Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Copyright @ Saban 1999. SP and Data Rangers Copyright @ Mesh Patel,1999.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP
Episode 2 Ė Data Quest Pt. 2
Episode created by Mesh Patel

Inside a hidden chamber of Star Points, the galaxy rangers explain to the teenagers that the stones have great power and should only be used for good.

Mesh: Are you guys thinking what I am thinking?

Jessica: Yea, these stones can make us..Power Rangers?!

Kate: But how?

Furio remains quiet as he tries to discover how to access his pink data stone.

Krista:Go Galactic!

Everyone remains quiet as they stare at Krista holding her data stone in the air with nothing happening. Furio quietly hides behind the altar as he reads the Book of Data.

Furio: "Tranformation..to tranform into the mighty warriors of justice, you must recite the sacred words".

The sacred words?

Mesh: Wait a sec. Last night, after completing the server, I had a strange night about a website titled..Data Stones Online. I wonder if itís possible.

Mary: Itís worth a shot.

The Galaxy Rangers, still held, by the Sting Wingers, continue to struggle as the teenagers hold their stones into the air.

All: Data Stones...Online!

The five colored stones glow and rise above the five teenagers. Morphers, similar to the Zeonisers, appear on their hands.

Jessica: Data Ranger 1..Green!

Jessicaís stone surrounds her and transforms her into the Green Data Ranger.

Krista: Data Ranger 2..Yellow!

Kristaís stone surrounds her and transforms her into the Yellow Data Ranger.

Mary: Data Ranger 4..Blue!

Maryís stone surrounds her and transforms her into the Blue Data Ranger.

Kate: Data Ranger 5..Red!

Kateís stone surrounds her and transforms her into the Red Data Ranger.

Mesh: Data Ranger 6..DIAMOND!
Meshís stone rises into the air and into him, transforming him into the Diamond Data Ranger.

All: Power Rangers SP!

Red Ranger(Kate): I canít believe this!

Blue Ranger(Mary): No kidding!

Furio: Now, itís my turn! Data Stone..Online!

Everyone gasps as Furio tries to morph.

Furio: Data Ranger 3..Pink!

Furio tranforms into a dark pink data ranger.

Pink Ranger(Furio): This should even up the odds.

The Sting Winger release the galaxy rangers and head towards the new data rangers. The galaxy rangers jump up and help the data rangers prepare for fight. Alpha suddenly contacts the rangers.

Alpha: Rangers, trouble near the Control Tower. A grown Trakeena is destroying everything.

Red Ranger(Leo): Okay Alpha, weíre on our way.

Yellow Ranger(Maya): Can you guys handle them while we get Trakeena?

Yellow Ranger(Krista): Weíll try to. You guys gotta go.

The galaxy rangers teleport out of the room while the data rangers stand one by one.

Diamond Ranger(Mesh): We have to return the pink stone to the side of good!

The rangers began fighting the Sting Wingers. Red and Blue Rangers go after Pink Ranger, who is holding the Book of Data.

Red Ranger(Kate): Iíve always wanted to knock you out for going after Leo. Now itís now turn.

Red Ranger fakes a jab and follows up with a tornado kick, kicking the book out of his hands and into Blue Rangerís possession. The bookís dirty appearance transforms into a beautiful blue book, shining a bright blue around it.

Blue Ranger(Mary): Amazing!

Pink Ranger(Furio): Give me that book back.

Red Ranger(Kate): Youíre never going to get it.

Red Ranger holds Pink Ranger against a wall while Blue Ranger runs to the far corner.

Blue Ranger(Mary): Now, letís see if this book can help us in anyway.

She opens the book and is astonished by the beautiful rays. Strange unknown symbols inside the book change into readable words, but only to Mary since she was the first one with a pure heart to touch the book.

Book of Data: Thank you for releasing me from my long nap!

Blue Ranger(Mary): You can talk?!

Book of Data: Yes, I am the entity of the stones. You are the only one that can read this book and hear my


Blue Ranger(Mary): Well, is there anyway that you can help us? We arenít really rangers, we just got the stones and got lucky that the stones worked.

Book of Data: With that kind of attitude, maybe you arenít really rangers? The stones have chosen well when it came to you. Even though one stone appears in the hands of evil, you must try to try this grasp. For you to receive the full powers of the stones, the six warriors must join as one team. You can use this book to find information on anything.

Blue Ranger(Mary): Well okay. Show me our weapons.

Book of Data: Many weapons and arsenals are be accessed by the Warriors of Data. Your first weapons consist of your star elements.

Blue Ranger(Mary): I think I understand.

Diamond Ranger looks at Blue Ranger talking to a book and gets confused.

