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Note: This fic becomes a little dark.

The Past Can Haunt You
by Emily

It is late at night.

There are six teenage girls watching TV in a red brick house. They seem to have a secret between them, one that keeps them close.

"I'm glad you guys could come over. It's been forever since I've had a slumber party. In fact, I can't remember the last time I even had a sleepover," said Buffy.

"I'm glad I could come too. It's been really fun," Kat said, smiling.

"I hope we could do this more often. Maybe it will help us learn more about each other." claimed Tanya. "I would like to know more about you guys."

"What do you want to do?" asked Aisha.

"Why don't we play truth or dare?" suggested Kim.

"Good idea! I'll go first!" offered Kat.

"Okay Kat. Truth or Dare?" asked Buffy.

"Ummmmm.....truth," she answered.

"If you had to pick between Rocky and being a Power Ranger, which would you pick?" Buffy asked.

"I don't know. If our feelings for each other are real, and not just a crush, I think I would have to pick Rocky," she answered truthfully.

"Awwww, how sweet, Kat," teased Tanya, watching her friend begin to blush. "I bet Rocky would love to hear this!" Tanya said as she headed towards the phone.

"Tanya, don't you dare!" screeched Kat as she lunged toward Tanya. They began wrestling for the phone, as the others broke into peals of laughter. Then, something occurred to Kat.

"Tanya, do you even know Rocky's number?" Kat asked suspiciously.

"Nope, I just wanted to see what you would do!" Tanya managed to say before breaking into laughter herself.

"Come on, you guys. Let's continue with the game." announced Kim. "Whose turn is it?"

''I think it was Buffy's turn," said Aisha.

"Okay, Buffy truth or dare?" asked Kim.

"I want truth," said Buffy.

"Okay. Have you ever loved someone, really loved them, but lost them?" came the question from Kim.

"Yes," answered Buffy.

"We need more than that as an answer," announced Kat.

"Okay, but are you sure you want to hear this?" she asked.

"Yes," came the reply.

"Alright. I had been in Sunnydale for a while, when I met him. He was tall, dark, mysterious, and completely gorgeous. I went out with him for about a year. He was perfect. He was sweet, caring, and really loving. He even gave me this." With that, she pulled out a ring and a beautiful cross necklace. "I thought he was the one for me. Any way, I was really beginning to fall in love with him. Then he started to ...... hurt my friends. It got worse, until he killed one of my friends. He ended up killing my family and friends before he disappeared." The girls sat in silence, digesting her story. They didn't know what to say.

"Wow," was all Trini could say.

"You've been through a lot. But now your here and it's time to start over," said Kim with authority. "He will never hurt you here."

"Yeah, I guess," said Buffy. "Let's keep playing. Kim. it's your turn."

"Truth or dare?" asked Trini.

"I will be the only brave one so far." Kim said mysteriously. "I'm picking dare."

"Okay! I dare you to call Skull and pledge your undying love for him," Trini said with a smile."

"What?! I can't do that!" Kim exclaimed.

"Come on Kim. You said you were the only brave one here,'' Kat said.

* * *


"Have you thought of a plan to defeat the Key yet?" Zedd angrily asked.

"As a matter of fact, I have. My plan will destroy her and all of the rangers. I just have to use my knowledge of her to brings her down. She must remember, the past can haunt you," Shadow said evilly.

"This plan had do better than the last one. We can't afford to lose anyone else." ordered Zedd.

"Lord Zedd, calm down," soothed Divatox. "I have a friend coming, who will take Rita's place. The only difference is, she will be BETTER then Rita."

"Who is this person, and why didn't we know about it?" asked Shadow suspiciously.

"She should be here any minute." At that moment, a lady appeared. She looked young, but you could tell she was evil.

"So good to see you again, Asronoma!" Divatox said as she went to embrace the girl.

* * *


"This was a great idea to double date, Billy." Trini said as she, Billy, Zack, and Aisha walked through the park.

"It's a good way to catch up on old times," said Aisha happily. "By the way, Zack and Trini, how was the peace conference?"

"We learned a lot there," said Trini wisely. "I never knew there were so many problems in the world!"

"Neither did I! I was really surprised when-" At that moment, Zack was hit from behind by unidentifiable creatures.

"What are those?!" Aisha asked as she helped Zack up.

"Whatever they are, they have us surrounded!" exclaimed Billy. At that moment, he felt Shadow. "You guys, the shadows are here to, but I'm-" he stopped talking and was knocked out as he was hit in the head by a large staff.

"I thought the power rangers would be able to take down a few of the shadows, and my pets!"

