Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 16 Ė Green with Envy
Episode created by Mesh Patel

At Jessicaís house, she scans her new pictures of Damon to her official Reggie Rolle website. After completed, she stares at the site and decides to go to Terra Venture. Meanwhile, the daily ranger chat goes in their chat room.

Mary: Hey guys, whatís up?

Kate: Not much, you?

Mary: Kate, you here today! You are usually at Terra Venture at this time.

Krista: Yea, flirting with Leo!

Kate: Hey, I donít flirt with him! We just talk.

Krista: Yea whatever.

Mary: So, whereís Mesh and Jessica?

Krista: I thought Jessica would be here. Her site was updated couple minutes ago.

Kate: And Mesh is at Terra Venture learning to program something with the Astro Megaship.

Mary: Jessicaís probably there too. So, any other news?

Kate: Yea, the season finale of rangers is coming in couple of weeks!

Krista: That is gonna be sweet!

The Data Teenagers continue to chat while the other two teenagers are inside the Astro Megaship. Jessica walks inside when Mesh and Damon are under the navigation center. Alpha gives Damon a wrench.

Damon: Mesh, you sure this is going to work.

Mesh stands up and turns towards a screen.

Mesh: Of course it is. The coordinates should allow the Astro Megaship to teleport straight to our galaxy, saving TONS of time.

Jessica: Hey, Damon. You ready for my next lesson?

Damon looks up and sees Jessica.

Damon: Oh I forgot about that. Sorry, we are working on the hyper navigational booster.

Jessica: The hyper what?!

Damon: Mesh, you explain it.

Mesh: Damon, you say something.

He turns around and also sees Jessica.

Mesh: Hey Jessica, I didnít hear you come in.

Jessica: What is going on?

Mesh: We are trying to see if it is possible to teleport the entire Astro Megaship like we can through the 2gb server.

Jessica: Canít it wait.

Mesh: Well, we already started and if we needed to use the Astro Megaship for anything else it would be impossible until we are done.

Damon: Donít worry, next lesson tomorrow.

Jessica: Sure, no problem.

She turns around and slowly walks out. Damon sighs as Mesh gets back to work.

At Furioís shuttle, Furio takes a nap and Rito pretends to be in charge. He sits on Furioís throne.

Rito: Destroy the Power Rangers!

Rito starts laughing until he notices the pink data stone. He grabs it and starts playing with it.

Rito: Now, I can be the Pink Ranger.

He rubs the stone and pink cloud accidently comes out of it. Rito gets scared and throws it on the ground. The clouds surround a small lizard walking on the ground and transform him into a huge ugly green lizard with a large tongue sticking out.

LizFace: What happened to me? I knew I shouldnít have eaten that bug.

Rito smiles as he walks closer to LizFace.

Rito: Youíre a funny guy. Hey, do you wanna help me out?

LizFace: Sure, how?

Rito: Go to Terra Venture and destroy it!

LizFace: Why not? Iím bored with lying on the ground and eating bugs all day long.

He teleports out of the shuttle. The next day, Jessica returns back to the Astro Megaship to see Damon and Mesh still working on the booster.

Jessica: Ready for that lesson, today?

Damon: Iím sorry, but I have to cancel this one too.

Mesh: It is taking longer then we thought.

Damon: How aboutÖ

Jessica: let me guess, how about tomorrow?

She runs out of the ship crying. Damon is about to follow, but Mesh grabs his shoulder.

Mesh: Letís give her some time to cool off.

Outside, she sits in front of a tree, weeping and mumbling.

Jessica: Stupid booster. This is all Meshís fault. He is always asking Damon for help and using up my free time with him. I hate him!

Suddenly, she hears a scream from a lady. At a distance, she sees LizFace causing havoc in a park. The lady is trying to run away but her leg is stuck in the ground, with LizFace coming closer.

Jessica: I gotta call the othersÖor wait I can show Damon and Mesh that I can do this all by myself. Data Stone..Online!

Her green morpher appears on her hand.