Diamond Ranger(Mesh): Mary, you okay?

Blue Ranger(Mary): No time to talk, itís time to call the Data Sabers now.

The rangers regroup in front of the Pink Ranger.

Green Ranger(Jessica): Earth Saber!

Green Ranger holds her stone and concentrates to create a strong green saber.

Yellow Ranger(Krista): Lightning Saber!

Yellow Ranger grasps her stone as she harnesses thunder around her to create a strong yellow saber.

Blue Ranger(Mary): Water Saber!

Blue Ranger holds her stone as she harnesses water around her to create a strong blue saber.

Red Ranger(Kate): Fire Saber!

Red Ranger lifts her stone as she harnesses fire around her to create a strong red saber.

Diamond Ranger(Mesh): Diamond Light Saber!

Diamond Ranger closes his hands together and slowly opens them to reveal his shiny clear saber.

Pink Ranger(Furio): Thanks for the info on how to create the sabers. Wind Saber!

The Wind Saber appears in his hands.

The five rangers surround him and attack one by one. Pink Ranger manages to face them all until Green Ranger sweeps him to the ground. They attack him with their swords at the same time, but he manages to parry and send them flying.

Pink Ranger(Furio): Now, have you had enough.

Diamond Ranger(Mesh): Diamond Light Saber..energized!

Diamond Ranger jumps above the rangers and collects light energy into his saber. He slashes the Pink Ranger, who suddenly unmorphs back to Furio.

Furio: Time for me to leave. I shall get those stones.

Furio disappears as the rangers celebrate. The data rangers remove their helmets and quietly stare at each other.

Jessica: This is so cool. We are the Power Rangers!

Mary: I have news for you guys, this book talked!

All: What?

Mary: Come on, book of Data, give us some advice.

Book of Data(to Mary): Only you can hear meÖ

The other look at Mary with a glance.

Kate: Guys, we gotta help the rangers beat Trakeena.

The data rangers run outside of the Star Points and see the five Galacta Beasts and Trakeena.

Red Ranger(Leo): Galacta Zords..transform now!

He raises his transdagger into the air and the galactabeasts transform into their respected zords self.

Green Ranger(Damon): Galaxy Megazord transform!

As the zords slowly combine into the mighty Galaxy Megazord, the data rangers watch from below.

Mesh: Itís just like watching the show!

Krista:Except we got the front row seat.

Trakeena attacks a hard blow to the Galaxy Megazord with her staff. Sparks start flying from the zord.

Jessica: Weíve gotta help!

Kate: But how?

Mary: Book of Data, anything on zords?

Book of Data(to Mary): To find the data zords, you must insert the stones into vehicles of great speed.

Mary: Can you be a little more specific?

Book of Data(to Mary): No.

Mary smiles as she holds the book.

Krista: You can do it guys.

Mesh: Use the Galaxy Saber and then the Condor Galactazord.

Blue Ranger(Kai): Galaxy Megazord Saber!

The Megazords slashes five hits at Trakeena, knocking her to the ground.

Yellow Ranger(Maya): Condor Galacta Zord..

The Condor GalactaZord lands on the Megazordís hand.

Yellow Ranger(Maya):Missle mode..fire!

Just before the missle is about to hit Trakeena, she suddenly retreats away from the fight.

Galaxy Rangers: And donít come back!

On Scorpiusí ship, Furio and Trakeena appear before Scorpius.

Scorpius: Furio, give me your data stone. Now!

Furio: No! You canít order me around any more.

Scorpius: What?! Give me that stone or I shall destroy you.

Furio: No.

Scorpius sends an energy blast towards Furio.

Furio: Wind Saber!

Furio uses the Wind Saber to repel the blast back to Scorpius. He rapidly runs away and steals the mini-shuttle to use as his new headquarters.

Scorpius: You will pay for being a traitor to me. Trakeena, you are my new general. Donít disappoint like Furio did.

Trakeena: Yes father.

On Terra Venture, the rangers, unmorphed, of both galaxy hang out inside their quarters.

Leo: This is incredible, you are the guys that we chat with daily.

Kate: Yea, and now we are rangers like you.

Damon: But how did you get here?

Jessica: Mesh created a 2gigabyte per second server that had the speed to teleport us here.

Kendrix: Wow, thatís amazing!

Maya: Yea, but where did he go?

Krista: I think that he said something about talking to Alpha and making us a device that will teleport us back and forth from Terra Venture.

Kai: Alpha can program anything.

Mary: I hope so. We will need to get back to Earth.

The rangers continue talking and eating Kaiís chocolate cookies. But what is coming in the future? What will Furio do with the pink ranger power? And will the data rangers ever get home? Find out next time on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy SP =).