My Heart Will Go On
by Mandi Gordon

Somewhere on the Atlantic, 1720

Demona sighed as she watched the boat cut through the water. She had snuck on the boat heading towards the new world after her visit with her priest friend Darius. She missed Goliath terribly, and it seemed that the humans just kept coming no matter what she would do to destroy them. It seemed hopeless to her. Demona looked at her talons for a moment.

"Humans hate my kind because we are different." Demona whispered to herself. "I wonder if other humans feel the same way."

"Hey you!" A funny accented voice called from the Crows Nest. Demona looked up to see a man who looked to be between the ages 18 and 20 climb down and walk over to her. "Where did you come from? The captain doesn't like stowaways."

Demona looked the man over. Her night vision was better than a humans and she was in the shadows while he was in the light. Demona decided that since she had her wings caped she must have looked like a human female to him. The man had light brown hair, strong features, crystal blue eyes that were sunken in, and stubble from the beginning of a beard. Demona decided that he was not a threat to her. She noticed that he carried himself like a warrior. He resembled a human Goliath in a way.

"I hid in the cargo hold." Demona replied. "What is your captain going to do? Throw me overboard?"

"No but the crew will wonder where a female Gargoyle statue came from in the middle of the ocean." The man replied with a staccato laugh. "And you are too pretty to get smashed."

Demona took a step back from the man with the strange accent and laugh. How did he know what she was, let alone think her pretty. "I do not scare you?" Demona asked.

"Why would a gargoyle scare me?" The man asked. "There are worse things in this world for me to be scared of than a lone gargoyle." The man gently took her by the arm and smiled. "Come you can stay in my cabin."

"But what of your captain?" Demona pulled out of his grasp. "Will he not be mad?"

"I am the Captain." The man smiled at the shock that showed in her eyes. "My name is Daniel Destine. Welcome aboard my ship, the Bonny Heather." He held out his hand as an invitation for Demona to take it.

Demona nodded as she took Daniel's hand in her talons. "I am known as Demona." She replied and then smiled slightly.

Daniel showed her to his cabin and offered her some wine and food. Demona took it gratefully since she hadn't had real food in a while. Soon they got to talking like old friends. Daniel started to teach her about sailing and how to keep from being sea sick. Demona listened to him with uncanny attention. This man intrigued her greatly. He was kind to her yet she knew that he wouldn't take any crap from her or the crew. He reminded her of Goliath. Even if he was a human Demona liked him. He was like Darius in many ways, and that excited her. Daniel stopped his teaching when he saw the sky start to lighten in the east.

"The sun is about to rise." Daniel said as he stood.

"So soon?" Demona asked as she stood.

"Yes." Daniel sighed then smiled. "Shall we continue your teaching tonight?"

"I would like that." Demona smiled as she walked to a corner and made herself comfortable for her days sleep. "Until tonight, Captain Destine."

Daniel Destine nodded to Demona as she turned to stone. After the crackling of stone ended Daniel Destine known to his kinsman and enemies as Connor MacLeod covered the gargoyle with a sheet and went to do his captainly duties.

That day Demona dreamed of Daniel instead of Goliath. It would take her a while to admit it but she was falling in love with the human who had a funny laugh and accent.

Every night in my dreams,
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on,

Weeks pass and the relation between Demona and Daniel become serious. Daniel even went as far as giving Demona a long Celtic cloak so she could walk amongst the men during the early evening after she woke up. Soon it came to pass that they reached the new world. They had come to the parting of their ways.

"We have reached the new world Demona." Daniel said that night when she awoke from her stone slumber.

"This means goodbye, doesn't it?" Demona asked as she slipped the cloak on.

"Aye, blossom, it does." Daniel sighed as he took he taloned hand in his. "You know you don't have to leave. You could stay."

"No. Your crew would get suspicious about me." Demona replied as she stroked the back of his hand lightly. "But you could return for me in a year's time."

"I'll do that." Daniel smiled.

Demona leaned over and kissed Daniel on the cheek softly. "Till we meet again." Demona whispered.

Demona then pulled the hood around her face and left the boat. Daniel watched as she disappeared into the crowd of humans. Not once did they look at her oddly. Daniel sighed as he turned back to the ship.

"Aye Demona." Daniel Destine said in his native accent of Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. "There are humans that feel different. There are humans that, like you, stay in the shadows."

Far across the distance,
And spaces between us,
You have come to show you go on,


Demona paced the dock as she waited for The Bonny Heather to arrive. During her year on land she gathered what she needed and made a home for herself in a cave near the sea. Ever since she met Daniel she felt an urge to stay near the sea. Demona held her breath when she saw the ship pull up. The first man off was the captain. She knew him by the way he stood. Demona quickly ran up to him and held him in an embrace. Daniel greeted her with a kiss to the lips which shocked her.

"Daniel!" Demona gasped.

"I've missed you." Daniel replied. "Are you ready to sail with me Demona?"

"Aye." Demona smiled. "I'll sail to the ends of the earth with you. You are in my heart."

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on,
Once more you open the door,
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on,

That night after the crew restocked their supplies and boarded their new cargo Demona waited for Daniel in his cabin. She loved the way her to control of any situation. He was even more like Goliath even after the year apart. He was more aggressive than Goliath ever was but Demona liked that. She also knew he kept a secret from her. She wanted to ask him but she hoped he would tell her.