Jessica: Data Ranger 1..Green!

She transforms into Green Data Ranger and jumps into the air. Just as LizFace is about it hit the lady, Green Ranger arrives, performing an air kick to knock him away. She presses her attack button on the Data Com.

Green Ranger: Gemini Earth Power!

She hits the ground, causing a tiny earthquake, to allow the lady to remove her leg from the crack.

Lady: Thank you.

Green Ranger: My pleasure, now go!

The lady runs away while Green Ranger faces LizFace.

LizFace: You ruined my fun.

Green Ranger: Well, you just got a weird hobby, donít ya?

LizFace gets mads and starts charging straight for her. She dives and kicks him in the back.

Green Ranger: I donít need my friends help to take care of this dude.

While she is thinking to herself, LizFace has a chance to attack. He sends a fire out of his mouth that hits Green Ranger to the ground. She tries to get up but is hit by numerous fire attacks. LizFace walks closer to her but she gets the chance to sweep him.

Green Ranger: Transdagger!

She reveals her transdagger and repeatedly hits LizFace. He blocks one of the hits.

Green Ranger: Alpha Axe

She turns her green transdagger into the large heavy axe. She holds it while waiting LizFace to make his move. After a sec of waiting, LizFace decides to charge again. Green Ranger strikes LizFace with the Alpha Axe and knocks him into a tree.

Green Ranger: You give up?

LizFace: Never! As you, I am now green with envy!

He drinks the green potion and grows. Green Ranger gasps as she calls her data cycle, which arrives rapidly. She jumps on it and inserts her data stone.

Green Ranger: Data Zord..transform now!

The green data cycle transforms into the mighty Elephant Data Zord.

Green Ranger: Elephant Data Zord..ready!

The elephant moves slow but shakes the ground with each step making it harder to remain balance for LizFace, who jumps into the air and shoots fire. Elephant grabs LizFace with its trunk and throws him to a great distance. LizFace grows extremely mad and starts turning red. He sends massive fire from his month and causes the Elephant Data Zord to maintain its energy.

Green Ranger: Oh no, 30% energy left! Gotta hurry!

The green Elephant tries to move, but fails. LizFace quits the attack and starts shooting fire balls, which cause extreme damage to the zord. Suddenly, the Condor Galactazord arrives, lifting the Elephant zord in the air.

Green Ranger(Damon): You okay bud?

Green Ranger: I am now, thanks.

Diamond Wheel also arrives rushing towards LizFace, who repeatedly fires. Diamond Wheel avoids all attacks while moving closer to him.

Diamond Ranger: Diamond Warrior Mode!

Diamond Wheel reveals its arms and legs, while transforming into its standing mode. Diamond Warrior raises its shiny staff.

Diamond Ranger: Time to end this! Mega Diamond Light Saber..Full Power!
Diamond Warrior zord holds the saber into the air and recharges with light energy. It then swings its sword at LizFace, causing him to explode and finally die. Rito watches his creation die, so he slowly walks away from the main room, but is stopped by Furio who was also watching the whole thing. Rito smiles nervously as he walks out. Furio slaps his head with his hand, thinking of Ritoís stupidity.

Back inside the Astro Megaship, Mesh finishes the booster while Damon and Jessica prepare to start it.

Mesh: Ok, turn it on.

Damon: Cross your fingers.

He pulls the large switch and waits for the ship to teleport. After a minute of waiting, nothing! Mesh sighs as he walks to the main monitor. Jessica walks up to him.

Jessica: Iím sorry that it didnít work.

Mesh turns around with a smirk.

Mesh: Iím not. I spent too much time thinking about it and even distracted Damon with the task. I am the one that should apologize.

He gives Jessica a hug while Damon smiles. Mesh sees Damon and stop hugging her.

Mesh: Iíll let you get back to your lessons.

Jessica: Thanks.

Mesh walks out while Damon and Jessica remained alone inside the Astro Megaship, where Jessica spent hours learning to use the ship and talking with Damon.