"Who are you?" asked Trini, afraid of the answer.

"I am Astronoma, pleased to meet you," she said mockingly. "I heard how your little friend got rid of Rita. Impressive! But, not even she can stop what is happening!"

"What IS happening?" asked Aisha suspiciously.

"Now, we don't want the surprise to be ruined know, do we?" asked Astronoma.

"Come on, guys. Let's get rid of this witch!" Zack exclaimed. "It's morphin it-"

"I don't think so!" yelled Astronoma, as she hit Zack in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. "Shadow, send these children to the cave!" With that, all five of them disappeared in a bright light.

* * *


"Alright Shadow, I brought you four of the rangers. Now, tell us what you are going to do!"

"That, my dear, is a suprise. I will tell you when all of the rangers are here," said Shadow. "Now, get going. There are eight rangers left. I need all of them except the key." At that moment, the four rangers woke up.

"Look who finally woke up. It's about time!" exclaimed Zedd.

"Wh-What are we doing here? asked Billy.

"You are bait, for your friends," explained Shadow. "Oh, and don't even bother trying to morph. With all the evil in this cave, There is no way you can morph! Now, Zedd and Divatox, go and get the rest of the rangers! GO!"

* * *


''I can't believe I've been here two weeks, and I've already made so many friends!" exclaimed Buffy happily.

"After all you have been through, you deserve it!" said Tanya. She looked over to where Tommy and Jason were teaching a class. "You know, they look like they've been working together their whole life!"

"Well, they have been working together a while," said Kim as she sat next to them.

"They have?" asked a surpassed Tanya.

''Yeah, they've been working together ever since Tommy came to town," exclaimed Kim. "A little after, really. After we broke the spell."

"What spell?" asked Buffy.

"Well, when Tommy came to town, Rita decided that he would make a great evil ranger. She gave him the Dragonzord coin, and he became the green ranger. We broke the spell and he became part of our team," explained Kim.

"How many teams were there, and how did each of you fit in?"

"The original team was Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini and I," said Kim. "Then Tommy joined us. Adam, Rocky, and Aisha came and took the place of Jason, Zack, and Trini. I left and Kat took my place. When they went on the Zeo quest, Tanya took Aisha's place. Justin took Rocky's place when they got their Turbo powers. Now everyone is back."

"Wow! Oh, look. Their class is over with." Tommy and Jason walk over and sit by the girls.

"Does any one know where Billy is? He was supposed to meet me after the class," said Tommy. "He's not usually late."

"No, I haven't seen him," Tanya said.

"Well, I have to bail guys," said Kim. "I have a babysitting job. See ya later!" With that, she left.

* * *


''Great. Now I have to go and babysit the terrible twosome. Not my idea of fun," said Kim to herself.

"I wish I had something better to do!"

"I think that can be arranged, little eagle," said a voice behind her.

"What do you want Zedd?' she asked unfearfully.

"Why, I want you, Kimberly," he replied evilly.

"You're not going to get me , Zedd. Even though I'm small, it doesn't mean I'm powerless!" With that, she yelled out,"Ultimate Eagle!"

"It looks like this is going to be a bit harder than I thought. But remember Kim, I still owe you for what happened on Venus Island!" He lunged at her, determined to capture her. He delivered a swift kick to her groin, but she managed to deflect it. She punched him in the face, knocking him back. He returned with a tornado kick, knocking her down.

"This is taking too long!" he bellowed. "Shadow putties, attack!" Kim suddenly felt the shadow putties surrounding her.

Great, she thought, I can't beat them alone! She started fighting them, but it was no use. They knocked her to the ground, beaten.

"Take her with me. We must get her to Shadow!" said Zedd.


"Great, someone heard," he turned around to see Buffy running up to the Shadow putties.

"I don't think so!" said Zedd. He grabbed his staff from the ground and fired it at Buffy.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed as it hit her on the side. Zedd ran over and hit her again. He laughed as she grabbed her side in pain.

"That should take care of you for a while!" he said happily. "Come on! Let's go! He, the putties, and Kim disappeared as Buffy could only lay there, watching.

* * *


"Here's another one Shadow," said Zedd as he brought Kim in.

"Good. You brought in the hybrid. This should make it easier."

"What about me? I brought a couple in a couple myself!" exclaimed Divatox as she dragged in Rocky and Kat and threw them in the cage.

"Let us out of here, Shadow!" yelled Kat.

"Never! We must wait for the perfect time," Shadow said.

"Can you tell us the plan Shadow?" asked Divatox.

