snake!” Andros yelled. The snake had no problems honoring the Red Rangers’ request, as it began to give chase to the Ranger leader.

The Green Ranger had now climbed to the top of the rock formation, and he had a plan on how to get rid the reptilian menace. “Andros! Over here!”

The Red Ranger headed in his teammates’ direction, hoping that whatever Adam had in mind would work. Andros stopped in front of the formation and then turned to face the reptile. The cobra approached the formation, but just as he was within range, the Green Ranger leaped off the rocks, Spacial Blade in hand, and soared through the air, striking the reptile between the eyes and causing it to drop to the ground. The three Rangers watched as the snake weakly burrowed down into the sand once again.

“I think that’s our cue to leave, also,” Ashley said. So the three Rangers once again set out to find the source of the energy reading.

* * *
After several hours of walking, T.J., Karone, and Zhane had now come across a vast palace, made completely out of gold.

“Wow! I wonder who lives here?” Karone said, in amazement.

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that the source of these energy readings is inside,” T.J. replied.

Mysteriously, the palace’s front gate slid open, as a strange voice began to speak. “Welcome, Power Rangers. Welcome to my humble abode. Please come in.”

The three Rangers exchanged looks of bewilderment, but their curiosity got the better of them and they pressed forward as the voice had requested.

The three Rangers noticed the plush palm trees that lined the shimmering walkway.

“Whoever lives here, must be the richest person in this universe,” Zhane commented.

“I don’t know.......something just doesn’t feel right about this place,” T.J. warned.

As the Rangers neared the entrance to the palace, an Arabian man dressed in a tuxedo greeted them. “Please follow me, Rangers. The Sultan is very eager meet you.” The Rangers did as the man had asked, but they continued to keep their guard up.

They were soon lead into a throne room, draped in regal red and blue colored cloth. There was a young man dressed in a white and brown robe with a white turban on his head, sitting on a throne. The Sultan looked to be an his early thirties and greeted the Rangers with a friendly smile. “Don’t be afraid, Rangers, I have no intentions of harming you.”

“How do you know who we are? Our identities are supposed to be a well kept secret,” T.J. informed.

“My family have been faithful followers of the ways of the Power for countless years. Our faithfulness to the Power has allowed us to be in tune with the actions of others who follow the ways of the Power, especially the ones with its namesake, the legendary Power Rangers,” the Sultan explained.

“Then you are aware of why we are in this dimension?” Karone asked. “

Of course, my dear. Three former Rangers are in the clutches of Lord Shroud,” the Sultan replied.

This caused Zhane to think of a very important question. “Wait a minute. We know that Shroud has a general or ruler of each planet in this dimension, so are you working for Lord Shroud?”

“I assure you, Silver Ranger, that I am a good guy.”

“In fact as a token of my friendship I have something I’d like to give to you.” The Sultan picked a sparkling gray stone, that was oddly enough shaped like one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Power Coins, and handed it to T.J. “Give this to the Red Ranger. In his hands, the Murth Stone will help lead all of you to victory over Lord Shroud and his minion.”

“Thank you, Sultan,” T.J. replied, before handing the stone to Karone. The Kerovan woman had an uncanny ability to sense magic within objects, so if there was any evil magic within this stone, Karone would know it.

She held the stone in hand for a few seconds before nodding to T.J. that it was safe. The three Rangers deduced that the Murth Stone was the energy source they had been searching for, but they were glad that it could be used for good.

“Well thank you for your gift, Sultan,” Zhane stated, as he and his companions graciously bowed.

“Raul, please see that the Rangers are supplied with food for their journey back to Alter-Earth,” the Sultan instructed his servant. Raul nodded and motioned for the Rangers to follow him.

On her way out of the room, Karone turned to face the Sultan one last time. “Thanks again for your gift. Your very kind, may the Power protect you, Sultan.” She then exited the room.

About ten minutes later, the Sultan and Raul watched as the three Rangers exited the palace grounds.

In a flash of black smoke, Raul transformed into Darkonda and the Sultan became Benjur.