"Daniel Destine." Demona whispered as she watched him yell orders to his first mate. "What secret are you hiding? Are you trying to protect me? Should I tell you mine?" Demona sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. "Am I really in love again?"

Love can touch us one time,
And last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we're one,

"Demona what's wrong?" Daniel asked as he walked into his cabin. "You feeling well?"

"No, I am fine, Daniel." Demona replied as she sat down on the cot. "It's just . . . Have you ever been in love?"

The question struck Daniel down flat. He hadn't allowed himself to love since Heather died over 200 years ago. Yet the female gargoyle in front of him stirred feelings in his heart that couldn't be denied. She was Scottish like him and strong. A true warrior.

"Yes I have." Daniel replied as he sat down next to Demona. "Have you?"

"Yes." Demona whispered. "But he's gone now."

Daniel nodded as Demona looked down. He could see the tears in her eyes. Daniel reached over and wiped a tear away. Demona looked at him in surprise. All Daniel could do was smile.

"I think we have a problem." Daniel chuckled.

Demona smiled when the laugh reached her ears. "And what might that be?"

"Well, I think I'm in love with a remarkable woman." Daniel explained. "A woman who is a true warrior. And I don't know if this woman loves me. And if she does, would she accept me?"

Demona smiled as she leaned in closer to him. "I think this woman would say it's a kind of magic." She smiled as he responded with leaning in closer to her so she could claim his lips.

Love was when I loved you,
One true time I hold to,
In my life we'll always go on,

The next thing both human and gargoyle knew. Both sets of clothes were on the ground as they became one with each other. During this meeting of souls and bodies Demona cried out in pleasure. Daniel responded with cries of his own. Demona knew that she would never find another man like him, and Connor MacLeod found his match in combat, spirit, and determination. In his mind he could hear his younger kinsman Duncan MacLeod call him a daft fool for telling him about gargoyles being real. Connor chuckled inwardly when he remembered the lesson Duncan learned that night. Anything is possible. And tonight proved that. Anything was possible. A human and Gargoyle can make love. They just both have to want it.

Early morning found Demona asleep in Connor's arms. Connor smiled as he stroked her flame red hair. "My Bonny Angel." Connor whispered in his native tongue so she wouldn't wake. "I could do this with you forever."

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on,
(Why does the boat go on?)
Once more you open the door,
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on,

Weeks passed as each night Demona and Daniel taught each other new things. Yet two secrets were never revealed. Fear of hurting the other kept the secrets just that. Secrets. That would prove to be their undoing.

"Captain!" The first mate yelled as he ran up to Daniel and Demona. "Captain there is a Pirate ship approaching the starboard bow!"

Before Daniel could speak a huge blast rocked the ship. The Pirate ship had fired upon them. Both Demona and Daniel grabbed the edge to keep standing but the attempt was futile as they were thrown to the floor as the cannon ball hit the middle of the ship.

"We're sinking!" Demona yelled.

"All hands abandon ship!" Daniel ordered.

There was panic on the ship as the crew piled into the few life boats they had. Demona Ran to the crows nest and started to climb so she could get enough altitude to glide to safety. Daniel tried to follow her when another cannonball rocked the ship. The force of the blast threw Daniel overboard.

"DANIEL!" Demona screamed as she dived into the water after him.

The shock of the cold black water was nothing against the shock of figuring out that humans had attacked the man she loved. Her hands worked frantically as she tried to find him in the water. Finally her talons encircled his wrist. With a mighty kick from her legs and a few beats from her wings her head broke the surface of the water. Demona pulled Daniel close to her as she tried to find a boat or anything to help them stay afloat. Nothing was around. No sign of the ship or the pirates. Demona looked at Daniel to find him limp in her arms.

"Daniel?" Demona asked as she ran a talon down his face. "Daniel, wake up!" No response. "Oh, Daniel, I am so sorry." Demona sobbed as she wrapped her arms and wings around him. "Let the ocean claim us, my love, for this is where we were together for a brief time. I love you." Demona thought as they sank into the depths of the ocean. She would die a temporary death with him. It was the least she could do to make up for not telling him the truth. Her last two thoughts before blackness encased her were of Daniel and Goliath. The two men she loved.

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know my heart will go on,
We'll stay forever this way,
You're safe in my heart,

Connor MacLeod awoke from death on the shore somewhere. The first thing he noticed was Demona in stone sleep with the waves lapping her face. The way her body was twisted and the look of peace on her face showed him that she was dead. Connor folded his hands and said a small prayer for her soul.

"I'm sorry Demona. I should have told you who I really was. Then you didn't have to die to save me." Connor whispered.

Connor was about to bury her when the presence of another immortal filled his entire being. Connor reached for his sword as a tall man with dark hair came over the hill.

"Connor! Thank God ye're alive!" Duncan MacLeod yelled as ran over to Connor.

"Duncan, what are you doing here?" Connor asked in shock.

"I heard that Pirates attacked yer ship off the coast of Paris and started searching for ye." The younger Scot said. "That was a week ago. Ye've been in the water for quite some time. Come on I'll get ye some food and dry clothes."

Connor reluctantly let Duncan lead him to his horse. He looked back a few times to lock his love for a gargoyle in his heart forever.

And my heart will go on and on . . .

The End