"Fine.(sigh) I wanted to wait, but since you are being so impatient, I guess I can tell you now," he said. "The key is very strong, as we have seen. Ever since the first key appeared, they have all lived just a short time before they were killed. Now, this one is different. Most have been very trusting, so they were easy to kill. Since Buffy was a slayer, she doesn't have that trait. Instead of taking her down, I want her to join us. She has a history of giving in to protect her friends. If we threaten to kill her new friends, she might give in, If she doesn't, she will die! Either way, it's a win, win situation for us."

"That plan is perfect! I'm suprised I didn't think of that!" exclaimed Zedd. "Now all we have to do is get the rest of the rangers!"

* * *


"I can't believe how tired I am!" said Tanya as she sat down next to Buffy. "I never thought karate was that hard!"

"You'll get used to it after a whi-" Buffy was interrupted when when Tanya's communicator went off.

"Uh, oh. Looks like they're up to something!" exclaimed Tanya. "You get Adam and Jason. I'll get the other two."


* * *


"Dimitria, what's wrong?" asked Adam, as he teleported in.

"I'm afraid Shadow has sent down a new monster. He is called Masto. He has the power to freeze you, if you are hit by his ray. He is very dangerous, so be careful. Also, I cannot locate the other rangers, so you will have to go without them."

"Gotcha Dimitria. It's morphin time !" shouted Tommy.

"Ultimate Dragon!"

"Ultimate Panthar!"

"Ultimate Cheetah!"

"Ultimate Gorilla!"

"Ultimate Shark!"

"Ultimate Tiger!"

* * *


"So, I see you came to challenge me!" said Masto evilly. "To bad you won't be able to defeat me!"

"We will get rid of you, Masto!" shouted Tommy.

"Idiotic Fool! There is no way to get rid of me!" with that, he shot a ray at Tommy, who managed to get out of the way. Buffy ran at Masto as he started chasing Tanya. She knocked him down. He tried to freeze her, but she deflected it with her magic. He stood up and shot a ray at her. She made a shield using her magic, which held it off. The other rangers went to help her as they saw her weakening from the effort to deflect the ray.

"I.....am....sick....of...THIS! yelled Masto as he jumped away from Buffy. "All I wanted was to get the rangers, but I have to put up with the key! Take this rangers!" he yelled as he froze Jason. "See ya later, rangers!"

* * *


"Dimitria, do you know where they have taken the others?" asked Buffy.

"Alpha and I have discovered that they are being held at a cave, a few miles from town. We will teleport you there so you can get the rest . Good Luck, rangers."

* * *


"I brought you one, master!" said Masto as he brought in Jason.

"You were supposed to bring in all of them!" roared Shadow. "Unfreeze these two!"

"Yes master," said Masto. He unfroze the two, and as soon as he did, Shadow destroyed him.

"He was getting on my nerves," he explained. At that moment, Buffy, Tanya, Adam and Tommy came in, unmorphed.

"What did you do with our friends, Shadow?" asked Buffy angrily.

"It looks like the guest of honor has arrived!" Shadow exclaimed. "Get them!"

Lord Zedd, Astronoma, and Divatox grabbed Tanya, Adam, and Tommy and put them in the cage with the rest of the rangers.

"What do you want, Shadow?" asked Buffy suspiciously.

"Why, you my dear. See, you are the KEY to my success," said Shadow. "If you join my side, I will let your friends go! If not, then you. and your friends will die. You will watch them die. Just as you let your other friends die."

"What makes you think I will join you?" Buffy hissed.

"Maybe if your friends find out a little about you, they won't want to see you anymore." He smiled as he saw her face pale. "Let's start at the beginning. When you first found out you were the slayer, you lived in LA. Your watcher was then killed by the head vampire, the master. You ended up killing him. During this, you fell in love with a guy named Pike. You had to burn down the gym to get rid of the vamps, but Pike got killed by the vampires. You were then expelled from school. You transferred to Sunnydale, where you met Willow, Jesse, Xander, and Cordelia. Jesse was the first to go. He was killed by the master. But together, you, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, and Giles, ended up getting rid of many vampires and demons. Then you met Angel. You fell in love. Then you found out what he was. One of them. A vampire. You still went out with him. Then, you fought the master and died at his hands. Xander revived you with CPR and you killed the master for good. The next year, your watcher, Giles, started going out with Ms. Calendar. You continued getting rid of the demons. Then, Spike and Drusilla came. No worries, though, because you had your slayerettes. Then it happened. On your 17th birthday, you decided to take your relationship with Angel to the next level. And here is a person to tell everyone about about it."

"Hello, lover."