“I can’t believe how easy that was,” Benjur scoffed.

“I told you the Rangers were very trusting,” Darkonda replied.

“I don’t know. I thought for sure that Karone would sense the dark properties of the Murth Stone.”

“There’s more of Astronema left in Karone then she will admit, and soon the Red Ranger’s dark side will be unleashed,” hissed Darkonda.

* * *
Hogley staggered over a hill. The pain in his chest was now becoming unbearable, but he pressed forward determined to find the Scrolls of Bangoli and present them to Gen. Cobrada. He’d heard what Darkonda and Master had said, before he fled the Dark Fortress. *I don’t know who those traitors are working for, but they’ll never get the scrolls as long as I’m around.*

The porker had spent most of his life by the side of Cobrada. The two of them had grown up at a military academy on Lord Shroud’s homeworld. Even during their childhood, Cobrada had always been the leader and Hogley his loyal sidekick. As they grew up, Hogley would sometimes feel envious of Cobrada’s popularity and favor with Shroud, however, when the time had come for Cobrada to select a second-in-command for his invasion of Alter-Earth, Cobrada had called on Hogley without a second thought. Throughout their reign of Alter-Earth, many had tried to overthrow them, but somehow Cobrada and Hogley had not only survived, but they had firmly established themselves as Lord Shroud’s most feared and respected followers.

*I’ve got to keep moving. I can’t let Cobrada..d..,* Hogley was blasted from behind, causing him to fall forward go tumbling down the hill at rapid speed.

Once his fall he ended, Hogley glanced up to see an army of Quantrons running towards him. Mustering up what little energy he had, Hogley rose to his feet, ready to fight off his attackers or die trying. “C’mon, you walking trashcans!”

The Quantrons simply let out what could have been interpreted as laughter. They all piled on Hogley, like hyenas on a wounded lion. Hogley fought as valiantly as he could, but with his injuries combined with the large number of Quantrons, the porker was soon forced to the ground, however, Hogley’s fate had not quite been sealed. A flash of yellow light ripped into the Quantrons, causing them to scatter. The Green and Red Rangers then arrived on the scene and began to do battle with the Quantrons.

“Fighting Power Punch!” Andros yelled, as he soared through the air and smacked a Quantron directly in the visor.

The Yellow Ranger then struck once again with her Yellow Comet Attack, destroying three Quantrons in the process. Adam used his Spacial Blade to finish off the robotic foot soldiers.

“Power Rangers......why.....why did you save me?” Hogley asked weakly.

“You helped us defeat Blizzard and the Creatures of the Night, so we were just returning the favor,” the Red Ranger stated. Andros then contacted the other three Rangers and had them teleport to his location.

“Hold still, Hogley, I’ve got to bandage up that cut,” Ashley explained, before having her hand shoved away by her patient.

“Keep your hand off me, Ranger!” Hogley snarled, rising to his feet. “I don’t need your help or your kindness. We’re enemies and the next time we meet I’ll destroy all six of you!” With Hogley teleported away.

“So why do you think those Quantrons attacked him?” Karone asked her brother.

“I’m willing to bet that Darkonda and Master Vile are somehow involved,” the Red Ranger replied. “We’d better find those scrolls before any other villains show up.”

* * *
The Power Rangers finally arrived at a temple, that looked more like an Egyptian Sphinx.

“Hmmm, this place doesn’t seem to have an entrance,” T.J. guessed.

“Then we’ll just have to make one,” Zhane replied, pulling out his trusty Silverizer.

“Wait, guys, I just thought about something,” Ashley said. “Back on Earth, places like this always had a secret entrance. There was some sort of stone that had to be pushed or a marker that need to be moved, in order to unlock the passageway.”

“Well its worth a try,” Andros replied as he began to push on the outer wall, soon the other Rangers had followed his lead and they were all pushing on the outer walls.

Finally, Adam found the secret entrance by accidently kicking a stone slab that was sticking out from under part of a wall.

“Good work, Adam,” Andros said, as the Rangers rushed into the tunnel that lead inside.

* * *
On the inside of the temple, the Rangers were immediately attacked by a giant lion.

The feline leaped at the Red Ranger first pinning Andros against a wall. The Ranger leader was thankful the lion’s claws were unable to penetrate his suit or else the Power Rangers would have been short one leader.

“Let him alone!” T.J. took aim with his Astral Bow ready to fire. The lion merely glanced at the Blue Ranger, and fired a red eyebeam from his eyes. This momentary distraction gave Andros just the opening he needed to get away from the lion.

“Okay, guys, we’re going to have to hit him with our Power Weapons,” Andros instructed.

“Astral Bow!”

“Nova Staff!”

“Astral Dagger!”

“Spacial Blade!”

“Super Silverizer!”

“Spiral Sabre!”

“Power Weapons Fire!” the Rangers shouted in unison. Energy surged at the lion, causing him to disappear.

“Yeah! Whooohooo! We beat him!” the Rangers cheered, however, their happiness turned to horror as a voice called out to them.

“Thanks for keeping that lion busy while we stole the Scrolls of Bangoli,” Darkonda taunted, as he and Master Vile stood near a table with four rolled up sheets of paper on it.

“You’ve faced us enough times, Darkonda, to know that we’re not going to just let you leave with the scrolls,” Andros reminded.

“That’s why we brought back up,” Master Vile said. As if on cue more Quantrons entered the room. “Get them!”

Darkonda picked up the scrolls and dashed for the exit, but he was halted by Hogley who was filled with rage.

“How about that rematch?” the porker snarled.

“With pleasure.” Darkonda dropped the scrolls on the ground and then began to clash swords with Hogley.

Master Vile tried to assist the Quantrons in battle, but he ended up being knocked to the ground by the Green Ranger.

“I’ve got to get to the scrolls,” Andros said to himself, taking down a few Quantrons with his Spacial Blade.

Surprisingly, Hogley was able to give Darkonda a good fight. The porker managed to get in a good blow to Darkonda’s shoulder, forcing the treacherous scientist to retreat backwards.

Hogley followed up his attack by leaping at Darkonda, in an attempt to deliver the final blow to his enemy, however, Darkonda wasn’t beaten yet. He telewarped out of Hogley’s path and rematerialized behind the Rangers.

The Red Ranger spun around and dealt Darkonda a powerful blow from his Spiral Sabre. In his weakened state, red energy began to surge through Darkonda, and within moments his second life had expired.

Seeing this, Master Vile decided it was time to make a hasty retreat. He spotted the scrolls lying on the floor and quickly retrieved them.

“Hand over those scrolls, Vile!” yelled Hogley, who was charging towards the elderly villain with his sword extended. Thinking quickly, Master Vile fired a red ball of energy that smashed into Hogley and set him flying through the air backwards. The porker crashed into a pillar, and seconds later the whole building began to shake.

“What’s happening?!” Ashley yelled.

“This place is about the cave in! We’ve got to get out of here before we’re crushed!” Andros yelled.

“You’re not going anywhere, Rangers!” Master Vile then fired more energy balls, but this time they were aimed at the Rangers.

“This time you’re going down, Master Vile! Super Silverizer!” Zhane dashed across the room and slashed the villain with his Power Weapon. Master Vile staggered backwards and then teleported away moments before the whole roof fell in on the Rangers.

* * *
“Oh my goodness! Billy, look down there,” Brandon directed Billy’s attention at the temple that now laid in ruins, below them.

“Hang on, I’m taking us down.” Billy landed the ship a few feet away from the ruins and then he and his young friend exited to see if the Rangers had survived.

“Billy, I don’t think they survived,” Billy said in a trembling tone. He really wanted to break down and cry, but he knew he had to be strong for the sake of Brandon. as they continued to sift through the rubble, Billy wondered how he’d complete his mission without the Rangers, but these fears turned to joy as he and Brandon heard something moving underneath the rubble.

A few minutes later, Ashley Hammond pushed some debris aside and crawled out. T.J. followed, and then Adam, then Karone, then Zhane, and finally Andros.