"Angel?" Buffy asked, her voice barely audible.

"Yes, it's me," said Angel evilly. "Let's finish the story. On the night of your 17th birthday, we made love. Then my soul left me, and I became the evil monster again. SO much happened after that. Miss Calendar tried to curse me again, but I broke her neck. Next, I got rid of your mom and dad. I made your mom one of us, but you staked her. Your dad, on the other hand, was killed a more normal way. He was slashed across the throat. Next came Cordelia. I cut off her hands and feet. Oz was beheaded. And poor Giles. I ripped his heart out. Next came Willow. I chopped her into little pieces. Xander made it easy. He killed himself. Then, you killed Drusilla. I thought Spike would be mad. Instead, I found out that he joined with you. Then, you killed me. But Shadow brought me back."

"I hate you!" hissed Buffy.

"But you can't kill me. Because you love me!"

"No. I loved Angel. The real Angel. Not you!" she said as she attacked him. They fought hard against each other, neither getting the upper hand. Finally, Buffy pulled a stake out of her clothes and stuck it in his heart.

"Goodbye, lover," she taunted.

"I.... guess...I....was.....wrong," he said as he turned into dust.

"Now, to get my friends!" Before she could move, Shadow leapt at her.

"Buffy, look out!" shouted Kat. It was no use. Before Buffy could move, Shadow grabbed her arms and hit her on the head with his staff, knocking her out.

"Looks like I win this round, rangers!" he shouted. Suddenly, someone entered the cave.

"Think again, Shadow!" yelled the ranger.

"I thought I had you all!" he said, surprised. "It looks like I missed one. No matter. You will be terminated in a matter of minutes!"

"Justin, help us!" called Aisha.

"I have already. I have been able to get your powers to work in any areas. You can morph!"

"Come on, guys let's do it!" shouted Tommy. "It's morphin time! Ultimate Dragon!"

"Ultimate Panthar!"

"Ultimate Unicorn!"

"Ultimate Cheetah!"

"Ultimate Rhino!"

"Ultimate Bear!"

"Ultimate Alligator!"

"Ultimate Eagle!"

"Ultimate Shark!"

"Ultimate Wolf!"

"Ultimate Elephant!"

"It's to late rangers!" I already have what I want. Goodbye, rangers!" shouted Shadow, as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The rest of the villians followed, and the rangers teleported to the Command Center.

* * *


"Dimitria, what are we going to do?" asked Kim. "We can't let Shadow get away with this! We have to find a way to get Buffy back."

"I do not know rangers. All I know is that if Shadow makes Buffy a creature of his evil power, we are in a lot of trouble. She is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, though she doesn't know it. Being the key, she is also immortal."

"If she is put under a spell, is there any way we can save her?" asked Kim.

"To take the spell off, we would need someone who is familiar with magic. I don't know of anyone."

"But I do!" Kim said excidedly. "Renee could do it! She is getting to be practically an expert. Dimitria, do you think I could go and talk to her?"

"Yes, Kimberly. That is a great idea. I will send you to Venus Island now." As soon as she said that, Kim disappeared in a streak of purple, with a little bit of pink in it.

"Do you think this will help?" asked Aisha.

"I hope so, rangers. I hope so."

* * *


Buffy woke up to find she was in a large room. She also noticed that her hands and feet were chained up. She tried to break them, but she couldn't.

"It won't work, little one. Those chains are magic. It is impossible to break them." She whirled around and found herself face to face with Shadow.

"It doesn't matter, much. Before you think of a way to break out, you will be on my side." he said evilly.

"I will never happen Shadow, I will never join your side!" she said as her eyes narrowed.

"We shall see. You will probably a great evil warrior. Don't you agree? You've probably wondered how I look without the mask. How about if I show you?''

Shadow ripped off his mask and Buffy gasped over how good looking he was. (NOTE: He looks like Leonardo!!) Suddenly ha grabbed his staff and shot a bolt at Buffy. Her scream of pain could be heard through out the palace. When the smoke cleared, she was changed. She was wearing a short black skirt and a bikini like top. over the top was a black leather jacket. Her boots went up to her shin. Her hair was let loose and there was a sneer on her ruby red lips.

"I think I will be the best warrior there ever was,' she said as she leaned closer to Shadow. "Can I show my gratitude?"

"Of course, but how are you going to-" he was cut short as she kissed him on his lips. They kissed until they heard a scream behind them.

"What are you doing, Shadow? How can you kiss our enemy?" asked an upset Divatox.

"She isn't our enemy. She is any ally! She will help us defeat the rangers once and for all!"

The End?