“Man, you guys had us worried,” Billy said, wiping a few tears from his eyes.

“I thought we were goners for sure,” Ashley replied, as the Rangers demorphed. Zhane helped Andros toss aside some more debris to reveal a motionless Hogley.

Placing a hand over the monster’s heart, Andros stated, “ He’s still alive, but I have a feeling he’s going to need medical attention.”

“It would serve him right if we left him here,” Brandon grumbled.

“Brandon, he tried to help us in battle against Master Vile and Darkonda....sort of,” T.J. stated.

“I can’t believe this......you guys are actually going to help him even after all of the rotten things he and Cobrada have done to us?” the boy continued.

“Darkonda and Master Vile were plotting something big, and Hogley may very well know what it is,” Adam stated. “He may hold the key to us finding out why Darkonda and Vile came looking for the scrolls in the first place.”

“Okay, Okay, we’ll take Hogley with us, but don’t say I didn’t warn if he causes all of to get killed,” Brandon then turned and headed back to the ship.

“”We should probably be leaving, before Vile brings the Dark Fortress down to attack us,” suggested Zhane. The Silver Ranger helped Andros carry the porker back to the ship, with the other Rangers close behind them.

* * *
The ship was now exiting the atmosphere of Rizi.

“Man, I wish we could have gotten those scrolls,” Andros said.

“Yeah, there’s no telling what dark intentions Master Vile has for them,” Karone added.

“You mean these scrolls?” Adam then produced three rolled up sheets of paper from within his jacket, and handed them to Andros.

“Adam, how did you get these?!” the Ranger leader asked in astonishment.

“I swiped them from Darkonda while he was dueling with Hogley,” the Asian man exclaimed.

“Speaking of which, how’s he doing, Ash?” Andros questioned.

Ashley glanced over at the seat next to hers, as the porker sat motionless. “Still no change.”

“Wait a minute, if Adam got the scrolls, then what did Master Vile pick up?” Karone asked.

“Oh I switched the scrolls with three of my grandmother’s world famous recipes. Master Vile may not be able to destroy anything, but he will be able to make a delicious meal,” Adam replied.

“Hmmm,” Brandon said, examining one of the scrolls. “I can’t decipher all of this ancient writing, but from what I can make out....The Beasts of Virtue are hidden on a jungle planet called Monobin and there even a map that tells you how to get there.”

“You heard the kid, Billy, set a course for Monobin,” Andros commanded.

* * *
Master Vile sat in the command seat on the Dark Fortress’ bridge. He was drinking a hot goblet of lava juice and was feeling pretty proud of himself for finding the Scrolls of Bangoli.

“Did you find them?” questioned Darkonda, as he stepped onto the bridge.

Master Vile held up the three scrolls, and then handed them to Darkonda. “See for yourself.”

Darkonda unrolled one of the scrolls and began to read, “! cup of butter, 2 teaspoons sugar, 6 slices of honey soaked ham. Master Vile, you fool! This aren’t the Scrolls of Bangoli. They’re Grandma Parks’ Holiday Recipes. The Power Rangers must have pulled a switch on you.”

“Oh I hate those Rangers.” Vile angrily smashed his fist of the arm of the chair. “The master won’t like this at all, and to make matters worst Hogley knows that we’ve got our own agenda now. If Cobrada and Lord Shroud find out what we’re up to, our plans will be ruined.”

“Okay we’ve got two alternatives,” Darkonda stated calmly. “We can either try to beat Hogley back to Alter-Earth and then try to convince Cobrada that Hogley’s the traitor and not us, or we can try to hunt down the Rangers and get the scrolls from them.”

“When I teleported out of the temple, Hogley wasn’t in the best condition. He probably dead now or close to it. I think our best bet is to track down the Rangers and finish them off once and for all,” Master Vile said with fire in his eyes.

“Well, well, it just so happens that I’ve picked up their ship on our radar. They appear to be heading into deep space.” Darkonda informed, with evil glee in his voice. “We’ll let them lead us straight to the Beast of Virtue, and then we’ll destroy the Rangers and make the beasts our own. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”